CaC 2019: The Russian Base

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CaC 2019: The Russian Base

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Create a Classic: THE RUSSIAN BASE

Level by dinne.

More complete walkthrough by G&D Productions (following the Main directives given in the read-me).

This level was hard to get through with the limited supply of Medipacks.

Lara is inside a dark container, light a flare and open the doors. On top of the containers at the E wall are Flares. Leave the loading dock SW into the Main Corridor; go left up the stairs, in the office take a left, around at the window is a file cabinet with Uzi clips. Go through to the room S and shoot a baddy, the right hand shelf W has Shotgun ammo, (from now on you only need to check the shelves with rubble underneath). Push the button left of the shelves to open a door* to a loading dock. Go back down the stairs to the Main Corridor, left and then right into a passage a guard dog will come out.

The Silver Key.

When he’s silenced, go back in and right to where that door* opened to the loading dock. 3 Baddies here, use some tactics to shoot them one by one. Open the small door to the room SW and go through to the storage, the shelves right have a Medipack, the others are empty. In the back corner (NW) are steel shelves, pull the right hand one out twice, push the other one left into an alcove (W) so you can get into the passage behind it, turn around and grab up into a crawlspace. Push the button to open a grate in the loading dock.

Go back down there and from the containers you can shoot a grate in the dark NE corner, jump into that opening. Turn around and jump out right to grab the crack, go left to where the crack is wide enough to pull up through and shoot a whole bunch of rats there. To the right are Flares then jump over and follow the passage left (W) and around the corner, you’ll get to a room with mostly empty crates, only one has Shotgun ammo, shoot the rats too.

Go stand in that grate you opened before (S) and run jump out right to grab the ceiling with all the lights. Go to the far right hand corner where you can drop and grab the walkway. Open the small door there and in the room is a file cabinet with the Silver Key. Go down the steps left of it for some Uzi clips and return to the loading dock. Safety drop down and on the tracks N you can find some Flares on the right hand side. Leave the loading dock SE; keep left, back to the Main Corridor.

The Office Card.

Take a right and look up right for a hatch in the ceiling of the next doorway. Open it, turn around and grab up into the duct, go to the intersection and right, down and pick up the Flares. Turn back, up and straight and right to a grate in the floor, open it and get down into the tire storage. Pick up Uzi clips and go through the small door S, right and pull the left crate out and aside so it is under the ceiling grate, open that, get hop up the duct (we came from just before) and turn around, you can now jump E and grab the crawlspace. Get to the end and turn around to use the jump lever there, a door opens below. Drop out of the crawlspace and right of that ramp E (don’t go down yet, too many baddies) are shelves with a small medipack. Now enter the open door S, shoot the dog and his master and claim the Office Card, it’s on the desk. Push the button next to the door to open the gate to the Main Corridor. Out of the room, left through the gate to the corridor and left around to the door where you can use the Silver Key.

Using the Silver Key, Communications Center.

Go up the stairs, shoot a dog and go up first right to use the Card on the door, inside that communications center are two Baddies, one drops Shotgun ammo. On a crate are Flares, open the door SE with the switch next to it. Enter the storage and remember only the shelves with rubble underneath have something worthwhile. So go around to collect 2x Uzi clips and a small medipack. Somewhere in the middle of the storage Lara looks up, there’s a hole in the ceiling.

The Uzis.

Go to the entrance door and left to the steel shelf blocks. Pull the first one out and move it to the S a bit. Go back into the same corner and find a floor grate right, open it and go down to push a button opening a grate**.

Go back up and pull the second steel shelf block to the S twice, now you can get to the button behind it and open the door left of it. Go in and to the right on the pipes are the Uzis. Behind you is a transformer missing a Fuse.

Battery Part 2.

Out of the door and right, push the shelf block once more and then left under that hole in the ceiling, get up and grab up into the duct follow through and down behind that transformer to get Battery Part 2.

Mess Hall, open a Door.

