Don't Obey the Virus

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Don't Obey the Virus

Post by Phil » 19 Jan 2020 00:14


Level by Scourge05

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Lara slides down a slope in pitch blackness. Light a flare at the bottom (you'll get more soon) and loop left around a wooden structure into the W passage. Follow until you reach an intersection, and an alien lumbers out of the opening to your left. It acts like a knight, which means that your gunfire is ineffective unless its chest area is hit, which the alien makes more difficult by constantly turning its back on you. When it's dead, go to the SW corner for a small medipack.

Find the N opening and go on through to another wooden structure. Turn right there and find a gully with a tunnel at the end. Two more aliens come out of the tunnel, one which drops the UZIS. Enter the tunnel and come to an open area with deadly goo. Don't bother exploring the side passages. Jump to the central block and from there to the N opening. Run to the end of the translucent walkway for a small medipack. Go back the other way, and once you're past the second column look left for the E wall opening. Runjump to grab it and pull up into the passage.

Run forward and jump over the goo-filled trench. Look to your right between the columns for flares. Reverse roll, go to the N opening and runjump NW to the translucent tile over the goo. Hop N onto the ledge, turn right and find the SHOTGUN in the NE alcove. Use the translucent tile to jump back S and turn left. Run E into a new, dark area with two of those wooden structures. Loop around right for a small medipack, take a step or two further W if you like (without stepping on the goo) to awaken two Tinnos wasps, then continue E past the wooden structures to another goo-filled area.

Use the translucent tiles to get across to the other side and enter the E opening to an underground area. Locate the S opening and go around counterclockwise to encounter a ninja. Continue around to a closed-off area for flares in the NW corner. Pull out NE onto a ledge overlooking the underground area. Jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the W opening. Go on in and torches light up.

Pick up the flares on the ledge and vault up W into a higher room. The way left is barred. Go around right to find a closed gate for which two star artifacts are required. Look for the E opening and crawl inside. Pull down the wall switch in the next room and return. The way S that was blocked before is now open. A burst of action music as you enter signals possible danger ahead. Run past the wooden structures to find an underground lake. Jump into the water and pull the underwater lever in the E wall to open a S gate. Pull out to the right of the wooden structure, turn right and see the opened gate.

Enter, go up the steps and pick up the SILING STAR beneath the suspended corpse. There are many pushblocks in the walls. Push the rightmost one in the E wall into the next room. Grab the flares in one corner and the uzi ammo in another, then pick up extra UZIS on your way out. Push the rightmost pushblock in the W wall all the way to the end of the passage, revealing another pushblock to your right. Push that one into the next room, revealing still another pushblock.

Push that one two times N, turn left and push the next pushblock all the way W, turn right and push the next pushblock all the way N, turn left and pull down the wall switch, go back along the passages to the room with the suspended corpse. Loop around right and exit W. Run under the ceiling lights into the dark tunnel and continue to a room with a fixed camera.

Turn left and pull up onto the ledge above the cage. Jump W to grab the higher ledge and pull up for flares. Hop back down to the lower ledge and Lara looks toward the gated wall. Go around this ledge to the N wall (Lara keeps looking) and pull down the wall switch. Turn right and jump to the higher E ledge. Pull up and hop around the corner for more flares. There are still more flares at this level near the middle of the S wall, but to me it wasn't worth fighting the fixed camera to attempt getting to them (using the climbing surface on a nearby block). Your choice.

Get to down to the floor and pull up into the NE opening. Pull down the wall switch on your left (screen shot of the suspended corpse), then drop down the other side into the pushblock passage. Return to the room with the suspended corpse and continue across to where the trap door opened in the NE corner. Drop down and follow to a seaside outdoor area.

Hop up to your right and climb up onto the ramparts. Follow the bridge E and pull up onto the lower roof of the building ahead. Hop down the other side and do battle with an assassin and a ninja. Go to the E opening where you see a sea of deadly goo. Jump the platforms in a SE direction (the way N is for later) until you reach a ledge leading to a S opening. Follow the passage to a new room.

Move the NE pushblock into the SE corner and a platform rises beside you. Use the pushblock to reach the raised platform and pull down the wall switch. Hop to the nearby ledge and go around to the N side. Jump to grab the higher N ledge and pull up in front of the doorway you opened. Go inside for the CAVE KEY. Get down to the floor and locate a second pushblock in the SW corner. Move it onto the marked tile in the NW corner. As you exit this room N you hear the sound of a trap door opening.

