The Kurtis Trent Chronicles: Chapter 1

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The Kurtis Trent Chronicles: Chapter 1

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Levels by AngelOfDarkness

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Doggett TV's video walks


Kurtis begins "Somewhere in Wales..." After a brief opening flyby, Kurtis slides down to a series of underground tunnels. Note that you have in your inventory the BORAN X (analogous to a revolver) with 36 rounds as well as the standard LOW-CALIBRE PISTOLS with unlimited rounds and the CROWBAR. Go forward a few steps and look left for an alcove with a small crate. Shoot it for flares and continue E to an intersection. Take the left (S, yes, the compass is backwards) route and come to an open area where you're attacked by two wolves.

Enter the W opening and follow to a small area with a digging machine. Go around left and pry the MACHINE BATTERY off the back of the machine. Return to the larger open area and go SE just past another digging machine and place the Machine Battery on the nearby device to activate a laser that opens the E door for you. Go there past the fixed camera and pull up into a higher tunnel. Follow up to a crate containing a large medipack and pull up E next to a pit. Take a running jump and grab across the pit, pull up and run forward to an intersection.

Shoot a wolf and follow the left (S) fork until you come to an open area with cart tracks. Push the mine cart all the way W, and a door ahead opens. Enter a small room, loop around right and pull down the wall switch to fill up the mine cart. Return to the open area, enter the S building and find a button and a wall switch. Push the button for a static cut scene and pull down the switch to move the mine cart to the other end of the track and open the door there. The screen goes black for a few seconds, and when you see Kurtis again the sign above the wall switch has turned from green to red and you get the "Somewhere in Wales..." onscreen message again.

Exit to the cart tracks and go through the E opening to the area you saw in the cut scene. Shoot a wolf and step forward to pick up POWER ROOM KEY 1. Note the dead worker and go back W and NW through the tunnel and keep to your left until you reach a mine cart. Turn right (N) and go past a construction barrier to a path leading downward. You can hear the sound of rushing water. Continue to another construction barrier near a deep chasm.

Jump NE onto the waterfall, slide and grab and shimmy right until you can pull up into a crawl space for uzi ammo. Shimmy back left and pull up. There's nothing more to do here, so jump back to the ledge and go back up the rocky path to the mine cart. Head E toward a second mine cart, shoot a nearby crate for a small medipack and continue E until you reach a lava pit.

Hop down to a lower ledge, locate the crate suspended from a chain and run off the edge to land on it. Take a running jump N to the block and hop down NE in front of an opening. Follow around to another lava pool. Stand jump to the near corner of the flaming block, and when the flames subside take a running jump to the next block. Time a running jump to the left corner of the next block and step back before the flames return. You can stand jump safely from there to land just beyond the lava's edge.

Go through the N tunnel to more lava. Take a running jump from the ledge to land on the slope below, jump off and grab the chain. Swing forward and jump off to land on the N ledge. Go around to face the second chain, take a running jump onto the slope to the right of the chain and jump off to grab it if possible. If you miss, use the other slope to jump back and forth until you can align yourself properly by using the arrow keys. When you've grabbed the chain, climb up and back flip onto the ledge.

Shoot the crate for a small medipack and take a running jump SE to the rocky ledge and forward to the dead worker, whose body is covering Boran X ammo. Take a running jump a bit NE to the metal catwalk, run to the far end and hop up onto the yellow contraption. Jump up at the wall to grab the crack, shimmy right a bit and pull up into a crawl space. Crawl forward, stand up and shoot the crate for shotgun ammo. Follow to a bridge, part of which consists of breaktiles. Save your game, run across and allow Kurtis to drop onto the slope below. Slide a bit, jump and grab the crack in the wall.

Shimmy left around two corners and pull up into the E opening. There's nothing there, so hang left and safety drop to an alcove, then drop from there to the floor. Go to the NW corner, jump up N to grab the crack, shimmy left to pull up into an opening, turn around and take a running jump S to grab the opening. Pull up, run forward and turn right. Go up the E slope and turn right to avoid two boulders that are rolling down toward you.