Go back through the duct and drop into the storage. Go out N and go to the staircase and kill the worker and take a right up the next stairs. At the crossing is another door (Card) we cannot open, so go left (N) and use the switch to open the door there. Keep following the left wall, around the corner and shoot the baddies. Lara looks at some pipes and a jump lever up left.

Jump over the small balustrade and take a running jump towards the ladder (E) to use the jump lever, a door* in the kitchen opens up. In the Toilets (N), you can open all doors, in the fourth one from the left are Uzi clips. The cabinet opposite the toilets has a small medipack. Behind the benches (W) are Flares.

The Kitchen, Personal Card.

Go back to where you came in (S) and left to go through a small door into the kitchen, left around and shoot the cooks. Grab a small medipack from the cabinet and go to the stoves NE. Shoot that grate in the corner and run jump NE to grab the grate above the stoves so you can get into that opening. Shoot the other grate too if it didn’t yet and in the next part of the kitchen is that door* you opened, NW.

Go into the storage and shoot the cook to get his Personal Card. Two of the shelves (with the rubble) have Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Go out and SE is a switch opening a door in the other part of the kitchen.

Leave W, the door will open for you and loop left around through the small door to the kitchen and right in the dark is that last door you opened. Go into the storage and just check the important shelves for Uzi clips (a cook shows up), 3x Shotgun ammo, a small medipack. For the hole in the ceiling we need a Gun with Lasersight, to shoot a box. Some rats show up too and I didn’t find anything in the crates.


Get out, left to the Mess Hall and left to the stairs, now you can open that door left with the Personal Card. Go into the corridor and open doors. Small door right a small medipack in the shower. Small door left Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo.

Second door right, a baddy with Uzi clips and a Medipack in one of the back bunks. Second door left Uzi clips and a small medipack in the drawers plus two baddies. Small door in the end, find Revolver ammo in bunk bed.

The Workshop Key.

That seems to be all we can do here for now, leave (W), down the stairs to the Main Corridor. Take a left to where that grate** opened where you got the Uzis. In that passage shoot a grate left and go in, use the switch after you shot the rats (one leaves Uzi clips) and a grate opens to that room with the Fuses and stuff. Go back to the passage and left, open the door to the courtyard with the switch, go left and hop over the crates to get into the corner, as that barrel is too hot. Pull the dead guy by his head and hop over the corpse to get the Workshop Key.

Go to that door S and open it with the switch, go right up the stairs and shoot the crates for 2x Shotgun ammo and 2x Uzi clips. Back out to the courtyard and left to the garage gate, there are Uzi clips in front of the gate. We’ll be back here.

The Large Storage Area, Workshop.

Leave the courtyard to the Main Corridor (N), take the second right, the big grate you opened and this time go down the ramp to a service area, shoot 4 baddies with a bit of tactics and one dropped Shotgun ammo.

Go left into the next area (N) and left on the crates are some boxes you can shoot for Flares and a Medipack. Now go S to the large storage. There are more baddies than I can count, shoot them as they appear. Loop around to the right (NW corner) there is Shotgun ammo on the floor. Some baddies drop ammo, so check. Follow the tracks SW, shoot the dog and open the door to the Workshop left with your Workshop Key. On the shelves right a small medipack and Uzi clips, the inspection pit in the floor has Flares , a cabinet W has Shotgun ammo and right of that is a switch opening a door back in the service area**.

Lower Crane 1.

Go out, right around and to the tracks to the right (SE), flip the switch on the right wall and climb the ladder up next to the switch to where you just opened the grate. In the Control room you have to shoot a baddy and in the back is a button lowering Crane 1. Before you leave, check the wooden drawers for a small medipack.

Use Crane 1, Battery Part 1.

Go down the ladder and go left around the corners to the SW. Get on top of the high stack of crates, jump and grab the sloped ledge S and shimmy right and back flip with roll to grab the cable of the Crane, go down and turn with your back to the walkway, back flip to the walkway. Grab Uzi clips and then grab up to the grated ceiling to monkey climb to the N and left to a grate you can shoot. In the cabinet are Uzi clips, on the block behind you is Battery Part 1.

Door on NE walkway, switch #1.

