CaC 2019: Monastery of Talion

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CaC 2019: Monastery of Talion

Post by Phil » 08 Dec 2019 13:04

Create a Classic 2019: MONASTERY OF TALION

Levels by PhryneCroft.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Savegames and other files mentioned in the walk, are in this Saves folder.


4 Secrets.

Go down the tunnel and shoot the leopards, there are a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo under that skeleton NW. Proceed down the caves and a flyby kicks in. Go left a bit and at the lower part of the ledge, drop down onto the snow ledge below. Face S and hop over the end landing on a rock ledge below. Jump S into the tunnel and a run jump/grab the ledge in the back. Crawl in and pick up Flares, go through. Shoot some bats in the next cave and go right, behind a pillar is a skeleton with Shotgun ammo and left in a dark niche is a small medipack.

The Monastery Key.

Go into the tunnel SE and quickly get out of the way of those Boulders. Up again and left around the corner is Shotgun ammo. Go to the frozen waterfall, climb the waterfall and near the top and hanging in the centre of the high part (not too high up), back flip onto a pointy ledge. Jump over to the wall left (E) and grab up to the snow pillar at the end (S). Jump left onto the ledge and then over to the skeletons behind that crate W to get the Monastery Key. Jump back and climb up through the opening left (S).

Backdoor into the Base, the TNT-Hut Key.

Follow the canyon, watch out for Icicles and around the corner keep right into a narrow passage, shoot the two baddies and go down the hole SE, shoot a crate in the SE corner for a Medipack and Shotgun ammo and then go NW to the burning barrel and right around over the crates to a lever SW, the door N opens up. Go into that shack and shoot all the boxes, not all have something. First go straight around the crate to get the Uzis and Uzi clips at the N wall, to the right one box has Flares (NW) and then go into the far back SW, pull out a crate to the N, hop over and pull the one SW out of the corner to get to a crawlspace. Follow through, up a ladder (S) and back flip off into the room above. You can see a Key behind a gate left, go through to the right and shoot two baddies, collect 2x Uzi clips. In the burner room go right and climb the stack of crates SE and jump grab to the safe pillar W, turn around and jump to a ledge after shooting a crate for a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Jump back and over to the ledge W.

Detour for a Secret: Go into the opening W, through the chains and in the storage move the crate in the far left back corner out and under the hole in the ceiling, get up there and grab Secret #1, Shotgun ammo, 2x Uzi clips and a Gold Skull. Drop down and go back to the burner room.

Shoot the box N and from the corner do a run jump SW to the pillar there when the flame is down, try landing on the far outer corner where you are safe from the flame and can wait a bit before you run in and use that lever to open the gate at the Key. Get down to the ground floor and out E to pick up the TNT-Hut Key.

To the TNT-Hut.

Leave to the right (S), down the ladder and through the crawlspace to the storage. Go right and then left to get out, to that vertical pipe SE and from the higher ledge stand jump and grab up N. Go through the narrow passage and almost straight into the tunnel W to a wide cave. Two ways to go down this cave, but the S (monkey climb) route is actually to get back up here in case you forgot something. Go left (N) and hop onto the higher ledge, run jump with a curve to get to that skeleton

For a Secret: Turn around to spot a side cave down in the W wall, hang from the W side of the pillar and shimmy right around the corner, drop and slide to jump and grab that side cave and get Secret #2, a Gold Skull, Revolver ammo, a Medipack and Flares. Hang out against the right hand wall and drop onto a slope to get to the frozen pool.

Go around to the tunnel NW, two baddies to deal with, they drop Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. In the next area left is the TNT Hut, open it and run in fast or you’ll get stuck in the closing door. Shoot the two baddies and pick up Uzi clips. The lever in the back will detonate that crate of TNT, opening the ice wall behind it.

So, go through that new opening and come to a cave, shoot two leopards and follow through to a frozen waterfall left. The two dead explorers left a Revolver and Revolver ammo. Go on and come to the Monastery. There was another leopard roaming around.

The Monastery, first a Laser Sight.

Head into the cave left (W), pick up a small medipack near the skeleton and get on the block NW, run jump with a roll onto the slope SW and grab the edge of the higher slope. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab the ledge behind and go right a bit to pull up. Turn around and jump to the climb wall and go up through the shaft to a cave with a lever opening a door in the cave below. Down the climb wall as far as possible and safety drop down, go get the Sight from the open door S.

