Tomb Raider Unfinished Business - Egypt Episode

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Tomb Raider Unfinished Business - Egypt Episode

Post by Phil » 11 Sep 2020 17:58


Level series by ggctuk

Walkthrough by Treeble

New moves:
Ledge jump (upwards): While hanging from a ledge, press the Jump button.
Ledge jump (backwards): While hanging from a ledge, press the Down cursor key.


Before dropping into the water below, you can hop across the pit for some supplies near the ominous cat statues. Two crocodiles are lurking around, so quickly get out of the water to gun them down. Retrieve the supplies from within their lair and climb the sand bank dividing the water as the level introduction theme plays.

Shoot down the crocodile swimming around the partly submerged sphinx, then swim into the pit below the obelisk to the right for some ammo as well as an underwater lever. This opens a door between the sphinx's legs for a few moments, quickly swim through to claim SECRET #1. A crocodile lives in here, so you might want to lure it back to the sand bank from where you can safely kill it before collecting the supplies on the statue platforms.

Now swim through the tunnel behind the obelisk leading East to the next area. Another crocodile seeking prey, quickly loop around to the right to find a chamber you can climb into and take pot shots at the creature. Inside, you can drop into the water below for a few flares if you like (use ledge jumps near the entrance to get back up), but your goal is upwards.

Push the block twice and use it to reach a jutting catwalk from where a panther might be watching you. In the new area, retrieve the large medipack from the ground and use ledge jumps on the left wall to reach an upper catwalk. Throw the lever by the metal fence to extend a golden platform in the previous room. Get back down there and move the pushblock around all the way to the NW end, then do a long jump to the upper platform.

Climb up and push the block to reveal an opening, through which you will find a lever to drop some trapdoors above that golden platform. Get down through the gap in the fence to find a SHOTGUN protected by a panther, then work your way back to the second pushblock. Use it as a stepping stone to get to the golden platform we'd previously extended and finally pull through the open trapdoors right above. As you stand up, the goodies scattered around this chamber represent SECRET #2.

Dive back into the water and climb out on the sandbanks past the columns. Jump towards the cat shrine and pull the underwater lever just beneath it to open the door behind the columns. To get back, climb up the center slope and backflip to the cat platform. Run through two chambers with columns and turn around just before you run out of floor to kill a panther trying to get the drop on you.

To negotiate the floorless chamber, do a running jump steering to the right to land between a flat piece of marble between the two columns, then turn left, facing the other two columns and standing on the very edge of the platform, tap Roll to drop down and land between the spikes and the slope. Carefully walk through the spikes and turn right in the dark cave hallway.

Negotiate a short series of climbs and jumps over spike pits to eventually reach a fourth chamber with columns —that's SECRET #3 for you. Gather the supplies and approach the door to open it, then jump to the flat piece of marble (on your left side now) and drop down as you did below. This time around, go past the spikes and head left.

Outside, there are two branches through sand and a path half-blocked by a pushblock on the opposite side. Ignore the pushblock for now and head left. You can either do it the intended way, by walking through the spikes and dealing with a panther before it gets to you, or you can pull up on the lowest point of a V slope on the other branch and jump to the landing where the panther is. Either way, carefully disarm the boulder trap near the red tinted shaft (use ledge jumps to climb up, if coming from below), and head upstairs.

From the opening at the top, do a running jump to the suspended sand platform and climb up the flat spot. Walk up straight ahead up the small step and turn around. You need to sideflip right in order to slide backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy right to the flat spot, climb up, roll and do a running jump (no grab) towards the SHOTGUN in the distance, also known as SECRET #4.

Grab the edge and drop to the sandy slopes below, then go to the pushblocks in front of the spikes. You can move them out of your way, but you might just as well crawl over them instead. Run down the sandy caves to a large underground area. Before anything else, jump to the sandbank in the center, retrieve the first GOLD KEY and kill the crocodile lazily swimming by. At the bottom end of the bridge there's an entrance, you might have spotted a panther there already, and some supplies await inside.

Before going up the bridge, dive into the water and swim East through the passages to reach a huge marble structure. Collect the goodies, which include the MAGNUM, as you kill off any crocodiles that come out from their hiding place. You can either return the way you came from or crawl past the crocodiles' lair to drop near the entrance.

This time, get to the upper end of the bridge and climb the ladder there. You can keep climbing the sandy blocks for some more flares (the slope drops you back into the crocodiles' lair, where a few more will spawn). At the top of the ladder, kill the crocodile and crawl through the passage it came from, collect some ammo and jump to the opening behind the cat statue. Lock meets key.