Get back and run down on the crates. When down, head all the way N, get on the red containers near the NE corner and spot the grates up in the wall, shoot them and jump to get in there and flip a switch (#1) for a door on the walkway at Crane 2. Behind the fence you can see switch #2 for that Crane. In the doorway W are Uzi clips, safety drop out of here.

Locker Room Key.

So, leave, head through the Storage to the service area and N to the door** that opened. Shoot the baddies and pick up Shotgun ammo. Left, in the back is a door you can open, go in and shoot the baddy on the left behind the counter, hop in there to get the Locker Room Key. (One of the crates N opens with crowbar). In the back is another baddy, he leaves Uzi ammo.

The Locker Room, a Shotgun and a Crowbar.

Head back to the Large Storage, up the high stack of crates in the middle of the W wall, jump/grab up right to the walkway. Shoot the crates for Flares and a Medipack. Approach the big door straight ahead (N) and it will open into that staircase in the Personnel Quarters. Go straight to the small door to the toilets and inside a bit left to open the grated door to the Locker Room with the Locker Room Key. First go use a switch behind the benches (N wall, next to the telephone) to open a big door (X) in the Large Storage for much later. Go right and open the second shower door for Shotgun ammo and behind the third shower door you can pull that handle off the wall to use as a Crowbar. Check the second cabinet from the left for the Shotgun itself.

A Laser Sight.

Go back to the Mess hall and out S to the stairs, left into the Dormitories, the second door left, inside go right and left between the bunk beds, use the Crowbar on the grate in the wall. Grab the Laser Sight that was hidden there with a stash of booze. Leave the room and go to the stairs.

The Large Storage, Grenade Gun.

Go left at the crossing of stairs and up to the walkway, run off at the end (SE) onto the crate and jump over to the high stack E and to the next. One of the wooden crates you can pull and then push off the E end, drop down onto that crate and push the red doors open, get the Grenade Gun, empty. Get down and leave the Storage NW to the Service area.

Service Area, with a Crowbar.

Go straight ahead (N) into the storage with the yellow cylinders, left in the back where you opened the door before (and got the Locker room key). Now you can open that wooden crate N, inside open the back of the crate to get to the Knurled Key. Get out; go back out to the Service area. If you want you can now travel back to the Main Corridor and right to the end to the first storage where we started, in the SE corner is another crate you can now open and get the Medipack from it.

Large Storage, use the Knurled Key Basement 1 & Battery.

Behind that high stack of crates W are doors you can open with the Knurled Key; go down the ramps and shoot the resistance. Open the door straight ahead with the switch next to it, go in and get a small medipack from the top of the containers left. In the right hand corner next to the freezer doors is a crate, climb on and jump up to grab the ceiling grate. Climb the left wall into an opening, go left and jump up the steep part to get to the place where you can insert the Battery Unit (after combining the two parts). A door opens in the Large Storage area. Get back down and out of the freezer, take a right at the forklift and shoot the crate for Flares. Get out to the Large Storage, go left and the door that opened is the one with the smoking camera (NW).

Basement 2, Electric Maintenance Key.

Head down the ramps taking out resistance, take a right to the area below the service area. There is more resistance a bit further on, go up E and find the Electric Maintenance Key on the tool board on the wall (just right around the corner). The cabinet has a small medipack. Go out, straight and left up the ramps to the Large Storage again.

Either go left and then up the slope NW and straight to a wall. Loop around to the left up some stairs, right up the next stairs and in the room loop around left OR climb up to the walkway NW via the high stack of crates and go N to the stairs, loop around left down and up the stairs into the communications center. On the pillar SE (opposite the switch we used earlier) is a keyhole, use that E-Maintenance Key there, you’ll hear a trapdoor and that is under the desk in the dark corner right of you. It is in the middle of the desk, crouch down and crawl in and climb down the ladder there, use the switch to turn off the power and climb back up.

Get the Fuse and use the Fuse, Office Key.

Go into the storage S, right around and down into that duct. Follow right into the room that was electrified before and pry the Fuse out of the transformer. Go back up to the storage, take a right and into the opening W, left and place the Fuse in the transformer there, a door opens in Basement 1.

