CaC 2019: Puna's Revenge

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CaC 2019: Puna's Revenge

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Create a Classic 2019: PUNA'S REVENGE

Levels by LoreRaider

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk


Lara jumps from a helicopter into a scenic lagoon under a bright full moon. The current will carry you a short distance; when you stop, swim NE toward the monolith jutting out of the water. Pull up onto it for uzi ammo, flares and a small medipack. Turn to face E and jump between the two waterfalls to swim into a cave. Follow to two rows of columns, note the closed gate ahead and turn right after the second column.

Bear left, ignore for the moment the underwater lever and light a flare to find the small triangular opening for SECRET #1. Pick up the small medipack, uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and flares, and return for air (there's a nearby hole in the ceiling, and picking up the goodies can be awkward if you're not positioned correctly) if necessary. Then come back down and pull the N underwater lever to open the gate you saw earlier. Exit E to the columns and turn right to swim past the opened gate.

A flyby is triggered, but don't worry about drowning while waiting for camera control to be restored. If you're running low on air, swim forward into the hub room and up to the air hole. Find the narrow SE opening and swim through and down for flares. Continue forward and pull the underwater lever to open another and taller gate in the hub room. Return there, grab some air and swim into the opened E gateway.

When you enter a couple of cut scenes are triggered. One shows a couple of advancing crocodiles, the other zeros in on a skeleton with the HARPOON and 3 x harpoon ammo next to it. Eliminate the crocodiles and note the central cage that you somehow need to lift to access an important pickup. There's a ceiling air hole here if you need it. Swim through the E opening and up into the W alcove with an underwater lever that opens a gate somewhere.

Watch out for the spikes as you swim back down to the previous room and left to find the opened N gateway. Swim inside, pausing for flares at the threshold and 2 x harpoon ammo next to the skeleton lying on the floor. Use the harpoon to shoot the Star of David within the crescent to open the W gate below you. Shoot that Star of David as well, flip turn and shoot the third Star of David beyond the opened E gate. The N gate opens, so swim through after picking up 2 x harpoon ammo at the threshold.

In this room you have four moving targets similar to the ones you shot in the previous room, so a little more patience and a better aim are required. When all four Stars of David have been hit (giving off a distinctive sound each time), the N gate opens. Grab air via the ceiling hole if necessary and enter the N room to find a suspended underwater lever that lifts the cage you saw in a previous room. Flip turn and swim all the way S to the cage room.

Under the cage next to the skeleton is the AQUALUNG. When you pick it up the W gate in this room opens. Now that you no longer have to worry about drowning, swim W into the next room and continue into the narrow passage. Light a flare and look right for the hole in the floor leading to SECRET #2. Pick up the large medipack, uzi ammo and 2 x harpoons and continue W along the passage to a relatively open area. Look on the floor next to the N wall for shotgun ammo. Turn and swim through the S opening to trigger a flyby.

When camera control is restored, swim forward and turn left into the W opening to find a ceiling lever to pull. Swim back out and up to the highest part of the ceiling to find a second ceiling lever. Swim down a bit and through the small opening at the SW corner to find a third ceiling lever. Finally, find the opening near the floor at the SE corner and pull down a fourth ceiling lever to open the gate you saw when you entered this area. Two large fish are released at the same time.

Either before or after dealing with the fish, locate 2 x harpoon ammo beside the skeleton on the first step leading up to the opened door. Enter the new room with underwater lamps. Search the skeletons on the floor for a small medipack and 2 x harpoon ammo. Shoot the blinking SW light to open two nearby trap doors. Swim to either the E wall or the W wall between the columns and find the ceiling hole. Swim up past the opened trap door and come to an upper room with a suspended underwater lever.

When you pull the lever you get a cut scene of a remote door opening and the trap doors closing. When camera control is restored, you find yourself surrounded by four underwater levers just above the marked tiles below you. Pull only the two levers above the "clean" tiles (those not occupied by a skeleton). Swim to the E or W wall and down the opened trap door to the lower room. Exit N and swim up and straight ahead through the upper N opening. Turn left in the next room and swim up through the tunnel past the second secret hole and in the next room turn right past the opened door into a room with the SKULL KEY.

