LB Advent Calendar 2019 - Christmas in Prague

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LB Advent Calendar 2019 - Christmas in Prague

Post by Phil » 30 Dec 2019 23:55

LB Advent Calendar 2019 - CHRISTMAS IN PRAGUE

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by the builder's own video walk

Choose your playing outfit. After the brief flyby, run forward to bring up the PRAGUE STREET MAP in your inventory, providing a bird's-eye view of the area ahead. When you reach the square, turn right and run up the N steps. To your right is the first of 30 DECORATION SECRETS scattered throughout the game map. The onscreen text issues a challenge for you to locate all 30. If you're successful, access will be provided to one additional secret. For the sake of brevity these will hereafter be abbreviated and numbered.

Run across the square toward the SE opening. Along the way you'll trigger another onscreen message. Hop over the barrier into the room and loop around left to find a chocolate bar on a barrel. Starting SW, use the crates to get up higher for flares. Runjump N to grab the next crate shrouded in darkness, pull up and runjump W to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, push the button ahead to lift a gate below and get back down to the floor.

Enter the S passage, follow to a pushblock and push it once outdoors. Get up on it and jump SE to grab the balcony. Pull up and shoot the window to gain entry to the house. You'll find the PARK KEEPER'S KEY in the SE corner. Open the E doors and turn left in the hallway. In the next room you'll find DS#2 hidden in a flower pot. Exit the house the way you came and in the alley outside shoot the trash can in the N alcove for DS#3 (the other cans in the immediate vicinity are empty).

Continue to the W end of the alley, turn left and find the receptacle for the Park Keeper's Key. Open the gate with it and enter a small graveyard. Lara looks at a grave marker to her right (later). Directly across on the freshly dug SE grave is DS#4. Exit the graveyard SE to a park area and pull down the wall switch in the S opening to open the gate leading to the streets. Go to the SE corner and shoot the trash can next to the bench for DS#5.

Continue N down the street for an onscreen message and turn right at the end into a closed archway. Use the overhead ladder to climb to a small room above. Take the flares from the work bench. Locate and pull the wall switch to lower the trap door in the SE corner. Climb down the ladder there for DS#6, then exit down to the archway. Open the N doors and go all the way up the stairs to the top floor. Open the NW doors and find the CROWBAR in the S window alcove.

Exit this building, and once back on the streets, follow S and W and take the first right into the park you visited earlier. Take a sharp left into the graveyard and approach the W grave marker Lara was looking at earlier. Push it onto the marked tile to move aside the nearby sarcophagus. Use the convenient ladder to climb down next to a crowbar gate. Open it to access the sewers. Follow around to a walkway overlooking the waterworks. Run off angled right or left so you won't land on the crate below, and you should drop safely into the water.

Pull out S onto the ledge and use the crowbar to pry the CABLE off the wall and release some dangling wires. As you might guess, the water is now deadly, so use the floating crate to get over to the N side and jump E to grab the duct. Pull up and turn around to jump up higher W. Hop SW into the niche and pick up DS#7. Runjump E (no grab) onto the duct and stand jump into the E niche. Turn to face NW and save your game. Runjump with a midair roll to land on the slope, jump off without sliding and grab the climbing surface. Pull up onto the ledge and runjump W over the water into the passage. Place the Cable in the receptacle gap to your right and watch the remote cut scene.

Exit the sewer area the way you came, climb the ladder and pull out in the graveyard. Exit SE to the park, where things are now more brightly lighted. Explore the area for VASILEY'S KEY (screen shot) and a chocolate bar N behind the structure. Return to the graveyard SW and pull up onto the NW crypt. Turn around and runjump to grab the E crypt. Pull up and run to the wall. From the higher corner you can pull up onto the wall for a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Make your way around toward the E side of the wall and continue until you reach a Christmas tree that's jutting a bit over the wall. Reach up and take the unlighted DS#8 from one of the branches. Go around the wall in the other direction to the W side and get on the block facing the W mansion. Runjump and grab between the fences and pull up. Shoot a window to gain unlawful entry to the dining room and grab the NW chocolate bar. Shoot the painting just to its right and pull into the alcove for DS#9.