Get out, leave NE and go N to the stairs. Right around up the stairs to the walkway, off the end (SE) end and down to the ground floor. W of the high stack of crates is the door you already opened with the key, leading down to Basement 1, go down again and follow right to the orange doors you opened. Through the doors and up left is a grate, shoot it to get a Medipack.

Stand at the slope, stay on the right and time the first swinging thing when it starts moving to the left. If you do it right the second one will not harm you. Stand very close to the next set and just run through both when the first moves away.

Go into the fenced off area right for some Flares and then head into the ducts on the other side (W), right and through the small door. Pick up the Office Key, Uzi clips from the desk and Shotgun ammo from the cabinet. Out of the door, straight to a switch opening a grate at the top of a shaft where we go up now. Turn around and look up, walk forward and grab up into the shaft (facing the door) and go up to one step below the sloped part. Back flip to a slope behind you and jump gain to grab the ladder above the slope. Go up one step (Lara’s feet just on the ladder) and you’ll see a slope behind you. Back flip roll to that slope and back flip again, then jump and grab the flat surface. Hop up at the grate and it will close as soon as you go through.

The Offices.

We need to get back to the Large Storage, follow the duct straight E, drop down into the tire depot and go out S, left down the ramp to the service area and SE to the Storage. Go left to the big doors NE and open them with the Office key.

Door on NE walkway, switch #2.

We do this first, because it will also provide you with a Medipack: Up the stairs and open the small door, throw the switch to open a grate. Go back out to the Storage, out NW to the Service area and that grate is up right. In the other corner (NE), you can climb the fence, climb up and left as far as you can, drop on a slope and jump to grab the monkey climb, shimmy forward and drop to grab the vertical grate. Go right around into the open grate, shoot the rats. Follow into a dark room and grab a Medipack. Use the switch to open that door on the NE walkway.

Note by the Author: Be sure to have found the Grenade Launcher before. Each floor has 1 challenge room full of enemies where you can't exit from, until you've killed everyone, collecting the key for the next upper floor. Every floor is more difficult.

The fourth room has a group of enemies that is almost impossible to kill with regular ammo, but indeed there is another way to do it: find it!

Go back to the Storage (S), left to the Offices (NE), up the stairs and at the small door go left, open the brown door with the button, go in and grab the Offices Key from the computer table. In the second room, left, a bunch of baddies will appear. Once free of enemies, go back into that back room and the cabinet has a small medipack, the button left of the cabinet will re-open the entrance door.

Office level 1.

Go straight and open the door left with the Office Key, upstairs take a right and the door will close again. Take out the enemies and the passage W has another Offices Key in a crawlspace. Pick up a Medipack SE; flip the switch next to it to re-open the entrance door.

Office level 2.

Go out, straight and left up the stairs to open the next office, open the brown door on the left with the button, inside shoot 4 baddies and check the cabinets for another Offices Key, a Medipack and in the room in the back, up right in the alcove is the switch to re-open the entrance door.

Office level 3.

Get out, left around up the stairs and open the blue door, then the brown door and shoot the baddies, left is a cabinet with a Medipack and next to it is a switch that open both brown doors. But first visit the small door W to get a Super Grenade (wow, one grenade). Back to the office with the cabinet and go left (NE) through the one of the doors you opened.

Control room, Sea Coordinates, Rare Book and Last Expedition Report.

Go straight and left to open the next door, shoot the baddy. Check the cabinet left for a Medipack, go through N and right up the stairs to a small door. Open it and go into an empty office for a change. The second cabinet right has the Sea Coordinates . In the drawer NW is a small medipack. On the desk in the back is a Rare Book (stand on the desk to pick it up); on the other one the Last Expedition Report, the cabinet is empty.

Lower Crane 2.

Leave and down the stairs, go right and left and open the small door. Shoot the crates for Revolver ammo and another Grenade. Use the switch in the corner next to the door and that steel door inside opens up, so go back in and left through the door. Through the crawlspace and push the button to lower Crane 2. When you want to go back through the crawlspace, the cavalry showed up.

