Turin Incident

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Turin Incident

Post by Phil » 13 Jan 2020 00:35


Level by Naxheel

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV'svideo walk

You may wish to delete 128.ogg from the audio folder before you start, to avoid being subjected to some really annoying looping background music. About halfway through the level I deleted the entire audio folder for some welcome relief, but I also experienced numerous game crashes thereafter until I restored the audio folder.

Begin in the lobby of the Golden Palace Hotel. Instead of being greeted cordially by the concierge, a soldier emerges from the dining room to your right and starts firing at you. He drops flares when he dies. Enter the dining room and note the SE door that requires a yellow key. A second soldier attacks, but he drops nothing.

Return to the lobby and turn right. In the next room loop left around the wooden fence and workstations (noting for much later the blue keyhole in the N wall) and locate the wall switch in the dark alcove opposite the aquarium. Pull it down and nothing seems to happen. However, if you'll go back to the lobby and turn right you'll see an opened door. Go down the steps to the pool area (nice view of the surrounding cityscape) and dive into the water. Pick up the blue STAIRWAY KEY in the NW corner and find the slightly darker panel near the NE corner. It's a door, so open it to reveal a mini-maze for SECRET #1.

Explore the side passages for a large medipack, desert eagle ammo and a small medipack. Return to the pool and pull out. Exit S to the lobby, turn left and go all the way to the E end of the hallway. Push the button on your right (S) to open the doors to the theatre. Two soldiers are waiting for you inside. Note the red keyhole and return to the main hallway.

Push the E button to open the door to the bathroom. Search the stalls in the N wing where the lights are working to find a small medipack. Go area into the dark E area and search the stalls there for flares and shotgun ammo. Shoot the grate up in the SE corner and pull up into the ducts.

Take the first right for shotgun ammo and continue S to a hole. Lower Lara into the hole but do not release (fire down below). Shimmy left around the corner and pull up into the W crawl space. Follow around to an area where you can stand up. Locate the ladder in the corner shaft and climb down to a lower passage guarded by a laser. Run after it as it moves away from you, and when it stops jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the fire tiles and drop down at the far end. Pull down the wall switch (again, with no indication of what just happened) and monkey swing back across. At the end, wait for the laser to pass underneath you, drop and run forward to safety.

Climb back up the ladder (standing at a slight angle helps you make the grab) and find that pulling the wall switch flooded and doused the fire tiles that were blocking your way to the S crawl space. Go there and find the red AUDITORIUM CARD. Exit via the NE crawl space, shimmy around the fire trap as before and drop down in the dark bathroom area. Exit to the main hallway, turn left into the theatre and insert the Auditorium Card in the red keyhole you noted earlier, giving you access to the stage.

Hop onto the stage and approach the SE opening, whereupon a soldier comes to the attack. He drops desert eagle ammo. A second soldier materializes in the seating area. He also drops desert eagle ammo. Light a flare before entering the SE backstage area, as there's a deadly glass-filled trench just inside. Hop over it with grab to find two pushblocks.

Push the left one as far as you can into the SW corner, revealing an open area with more pushblocks. Turn right and move the leftmost pushblock against the W wall just to the right of the first one. Now move pushblock #3 (that was to the right of pushblock #2 before you moved it) against the S wall. Reverse roll and pull the left pushblock #4 once and push it against the W wall. Finally, pull pushblock #5 once S and go around it to find a revealed passage. You can now step down into the glass-filled trench and carefully walk to the yellow KITCHEN KEY that was inaccessible before.

Pull E out of the trench, exit the theatre and return to the main hallway. Turn left and go to the lobby, turn left again once there and enter the dining room. The Kitchen Key opens the SE door you noted earlier. Enter the kitchen and push the hard-to-see button to the left of the NE refrigerator. Go in and pull down the NE ceiling trap door. Turn around in place and jump up to grab the cramped ductwork. Pull up inside and crawl straight W (the hole to your right is filled with deadly water).

Ignore for now the side passage to your left and stand up in the W shaft. Pull up higher and follow the passage around the corner to find two moving lasers. Use the openings in the ceiling to jump over them and slide down the slope at the end. You drop down into a dark room, so light a flare and find the STANDARD ROOM CARD near the middle of the E wall. Search the corner plinths for the LASER SIGHT and a small medipack. Push the SW wall button to open the door to your left.

