Tomb Raider Fan Art Contest 2009

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Tomb Raider Fan Art Contest 2009

Post by Shehi » 28 Jun 2009 03:01


We are glad to announce that Tomb Raider Fan Art Competition [hosted by TombRaider.WebSite], for year 2009, will be held during this summer, in association with various Tomb Raider fan sites. All artists and designers are invited to participate in this long-expected yearly event of ours. Details regarding the event are as follows:

Starts On: July 1st 2009 00:00 UTC
Ends On: August 31st 2009 23:59 UTC
Winner Announcement: September 15th 2009

Place: The Croft Society forums -

Rules of Participation:
  • Only never before published, fresh stuff, created during the event are accepted. All submissions will be cross checked via the databases of our trusted partners and supporting friends. Works which are already published, will be disqualified;
  • Works should meet the following standards: Dimensions of the image file may vary between 1500x1500 and 5000x5000 pixels, and should be of JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Please convert files of other types into one of these acceptable formats before submitting;
  • Submitting someone else's work(s), with or without author's consent is strictly forbidden! Such entries will be disqualified;
  • Works are accepted in following categories: pen/pencil/ink and digital-art (Simple Photoshop collages/composites won't be accepted. This will be decided by TombRaider.WebSite Quality Assurance Team specifically assembled for this kind of events). The category which receives entries from less than 3 (three) contributors, will be disqualified. Thus, there might be a need to extend the event for 1 (one) more month to avoid this (if and only if contributors wish for that and request it);

  • Each winner gets 1 (one) of each of following items (all merchandise are official-licensed): a lanyard, a postcard signed by Allison Carrol, a cap, an autographed (by developers) Tomb Raider Legend jewel-box cover [one for either XBox-360 or PS2 version, per request];
  • Additionally, each winner gets one-year subscription (4 (four) quarterly issues) of TLC fan-zine. Visit Atlantis Studios web site for more info on the fan-zine;
  • Additionally, each winner gets lifetime (well, at least for as long as we live and breathe :) ) email accounts [powered by GMail];
  • Additionally, the winner of pen/pencil/ink category gets Official Licensed Lara Croft costume;
  • Additionally, the winner of digital-art category gets a copy of Tomb Raider Underworld game (PC version) + official Tomb Raider Legend poster autographed by developers;

To Be Announced...

Supporting Web-Zines and -Sites:
To Be Announced...

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