As you enter, three boulders will roll down the marble bridges dead ahead. Get down using the blocks on the leftmost side to the bottom level. There are a couple of panthers and a handful of items down here, but what you want the most is up a corridor on the SW corner: a lever that opens the exit doors above. Climb back up to the triple marble bridge above but don't be hasty, as a second wave of boulders is waiting for you to make your move. When it's safe, jump to the flat block of sand past the doors between the slopes.

Kill the panther and use the remaining piece of bridge over the spikes to make an angled jump to the opening above. On the other side, dive into a water pit way below and swim through the tunnels. Pull the underwater lever near the door and swim around the pillar in the middle to dodge the crocodiles (they have collision boxes in these levels, meaning they can and will stand in your way) and climb out under a beautiful starry night sky.

There is a small building behind you with a handful of supplies, just be mindful of the boulder trap. Inside the fenced area near the pool is a panther and some shotgun shells. Near the shells, look past the fences to see a small lake of sorts. Touching the fence, tap back once and jump forward with a mid air roll to land on the other side, then dive into the water and claim the UZIS. Two cat mummies might be craving your attention right now. As you might remember, this is a bonus area, so don't veer off as death tiles are everywhere. Instead, go back to the fences and use the highest sand mound to jump back over to the beaten path.

Run back to the pool you came through (where you had to outsmart two crocodiles) and climb up the hieroglyphs block nearby. The end is within reach, just past the small bridge. The two cat statues in front will reveal themselves as two cat mummies, so dispatch them and drop through the opening in the floor, where the mummy fell through, to finish this level.

[ * * * ]


Turn around and throw the lever to open the trapdoor and drop in. As you hear the level introduction chime, retrieve the supplies from the marble stands. Notice a closed door nearby, we'll be back shortly. For now, light a flare and head up the corridor to a pair of small openings on the right wall.

There's a dormant cat mummy protecting two closed gates. The lever between the openings opens both gates, allowing to retrieve the medipacks inside, and it also awakens the mummy. Deal with it before going for the supplies, then head back to find that door near the entrance of the level open, allowing you access to SECRET #5. On your way to and from the MAGNUM at the top of this fenced corridor, you'll come across a cat mummy and a couple of panthers, so stay vigilant. Return and follow the other side of the fence to the end to pull up near a step pyramid.

As you step out into this open area you are tracked by two cat mummies. You can use the pyramid as a vantage point to kill them safely, just be mindful that panthers are also on the prowl up here. Before moving on, you can go through a series of boulder traps on the NW corner for a SHOTGUN and some more ammo—the weapon itself will trigger one boulder, so dodge as soon as you pick it up.

Head for the SW corner, pushing a block aside for some ammo beneath it (there are two more ammo pickups in a narrow pit between the block and the hole you originally entered this area), and dive into the lake below. Pull the underwater lever and lure a crocodile out so you can climb out of the water and kill it. Pull the lever again and quickly swim into the open door to get the first ORNATE KEY, then swim back and climb up to the step pyramid.

On the third step up there are two pushblocks in the corner, pull them out of your way to reveal an opening into the pyramid and drop inside. Throw the wall lever and follow the marble corridor to locate the second ORNATE KEY resting in the middle of a small stairwell. Climb it up and drop from the tower to the pyramid field, then climb it up again to the level with the pushblocks and locate a closed door above the lake which requires both keys you currently have.

It's dark inside, but do not head left as the flares in the corner will prevent you from getting a secret; instead, follow the corridor to the right, killing a panther along the way, and you'll find an open door. Get the medipack inside, which counts as SECRET #6. You can now go back for the flares to the left end of the entrance if you like. At the end of the leafy corridor is a wall lever, throw it to lower a trapdoor nearby and fall through.

You can drop to a lower level to kill a panther, but you can just as well ignore it. Hop over the gaps to reach an area with two timed levers in a row of alcoves. Throw both of them and immediately drop into the water pit below, swimming through the open double doors E. As you cross the threshold you'll spot two crocodiles in the distance, but immediately swim upwards for a narrow opening near the entrance.

Get out of the water and collect the first of five ORNATE KEYS near the fence. Get the flares in the corner and dive into the water to swim past the majestic cat carving on the wall. There are some ammo supplies underwater, but you might want to get out of the water (NW corner) to dispatch the two reptilians first.

There are two more ORNATE KEYS on this arena-like pit, look for the cat tiles on the S side, near the bottom, and the other near a column on the NE corner. More panthers will show up, so stay alert. The pushblock nearby conceals some ammo beneath it but serves no other purpose. On the North wall you'll find five key locks, but currently we only have three keys, so head to the W platform between two burning torches and get the final two ORNATE KEYS from opposite ends. Again, more panthers.