Enter a familiar area and leave the wall switch alone (you pulled it down earlier to open a door in the lobby). You're back in the main hallway, so turn left and use that Stairway Key you've been carrying for such a long time. Go on in and shoot the dog that's wandering around aimlessly at the top of the stairs. Continue up past the carcass and the door ahead opens upon your approach. Accept the invitation and leave for later the stairs leading upward. Shoot the dog that comes out of the intersecting hallway, followed shortly thereafter by two soldiers.

Go down the hallway and use the Standard Room Card in the slot on your left. Enter a guest room where someone has left a window open. Open the W door and shoot the soldier waiting in the bathroom. Take his DESERT EAGLE and search the shower stall for desert eagle ammo. Go out through the open window onto the balcony and climb the E ladder. Shift left around the corner and continue to a crawl space. Pull up inside and time your way past the steam blower. Pick up the uzi ammo in the side passage and continue crawling until you reach the E opening.

You can flip out, but refrain from doing so lest you die. Lower Lara down the other side, wait for her to grab the climbing surface and shift left and around the corner. Drop down onto the balcony of another guest room. A window is conveniently open here as well, so enter the room and push the wall button to open the door to the hallway. Shoot the waiting soldier and take his shotgun ammo.

Return to the balcony of this room and climb the SE ladder. Shift left around two corners to the other side and climb up a long distance. When you can see the approaching balcony, shift right around the corner and drop down onto it. Go to the other end of the balcony to find yet another ladder. Climb it to the top, transfer to the monkey bars and monkey swing N a long distance to the corner of the building and turn left. A fixed camera takes over for a few seconds, but continue W until you reach a ladder. Drop to grab it and climb down to a balcony.

No one has left the window open here, so jump up to shoot the nearby grate and pull up into a crawl space. Get past the steam blower and crawl to a place where you can stand. Jump S to grab the wall, shift right around the corner and climb up to one block from the top until you can see the opening behind you. Shift to the corner, take a rolling back flip and immediately hop back to grab the edge while a boulder tumbles past you down the shaft.

Don't pull back up yet. Instead, climb back down the ladder and turn around to jump over the boulder pit. Turn left into the side passage and pull down the ceiling trap door. Pull up into a bathroom and open the NE exit door. Pick up the hard-to-see REMOTE CONTROL on the floor in front of the television set near a corner of the sofa. Return to the bathroom, drop down the hole, jump over the boulder pit and climb up E to the top. Run up the ramp, jump up at the end and shoot the grate. Pull up into the opening, turn around and jump to the alcove for shotgun ammo and a small medipack.

Get back to the E opening, hang from the other side and find the climbing surface. Shift right or left past the opening and climb up to a rooftop swimming pool. Jump into the water to find shotgun ammo in a corner, then pull out and find more shotgun ammo on the ledge next to the flames. The nearby door opens as you approach it, giving you access to a bistro. Shoot the soldier and note for later the timed SE wall button. A dog may also appear, either now or later.

Exit to the rooftop pool and pull up onto the W ledge. Shoot out the windows and hop down into a game room. Turn left into the S hallway and shoot two dogs. Turn right in the hallway and shoot a soldier. Pick up the green LOUNGE KEY he drops and note the nearby keypad and the slot at the W end of the hallway, together with the timed door in the SW corner. Go to the E end of the hallway and use the Lounge Key to open the door. Enter the bistro from the other side and shoot a dog (if you didn't encounter it during your earlier visit).

Push the timed button in the SE corner, reverse roll, jump over any obstacles in your path and sprint down the hallway to the timed SW doorway. There are three wall switches in this dark room. Pull all three and watch the cut scene after each pull. Shoot the S grate and run into the dark passage. Slide down several slopes and land in a shaft partially filled with water. Swim down, forward, then up and surface. Drop down the other side and crawl N to a crossing. Turn right and drop down the hole to your left. Pull up N and follow the crawl space W until you can stand. Continue W along the passage until you hear the chimes of SECRET #2.

Hop into the water and explore the aquarium for shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN. Pull out, return along the duct to the crawl space, navigate the hole once more and turn to your left in the parallel duct. Drop down E into the refrigerated area and exit to the kitchen, then to the dining room and finally to the lobby. Turn right and go E near the end of the hallway. Look to your left to see that a door that was formerly closed is now open. Enter the small room and the door closes behind you. Push the W wall button and stand in front of the N door until it opens briefly.

Step out into a hallway you visited from the other side earlier and enter the first room on your left. Light a flare and locate a number of pushblocks. Pull the one more or less straight ahead (W) to reveal a small medipack. Move the one to the right of that (N, on a slightly raised ledge) onto the marked tile to lower a ceiling trap door somewhere. The remaining pushblocks in this room can be ignored. Go to the back of the room and find the fuse box on a column. Shoot the cover and pull down the wall switch to drain a pool you visited earlier and open a trap door there.

