Return to the Maria Doria

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Return to the Maria Doria

Post by Phil » 18 Sep 2020 00:11


Level by Masked Goon

Walkthrough by Treeble

We begin our adventure underwater. Swim forward and take a left at the intersection to climb out into a small chamber for a small medipack and flares, then drop back into the water and swim past two eels to find an open area. Get out on the right hand side and shoot the eels before collecting the goodies underwater, then get back up on dry land.

Move the nearby lighter crate to reveal some shells underneath it, then follow the cave tunnel around to the right. An obvious barrel trap lies in your way, one you can dodge without any effort, and two goons await just beyond. Remember to always check their bodies for occasional supply drops. Light a flare and inspect the immediate surroundings for some ammo as well as the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS hidden behind a small crate on a corner.

Following deeper into the tunnel you'll spot some shattered glass traps. Jump to the higher slope near the blue crate and bounce to the next slope, jumping off to a safe crate as you slide down. When facing the side of the encaved ship, jump to the flat spot on the left perimeter and shimmy to the right until you can stand up. Climb through the opening in the ceiling on the end and deal with a shotgun merc.

You're facing the ship again from an even higher ledge, and by now the dragon statue on the ship has no doubt caught your eye--we'll nab it soon enough. Turn around and shimmy to the left side into another alcove, then face the ship and grab the outstanding ledge above you, then use the side ridge to jump towards the ship.

Run past the break-away tile and look left to spot the SHIP KEY on a ledge on the opposite wall. Once you have it, drop through the floor tile and face an eager merc. Before opening the door, find the broken segment in the railing and climb down, shimmying to the left at the bottom to enter the lower level of the ship. Kill the mercenary, run to the back and finally lay your hands on the GOLD DRAGON (SECRET #1). You can climb back up to the locked door the same way.

Inside the ship, if you head to the right side you'll spot a few closed doors and a hole in the floor through which you can see, but not get, the Uzis. We'll get there. For now, head to the left side of the entrance, past another locked door and up the stairs. Just be careful that a couple of rolling barrels await at the bend. Deal with the four mercenaries around the library that looks slightly like a bar with quite the view.

Flick the switch to open the nearby door and push either of the crates outside so you can climb to the top of the bar. Jump over the railings and shoot the glass window on the corner for some flares. A gentleman merc will open the exit door so that he can not-so-gentlemanly hit you with a massive wrench. Run over the break-away floor tiles to grab the HARPOON GUN on the back end, then shimmy back using the crack on the wall. The door to a sideroom housing a small medipack opens upon approach, just be careful as a flamethrower dude is now patrolling the area.

Run down the hallway and kill the two mercenaries, gather the supplies and flick the switch in an alcove to open the door and let some water in. A shark and two eels will also make their way in, so dispatch them quickly (note that if any shark kills you and triggers the unique animation, Lara gets stuck on a loop and you can't do anything but press Alt+F4 to quit the game).

Swim through the open door and notice a threshold on the right wall. The shark and eels won't swim through it, but you have to. Quickly swim to get the THEATRE KEY right in the middle of the room and return the way you came before you become fish food. Go back upstairs, left to the bar, around and downstairs to the hallway with the locked doors. The key you have opens the fancy door on the left side.

Drop through the fractured floor in the middle to a maze-like series of underwater corridors. It's not particularly difficult to navigate, just keep swimming alongside the right hand wall and you'll eventually reach a small air pocket near an underwater lever. The area is populated by two frogmen, keep that in mind. After you pull the lever, keep following the right hand wall around to find some harpoons on a corner right next to the SILVER DRAGON (SECRET #2) on an elevated block. A little further than that you'll find the open trapdoor to climb out.

Go up the ladder and dismount to the left. We're in a side cabin of the theater; flick the nearby switch to draw the curtains then loop around the pillar to get there. Two mercenaries later, be careful as two sandbags will collapse as you navigate the stage. Run to the back side and push the lighter crate to get on a taller crate in the corner, then use the rusty structure on the side to run to the other end. Time your jump past the swinging bag to the catwalk hanging over the center of the stage, then hop across to the next one and drop on a higher block in the corner to reach the STORAGE ROOM KEY inside a small alcove just below the second catwalk.

Retrace your steps through the theater and up the main hallway to open the other locked door now. Kill the two mercenaries (how long have they been locked in?) and pull the left hand crate once, then push it into the alcove near the other crate. Behind these crates is a third one which you can ignore altogether, just circle around it to find a hole in the corner.

If you look to the right, you'll spot the Uzis beyond a burning pit, but before we get there, go to the darker room to your left and dispatch three mercenaries. Hop over the crates to the opening on the left side and throw the lever at the end, then retrace your steps back to the burning pit. Jump to either sloping side and keep bouncing back and forth as you steer towards the opposite end. Don't be so hasty to collect the new weapon, as a merc and a set of rolling barrels might get the best of you. When you're in the clear, get the UZIS and head through the open door for a lever that opens the double doors right above you.

Kill the mercenary on the entrance side of the burning pit and get back there, then up through the storage room. Two more mercenaries will be running around the hall; once they're done, run past the theater entrance to find the open double doors leading to an area with yellowish walls. Loop around to the right side to find a safe spot to jump and grab the huge pile of rocks in the middle of the room.

Use the sliding slopes to bounce around the rocks, then grab the crack on the wall and shimmy right to climb up. Take an angled running jump to the opposite side of the entrance and kill the merc near a plank. Your prize is now within reach: P4 THE SERAPH. As you pick it up, the room behind you caves in leaving you no option but to proceed.

Save your game before you slide down. As you can tell, the barrels will roll down after you, and you need to do an angled jump halfway down to avoid deadly shattered glass traps. And, on top of that, you need to jump off the very edge of the slope to grab an opposite ledge if you desire the JADE DRAGON (SECRET #3). If you time it right, you can do a mid-air roll as you jump over the shattered glass on the right side, that way the barrel doesn't get near you and you can grab the edge at the bottom, then simply climb up and backflip with another mid-air roll to grab the opposite ledge.

Dive into the water pit and swim past the eels to the opposite end of the cave, where you can climb out. Run towards the airlock and this raid comes to an end.

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