With the five keys in hand you can unlock the small door in the NW corner of this room. Light a flare and safely drop in the pit below. Jump over the spike traps, retrieving the supplies along the way, and when you get to a narrow corridor of spikes, grab the slit on the wall and shimmy all the way to the end, then do a backwards ledge jump to land by a lever.

Get out of the pit to find an open door (some flares in an alcove to the left of it). Drop into the water pit in the next room for a chamber with several openings blocked by fences. There's an air pocket in the center of the room, should you need it, but your goal is to go the long way around to find an underwater lever and then work your way back to the entrance pit. A crocodile might be swimming around on your way back.

The third chamber is a much simpler deal: just step on the two pharaoh mask tiles to open the door and an eager cat mummy will leap at you. There's a pit around a central platform in the next room, at the bottom of which is a small medipack, but your goal is on the opposite end. Throw the two levers, one triggers a boulder revealing your exit route, and the other opens another small door in the cat arena.

As you drop into the room behind where the boulder was, a crocodile will chomp your feet, you can use the vantage point on the opposite side of the entrance (where a small medipack awaits you) before moving on through the opening in the back side. At the end of this corridor, a long drop takes you back to the arena, so climb all the way to the now open door in the SW corner.

Right in front of you is a raised block with the UZIS, a bit ominous considering the entire room is lined up with dormant cat mummies. Explore at your leisure, collecting another ammo bundle, as they only awaken when you throw the lever in the sandy room at the bottom. They all come alive at once, so be ready for a big fight.

The door near where you got the Uzis is now open, so go through to come to a beautiful staircase. From the top step, turn around to kill a cat mummy trying to get the drop on you, and when it's safe locate a lower platform on the SW corner. Run off the edge to land on it, then safely climb down near the wall and jump towards the marble block near the pillar. Get the uzi clips on the center, then drop through this gap (the one on the other side will kill you) to the bottom of this room. Don't be too adventurous as death tiles are everywhere, just go on a straight line into the chamber beneath the structure.

You have just found SECRET #7, get the supplies and step into the green marble corridor and quickly back off to disarm a boulder trap, then run up the slope to a side passage. Kill the panther, collect the medikit from the alcove in the back and throw the lever to return to the staircase. Repeat the steps you did earlier to get across the chasm, but on the platform where the uzi clips were, grab the slit on the wall and shimmy left to climb up to the top. Throw the lever in the small chamber behind the cat statue to extend a bridge, then return down the staircase to the chair to find the next open door.

Head through the corridor in the SW corner to a small cozy crocodile lair. Get the medipacks scattered around and pull the underwater lever to lower a trapdoor in the previous room. A panther shows up on your way back. Climb up through the open trapdoor in the SE corner and run around the central structure to find an opening. Get the flares to drop the trapdoor right behind you, then drop and gather the supplies on the room below.

The exit door opens automatically, leading you to a long and narrow hallway with three sets of levers and doors on the right side. Stand in front of the center door, the one tagged with skull tiles above the levers, to open for a short time a secret door in the end of the hallway. Sprint inside and negotiate what might be the longest pushblock puzzle in the mainline series to claim SECRET #8:

Push the first block twice, then pull the second block once. Push the third block twice towards the second block, then pull the fourth block four times and then push it off to the same side as the third block. Now pull the fifth block once and then all the way out of the inner room, like you did with the fourth block. Pull the sixth block twice and you can finally claim the promised goodies. You need to exit this room the same way you came in. Move blocks no.5 and no.3 into the inner room, then run around block no.2 and block the passage you just came from. The lever to open the exit door is hidden in the alcove in which the first block was pushed into, pull it out and to the side and you're home free.

Activate both levers immediately to your left to open the door nearby. Kill the cat mummy and go up the steps to reach the base of a gargantuan cat statue. Two more cat mummies are running free, when it's safe run to the back end for an opening into the statue and push the block, head around and up the steps and pull up to the next floor.

Do a long running jump to the marble perimeter and run around counter clockwise, killing another cat mummy on your way. At the end, climb the big steps and pull back out into the cat statue yard to find you're at the same level as its open mouth. Use the alcoves on the wall to the right to reach the golden platform ahead and keep working your way around counter clockwise until you reach a tall column in the NE corner, then pull up through the opening immediately above it.

You've now reached the top. Still running around counter clockwise, work your way to the front of the statue and use the pillar to jump to its giant cheekbone, right in front of its eye, and climb onto its head. Run between its ears to throw a lever and then go back and slide down between its eyes to land on its extended tongue. Inside the mouth is one last lever, which opens a door right across, leading to a back exit of the temple watched by the ever vigilant eyes of a jade cat statue...

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