Exit the dining jump and jump back E to the block on the wall. Hop down left and safety drop onto the crypt you used to get up here. Hop to the ground and exit the graveyard NW. Continue straight across in the N alley and climb over the crate. Hop over the barrier and continue N past the Christmas tree until you reach a NW opening blocked by wooden barriers. At present it's not possible to break through them, so ignore the worker and jump W over the single barrier to face closed gates ahead. However, the one on the right is a crowbar gate, so open it and proceed right down the alley to a shopping area.

Shoot the trash can for flares and open the W doors. Go up the stairs and shoot the trash can on your left for DS#10. Exit to the alley and through the crowbar gate to the streets. Turn right and run S down Main Street while noting to your right a closed wooden door requiring a key. Go underneath the archway, and when you emerge look left to see a homeless guy sitting by himself in the corner. When you approach him the two of you work out a little deal. Go back under the archway, N down the street and into the NE opening. Hop over the barrier past the startled workman and in the Main Square stay right and exit via the SW alley.

Hop over the barrier, hop or climb over the box and when you exit the alley loop around left down the stairs and use Vasiley's Key to open the door on your right. Go up the stairs past the closed entrance doors and loop around right to find a switch. Pull it down to open the entrance doors and enter a huge sitting room that presents Lara with a puzzle regarding two clocks that keep incorrect time.

Locate and climb the SW ladder to the upper landing. Go to your right and pull the chain to raise a window platform behind you. Jump slightly SE to grab the raised platform, pull up and jump over to the E landing. Use the block to get on top of the scaffolding. Hop W onto the chandelier, onto the next one, and finally onto the top of the scaffolding on the W side. Activate the N jump switch to lower a block next to the E scaffolding. Make your way back there, using the raised platform and the block, enter the S alcove and pull the chain to change the number and configuration of the raised window platforms.

More is needed, so jump back to the W landing and pull the chain there a second time. The raised windows take on a more symmetrical pattern and the room below is completely restructured. Hop down to the revealed stairwell and go down the stairs to a lower office. Pick up the CHRISTMAS CARD + NOTE next to the black sofa and read it for information about the clocks mentioned earlier. Shoot the painting in the N wall, hop up into the alcove and pull down the switch to move aside a bookcase.

Before leaving, go around the desk and find a safe that needs to be opened, once you know the combination. Well, the Note tells you to use the N clock upstairs first, then the E clock. If you go back and check, the N clock has the big hand on 9 and the little hand on 7. The E clock has the big hand on 3 and the little hand on 5. So, if you start by hitting the control key, then punch in 9-7-3-5 (using the control key again after selecting each one) and then select the star key on the bottom right corner with the action key, the safe should open. Not the clearest of hints, but adequate.

Hop up inside and open the chest for VASILEY'S DIARY, a BUNDLE OF CASH and some COINS. Get back up to the sitting room and find the moved bookcase in the SE corner behind the grand piano. Enter for DS#11 and exit SW to the streets outside. Loop around right to the NW alley, climb over the crate, hop over the barrier and continue N to the blocked NW opening. Jump W over the barrier, turn left and run S down the street underneath the archway. Turn left again and approach the homeless dude. You're reminded that you don't yet have the coffee he requested, so run across the small square and open the W doors to the coffee house.

Go to the SE corner behind the Christmas tree and stoop to pick up the chocolate bar. Approach the innkeeper and shoot the painting near the NW corner for DS#12. The innkeeper is too shocked to react, so step in front of him at the railing and offer him your stolen Coins in return for a medium latte (which the homeless guy would only know as COFFEE). Take it back, offer it to him along with the Bundle of Cash, and after an exchange of pleasantries DEMETRI'S SPARE GARAGE KEY appears in your inventory and a cut scene shows you where to use it.

Go back N to the end of the street, turn right and hop over the wooden barrier to the SE square where it all began, continue under the small E archway and locate the slot for the Garage Key on your left. The gate lifts, so enter the garage and find a chocolate bar on the NW work bench. Pull into the lower window opening near the SW corner, jump E onto the crate, turn around and jump up W to grab the higher window opening, shimmy left and pull up into the SW corner for DS#13.

Get back down to the floor and use the crates stacked to the right of the entrance to reach an upper balcony against the E wall. Climb the corner ladder and back flip four rungs from the top onto a corner ledge. Face W and take a curved running jump to your right to land on the facing ledge with the swinging chains. If you don't move when you land, you should be safe. Line up for a running jump slightly SW with grab (so you won't bang your head on the low ceiling) and land inside a cramped space. Runjump with a grab to the window opening on your right, pull up and shoot the window for DS#14. Don't rush forward, as you could easily fall to your death if you're not careful.