Exit this room, swim straight ahead through the S opening and past the columns, follow the tunnel (note that your aqualung is no longer working) until you reach the outdoor area and swim all the way W toward a brick archway. Enter the tunnel beneath the waterfall and continue through the opening ahead and slightly to your right to find an underwater lever. Pull it to open the gate in the opposite N wall and grab some air before you swim through. Follow the winding tunnel to a room with four floor tiles arranged in a square and flashing lanterns surrounding a closed door.

When you swim over the tiles below (the fixed camera makes this tricky, but you can hit the look key to restore camera control), the pattern of flashing lanterns changes. The trick is to get all five lanterns lit at the same time. Facing the closed door, start with the near left tile (the one closest to you as you enter) and number them clockwise. Swim over them in this order (which worked for me): 2, 4 and 3. The N door opens, but you may need to swim up for air before entering.

The center tile in the next room, above which is an underwater lever, is spike-protected. You'll find uzi ammo near the skeleton on the other side. Swim into the nearby floor crack in the NW corner and down into the hole. Follow to an opened trap door and pull up into a room with two closed gates guarded by three bats. Near the water hole where you pulled out, in the SW corner, is a flat spot in the rock wall you can reach with a standing or running jump. Pull up higher to find flares and a wall switch that opens one of the gates below.

Get down, go through the opened E gate and make your way past the gauntlet of swinging flamepots to find another wall switch that opens a gate somewhere, but not the other one in the previous room. Nevertheless, return to the previous room, get back up onto the corner ledge with the first wall switch, and this time take a running jump E over the water hole to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and turn right, jump N to the next ledge and walk to the N wall to find the overhead monkey bars. Jump at an angle to grab the lower portion and monkey swing to the other side.

Enter the tunnel and follow around. When you reach the S wall with a ramp leading up to your right, run to the right or left corner of the block ahead and crouch as the boulder passes overhead. Pull up three times, pick up the uzi ammo and pull down the wall switch to open another gate. Drop or climb down the hole to your right in front of a gate opened earlier. Step out and use the rock ledge to your right to get across to the other opened gate.

Enter a small room and pick up the shotgun ammo and small medipack in the corners. Pull the chain to raise the underwater lever above the spikes you encountered earlier. There's also a cut scene of a trap door rising to block the water hole below and showing the other gate in the same room opening. Exit this room, jump to the rock ledge and safety drop into the shallow water to face the N gate you just opened.

Go inside and move the pushblock around and push it onto the adjacent indented tile to re-open the trap door in the water hole. Reverse roll, run to the water hole, jump in and swim back to the room with the spike trap. Swim up beyond the spikes and pull the underwater lever to open a trap door somewhere. Flip turn and swim S into the next room and through the tunnel in the SE corner. Swim up in the next room past the opened trap doors and continue N and surface for air. Swim back down through the lower N opening, light a flare and turn left for SECRET #3. Pick up the shotgun ammo and 2 x uzi ammo and exit.

Surface, turn around and pull out on the E ledge to trigger a cut scene of an advancing school of piranha and the previous trap doors closing. Two or three bats also attack at close quarters. Go into the E room for a brief cut scene of a waterfall, pick up the large medipack in one corner and note for later the timed wall switch in the other corner (as evidenced by the clock above the switch).

Exit this room and jump to the rock ledge on your left. Enter the N crawl space and look up left in the next room to see the wall switch. Go to the N wall to the right of the torch, back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the ceiling. Turn around and monkey swing away from the torch to drop down in the corner. Turn right and run jump to the next corner, turn right again and take a long running jump and grab to the next corner, pull up and take a final running jump and grab (mind the low ceiling) to the corner with the wall switch. Pull it down to open the W door in the piranha area.

Get back to the rock ledge and take a running jump to the W doorway. Pick up the uzi ammo inside and go up either set of stairs to the upper room. Pull down both wall switches and quickly run into the next room, as the door opens and closes without pausing. You hear what sounds like spikes being triggered as you enter, but there are none in sight. Pull the pushblock out of the SE corner and push the button in the revealed alcove to hear the sound of a door opening down in the water.

Jump in and swim past the opened W door. Swim over and under the swinging blades and pull the underwater lever to open two doors, one above and the other right next to you. Surface, pull out and use the pushblock to get up onto the ledge. Pause for shotgun ammo and go around to the opened W doorway. Enter the next room to see another closed door ahead. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the ledge. Pull up, hop over N and enter the triangular opening in the wall. Crawl underneath the darts and come to a new room.