Gaining Access to the Monastery, the Big Hall Key.

Back to the entrance of the Monastery and open the gate with the Monastery Key, go into the courtyard with the fountain. We’ll need a key to open the door S…

A Crowbar.

Go to the door left (W) and open it with the lever, go through to a library and right in the corner under the books is the Crowbar. In the N side of the room are Flares. To the W is another room, but that’s for later when we have a Torch, so get back to the courtyard.

A Torch.

Open the door at the other side (E), inside open the crowbar door left and go in, straight through to the last room and get a flyby of that Lion’s head. First shoot the crate behind you and get a small medipack and Revolver ammo.

Now shoot the Crystal and a door opens on the left (W), grab a Torch and go back to the Courtyard to ignite the Torch on one of the fires. Go into the W door and straight through to the last room. In the SW corner is a crate, pull it next to the bookcases and jump up the bookcase with the Torch.

Go through the opening to the room E and over the fences and bookcases to the gate E. Ignite the two sconces and the gate opens up, get the Big Hall Key. Take the Torch back with you if you like (or get another one as you have to go that way anyway) and get back to the courtyard.

Tibetan Mask I and an Ice Crystal.

Now you still have some unfinished Torch business through the E door, go in and left and just before the room where you got the Torch right down the steps, the doors will open for you. To the left is a gate; you have to open. Take the Torch into the back behind that black pillar (E) and hop onto a triangle ledge (E), then up to a block and finally up to the floor W. Trapdoors keep flapping away, you have to run jump to the first left, to the second, landing on the right hand side and then try to hop onto the ledge E as a safe haven to do the last jump over the trapdoor to the S balcony (savegame.0). Ignite the sconce and the gate below opens up. Take the Torch down with you and enter that room.

Through to the right is a huge pool and across the pool is a gate with a Mask behind it. Drop the Torch and hop into the water, swim into a small tunnel on the right (NW), through the clanking doors and use the underwater lever to open a big gate, turn right and swim out. Go through that gate in the far right corner (NE), the water in there is freezing, so quickly go up right and climb onto the ledge far left (NE). The skeleton has Shotgun ammo, climb the ice pillar and off right to the ledge. Jump over to the ledge N and use the lever on the left, you’ll get a screen of the crates floating in the pool and the gate to the Mask is open. Trapdoors opened too, above the ladder behind you (N wall). Grab the ladder, go up to get the Ice Crystal. Down the ladder, drop and jump with roll into the freezing water and go out S, left and climb out left on the ledge, jump the floating crates to the open gate and get Tibetan Mask I.

Swim back W, get out and pick up your Torch if you like, go left to the room with the flapping trapdoors, right up the stairs and left to get back to the courtyard.

The Big Hall.

Drop the Torch for a bit and use the Big Hall Key on the door S, go in and find a big Buddha statue and a pool.

In the far right corner (SE) and left around behind the statue is Secret #3, a Medipack, Shotgun ammo, 2x Uzi clips and a Gold Skull. If you want all Secrets, stand on the ledge in front of the statue, look up N for a Lion’s head, shoot the Crystal and a door opens back in the library. Go back out and take a right and to the back. Jump up the bookcases and go through to the same room where you got the key. Jump over the fence on the bookcases and turn right (N) and jump to the open door to get Secret #4, a small medipack, Uzi clips and Uzis and of course a Gold Skull. Go back to the courtyard, left to the Big Hall.

Opening the way to the Mountains.

In the NW corner is a passage with a climb wall, go up and back flip to the upper floor. Go around to the other side (E) and left, in the far end is another climb wall, back flip off, hang from the edge of the floor there and shimmy left along the floor to the last alcove (or crawl through) and find a lever there opening an underwater gate**.

Using the Ice Crystal.