At the top of the slope you hear the cawing of an unseen bird. Pull up onto the block and look right to locate and shoot the vulture, jump across N and meet a second vulture. Pull up N and head toward the light you can see in the distance. Below the ceiling hole you'll find the SHOTGUN, shotgun ammo and a GOLDEN CROSS for SECRET #1. Three more vultures are awakened when you finish picking them up.

Go back to the SW opening, attracting yet another vulture, and turn right at the bridge. Go to the wall, pull up W into the opening and make your way up to a higher tunnel. There's a pit at the end, so turn around, hang left and safety drop onto the bridge with a slight health loss. Go to the S crawl space, hang from the other side, shimmy left and drop down onto the yellow contraption. Slide down W, go around to the W chain (the one to your left), jump down to the S slope on the right and jump to grab the chain.

Climb up as before, back flip onto the metal ledge and go up into the W tunnel. A remote camera shows you coming up behind a creepy-looking worker who appears to be half asleep. He's not, however. If you can get right up to him, chest to chest, his arms drop and he meekly accepts your gun fire. When he finally dies he drops the POWER ROOM KEY 2.

Stand jump SE onto the block in the lava below, save your game and take a running jump SE to the far sinkblock (you can ignore the nearer sinkblock), and take a side flip left immediately upon landing to reach a safe ledge. Stand jump to the next sinkblock, followed by an immediate running jump to the SW opening. Go up and around to a shelf and a fuse box. Shoot the latter, save your game and pull down the timed wall switch to raise a platform somewhere.

Hit the look key to restore camera control, hop back while turning left, hop up NE, reverse roll at the wall and hop up S onto the top of the shelf, walk a few steps forward and pull up left, stand jump to grab the crate, pull up and walk forward and jump up left onto the ledge, go the N wall and jump up to grab the crack, shimmy left and around the corner to the raised platform, pull up and jump forward to grab the E ledge before the platform drops. Pull up and jump SW over the fence to a familiar area.

Turn left and go down the W tunnel to meet a wolf. Continue past the mine cart and turn left at the intersection. Get over the shallow pit where you see the construction barrier and continue to the open area with the laser gun. Go into the S opening and deal with the worker waiting inside to your left. Climb onto the large crate for Boran X ammo. Ignore for the moment the W wall switch and go around the corner to place the two Power Room Keys to activate the N teeth doors.

Get past them and go up the winding stairs, being mindful of another set of teeth doors at the top. There's an ahmet waiting in the next room, and he's tough to kill. When he dies a worker corpse slides off a nearby shelf, allowing you to pick up the ACTIVATOR PLUG. Turn right, pull up onto the catwalk and run to the S wall to place the Activator Plug. The machines below start to rev up and you get a cut scene of the W wall switch you ignored earlier. Make your way back there past the teeth doors, pull down the switch to open the door and enter a dark elevator.

Push the button to your right to lower the elevator, step out and shoot a wolf. Go N and hop down a few times until you reach a crate. Shoot it for flares and continue around until you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Take a running jump N (no grab) over the pit and go past a lion statue. Follow the tunnel until you emerge at an underground bridge. No breaktiles on this one, so run across and enter the N opening.

Continue through the next room to a room where the camera angle changes. When you take the DIABLO KEY from the central plinth an earthquake starts and debris falls on your head from the ceiling. Exit S and keep running across the bridge, which in the meantime has partially turned into breaktiles. Continue to the intersection and turn right (E) at the lion statue into a room you visited earlier. Turn right again and follow the N passage around to a fixed camera. Sprint down the ramp while a boulder pursues you and wait at the bottom for a trap door to open and deposit into the river below.

Swim away from the falling boulder and allow the current to carry you to where you can wade out W next to a digging machine. Pull up a couple of times and make your way toward the light as more debris falls around you. Step into the light to trigger three flybys that act as a transition to the next level.


Run forward and turn right into the connecting alley. In the next area shoot a dog and then the trash can in the NW corner for flares. Continue S, climb up onto the sloped bin to your right and go to the N end. With your left shoulder against the wall, jump up to grab the walkway and pull up. Go to the other end as the camera angle changes and pull up left. Shoot out the skylight and drop down to an interior walkway. Hop to the nearby crate and drop to the floor.