Back in the room with the deadly goo, jump the ledges and platforms to the N opening and enter a village area. Follow down a ramp to a water-filled area. Jump into the water and swim into the narrow N opening. Follow to the end and pull out into a jungle area. (At this point I started ignoring the sounds of opening trap doors.) Pull up onto the nearby tree limb and pull down the wall switch embedded in the trunk. A platform rises, so wait for two approaching Tinnos wasps and pick up the nearby uzi ammo.

Make your way to the NW corner, where you can see another wall switch. Pull it down to lift an underwater gate and pick up the nearby uzi ammo. Take a deep breath, drop down into the water and swim into the narrow W opening. Follow the long winding passage and surface at the end. Pull out into a bare room and pull down the wall switch to lift an upper gate in the jungle area. Swim back there and get up to the second level of tree limbs (not difficult to find a way).

Get onto the jutting tree limb facing the E wall and take a running jump slightly NE (just to the right of a ledge against the E wall) and land inside a phantom opening. Walk forward through a phantom wall, turn left through another phantom wall into a short passage, turn right and pull up into a phantom crawl space and crawl forward onto a trigger tile that raises a gate in the room with the suspended corpse.

Get back to the first phantom opening, hang from the edge and shimmy left around the corner onto the ledge you noted earlier. Run forward to the NE, turn around and jump up to grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing to the SE corner and drop down onto the raised platform. Pull down the wall switch to your left and enter the short passage for the TEMPLE KEY. Continue W to the next room and avoid the shallow pool of deadly water. Shoot two aliens and take the second SILING STAR from the raised slab.

Exit via the SW crawl space and find yourself back at the moonlit outdoor area you visited earlier. Drop down and go through the W opening to pull up into the room with the suspended corpse. Go to the middle of the S wall where the gate lifted and push the pushblock as far as you can to reveal a passage leading to the only SECRET in this level. Pick up 3 x revolver ammo and uzi ammo as you approach a strange white W structure. Go back the way you came to the room with the suspended corpse.

Drop down into the NE floor hole and return to the moonlit outdoor area. Climb up right onto the ramparts as you did earlier and go across the bridge to the E building. Go over the lower roof to the area with deadly goo and hop the platforms (the first one triggers a timed door) to the E opening. Go quickly around the corner to get past the timed door before it closes.

Jump into the water. You need to find and pull three underwater levers to open a nearby gate. You can always return to your starting point for air if necessary, although the surfacing animation is funky (you need to be facing the S timed door and press the jump and up arrow keys as you surface). The first underwater lever is on the back side of the stand-alone central column near the entrance, flip turn to find the second one ahead and a bit to your right in the column wall, and the third one is in a green NW alcove near the back of this room. After pulling the third one, exit the alcove and loop around right to find a narrow W opening beyond which is the opened gate.

Swim to the end, pull out and shoot two ninjas in the new room. Go where they came from and pull up W to a higher area with more of that deadly goo. Jump the platforms to the next room W and ignore for now the SW crawl space. Hop past the goo into the NE opening and follow around to the jungle area you visited earlier. Turn left on the raised platform and take a running jump W into the water trench below. Swim into the S opening and follow the narrow passage to the next room. Pull out E and follow the SE passage back to the village area.

Continue through the NE opening and follow the street to the SE exit. Use the ledges/platforms of your choice in the goo room to reach the W exit. Climb over the roof, run along the bridge and jump into the water below. Pull out, enter the W opening and continue to the room with the suspended corpse. Exit N into the dark cavern and make your way to the N wall and find a receptacle for the Temple Key.

The gate to your left lifts noiselessly, so enter and follow to the back N wall. Use your two Siling Stars to lift the gate to the next room. The small jar hides the REVOLVER, and the LASER SIGHT is in plain sight on the floor not far away. Go to the NE corner and hop down into a dark area populated by two skeletons and two mummies. You can't do much about the mummies, but you can neutralize the more agile skeletons by combining the revolver and laser sight and shooting off their heads.

Find another CAVE KEY near the dark SE corner (in guess you missed the first one, I guess) and use it in the nearby S receptacle to open the door. Follow the E passage to the next room and pick up the SHOTGUN at your feet. Deal with two aliens in the cavern area (a third alien pops out of hiding as you approach the E opening). Go through the E opening and continue into a larger area, turn right and follow to a S opening, enter and simply follow the winding passage to a rather anticlimactic finish.

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