Return to the ledge with the swinging chains (the safest way is to shimmy around the corner and pull up between the chains). Runjump N to the next girder and hop forward to find a floor trap door. Open it and drop down into an office of sorts. Push the button in the N wall to open a door downstairs as well as the doors to this office. Exit W over the crates, take the flares from the work bench on your right and go down the stairs to find the opened door in the N wall. Enter and go down two flights of stairs to a lower area of the garage. Lara looks up at an inaccessible key atop the overhead grate.

Shoot a small box SE for flares, then look between the crates against the E wall for DS#15. Turn around to face W and find the jump switch in the central structure. Go there and activate it to lower the blocks beside you. A screen shot focuses on a lowered car in the garage area above, so go back upstairs and pull the classic Chevy away from the lift. Go around it to pick up the revealed BATTERY (screen shot of the downstairs area). Go back downstairs to the E side of the central structure and place the Battery to raise the other lift upstairs.

Return there, drop down into the space between the lift supports and pick up the GARAGE STORE ROOM KEY. The keyhole is in the E wall, so open the door and go inside for a screen shot of a motorbike. Don't get on it just yet, however. Climb the nearby crates for DS#16 in the NE crawl space. Now you can mount the motorbike and drive it into the garage past a protesting mechanic and into the streets outside.

Turn right when you reach the square and drive through the NE passage. Run through the N barriers and back up the bike (down arrow key). Dismount and turn left in the alley for DS#17. Get back on the bike, turn it around and drive S back to the square. Turn right and drive toward the NW barriers. Your weight breaks the floor panels and drops you down as the worker shouts his disapproval. Drive N up the ramp to a new street.

Dismount and go NW between the street lights. Hop over the short fence into the garden for DS#18. Run back SE and up the stairs. Shoot the trash can for DS#19 and return to the bike. Drive it N through the archway and turn right. In the next area an onscreen message tells you that you need to get inside a closed market. But first, dismount and hop over the short fence on the left side of the E garden for DS#20. As Lara runs N down the street she looks up.

Pull into the NE window opening, turn around and runjump to grab the roof overhang. Shimmy left around two corners and pull up with a back flip to land on a flat ledge. Follow the ledge over the gap to the S wall, hop SE onto the short balcony and runjump E to grab the ledge across the street. Pull up, hop forward, shoot the window and step forward into the indoor market area.

Safety drop to the floor and pull down the wall switch to open the gate to the market area, indicating that you might later require use of the motorbike in here. Grab a chocolate bar in the SE fruit stand, then go deeper into the market area and find a fuse box in the E wall. However, shooting at it does nothing, so continue around to the N display area and find DS#21 near the NW corner.

Locate the pushable crate opposite the fuse box and push it once S. Get up on it and jump to grab the overhead girder. Pull up and turn to your right to pull down the timed wall switch. A crate lowers ahead, so jump to it and hop SW to the ledge under the girder. Runjump W to the next ledge and push the timed button to lift a gate. Hurry back to the lowered crate and jump onto it. Wait for it to rise again and runjump to the upper girders. Continue to the nearer NE alcove, hop inside and push the button to lift another gate. Now you can get into the NE alcove for flares without having to hurry.

Get back down to the floor, find the winding staircase near the N reading area and go up to an opening that leads to a storage area. When you step inside you're advised of a need to move the forklift in the previous area. Do so by pushing the S button. Oops, it moved a little too much and crashed into the fuse box you tried to shoot earlier. Go back to the forklift and pull the crate away from the E wall to reveal the FUSE (screen shot of a street scene).

Return to the NW reading area and find a bookswitch that moves aside a nearby bookcase. Go around and search the small chest in the corner for the SHOTGUN and 2 x shotgun ammo. Return to the pushable crate and use it to access the lower girder. You can repeat the timed maneuver described earlier to reach the higher network of girders, or you can shimmy around and past the central post to pull up into a slightly higher cramped area. From there you can take an angled runjump in any one of four different directions to reach the upper girders.

Make your way to the SE alcove and use the shotgun to shoot out the wooden barriers. Hop inside and push the button on your left to lift a gate below. Use the awning to slide and safety drop to the floor, use the pushable crate once again to access the lower girder and turn left to find the open gateway. Hop up inside and hop down at the end, turn left and hang from the opening partially blocked by a tree. You can see the ornament as you drop down, so walk over and pick up DS#22. Return to the girder, safety drop to the floor and exit the market SW.