Grab the Boran X ammo in the NE corner and get on the lower crate near the NW corner. Jump the higher crates so you can reach the S walkway. Pull up through the opening and go to your right. Face the window, draw your pistols, back flip onto the sloped roof and shoot out the window. Pull up into a dingy building and go left down the hallway. Turn the corner and pull into the first opening where the window is broken. Take a running jump with grab toward the next building and you'll glide into the window below.

Hop down, follow the hallway left, go down a short ramp and open the next door to your left. Grab the large medipack in the NW corner of the room, continue down the hall and open the next door on your right. Shoot out the window in this room and go out onto the ledge. Go left, look down NW and jump down into the water below. Pull out and shoot a dog, then jump back into the water and locate the E opening. Swim along the passage to an intersection, turn right and pull the underwater lever around the corner to lift an underwater door somewhere.

Go back the way you came for air, then return to the intersection and this time turn left. At the first crossing the door you lifted is to your left. Straight ahead and around the corner is an air hole that can be used if needed. Swim W down the side passage and come to another crossing. Continue straight through the narrow opening and come to a place where you can pull out for Boran X ammo next to a closed gate, jump back in the water and continue W to an underwater lever that opens a door in the fountain area. Flip turn, go back and keep to your right until you reach a small medipack. Flip turn again, stay right and you'll soon come to an air hole where you can pull out into a short passage.

Pull down the wall switch to make a key pop out of the fountain, then make your way back there, stopping for air along the way if necessary. The quickest way is to stay right until you reach the E wall, turn right and continue until you have to swim up a bit, turn right there and follow your nose back to the fountain. Pick up the SEWER ACCESS KEY before pulling out, and exit S through the door you opened. Go around to the SW corner of the garage and open the sewer trap door facing the W wall.

Climb down the ladder and go around to the SW gate. Open it with your key and follow the ledges left until you reach the N opening. Go on in, shoot two rats and then shoot out the N grate. Pull up into the ductwork and follow around to a hole with a ladder. Go down for a large medipack, climb back up and continue up several ramps until you reach another floor hole. Stand jump over it and continue up to another floor hole. Hop around the corner and eventually come to a fan that starts and stops periodically. Crawl quickly past it when it stops and do the same with the next fan, and the next, and at the end is a floor trap door that opens when you step on it.

Watch the action-packed flyby that's triggered when you hop down to the room below. Pull down the NE wall switch for a cut scene in the ductwork, go back up past the trap door and climb the ladder to your right in front of the first fan. Follow the duct to a floor hole, drop down and go S to a floor hole. Hop right (SW), crawl underneath a fan and slide down to shoot a grate. Hop down the blocks into a warehouse strewn with dead bodies.

You can climb to the highest crate near the SW corner for a small medipack. Drop down and go around into the SE section to trigger a flyby that continues (at least in my case) while a thug is beating on you. When he dies he drops the CRANE CONTROL KEY. Go up the ramp at the W side of the room and push the wall button at the top to open the door to the control room. Loop around left to find the receptacle for your Crane Control Key. The suspended crate in the warehouse moves to the right, so get down and climb the stacks of crates in the NE corner.

Take a running jump S to grab the suspended crate, pull up and jump with grab onto the stacked crates in the SE corner. Pick up the QUAD BIKE KEYS, turn around and take a running jump N to grab the catwalk above the suspended crate. Pull up and enter the crawl space to your left. Drop down the other side and go around to shoot the grate. Hop down into the next room, shoot a dog and back flip onto the slope against the S wall. Jump off to grab the tall crate and pull up to find a GOLDEN CROSS for SECRET #2.

Drop to the floor and look for shotgun ammo in the NE corner. Exit N through the duct, return to the warehouse, hang from the catwalk, drop to grab the suspended crate and drop from the N side onto the crate below. Exit NW and loop around right to enter another section of the warehouse. Search the tops of the crates (N and SW) for uzi ammo and a small medipack. Go past the ramp near the S wall and loop around left to find a crate with a tell-tale handle. It's actually a pushblock, so pull it once to form a bridge with the nearby ramp.

There are two other pushblocks in this section of the warehouse, both gray in color. The first one is near the crate you just moved, on the other side of that ramp. Move it two times E. The other gray pushblock is near the long NW ramp. Move it two times E and one time N. Now that you've done this prep work, go through the SE opening and deal with two thugs. One of them drops a small medipack. The quad bike is in the SE berth, but first, shoot the crate in the far corner of the NE berth for a spare SHOTGUN.

