CaC 2019: Abandoned Cathedral

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CaC 2019: Abandoned Cathedral

Post by Phil » 18 Nov 2019 01:17

Create a Classic 2019: ABANDONED CATHEDRAL

Level by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

After the initial cut scene showing an assassin darting furtively along the cathedral passages, slide down into what looks like the cathedral's basement. Shoot two bats and look for revolver ammo in the SW alcove. Grab the small medipack in front of the closed E door and jump into the SE corner to land on a breaktile that brings you down to a suspended platform inside the cathedral.

Run off SE onto a lower suspended platform and jump to the ledge in the middle of the E wall. Push the button to open a door on the other side of the room, jump back to the previous platform and hop to the W ledge. Run jump to the opened door and pull down the wall switch at the end of the passage. You hear a door opening. Go into the breaktile passage (spikes below) you just passed and follow down the ramp to a ledge overlooking the cathedral. Shoot a bat, safety drop to the floor, run around a bit to alert one or two more bats, then safety drop to the lowest level of the cathedral. Another bat may show up.

Locate and pull the wall switch in the SW corner to open the NE door. Go there and follow the passage to a slope. Slide down and follow to a lava trench. Monkey swing over the lava, timing two flame blowers, and drop down into the water at the other end. Swim along the passage and pull out at the end. Go right and push the button to open a door in the cathedral, then go the other way and climb the ladder to an upper passage leading back to the cathedral.

Shoot the waiting ninja and climb the ledge in the SW corner. Jump to grab the E ladder and climb up to a patio with stained glass windows and a closed door requiring a key. Run jump NW to a ledge you encountered earlier, run around the perimeter (jumping the gap at the NW corner and pausing for flares) to the opened NE door you saw in the cut scene. Follow to a library and shoot two ninjas waiting for you near the entrance, one at floor level and the other up on a bookshelf.

In the NW corner is a small crate containing a small medipack. Turn around and go straight a short distance to find a book switch (cut scene of a closed door). Loop around right from there until you reach a second book switch (same cut scene). From here go straight S to a bookshelf, take the left fork and continue around until you reach a third book switch that opens that door.

Go back to where you took that left fork and turn right. Take the next right and continue around to a block that allows you to access the tops of the bookshelves. Find the opened doorway near the SW corner and enter. You'll come to a room with slowly swinging blades. Get past them and turn right into a room with the ARSENAL KEY. When you pick it up you're attacked by, I suspect, the same assassin you saw in the opening cut scene. He drops a small medipack. Go back the way you came and shoot a ninja who drops flares. When you reach the tops of the bookshelves, drop down near the W wall so you can exit the library quickly.

Back on the ledges surrounding the cathedral, go around clockwise (a fence prevents you from going the shorter way) to the patio with the stained glass windows. Use the Arsenal Key to open the E door and go on through to a deep room with many ledges. Jump across to a suspended block in the NE corner for flares. Turn around and jump slightly SW to grab a crack in the stone structure. Shimmy right and pull up in front of a wall switch that lifts a nearby platform. Jump back to the NE corner block and take a running jump to grab the W ledge. Pull up, run forward and safety drop to the ledge below. Drop further from the E end of this ledge (note the climbing surface here) and jump SE to the raised platform.

Continue with a stand jump S to grab the crack and shimmy left until you can pull up in front of a wall switch that lifts another platform to complete a monkey swing passage. Turn around and jump W with a right curve onto a slope. Slide, grab and drop down to the floor. Note the pushblock in the SE corner and go to the NE alcove. Push the button there to open a bookcase door. Go to that pushblock and move it N toward the central structure. Get up onto the block and jump N to grab the crack. Shimmy left and pull up on the other side (or crawl through). Pull down the wall switch to lower a trap door beside you and pick up the nearby small medipack.

Climb the ladder past the opened trap door, shift left and drop down onto the upper ledge, jump N onto the facing ledge and go around to find the climbing surface mentioned earlier. Climb up to the next higher ledge (facing the entrace to this area as you pull up) and jump back to that NE corner block. Turn and jump to the W ledge, go to the far end and jump up to grab the sticky ceiling. Monkey swing S past the raised platform and drop down on the far ledge. Climb the ladder to the next higher level.

Go N along the ledge for shotgun ammo and hop up into the passage ahead to pull down the wall switch at the far end to open a door. Go back, jump to the roof of the central structure and from there to the NE corner. Save your game in front of the timed button and push it to open a bookcase door below. Turn around and jump down W to the ledge below. Drop down two more levels as you did earlier and run off the N edge with grab to land inside the timed doorway for SECRET #1.

Shoot the crates for 3 x shotgun ammo, the SHOTGUN, flares and a small medipack. If the timed door didn't re-open upon entry, use the wall switch twice to get back out. Exit and jump S to the ledge. Climb back up two more levels and exit this room W. Back in the main cathedral, run counterclockwise along the outer ledge until you reach the opened NE doorway. Follow the N passage to the library, make your way basically straight E to the far wall and find another opened door leading to SECRET #2. Enter and watch out for hidden floor traps (indicated by the black ceiling tiles) with blades that trigger but one time each. Go to the raised tile for 3 x shotgun ammo and a spare SHOTGUN.

Exit this room and the library, and return to the main cathedral. Follow the outer ledge clockwise back to the patio with the stained glass windows, continue past the door you opened with the Arsenal Key to the deep room with ledges. Drop down the ledges to the floor and find the opened SW doorway. Follow the passage to a partially flooded room. Search the water area for 2 x shotgun ammo. The two shelves against the S wall can be moved. Pull the one on the left once and push it two times W onto a marked tile. Move the one on the right all the way to the far NE corner onto another marked tile. The grate lifts in the SW corner. Crawl under it and turn left at the crossing. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing N over the flame pit.

