The Deadly Cave

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The Deadly Cave

Post by Phil » 13 Jan 2020 18:23


Level by alan

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

The easiest way to start the game is to go to the DOSBOX folder and double-click the START_DOSBOX_TR1-GLIDE batch file near the bottom of the file list.

The game begins with a black screen and Lara sliding down a slope. The instant you see an image, or maybe even just before, jump to grab a raised platform. (If you miss, you fall to your death down a deep pit in the cave floor.) Pull up and note the closed door on your left. Hop into the adjacent alcove and pull down the wall switch to open the door. Drop down the other side for a small medipack and pull back up into the alcove. Run onto the raised platform, hop to the opened doorway and drop down the other side for SECRET #1 and a large medipack.

You can now reach the cave floor safely. Go toward the open end of the trench and you hear the sound of doors opening around the corner. Safety drop onto the sloped platform against the wall and hop down on the side with the green wall. If you're patient you can target and kill a wolf running back and forth on the other side of the deep pit. Locate the nearby 2 x shotgun ammo and pull up into the opening in the green wall. There are only two things to do in this mini-maze: locate a small medipack and a wall switch that opens a door somewhere.

Exit and drop down to the cave floor. Go clockwise around the ramp and shoot a second wolf. Turn left into the next room and shoot two bats. Go around the central pool and hop to the alcove in the back for 2 x uzi ammo. Save your game before hopping back into the water. Swim down and through the opening ahead. Find a high crawl space in the back wall to your right. Swim inside and around the corner. Carefully swim down in front of the first of two swinging blades. Time your way past them for SECRET #2. Pick up the magnum ammo if you wish, but if I were you I would leave the small medipack alone and make my way past the blades before running out of air. Swim through the crawl space, go straight across and surface.

Pull out right in front of the door you opened earlier. Pull up onto the tall block and jump from platform to platform until you reach the broken bridge. Slide down the slope ahead (hopefully the darts won't touch you) and jump off onto a breaktile a bit to your right. Run forward through the passage and past the timed door for SECRET #3. Pick up the SHOTGUN, get it ready for action and top up your health if necessary.

Hop back onto the slope and slide past a gauntlet of swinging blades. You probably will be unable to avoid taking at least some damage. Once you're past the blades, deal with two wolves and a bear. A second bear appears to be hibernating in the corner. Grab the large medipack and small medipack on the way to a clockwise ascent up the stairs. Shoot two bats as you near the top. Save your game before attempting to navigate a series of breaktiles. When you reach the last one, pull up into the opening to find a wall switch. Pull it down to open underwater doors.

Jump into the water below and swim to the opened doors. Continue on through to end the level.

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