Now it's time to mount the quad bike. Drive it into the NW section of the warehouse, continue up the two short W ramps, loop around left and jump the gap onto the E ramp, turn right near the top and drive along the crates to the longer NW ramp. When you reach the top, jump the gap and crash through the window to trigger a cut scene of the next area. Wait for two dogs to approach and die, dismount (jump and left arrow keys) and find Boran X ammo in the SE corner beyond the crates.

Drive the quad bike down the S ramp, run over a dog and go around the corner and up a ramp into an outdoor area where a dog and a thug are waiting to be run over. Dismount and climb onto the highest block in the NW corner for flares. Hop down and get on the lone crate near the middle of the N wall. Take a running jump E to grab the scaffolding and pull up to find a pushblock at the other end. Pull it back four times, get up on it and jump up to grab the upper scaffolding. Pull up past a paralyzed thug and put him out of his misery.

Pick up the SEWER ACCESS KEY he was carrying and get back down to the ground. Mount the quad bike and drive it down the S ramp. Follow up a steeper ramp and down the other side and dismount at the sewer. Use your Key to open the gate and drive the quad bike along the ledge, being careful at the corners not to fall off into the water. Along the way you'll run over three sleeping thugs and come to a steep S ramp. Go up and over and dismount on the other side if you want a few pickups. Otherwise, skip the next paragraph.

You're overlooking the sewer, so jump into the water and grab uzi ammo at the NE corner if you like. Swim all the way to the other side and past the open door up in the NW corner. Continue through the connecting corridor, passing an alcove on your left, and grab the shotgun ammo on the floor of the next sewer section. That's all you can do here, so swim back into the corridor, turn right into that alcove and swim up the shaft to pull out for more shotgun ammo. Climb the long E ladder until you can pull up to the ramp near the quad bike. Slide down S and mount the quad bike.

Drive S up the next ramp with as much speed as you can muster, as you need to jump a gap at the top. When you get across, save your game periodically until you get the hang of it, as there are more gaps to jump (always keeping to your right) as you make your way precariously over the ledges. You can breathe more easily when you reach the W tunnel and emerge in a dark area infested with rats. Pull down the wall switch on the metal box to lift a large gate. The gate is timed, but rather generously, so be aware that you can't take your sweet time while following the next paragraph.

Get back on the motorbike and drive N and E over the ramp to the sewer, turn left at the crossing and make your way along the same harrowing gauntlet of ledges and gaps, but this time turn left (E) after jumping the third gap. Go up the ramp with maximum speed to clear a gap and drop a fairly long distance down to a ledge, steering left so you'll be facing the right direction. Go S, take the first right past the timed gate, go up and down the ramp and take a quick right so you don't drive down into the water. You'll soon come to the end of the line where it's necessary to dismount and bid adieu to the quad bike.

If you like, you can jump into the water and find flares in the trench, pull out SW onto a platform and climb the ladder back up to the ledge. Run to the other end, vault up N and hop down to a dark room. Shoot two rats and find the floor hole. Jump into the rushing water to be carried to the next level.


Wade out of the water and shoot a couple of rats. Head S and go around the deep pit. Shoot two more rats. Go to the SE corner and shoot the crate for flares. The E wall switch has a cover over it, so locate and enter the crawl space in the W wall. When you can stand up, continue around to find shotgun ammo. Return to the dig area and locate the pushblock near the S bright light. Pull it N three times for later use, turn around and jump down to the catwalk spanning the pit. Hang from the N edge, safety drop to a lower block and hop to the ground.

Go around to the back side of the W scaffold and push the button to lift the cover protecting the wall switch you saw earlier. Use the blocks to get back up to the catwalk, go to the E end and pull up right. Pull down the timed E wall switch (which you'll have to use twice) to lift a platform, run around to your left to jump onto the pushblock you moved, hop to the catwalk and take a running jump E to grab the raised platform. Pull up left, ignore the wall switch ahead for now and turn left, stand jump to grab the S crawl space and pull inside. Go around, stand up and push the wall button to lift a gate somewhere.