Drop down and proceed to a room with a shallow pool containing a small medipack. Pull out E and save your game in front of the wall button for a timed sequence. Push the button to raise a platform behind you. Roll and run clockwise around the pool past the raised platform. Push the S button, hop back twice, step back once and jump up to grab the raised platform. Pull up, reverse roll and take a running jump to the block in the NW corner. Turn left and jump to the next block. Push the button, turn right and jump back the way you came to grab the S ledge. Pull up, turn right and stand jump up to the raised platform. Push the button there to raise a platform to your right (side step right while it rises). Turn right, jump up to grab the platform and pull up while turning right. Jump N to the next platform, push the button there to raise another platform to your right (side step right while it rises). Jump up to grab it, pull up turning right and jump to the next platform. Line up for a running jump SW into the passage before the door closes.

Push the button inside twice to open the door again. Go around to a room with a floor lever. Push it to open a door in the cathedral. Exit and deal with the stealthy assassin waiting around the corner. Enter the NW crawl space and push the button at the end to lift the grate in the shallow pool room. Return to the timed doorway, jump down into the pool and pull out to deal with the waiting ninja who drops shotgun ammo. Enter the W crawl space where the grate lifted and follow until you reach the REVOLVER and revolver ammo for SECRET #3. Crawl back and exit the pool room S. Monkey swing over the flame pit and crawl to the partially flooded room as debris falls from the ceiling.

Run across the water and exit N to the deep room with many ledges. Use the pushblock to climb the ledges and work your way up to the NE corner block as you've done already. Jump to the W ledge, monkey swing across the room, climb the ladder and jump to the opened E doorway. Run up the ramp to a library and shoot a dog. There are two nearby chests; one is empty, the other contains a large medipack. Go up the S ramp, shoot the assassin waiting at the top and take the first left. Continue up and take the first left again. Push the floor lever and loop around left into the opened doorway.

Continue to an outdoor area and shoot two ninjas. One of the crates hides a small medipack, another hides shotgun ammo. Push the NE button and an assassin appears. Exit S down the ramp, and continue all the way back to the library (but remember there's still a closed door up here) and on through the N opening. Slide down to a new area where corkscrews are descending from the ceiling and save your game here for an extended jump sequence. Jump the ledges NE over the deadly water and pull down the wall switch. Jump back the way you came, to the entrance ledge, then jump the ledges to the W wall switch. Pull it down as well, reverse roll and jump two ledges N to the third wall switch. Pull it down, reverse roll, jump to the E ledge and from there to the opened NE doorway.

Go up the ramp as the door closes behind you. Deal with the demigod in the next room, note the closed E door and go down the left (S) passage. You come to a room with three closed doors and a bay of three wall switches. From left to right, pull down #2 and #3 to open the door to your left (W). Go there, side flip past the giant cigar cutter and continue up to the ramp to an obvious boulder trap. Hop backwards up the ramp until the boulder (actually, a spike ball in this case) is triggered, run back down and left as the spike ball passes by.

Go up the ramp and pull down the wall switch at the top. Return to the room with the wall switches, shoot the assassin and see that the E door is now open. Go there as a blade trap springs harmlessly from the ceiling as you pass by. When you reach the wall, three flame blowers are triggered in the passage to your left. Time your way past them and pull down the wall switch to open the last door in the previous room. Return to find another waiting assassin. Enter the S passage for the VIBORA STONE as more corkscrews start descending.

Return to the previous room to find a ninja waiting for you. Exit N to the hub room and look for shotgun ammo next to the NW candle. Continue N to find a water hole in the floor. Jump in and swim along the passage to a larger underwater room. Swim up at the entrance, turn around and pull the underwater lever to open the S door. Go there past another closed door to your left (opened with an underwater lever on the SE column in this room, so do that now) and continue to an enclosed maze area. Turn left and loop around right to find an underwater lever. Pull it, flip turn and loop around right into the E passage. Take the second right and swim down through the opened trap door to a lower passage. Follow to a dead end with a timed underwater lever on your right.

There's an air hole here, so fill your lungs and then pull the underwater lever to open another door. Swim back and up to the previous room, then exit N to the previous room and swim through the W opening and follow the passage to a room with the timed door on your left. Enter for the VIBORA FLOWER and swim straight up for air. Exit W and follow the passage to an underwater lever that opens the door around the corner ahead. Follow through the E passage (pausing for air if necessary) and turn right in the pillar room to exit N back to the cathedral.

Pull out of the water hole and run S to the next room. Turn right and place your artifacts in the snake head receptacles to open the door between them. Go E up the ramp to a room guarded by two dogs. Pull up onto the central block for the CRYSTAL HAND. When you pick it up the NE door opens in the bookshelf. Go up the ramp to an apparent dead end. Shoot the NW grate, pull inside and crawl up to a flame blower. Time your way past it and continue crawling to a hole. Drop down inside and pull up E into the passage.

Follow to a fire pit, jump over it and continue to alert a bat. Turn right into the S opening, jump over the fire pit and push the button at the end. Go back, turn right at the N wall and find the opened grate. Pull up inside and crawl to a grate on your right. Shoot it and drop down to a room with many empty chests. Exit SW and follow the passage to the exit trigger.

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