Pick up the flares and pull the low block in the opposite corner under the steering wheel so you can turn it, causing a boulder to drop into the water which in turn causes a door to open in the piranha area. Exit this room past the darts and get down to the pool/boulder room. Exit E and go up the stairs to the piranha area. Stand jump to grab the rope, swing and jump off to the other side, note the plinth ahead but first jump across S toward the closed door and go around to pull down the wall switch on the E ledge.

The door behind you opens, so go there and jump back across N to find a TORCH on that plinth you noted earlier. Jump back S and enter the opened doorway. Follow the passage around to the ledge from which you jumped to the rope, exit W down the stairs and loop around right or left to continue down to the piranha area. Jump the ledges on the right or left side to reach the W opening and drop your torch there. Save your game in front of the timed wall switch.

Pull down the switch, pick up your torch and jump the ledges on your right (much easier than the left side) to reach the E opening. Run up the stairs, loop around right or left to continue up and stay to your left in the upper area to use the short cut passage you opened up earlier. Continue around to the N wall and light your torch on the timed flame opposite the wall switch. Go back the way you came, to the entrance to the short cut passage, and jump across to the N side (you no longer need to hurry). Light the pile of sticks in front of the torch plinth to open the secret door, reverse roll and jump back over to the S side.

Use the short cut passage to get back to the S opening, run forward and down the stairs, and continue straight forward to the pool/boulder room. Hop up right onto the pushblock, hop up further onto the ledge and follow around to the W opening. Run across the room into the next W opening for SECRET #4. Pick up flares, a small medipack, shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN from the skeleton. Retrieve your torch, exit the secret room and go back to the floor of the pool/boulder room.

Light the two wall sconces flanking the closed door in the W wall. The door opens, so go inside and take a second SKULL KEY from the central pedestal. A boulder is released and rolls down into the water somewhere. Exit this room (you no longer need the torch) to the floor of the boulder/pool room and go down the stairs to the piranha area. Jump the ledges left to reach the E opening. Walk forward to get a remote camera of the spot where the boulder was released. Slide down into the water and swim out into the lagoon. Turn right and continue swimming until you can wade out onto the beach.

Run E along the beach toward the waterfall on your left. When you reach the rocks, hop up toward the green plants and locate the hole where you'll find SECRET #5. Pick up the small medipack, uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and large medipack. Hop out of the hole, run back W along the beach and look a bit left just past the big trees for the inclined rock path that will take you up to a hut where you can use both Skull Keys to open the front door. Pause for the large medipack and go inside and on through the opening to an outdoor area where it seems the natives are restless. Go around the tree to the right into the next hut and deal with two natives. Inside the hut you'll find shotgun ammo and a wheel to turn for a static cut scene. Exit this hut and turn right at the tree to find the next hut. Enter for a large medipack and turn the wheel behind the animal skin for a similar static cut scene.

Exit this hut and find the next hut NE where two more natives are waiting. Pick up the flares and uzi ammo on the raised slab, then turn the wheel for yet another static cut scene. Exit this hut, run W toward the waterfall and loop around right to enter the next hut. Turn the wheel in the S wall and finally the cut scene shows a door opening. Exit and go toward the N wall. You can see a hut balcony of sorts jutting out overhead. Behind the supporting tree is a ladder you can use to climb up into the hut through the door you just opened.

Pick up the small medipack and uzi ammo, then turn the wheel to open an underwater door somewhere. Get down to the ground and run W to the waterfall, where you'll find a floor hole in the shallow water. Jump in and swim a short distance until you can pull out into a room that needs to be flooded, as you can tell when you turn around and look up to see what will turn out to be a timed underwater lever. Locate the ladder in the SE corner and climb up to a ledge. Follow around past a closed door and come to a pushblock. Push it down to the room below, hop down after it and climb the ladder in the SW corner. Follow this passage around past another closed door to find another pushblock.

Push this one down as well, return to the ladder, but instead of climbing down shimmy right along the crack until you can pull up in front of a wall switch that floods the room (nice cut scene). Hop back into the water and pull the timed underwater lever. Flip turn, swim to the other side of the room and pull the N underwater lever, flip turn and swim back to the S side to pull the first underwater lever once again. Flip turn, swim back N and pull out onto the ledge. Run forward past the timed door, climb the ladder to a wall switch that raises the water level still more, reverse roll and jump into the water, swim down and forward, surface and enter a wooden cage.