Return to the timed wall switch, repeat the moves described in the previous paragraph, but this time pull down the wall switch when you pull up onto the timed platform. Another gate lifts underneath the bright S light, and it's timed as well, so hop down and run into the S opening before the gate closes. Run up the ramp to a room with a grated floor. There are closed doors to your right and left. Go to the SE corner of the grated floor, turn to face W and save your game.

Your task is to fight strong currents and deadly fans in the water below. Jump in, allow the current to drag you down and fight the current as you swim W past the first fan. Turn right at the corner to face another fan and stay right to scoot into the E opening. Take an immediate left in front of the third fan, swim up and turn S to face the fourth fan. Swim forward and turn right into the opening where you'll be free of distracting currents. Continue around and up to surface. Grab some air and swim into the W opening.

Follow to a room with underwater columns and an air hole. There's a lever on each of the four columns. Pull all four (they're numbered), watch the cut scene following each one, grab some air and return to the previous room. The N gates are open, so swim inside and go up until you can surface. Pull out N and turn the wheel to hear a draining sound. Swim back down to the previous room and up through the hole in the grated ceiling. Swim into either NE or NW opening marked "exit" and go up to surface. Wade along the passage and continue to a ladder. Pull up to face some railroad tracks.

Turn right and follow the tracks around a bend. When you go up a long incline you hear what sounds like running water. When you reach a station area, loop around right and follow the parallel tracks to another station area. Continue forward and turn right at the train car into the N opening. Take the first left, open the door at the end and note for later the wall switch in the next room. Return to the hallway and continue N and up the E stairs. Follow the passage, shoot a couple of rats and find a closed door at the end.

Go back down the stairs a bit and turn left through a break in the railing. Pull down the wall switch to lift the gate and enter a dig area. Take a running jump to grab the chain suspended over the pit, swing and jump across to land on the other side. Shoot a thug, pick up the shotgun ammo he dropped and go down the W stairs. Open the crowbar door at the bottom and continue down the next set of stairs to a breaktile.

Jump over the breaktile, pick up the uzi ammo and hang from the edge of the floor hole facing W. Drop onto a slope, jump immediately to the facing slope, slide and grab, shimmy left and save your game before dropping to the tracks below. Train cars are on the move, you're stuck in a fixed camera, and you have only about a second to reverse roll and loop around right into the W opening before the gates slam shut. Go around the corner to face that running water you heard earlier.

Jump into the knee-deep water and splash over to the W ladder. Shift right or left, drop onto a ledge and shoot a couple of rats. From the N ledge take a running jump to grab the higher N ledge, pull up, turn around and stand jump to grab the grated ceiling. Monkey swing S just to the left of the waterfall, drop at the wall and grab the crack, shimmy right a bit and back flip onto the grated ceiling. Shoot the NE crate for flares, enter the W opening, ignoring the warning sign, and open the door around the corner.

Take two steps back from the railing in the next room, jump up and grab the ledge. Pull up, locate the SW jump switch and stand jump to activate it. You get a cut scene of the train car you passed by earlier, near that wall switch I told you to ignore. When camera control is restored you see that the machine in this room has been turned on. Side flip over the railing, pull back up to the same ledge and exit W past the door that has also opened to provide a convenient short cut.

Safety drop from the floor hole to the tracks. Head W and shoot the thug who's coming your way. Follow the same path you took earlier, shoot another thug and turn right into the N opening next to the train car you saw in the cut scene. Turn left and go around to the wall switch. Pull it down to open a trap door behind you. (If you'd pulled down the wall switch when you first saw it, the trap door would not have opened.) Drop down through the floor hole and follow the dark underground tunnel around to another opened trap door. Pull out right to find the STOREROOM KEY. A cut scene shows you where it goes. There's a wall switch at the other end of this car, but leave it for later.

Go back the way you came to the train car outside. Follow the tracks W to the next station, loop around left and follow these new tracks a long distance past the recent fixed camera timed run to the door you saw in the cut scene. The receptacle for the Storeroom Key is in the opposite wall. Open the door and enter the N opening. Go past the closed door on your right into the storeroom and locate the two distinctive pushblocks among the many crates. Pull the higher one once, hop down and move the lower one time W and two times N. Now you can hop back up and move the upper pushblock all the way around to the N wall.