Exit to the hallway, turn right into the small room and push the same wall button to open the S door. Turn right in the main hallway and return to the lobby. Turn right into the N side room and safety drop into the drained pool. Find the SW opening where the trap door opened and climb down the long ladder to the bottom. Pull up into the N alcove, pull down the wall switch to open a bedroom door and climb back up the ladder. The central column is climbable, so get up on top, jump to the deck and exit S to the lobby.

Turn left, go E down the main hallway until you near the end, and turn left into the N room you visited just a short while ago. Push the button again to gain access to the N hallway. This time go forward to the end and turn right into the NE bedroom and into the bathroom in the far right corner. Vault up onto the corner platform and pick up the CROWBAR. Exit to the hallway, run straight W and turn right into the side hallway near the end. When you reach the stairs, turn right and go up to the next story. The door there refuses to open, so continue up to the next story. Same result, so continue up to the top story.

Combine your Desert Eagle and Laser Sight, and shoot the gas canister of the sentry gun that's thankfully pointed away from you. You may have seen a soldier in the distance, but in my game he had gone elsewhere by the time I'd disposed of the sentry gun. The first door on your right is a crowbar door, so open it and enter an entertainment room. The elusive soldier may now put in an appearance; if so, shoot him and pick up the shotgun ammo he drops. Go to the back of this room to find a makeshift bedroom and another soldier (who drops desert eagle ammo).

There's nothing else to do here, so exit to the hallway and turn right, noting the two green slots on your right as you pass by. Turn left at the intersection and take the next left toward the game room. There are two urns at the entrance. Push the one on your left to reveal a small object called TOMB RAIDER 2013. Go back past the two green slots and turn left into the entertainment room you just now visited. Stand in front of the stereo system at the back wall, combine the Remote Control and Tomb Raider 2013, and insert the REMOTE + CD in the control box.

The door to your left opens, so enter the psychedelic bathroom and note the digits 1945 on the wall. The clue seems tailor made for the keypad opposite the game room on this floor, but have patience if you want all the secrets. Exit to the hallway, turn left and go down those myriad flights of stairs to the very bottom. Emerge in the main hallway, turn right to the lobby, turn left through the dining room and the kitchen, enter the refrigerated area and climb up through the corner trap door into the ductwork.

Crawl all the way W and flip down into the room below for SECRET #3. Light a flare and explore this room for 3 x shotgun ammo and grenade gun ammo. The NE door, leading back to the main hallway, opens upon your approach to release a soldier (who drops a large medipack). Back in the main hallway, run across N into the doorway you opened with the blue Stairway Key. Run forward and up all those stairs again until you reach the top floor. Run S down the hallway past the two green slots, turn left at the corner and find the keypad to your right. Punch in the numbers you noted earlier (1945), press the star key when you're done and the door to your left opens.

Go on in and the door closes behind you. Press the button in the W wall to set off an alarm. Stand in front of the door, and when it opens you enter an entirely new area. Turn left and follow around to a parking garage. Approach the S opening and you're beset by a BOSS LADY. When she dies she drops the EXECUTIVE SUITE CARD. Care to guess where that goes? Exit NE (the S opening is for later) and return to the small S room. Press the wall button again, and when the door opens you find yourself back on the top floor of the hotel. Turn left, then right and insert the Executive Suite Card in the first of the two green slots. (I wonder what would have happened if I'd gone to the second green slot instead. I guess I'll never know.)

Enter the dark W room to your right, the one with the leopard-skin carpet, and go up the stairs to a bedroom loft. Pull back the dead soldier and pick up the red TNT KEY his body was covering. Go back down the stairs, turn right into the SE passage and shoot the soldier in the next room. Light a flare and push the wall button to the left of the W alcove. The door to the bathroom opens, so go inside and shoot the dog. Grab the desert eagle ammo next to the shower stall and hop into the shallow water for a spare DESERT EAGLE.

Exit to the main hallway and turn right and then left. Enter the S keypad room and push the wall button to reset the alarm. Wait for the door to re-open and return to the parking garage. Go to the back and enter the S opening. Right in front of you is the receptacle for the TNT Key. Insert it to create a small explosion. Return to the parking garage and see the mayhem you've caused at the W end. Go there, turn left and enter the S cavern to finish the level.

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