Push the timed button to lower a platform, hop back into the water and swim left between two skull columns, surface and pull out in front of a passage. Follow around and jump to the platform before it starts rising again. After the platform gets back up, hop to the larger suspended platform and push the button to open a door back in the village. Hop back into the water, swim down to the hole below the S underwater lever and return to the village. The door you opened is a long distance away. Run up the hill to your left (S) and continue around clockwise until you reach the opened door between two statues holding flame pots.

Go inside and shoot two vultures. Go up the temple steps and climb the wall ladder to a hallway leading to a partially submerged room. The central plinth holds several torches, but some prep work is required first. Hop to the W alcove with the timed wall switch. Save your game, pull down the switch, reverse roll and go down to the lower step, stand jump to one of the blocks, runjump to the central block with the plinth, stand jump to the next block and runjump into the E alcove before the timed door closes.

Grab the flares in the corner and return to the central plinth for a TORCH (the timed door remains open). Light the torch and take it to the N ledge where there are two wall torches to light. Look to your left (E) and you can see a wooden platform rising and falling. Jump to it when it's down and light the sconce when it's up. Repeat for the three sconces in the other corners of this room, after which the N doors open.

Go there and sprint through the passage as the spiked ceiling lowers. On the other side, pick up the UZIS and 2 x uzi ammo next to the skeletal remains. The nearby ladder is blocked by a trap door, so enter the adjacent crawl space and pull down the wall switch to fix that problem. Climb the ladder and back flip near the top into an upper passage. If you run through the passage quickly you can avoid the horizontal blade trap and the horizontal spear trap around the corner.

Emerge in a large room with flameblower heads and crocodile-infested waters below. Try to kill the two crocodiles up here from the ledge, but if that proves impossible just ready the harpoon and jump down into the water. Search the floor for 2 x harpoon ammo and swim through the W opening to the left of the closed gate. Stay high to swim over the horizontal blades and the swinging blades to find an underwater lever that opens the gate to your left and causes a platform to jut out from a wall.

Swim out and enter the S opening. Pull the underwater lever in the alcove to open a door somewhere, then flip turn and swim all the way into the N opening. Pull the timed underwater lever in the alcove to turn off some flames, flip turn and swim straight S into the open area. Turn right just before the opening to the next room and climb out onto a corner block. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up, and you'd best leave behind the shotgun ammo if the flameblower ahead is inactive. Run to the the far corner, turn left and jump up to grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing N past the dormant flameblower before the flames return. Drop down at the other end, turn left, time your way past the next flameblower and grab the large medipack to your right before running into the opened E passage.

A fixed camera takes over. Run forward until you drop down into a tunnel with a different camera angle. Take the GEM from the plinth, turn right and sprint S down the tunnel while a huge boulder pursues you. The gate ahead opens, so hop down into the village and do battle with two natives who were waiting for you. Run a long distance toward the N end of the valley, and just before you reach the waterfall go up the hilly terrain to your right to find a W cavern.

Enter the next area and shoot three baby dinosaurs. Go toward the torch light you can see off toward the W. When you get there, turn left and find the N crawl space. Go on through and see a triangular crawl space to your right (W) hidden by the underbrush. Follow to SECRET #6 and pick up the large medipack, small medipack, 2 x uzi ammo and shotgun ammo among the skeletal remains. Leave this crawl space and continue N to find a closed gate and two snake head receptacles. You need another Gem, so return S to the valley and continue straight until you reach an opening.

Continue on through and shoot three natives (the third one appears as you progress further into the valley). Go back N toward the opening and look for a rock path leading upward against the E wall. Go up and climb the block ahead. Hop slightly SW to the jutting ledge and runjump from there to grab the wooden bridge. Pull up, go left a bit and runjump SW to the flat ledge. Turn to face E and runjump across the valley to grab the block. Pull up, turn left and runjump S to the next block.

Take a curved running jump S to land on the tree limb. Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and some extra UZIS. Go around the tree trunk to the W limb and runjump to grab the limb of the next tree W. Pull up and shoot two vultures. Safety drop from the W side to the limb below (beware the surrounding quicksand) and runjump W to grab the next limb. Pull up, go right and grab up S, shimmy left and pull up onto a flat ledge. Jump up NW to the tree limb and shoot two vultures (shotgun is best).