Get up on it and pull up into the N opening. Pull the chain, get down and find that the N door at floor level is now open. Go in to find a third pushblock. Pull it into the storeroom until it comes to rest beside the other pushblock. Hop up to the upper pushblock and move it past the lower pushblocks to the W wall. Get up on it and pull up into the high W crawl space. Follow around to an opening and drop down the other side into a dark room with shelves. Search them for the MAINTENANCE ACCESS KEY and a small medipack.

Pull down the SE wall switch to lift the E gate. Exit to find yourself in a familiar passage. Turn left to the tracks, turn left again and follow the tracks back to the station, pausing to shoot two rats if you like. A thug emerges from the darkness behind you as you approach the station, so shoot him for flares. Loop around right at the station and follow the parallel tracks N and around until you reach the next station with the parked train car. Take a right into the N opening and go up the E stairs to your left. Turn left at the top and follow around to the closed door you saw earlier. Open it with the Maintenance Access Key and enter a small room.

Pry the TRAIN RELAY BOX off the N wall and turn around to see a ceiling trap door. Face S and jump up to open it. Pull up S into a crawl space and follow around to an opening that overlooks a storeroom that looks very much like the one you visited earlier. Drop down and shoot a rat. There are three of the distinctive pushblocks in this room. Push the lone lower block three W, pull the other one two times W, get up and pull the upper block once. Hop down and push the other block back to its original position against the W wall. Now move the upper block as far as you can S, get on it and take a running jump to activate the S jump switch.

A gate opens to flood this storeroom. You can now pull up into the higher S opening, so do that and shoot the crate for a GOLDEN CROSS and SECRET #3. In the S passage you'll find a large medipack and the UZIS. Jump back into the water, swim across the room and pull up into the N opening, crawl back to a previous room and exit W. Go down the stairs and turn right into the E doorway just before you reach the train station.

Go around and drop down through the floor trap door. Follow the underground tunnel to the other trap door, pull up right and go to the E end of the train car. Turn left and place the Train Relay Box in the receptacle. Reverse roll and pull down the wall switch you ignored earlier. A train car moves along the track and carries you to the next level.


Sometime later...after standing up in a groggy state, turn around and shoot one of those ubiquitous rats. Shoot the W wooden barrier and look for the TORCH near the E tools propped up against the wall. Light the torch and follow the W passage to a dark underground room. Light two wall torches and find flares near the S wall. Facing W, pull up the floor trap door and throw the torch down the hole. Drop down after it, light another wall torch down below and carry it with you along the underground tunnel until you reach a boiler room.

Note the closed E door and continue through the N opening. Jump over two pipes and drop your torch before continuing through the next opening. At the far end, turn the wheel on the block to ignite a number of gas pipes. Take two steps back, hop onto the block, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the flames in this passage and drop to the floor.

It appears that you no longer need the torch, so time your jumps over the pipes and find that the E door in the previous room is now open. Go past the the turning wheels and climb down the ladder at the end. Note the keyhole and head W to a hub room. Ignore for now the opening on your left and continue straight and around to an opening overlooking a large room.

Hop down to the nearest crate and drop to the uneven floor. Find the small medipack that the owner of the skeleton didn't have a chance to use, locate the pushblock and push it once E to reveal the RUSTY KEY. Use the other crates to get back up to the S opening, return to the key hole where you climbed down earlier and insert the Rusty Key to lift the gate and trigger a flyby through the next area.

Run toward the dragon before it has a chance to load up its fireballs and locusts, turn around and slide down the slope backwards, safety drop to the floor and take refuge in the SW opening. Keep left and come to a room with a turning wheel. Shoot a rat, return to the hallway and follow all the way E past an opening to a similar room. Shoot the crates to find a large medipack, return to the S opening you passed and take a running jump to grab the suspended crate.

Climb the chain and align yourself so you can back flip onto the higher crate. Take a running jump to grab the S opening, pull up and follow the passage to a water-filled room with more flaming gas pipes. From the center of the ledge, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing along the track, taking the first right to avoid the flames, to the N side of the room. Drop down into the opening and turn the wheel to extinguish one flame and ignite another.