Quote The fourth room has a group of enemies that is almost impossible to kill with regular ammo, but indeed there is another way to do it: find it!

You’re on your own, I jumped up and down shooting them…

Go out of the room, right and right again, you’re on the NE walkway.

NE walkway, open a Timed hatch, the Revolver.

Ignore the open brown door on the right for now (you can have a peek inside and spot a closed hatch for later) and open the small door a bit further instead. Use the jump lever in the back to open a grate on the ground floor of the Storage behind the high stack W. Go out of the door and hop down from the walkway onto the grey containers below. Go down the NW corner and pick up a small medipack. Down to the ground floor, behind the high stack W and left of that blue door is the opened grate. Inside is a Timed switch and that will open a hatch in the room behind the open brown door.

My route: roll and run out, jump straight onto the red/white crate, straight down the end and up the next, hop to the red containers and run left around the corner, hop up N twice (wooden crates) and from the highest run jump to the right (E) and a bit right to the red/white crates. Hop left twice over the wooden ones and run jump up left to the red containers, get to the top and run jump to grab the Crane cable. Turn around and up a bit to back flip with roll to the walkway, keeping the forward key down so you immediately start running, sprint through the door, up the stairs and up the ladder in the back left as fast as you can. Open a small door and step out into the cold to find the Revolver in the far back. Make your way back to the walkway.

For the Secret: Hop down to those grey containers again, look up NW and shoot the two dark grates. Get to the floor, up the red containers near the Crane to get back up the walkway we just came from. From the W end, do a banana jump around the corner into the opening where you shot the grates. Open the small door and shoot the ceiling grate to drop Secret #1, a Golden Rose. Hop down to the grey containers.

Get to the floor and leave NW to the service area.

The Torch.

Go left up the ramp to the Main Corridor and left, straight out to the courtyard, hop on the crates on the right (W) and look up left (S) for a grate you can now shoot (was possible with Shotgun earlier). Shoot the little electric box and get a screen of a grate in a duct.

Go back into the Main Corridor, straight and at the big transformer left into the grey passage. Turn around once a bit inside and grab up to the ladder to get into the duct, crawl through, hop up and find the grate you just opened. Careful, don’t fall into the turning fan, run jump and grab over. Climb down in the next one a bit till you see the edge behind you and back flip roll over the pit. Go down into the last pit and drop into the room, shoot the resistance. Find a small medipack in the cabinet, open the door and get out into a storage we’ve visited already, pull (or push) that steel shelf through the door into the room you just came from, leave it under the hole in the ceiling close to the door and climb up E, follow through a crawlspace with rats to where you can stand again, drop down into the shaft. Use the jump lever in the S section of that room (on the left wall) to open a grate* and open the door with the button. Behind the chairs (N) is a small medipack. Go out and right to where that grate opened.

You may have recognized this passage; it is connected with the Main Corridor. In the dark room on the right shoot the crate in front of some Flares and go left around the grate, look through the gap in the NE corner and shoot the wooden crate you can just see there. Get out and now you can push the crate right into the passage to get a Torch from under it.

The Freezer, the Water Control card.

Go N and first right to the Main Corridor and straight right (S) to the Courtyard to ignite it on the burning barrel left. Take it back inside and leave it in the Main Corridor where you can find it again. Go right up the stairs to the Personnel Quarters. First left to the Mess hall and right to the kitchen. Take a right into the storage we’ve been to before and go up into a niche W, turn around and aim up with the Revolver to shoot the electric box in the hole in the ceiling Lara was looking at the whole time.

Leave the storage and the freezer door is now open, right of you. In the right hand meat rack is one piece missing, that’s where you can side flip through and go find the Water Control card.

Water Control.

Go out, straight to the Mess hall and left to the stairs, down to the right to the Main Corridor and grab your Torch, take a right through the open fence (E) down the ramp to the Service area and right to the Large Storage. In the back, (SW), is a yellow tank and right of it is a door you can open with the Water Control card. Go in with the Torch and drop it to shoot the resistance, be sure to remember where you dropped it because you need it later. Check a cabinet for a small medipack and SW into the passage and right are shelves with another small medipack, the crate behind you is hiding Flares.