Get on the ladder on the tree trunk (action key and up arrow) and shift right around the corner. Climb up, shift left and pull up onto the upper limb. Walk to the N end, stand at the left corner and take a running jump slightly NE to land on a flat ledge. Runjump W to grab the block on the other side. Pull up, go left and jump to the tree limb. Shoot two more of those pesky vultures and go to the W end of the limb facing N. Stand jump to grab the ledge, pull up, walk forward and stand jump to grab the limb.

Pull up, go left a bit and runjump NE with grab to land on a ledge next to a closed door. Runjump W across the valley, grab the slope, shimmy left and pull up to deal with two more of those vultures. Runjump across slightly NW to a flat ledge, stand jump N to the triangular ledge and pull up higher. Stand jump to grab the nearer rope and climb up to stop it from swinging side to side. Line up with the next rope, swing forward and jump off to grab it. Swing forward, not to the N ledge but to a NW block next to the arched roof.

Pull up onto the roof and go behind it for SECRET #7. Pick up the small medipack, 2 x desert eagle ammo, the DESERT EAGLE and a large medipack. Get back to the block you jumped to, hop down with a right curve onto the N ledge and push the button to open the door you saw earlier. Pick up the shotgun ammo, runjump slightly SW to grab the block, pull up and jump to grab the rope. Swing forward and jump off to the tree limb ahead and below (you don't need to use the other rope going back). Repeat the jumps across the valley to get to the E door you opened with the button.

Go inside and slide down a few slopes, continue along the tunnel until you reach some darts, crawl underneath them and emerge in front of a spike-trapped passage. Run or sprint through quickly to evade the spikes and you'll trigger a cut scene of a flame-protected passage ahead. Wait for the nearest flame tile to activate and start moving away from you, then sprint forward to safety. Take the second GEM from the plinth and see a door opening somewhere. Continue E along the tunnel and climb several blocks until you can slide down to a familiar valley.

Run N past the torch, enter the crawl space and continue to the snake head receptacles you saw earlier. Insert the Gems to open the gate and slide down to a new area. Shoot three baby dinosaurs and pick up the nearby uzi ammo. Follow the tunnel and encounter three more baby dinosaurs. You'll come to a opening that leads to a spike field. Walk slowly through the spikes and push four wall buttons to open the SE gate (the first one is at the entrance to your left, and a fourth one is in an alcove in the rock face near the exit gate).

Slide down a couple of slopes into some muddy water and walk through the fixed camera until you come to a small island. Continue wading forward and around the corner until you reach a dart field. You can do nothing other than take some damage as you wade past the darts. Pull up into the opening beyond and climb up further to your left. It's raining outdoors as you emerge in a clearing with a shallow lake.

Go all the way W, away from the waterfall, and pull up S at the water's edge. Hop up onto the W slope, slide and grab and shimmy left until you can pull up onto a flat spot. Hop down NE to the ledge, drop down into the hole there and turn the wheel to open the gate beneath the waterfall. Go there and come to a sort of hub room.

Loop around right and climb the ladder, push the button and a flame creeps along the floor to open the N gate. The same thing happens when you climb the ladder and push the button on the other side of the entrance, only this time the S gate is opened.

Enter the S opening first and jump the raised slabs to the far end of the room without touching any part of the lower floor. If you do this correctly the S gate will be open, allowing you to hop inside and push a button that causes a pillar to rotate in the hub room. Return to the hub room and go straight across into the N opening. The darker parts of the floor in the next room are deadly, so jump only to the lighter sections until you reach the uzi ammo and can push the button in the N wall to rotate another pillar in the hub room and cause the gate between them to open.

Jump your way back to the hub room and turn right to go through the opened E gateway. Run up the ramp to trigger a flyby through a scenic covergence of outdoor waterfalls. When camera control is restored, turn right and walk as far as you can toward the N waterfall. Hop up NW into a small triangular opening for SECRET #8 and go further inside for a small medipack, desert eagle ammo, shotgun ammo and uzi ammo.

Exit to the ledge and jump into the water below. Wade out W onto the beach and go up the stairs, turning right or left to go up further until you emerge in an upper area. Ahead is a closed gate with a receptacle and on either side you'll find a pair of wall switches. On the S wall pull down the right switch, on the N wall pull down the left switch. Columns rotate and MASK PIECES appear in midair. Collect them, combine them and place the MASK in the E receptacle. A flyby shows a bridge unrolling and a door opening.

Exit W, go down the stairs to the waterfall area and run across the bridge into the E opening to trigger a brief FMV that transitions you to the next level.