Get back on the monkey bars and take a circuitous route left, right, right again (E) and then loop around left to arrive at the S opening. Drop down and turn the wheel for further flame adjustments. Get on the monkey bars and return straight across the room to the N opening. Turn the wheel once more, and now you have a safe route to the E opening (take the long way around by going left first). Drop down at the end and turn the wheel to accomplish several things, including creating a strong current down in the water below.

To get back to the other side, jump into the water, staying left while fighting the current, and pull out onto the platform in the NW corner. Climb the chain and back flip onto the S ledge. Exit to the deep room with the hanging crates. Hop onto the higher one, jump to grab the chain of the lower one and slide down. Take a running jump with grab to glide into the N opening, return to the dragon room and sprint across into one of the N openings.

Go to the back room in the NW corner and stand on the rock mound near the W wall. Pull up onto the ledge, hang from the other side and wait for the flames to subside. Shimmy right, time the next blower if necessary and pull up at the other end of the ledge. Pull up higher and follow the passage to run off at the end and grab a chain. Slide down to a fixed camera and shoot a rat. Find a skeleton stuck underneath a paddle wheel and pull it back for a cut scene of a hanging crate that's been lowered to the ground. The wheel starts turning, so climb the chain and back flip into the upper passage.

Go back the way you came, but avoid the spinning blade traps that have been activated. Drop down three times at the end and exit S. Loop around right into the central N opening and find the crate you saw in the cut scene. Get on it, climb the chain facing N, and when your body completely eclipses the N opening turn around and back flip safely. Proceed to a water room with hanging chains instead of flaming gas pipes. Take a running jump to grab the first chain, swing forward to jump off and grab the second chain, and repeat to land on the E ledge. Turn the wheel for multiple cut scenes similar to the ones you saw earlier.

Use the chains to get back across to the W side and shoot the rat that greets you. Follow around to the opening, stand jump to grab the chain and slide down. Exit to the dragon room, which is now partially flooded, go to your left and run between the pipes into the W opening. Shoot two rats and go down either aisle to the W room in the back. Shoot the crate in the corner for flares and climb the N ladder on the right side. Back flip near the top into a familiar area.

Follow the W passage around to a room that was visited earlier but is now flooded. Jump into the water and swim into the narrow opening at floor level in the E wall. Follow to another flooded room, get some air and continue through the N opening at the other end. You'll experience some disorientation before swimming up and encountering a current that pulls you over a waterfall into a room with a grated floor. Shoot two rats and find the nearby GOLDEN CROSS for SECRET #4.

Jump into the water, exit through the S opening and follow to another flooded room. Pull out N and follow around the wide passage, shooting two more rats, until you come to the end. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the hanging crate. Pull up and jump forward to grab the opening in the E wall. Pull up and follow the passage around to a wall switch. Pull it down to lift the gate and enter the cavern. Bid adieu to the dragon if you wish, then turn the wheel at the other end of the cavern. At this point the level abruptly changes.


After you turn the wheel the dragon disappears without fanfare, so go to the E opening and jump down into the water.

Find the floor hole where the dragon was, swim down and follow the underwater passage past an air hole until you emerge near a sunken building W. Turn left into the N passage before you reach the open area with the sunken building. Turn the corner, wade out and follow around, staying right, until you trigger three boulders. Reverse roll and sprint to safety to your left. Go back up where the boulders came from and turn left. Kurtis will look up at something to his left.

Continue to the S opening and shoot two bats. Take a running jump and grab to the roof of the building ahead, pull up and shoot the bell to open the door of the sunken building (the roof of which you're now standing on). Jump into the water and swim into the building. When you can stand up, wade the rest of the way up the steps, pausing for shotgun ammo in one of the alcoves to your left. Approach the sarcophagus and place the Diablo Key in the receptacle on its right side. Torches are lighted and the sarcophagus moves aside.

Save your game, hang from the S edge and drop onto the slope below. Hit the look key to restore camera control as you slide down. Jump off near the bottom and take two successive running jumps over sinktiles, curving in midair as necessary, to land on a third sinktile. Stand jump forward into the opening and walk slowly N. Hammers ahead of you are activated, so time your way past them and continue along the corridor until you reach a second hammer trap. Get past this one as well, and the next one, and climb the E ladder at the end.

Pull up into what appears to be a throne room without the throne, turn left and go through the S opening. The gate closes behind you. Climb the ladder to an upper hallway and follow around to a lava room. Go down the stairs to the safe floor and locate the wheel with many handles. Look across the lava room to see what you need to do and save your game before beginning.