Run off SW right of the burner and run behind the statue to the other side, from the arm of the statue climb onto the right hand corner of the burner block and when the burner is down, hop up W onto the ledge above. Save and place the Crystal in the receptacle, all hell breaks loose… Take out those guys with the Revolver and Sight, run jump into the pool, get out an collect the 2x Uzi clips and a small medipack.

b]Tibetan Mask II.[/b]

Go into the gate you opened SW, to the right is a close off room where you have to place 4 Masks (later). Go through to the back room and find 4 levers and a Mask behind a gate. There's an obscure clue for the levers, look up above them and notice the eyes, they are either looking up or down. So, left side (N), both levers down and S side the right hand lever down and the gate opens to Tibetan Mask II (levers1.jpg). Go back through the rooms and out to the Buddha hall.

Tibetan Mask III.

Hop into the pool, use the underwater lever N to open the gate S, get air and save, then carefully go in, clanking doors, get through both and go immediately left around the corner along the bottom and through another clanking door to get to Tibetan Mask III. Turn sideways before you pick it up and swim back through the doors, sharp left and along the left wall to go into the open gate** E, follow through and up before the air runs out (savegame.1).

Head into the cave S and the level changes, you’ve reached the Mountains.


2 Secrets.

Ice Crystal.

Go into the cave left (S) and at the pit grab up left and shimmy right to get into a crawlspace with Secret #5, Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo and a Gold Skull. Crawl out backwards, hang right and just drop onto the rock, let Lara slide down, follow the cave and shoot some bats, use the lever on the right to open a big gate for much later. Go back and hop onto the block right, grab the climb wall E and go all the way up to a ledge. Turn around and run jump to the cave entrance W, follow through to a large cave where a flyby kicks in.

Big Cave.

There are 3 leopards roaming about down there, try shoot them from up on the ledge and jump off the N end onto a slope, go over to the far left corner of the pool (NW) and climb up the blocks to grab up to a ledge N. Go right to a sloped passage, turn around and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab again to use a jump lever opening an underwater gate*. Run to the end of the ledge and left, out of the way of the boulder OR just duck and the boulder will pass over.

Torch/Spike Challenge.

Hop down into the pool, find the open gate* SE and throw the underwater lever there to open a gate in a room with spikes. Get out and climb out on the icy ledge NW, up the blocks to the ledge with the boulder and go left to the high end of this ledge, just next to where the boulder ended up and grab the monkey climb.

Follow through into the high up cave entrance and come to a room with holes in the floor, drop down left NW to the safe part of the floor below and find a spike challenge. Grab the Flares from the skeleton and go up into the gate you opened (N) to grab a Torch. Turn around and stand jump out left onto the ledge, then up to the floor on the right (S) and go ignite your Torch.

Get back down and now face the gate S, you have to run through the spikes to the tile behind the left and right pillars to ignite the 2 sconces there. And get back out of course (savegame.2). The gate S is now open, follow through and you’ll get a glimpse of an Ice Crystal as you approach the frozen pool. Nope, the Torch doesn’t work… so leave it.

Go into the building and up one of the climb walls Straight ahead (S), then use the ledge hanging over the pool to get to the passage with the lever (N) and watch out for the clanking doors. Use the lever and get back out and to the ground floor, the gate S has opened up. Go through and come to a room with a nice shiny floor. There’s a lamp left, pull it once away from the wall, push it left (N) to the wall (there’s a circle in the room below) and a gate is shown. Pull it 3 times to back (S) and then pull/push it twice to the middle of the room (E); the gate opens. Back to the room with the pool and hop in, swim through the passage into the freezing pond and grab the Ice Crystal, get back fast and climb out.

Leave N, through the spikes room, grab up right to the ledge and jump up to the floor, go to the Big Cave (E) and jump into the pool. Get out straight ahead and go to the far left (SE), where you can jump up triangle ledges and grab up S. Face N and hop to the right on the ledge from where you can run jump left over to the exit cave (E). When coming to the deep pit, hop out right onto the rock and from there run jump back to the main cave (N). Go left to a canyon with a bridge, from the start of the bridge run off right onto a snow slope. From there, jump up into the cave entrance W and come to that gate you opened some time ago when you just came into the Mountains.

Face Tiles, Ice Crystal 2.

Inside to the right is a closed crawlspace for a Secret later.

Right in the back is a skeleton with Shotgun ammo, left, in the NW corner an opening to a room with 4 floor levers.

The one NW has a hint of green light, use it for the Secret, we’ll pick it up when we leave.

Now throw the one left (NE) of the secret lever and the gates in the back of the main room open up. So go out, left through the gates and come to a room with face tiles and spike traps.