Freezing your pants off.

Look in the pool with cooling water and shoot the grate SW, hop into the freezing water and swim into that pipe, around some bends and down at the chain into the low pipe ahead. At the next chains straight again and then keep left around corners where you can wade up and grab the ceiling to get out of the water for a bit and get warm. Back down and N, left where you see a grate and again left at the chain, follow through to where you can get out of the water. Flip the switch to open a door** to the fueling station. Back in the water and right, through the chain and keep right to get back up to the part where you can warm up. Back in the water, right and straight through all the chains to the pool up left and climb out.

Leave the room E (you can leave the Torch here) and right just past the yellow tank into that other blue door (X) you opened wayyy back in the Locker room. Go up the stairs, shoot man and his dog and go left, shoot another bloke and grab the Uzi clips. Open the door with the switch and go through to the room we saw during the cold swim. First go right (N) through the opened door** and straight to a new area with pipes, where the Fuel and Water Control Center of the Base is. To destroy the Base we can connect the Fuel line to the Water supply by moving those pipes around, re-connecting them.

Go back to the passage where you came in and throw both switches in the alcoves in the passage, left Fuel and right Water.

Move the whole back row (3 pieces) of Water pipes left into the adjoining room; the first corner pipe can be placed in the alcove in the N wall.
Then pull/push the corner pipe of the Fuel line into the back room too (pull N once and push it W).

Pull the first straight pipe of the Water line twice W so it is in line with the Fuel pipe, push the second straight Water straight across. The third straight Water one to the N wall and twice to the W and complete the connection to the ‘Water to Building’ with it.

Back into the passage S and right to open the Fuel line again by flipping the switch. Go out, left/left/right to the Storage, loop left around into the room with the cold-water pool and find it filled with Fuel now. Get the Torch and stand in the corner where the fence around the pool is missing and throw the Torch into the fuel. BIG explosion, destroyed the Base, mission accomplished… But now we need to get out... First take a medipack if you have any left.

Turn around and slide down the passage, go left and crawl through, straight through the large room and climb up right in the dead end N passage.

Crawl through and right is that Large Storage, things still explode there… but we go left down the slope and follow through to the area below the service area. The fence left is broken now and you can now take that Bike (on the right) there. Go slow through the fence and wait when you see rubble fall. Then go to the Bike, open the small door left to get a Medipack from the broken cabinet. Take the Bike through the fence (S) and right, up the sloped corridor we came from and keep going left to come to the Large Storage…

From here we can go for the Secret Detour. Leave the Bike here, go climb the high stack W to get to the NW walkway. Pull up as far right as you can because of the flames, go to the right (N) a bit and hang out at the next opening in the fence, shimmy right along the edge to pull up after passing the pillar. Go through the doors and down the staircases, straight to the Main Corridor (or what’s left of it). Left through to the yard and don’t shoot that guy you saw before, but lure him to the door with the camera (NW), the door will open, now you can shoot him. Shoot the crate inside and get Secret #2, another Golden Rose. Make your way back, up the staircase and second right through the door to the walkway, shimmy left and pull up at the left corner of the burning tile, go left and hop over the flame tile onto the high stack. Make you way down and go find your Bike (NW).

Ride it left (N) to the Service Area and into the opening N, straight through and up the ramp. Follow through, knocking down a baddy and at a ramp down, stop and check that cabinet for a Medipack, you might need to duck to get it..

Now down the stairs, save there after getting your health up. Ride into the next room and go fast and sharp right around the corner up a ramp keeping the speed high, you’ll probably catch fire, go straight through the windows jumping a courtyard into an opening with glass shards. The flames will be gone, take a medipack. Follow the corridor running over 3 guys and after going around the second left, take a right through the doors and inside right again, turn left and go straight through the grates at the left side so you’ll run over the containers, then keep up right through some more grates and you’ll be outside, go to the open Gate….

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