You don't need the motorbike for the next tasks, so exit SW under the archway and turn left through the arched alley into the street. Turn left at the striped cones and run up the short ramp to a wooden door that opens upon your approach. Enter the palatial hotel lobby, turn left, hop over the reception desk and take the MAINTENANCE ROOF KEY from the small NE table. Run across the lobby to the SW corner and turn left to encounter a military presence. After the flyby, run past the MP, go left up the stairs and right at the top through the NE hallway.

Turn right at the wider hallway and run E into the dining room. Lara comments on the bare Christmas tree in the corner, so make note of the fact as you search the NW flower pot for DS#23. Exit the dining room and go right down the stairs to approach the distraught chambermaid. After hearing her plea, go behind her into the W alcove and use the Maintenance Room Key to open the door. Enter the duct room, take the flares from the N work bench and shoot the box in the E alcove to reveal DS#24.

As you run SW to open the double doors, creating a short cut for later, Lara looks up at the trap door on her right. After opening the doors, return to the trap door and open it as well. Turn around and pull up into the duct. Crawl forward and jump out at the E end (up arrow and jump key). Step forward and insert the Fuse for a screen shot of a previous room. Get back into the duct, crawl to the W end and jump out, exit this room SE and find the button to your left that you probably observed earlier. Push it to lower the block in the N alcove.

Push the chambermaid's serving table into the N alcove where the block lowered, push the button again to raise the block and turn around to run up the S stairs. Turn right into the lobby and loop around left to run up the wide stairs to the next floor. Go NW to the hallway where the chambermaid is waiting for you. Pull her serving table two times into the hallway, where the chambermaid shows her gratitude by slipping you a HOTEL ROOM KEY. Run E down the hallway, turn right and push open the S doors. You'll find DS#25 in the window opening to your right.

Return to the main landing past the chambermaid, continue S past the stairs leading upward and go to the SW corner. Take a long running jump NW past the gap in the railing to land on a ledge in front of DS#26. Jump from there E onto the chandelier for flares and jump down E onto the stairs. Go up and around right up to the next floor. You can see the keyhole to your left, but first, loop around right to the NE corner and push open the doors to your left. Go around the bed to find DS#27 in the window alcove.

Exit this room and take a running jump S over the railing to grab the chandelier. Pull up and take a running jump SE onto the ledge for DS#28. Safety drop to the second floor, run back up the stairs to the third floor and use the Hotel Room Key to open the doors at the top of the stairs. Enter the Presidential Suite and shoot out the windows to gain access to the balcony. Run off the S end and grab the crack. Shimmy right around the corner and continue until you can pull up into an alcove. Take a running jump SW onto the bridge and continue forward for DS#29.

For the final Decoration Secret, runjump SW over the railing onto a block. Face slightly NW and runjump with a right curve onto a ledge adorned with two Christmas trees. In the nearby crawl space to your right you'll find DS#30, together with a congratulatory message explaining the connection with the bare tree you saw earlier.

Return to the hotel, following the same steps you took to get here. When you reach the crack in the wall, stand beneath the balcony edge with your shoulder against the wall. Jump up from that spot and you should be able to make the grab. Don't re-enter the Presidential Suite, but rather runjump N to grab the next balcony. Pull up and shoot the windows to gain entry to an equally impressive Presidential Suite. Pick up the LOUNGE EVENT TICKET, flip the SE switch to open the doors and return to the hotel lobby downstairs.

Loop around right when you reach the lobby and run E into the dining room. Approach that bare tree in the corner and watch it light up as doors open around the corner. Exit the dining room and loop around left under the stairs to find the opened doors. Once outdoors, go to the NE trash can to find the SECRET BONUS: SHOP KEY. Go back through the hotel and exit W via the front door.

Turn left and run S toward the wooden barriers. Slide down and pull up right between the next set of wooden barriers. Run SW toward the keyhole and use the Shop Key to open the doors thereto. Approach the tree and gifts to your right and pick up SECRET SANTA, your reward for having found all 30 Decoration Secrets. Enjoy the festive seasonal music, then return NE and N to the hotel. Turn right once in the lobby and approach the MP with your Lounge Event Ticket. The lounge door opens, so stroll inside and approach Kurtis for some concluding banter and a rendition of Christmas rock.

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