Tomb of the Evil Queen

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Tomb of the Evil Queen

Post by Phil » 12 Dec 2019 01:39


Level by Plesiosaur

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by kapil4417037's video walk

After the brief flyby, approach the guide and watch him do all the initial work for you, opening doors and even killing two scorpions. However, you're on your own after he opens the door to the room with a pushglobe. You have the revolver in your inventory, so shoot the jackal inside and move the pushglobe to the marked tile on the other side of the flaming plinth. A grate lifts overhead, allowing access to a floor lever. Climb the pole in the corner next to you, back flip to the ledge and push the lever to open the E doors below.

Drop to the floor and go to the dark E doorway to awaken the guide once again. Go ahead of him and he will follow, lighting a torch along the way. When you come to the room with the central fountain, jump into the water and swim into the NE opening. Follow the passage to another pool with a large medipack on the floor between two skeletons.

Swim back to the first pool, surface and pull out. Go to the N side room, shoot a wild pig and push the floor lever. Return to the fountain room, shoot the large jar near the entrance for revolver ammo, then climb the pillar at the NW corner of the pool. Face S, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to drop down onto the ledge. Push the floor lever and drop down to the floor. Shoot another wild pig and go up the slight ramp near the SE corner and pull up into the crawl space.

Crawl forward and continue to a ledge overlooking a large, dark room. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the S wall. Drop down and pull up right (W). Slide down the slope, jump off to the corner slope, jump off at the bottom and grab the N ledge. Pull up and take a running jump to grab the wall ladder. Climb to the top, pull up and turn right. Run jump to the ledge and follow it to the plinth bearing the HATHOR EFFIGY.

Go back to the N end of the ledge, turn right and stand jump down to a corner block. Reverse roll and run jump W to the entrance ledge. Turn right and return through the crawl space to the fountain room. The pool is now occupied by a crocodile, so dispense with it if you like. Locate the opening in the N wall and follow the dark passage around the corner and down some steps to a ledge overlooking a spike room.

Jump NW to the platform for a small medipack, then jump back to the entrance ledge and go to the S end. Jump to grab the slope and shimmy right to the far wall. Pull up and back flip to a ledge. Turn around, crawl through the opening and lower Lara down the other side. Pick up the ORNATE HANDLE and stand jump N to grab the ledge. Pull up and slide down E, jump to grab the next slope, pull up and slide down the other side, jump to grab the flat platform where you got the small medipack earlier and pull up. Jump SE to the ledge and exit E.

Back in the fountain room, combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle, and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the pole to the right of the closed N doors. The doors open, so go on through and have a reunion with your guide. In the next room is a pit with three floor levers. Hop down and push the one on the left to open a door in the SE corner. Go there and find a closed door at the end of the passage. However, if you wait on your guide he'll open it for you. Go on in to trigger a brief flyby featuring the eponymous evil queen.

Retreat to the fountain room where you have more operating room and wait for two jackals and the evil queen to follow. When she dies she leaves behind THE QUEEN'S JEWEL. Pick it up and return to her throne room. Pick up the revolver ammo you no longer need (unless you were able to grab it during the fight) and place the Jewel in the W receptacle between the two columns. The E door to the treasure room opens, but the guide seems to have a lean and hungry look as you both gaze upon the golden goodies.

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