Level 2: PUNA'S LAIR

Click here for Doggett TV's video walk.

After a groggy Lara is able to stand on her own two feet, go through the S opening and alert three bats. Drop down the hole next to the E wall and follow the passage to a wall switch that lifts the gate above the overhead grate. Go back the way you came, but just before you reach the end of the passage where you dropped down, save your game, light a flare and hop back so you'll slide down facing forward when the floor disappears. Jump at the bottom of the slope and land in a niche with SECRET #9. Pick up the desert eagle ammo, 2 x uzi ammo, shotgun ammo, large and small medipacks, then hop out to slide down a short distance to what appears to be the eponymous lair.

You'll have to use flares fairly constantly in this area, but you should have plenty to spare by now. Locate the opening in the W wall and pull up inside to find a wall switch that rewards you with a cut scene showing the E door opening. However, it closes when you approach it, and at the same time a horde of baby spiders is released. When they're all dead the E door obligingly reopens, so go there and pull up a number of block steps until you can turn around and jump up to grab the edge of an upper passage.

Pull up to find that you're back in the passage where you pulled down the wall switch earlier. The floor is solid once again, so pull up S into the bat cave and go through the S opening. Step out onto a ledge overlooking a cavern with deadly goo covering the floor. Shoot two tinnos wasps coming your way and look down right to see a translucent ledge. Stand jump down to it and hop down right in front of the E opening.

Continue to what looks like a lava room but isn't. Wade into the water and swim down the central hole to find a triangular opening. Swim inside and go around right for SECRET #10. Grab 2 x uzi ammo, desert eagle ammo and a small medipack, circle back around and this time take the left fork to an open area littered with corpses. Swim up through the ceiling hole and short passage to emerge in a room with anomalous stained glass windows.

Pull up onto the ledge in front of the S window, turn left and jump up to grab the crack, and shimmy left around several corners until you can drop down onto a higher ledge. Runjump NE with grab to land on the corner ledge next to the other window, then runjump E to grab the ledge in the far corner. Pull up in the left corner where Lara can stand, then jump E to grab the higher triangular opening. Pull up inside and step forward to climb several block steps to a cave guarded by two tinnos wasps.

Climb up E to a ledge, runjump slightly NW and grab the slope, shimmy left and pull up onto a flat spot. Step forward and pull up to the higher ledge, turn right and runjump SE to the ledge with a purplish tint. Push the button to open a door in the fake lava room, slide down to the cave floor and exit N down the block steps and drop down into the fake lava room. Go through the opened E doorway and grab the HEART suspended in midair. As you turn to exit a hanged corpse drops from a ceiling trap door but does nothing other than scare the daylights out of you.

Jump in the central floor hole and swim down once more, go through the W opening and continue through the triangular opening to surface in the fake lava room. Exit W and climb the blocks to a ledge overlooking the room with the deadly goo. Runjump onto the nearest translucent platform, then jump the platforms in a clockwise direction to the blue-tinted one where you see the spread-eagled corpse. Place the Heart in its chest to open the door behind it.

Jump to the S opening and step forward into the passage to trigger a gauntlet of swinging flame pots. Make your way past them and go up the bone-littered steps to encounter a couple of torch-wielding zombies. Dispatch them and continue up the steps to another goo-covered room guarded by two tinnos wasps. Jump the suspended translucent platforms around the corner until you reach the E opening (there's no need to do any exploring along the way).

Enter the new room and encounter two more torch-wielding zombies. Look above the entrance to see a ladder. Jump up to grab it and climb up to a ledge. Go around either side and jump into one of the E openings containing a suspended flame (which is harmless). Loop around in the passage and climb the ladder to an even higher ledge. Runjump across the room onto the platform jutting out from the W ledge and step forward to pull down the wall switch. A barrier is lowered at floor level, so get back down there, using the intermediate ledges, and enter the E passage.

Slide down onto an ominous suspended platform and ready your strongest weapons before approaching the throne ahead to awaken the BOSS MAN. Fill him with lead while jumping from side to side to avoid his deadly lightning bolts. To make things interesting, you'll be periodically transported to an alien area where wave after wave of zombies and tinnos wasps offer an unwelcome distraction. When all are dead, the Boss Man explodes, leaving behind a spinning artifact that looks like a face mask. When Lara picks it up, she walks into a transporter that takes her back to that scenic lagoon where the adventure began. Day is breaking, so Lara enjoys a brief swim as the level ends.

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