Step onto the one left, run over the corner to the one against the left wall, then right to the next, left to the next (against the left wall) and now straight over two tiles to the SW corner, hop or run around the corner to the other one against the pillar and then NE onto the last one, the gate opens. Found this by chance, possibly there is another combination. Go into the gate and save before you grab Ice Crystal 2 as a wraith shows up. Run jump out left into the exit, run to the pool and wait in there for the wraith to kill itself. Climb out E.

Go left to that crawlspace in the dark SE corner and pick up Secret #6, Uzi clips, Revolver ammo, a Medipack and a Gold Skull.

Using the Crystals, Tibetan Mask IV.

Leave and get down to the ice and jump up the rock straight ahead and climb the ice ladder up to the bridge. Follow the road up E and right, when you reach a building, 3 baddies attack from behind, they will drop 2x Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo.

Use the 2 Crystals to open the door. Go up the stairs to a large Hall and right into the passage, drop down and into the water, swim through, climb out in a basement with spikes and chains. Coming to a room with a pool, go left up the climb wall and back flip off. Grab the monkey climb to get to a niche with 2x Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo, then jump out left to grab the thin ledge. Shimmy to the right a bit and pull up to back-flip onto the monkey swing beam. Turn around and jump to the climb wall (N) and back flip off in a passage with a lever opening a gate down at the pool below. So get out, drop into the pool and go into the open gate N to grab the Weathered Key.

Back through the spike and chain passage, swim through the tunnel and back flip onto the wooden slope at the end to jump and grab back up to the Main hall. Go straight (N) and up a climb wall to back flip to the first floor. Use the Weathered Key left and a rope appears. Swing over to the other side and use the jump lever opening the gate in the Hall, all hell breaks loose again. Shoot them quick and safety drop down, the rope is too far away…

Pick up the 2x Uzi clips they dropped and go through the gate W to a cave and when you go down, two Giant Yeti’s show up, unload the Uzis on them and go into the cave in the far left (NW), up the ladder and run jump to the ice ledge. Go onwards to grab the ice pillar and go around to back flip roll and grab the next, go on till you are on a ledge with a floor lever. Use that to open the gate, safety drop down and go through the gate.

Timed Swim, Timed Jumps.

Under the grate in the floor you can see the Mask. From the entrance go left (NE) and into the water, swim to the room under the main room, air up everywhere if you need. Spot the gates NW, swim along the left or right side through two spike traps to the S end of the room, save while using the TIMED underwater lever, roll and swim back through the spike traps, (you can almost swim through in one go if you slow down a little bit after the first) and through the gate straight ahead and down a bit (N) (savegame.3). Swim further and up for air, climb out straight ahead (N). Go up right and find a TIMED lever there. Your goal is the trapdoor above the arched ledge in the middle of the room.

Use the lever (Save while using it), roll and run/sprint through the opening left to the far side of the room, jump onto the higher ledge there and curving right jump and grab the left side of the higher ledge. Pull up and run forward, then curve right and jump onto the left side of the arch, landing on the edge. Now you can roll and jump up to grab the climb wall (S) to climb through the trapdoor (savegame.4).

Throw the floor lever and see a cage go down, climb down through the trapdoor. Into the pool and swim back S, right around the corners and climb up to the main room.

In the room go to the back and climb the wall (W), almost all the way up (halfway up there’s another opening behind you, but that’s just for a nice view). Back flip onto a walkway, follow through over spike traps to get to that lowered cage where you can now use the lever releasing a boulder that will hit a gong. The Mask is now available, get back, down the climb wall to the ground floor and down into the water NE, go get Tibetan Mask IV. Get back up to the main room, leave to the right (E), keep going straight to the road outside and left / left to the bridge. Go over the bridge, straight through the Main cave into the dark cave W and back to…


Using the Masks, the Talion Artefact.

Hop into the water, swim carefully through the room with the current and left into the passage with the clanking doors. Climb out in the Buddha hall and go into the gate SW. To open the gate to the receptacles you need to change those levers in the back room.

Left side (N), left UP and right DOWN.

Right hand side (S), left DOWN and right UP (levers2.jpg).

Go back to the entrance room and left into the open gate to place the 4 Masks, the door opens, go pick up the Talion Artefact

End of the Adventure.

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