The gates you can see across the way don't open when you pull the wheel, but a gate yet unseen down in the trench between them does. After pulling the wheel six or seven times, what works best is to turn slightly right, take a rolling back flip, take a running jump to the first sinktile, standing jumps to the next two sinktiles, and a running jump toward the trench. Sprint down the ramp and reverse roll if necessary to get past the descending gate.

Climb the long S ladder and back flip near the top into a passage. Ignore the ladder at the other end of the passage and turn right into the W side passage. Go to the end of the ledge and use the two suspended chains to swing across the lava and jump onto the roof structure. Pick up the large medipack and turn the wheel in the wall to rotate a lion statue down in the lava. Safety drop from either end of the roof and go to the S wall to find stairs leading downward.

Go down and around to trigger a gauntlet of hammer traps. To get past them, simply wait for the nearest pair to open, then sprint past the rest of them. Go around and up the steps to face more hammers waiting to be triggered. If you hang around on the column tops between the hammers you'll be crushed, so stand jump W to grab the first column. Pull up and quickly stand jump to grab the next column. Pull up and take a running jump to land on the third column and stand jump forward.

Turn the wheel to rotate another lion statue in the lava room. The flames in this room go out and all of the hammers are disabled, making it easy to get back across E and return to the lava room. Go around to the N wall and down the stairs there. In the next room a lone hammer appears to knock a boulder loose that creates a floor hole for you. Drop down into the tunnel and follow N to an alcove. Pull up higher and continue around up some steps to face another trapfest, this one involving breaktiles. It's not very difficult, however.

Simply run over the breaktiles onto the safe column tops, wait for the boulder ahead to fall and finish with a running jump W over the last breaktile. Turn the wheel to rotate a lion statue and open the gates in the lava room. Turn around and get back across to the E ledge, using any remaining breaktiles to make things easier, and return to the lava room. Stand facing SE at the corner of the ledge jutting out into the lava, stand jump to the first sinktile (between the two lion statues), stand jump to the next one, take a running jump to the third one with a slight curve to the right and stand jump E to the safe floor.

Go through either opened gate and jump into the water trench. Allow the current to carry you and dump you into a lake. Wade out N and shoot two bats. Take the TEMPLAR SEAL from the central plinth and go W through the gate that opened. Continue W past a room with two statues to a larger room guarded by two Knights Templar. They're slow-moving but dangerous, so lure them back to the room with the two statues. Stand at the base of the W statue and wait for one of the knights to hack at it and cause the statue to fall onto the base of the other statue.

Pull up onto the damaged base and run across the back of the fallen statue. Jump up to grab the platform over the second statue, pull up, turn around and take a running jump W to grab the opening. Pull up and follow the passage past three swinging chains, pausing for flares in the alcove to your right at the second one (crawl to get them), and come to a ledge overlooking a deep and dark room.

Get across by using three chains that span the room, swinging from one to the next and jumping from the last one to the S ledge. Go through the opening and follow around to a gate that opens for you. You're back in the throne-less throne room. The receptacle for the Templar Seal is in the E wall where the throne is supposed to be, but don't place it quite yet. Climb down the W ladder between the lion statues, follow the passage and turn left to squeeze past the first hammer trap, sustaining some unavoidable health loss (at least in my case).

Go through either N opening and shoot two bats in the pool room. Go around to the N wall and place your Golden Crosses to open the NE gate. Enter the next room, take the SECRET SCROLL from the plinth, read the congratulatory note and record the access code (5486) for apparent later use in Chapter 2. Exit S through the pool room and to your right past the hammer trap. Climb up to the "throne" room, run to the far wall and place the Templar Seal. A block rises beneath you and you're taken to the final level.


Start running E across the room, pausing at the skeleton for Boran X ammo and the TELESCOPIC SCOPE (somewhat redundant), and a dragon rears its ugly head. No problem, just combine the scope and the Boran X and shoot the brown area to the right of the gray beam just above the dragon's head. A boulder drops down and crushes the dragon, and Kurtis exults with a remark right out of Duke Nukem. Watch the cut scenes and credits as your adventure comes to an end with a promise of continuation.

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