North Pole Adventure - The Arctic

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North Pole Adventure - The Arctic

Post by Phil » 09 Oct 2019 22:37


Level by levyhgb

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Lara begins by sliding backwards down a long slope. Grab the edge at the bottom and shimmy left past the machine and sloped block before releasing. Loop around left and get on the raised slab behind the machine. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the ceiling bars. Turn around and monkey swing away from the machine and drop down into a passage. Shoot the charging wolf and pick up the small medipack.

Go to the opening and slide backwards down the slope. Grab at the bottom, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the crack in the ice. Shimmy right as necessary to pull up into a dark crawl space. Turn right and crawl a short distance to stand in front of a button. Push it to raise a platform elsewhere. Turn to your right, jump back to the slope and safety drop to the ice floor. Shoot the thug who was waiting for you down below. Go between the two white columns and engage two wolves.

Continue forward down to the opening with drill bits. Simply crawl underneath them and follow the passage to a pool where you raised the platform. Jump into the icy water and swim left to find an underwater lever on the side of a block nearest the wall. A trick you can use is to save just before the freeze bar runs completely out. Upon reload your freeze bar is full once more. Some might call this cheating, but most of us would recognize it simply as another tool afforded by the game engine. Pull the lever (opens a door at the top of the stairs high above) and use the nearby raised platform to get out. If you like, you can jump back into the water and find the "deep end" along the right side of the pool. There's a small opening at the floor where you'll find a large medipack.

Pull out on the platform again and follow the ice ledge clockwise around the pool, getting over two blocks at the far wall, until you reach another large medipack. Turn back and pull up onto the second block, jump around the corner to a third block and take a running jump to a ledge over the entrance. Pull up onto the block on your right and take a running jump down to a lower ledge with a small medipack. Safety drop to the ground and make your way clockwise around the pool again to that block on the ledge over the entrance.

Take a running jump to grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing over the lake toward the opening in the far wall and drop down inside. Climb the ladder up to a new room. Shoot two thugs and crawl underneath the drill bit to push a wall button that opens the mesh door you saw when you pulled up. Enter and go right up the steps past the door you opened with the underwater lever. If you go left instead, you'll find yourself back in the opening room. Engage a wolf in the room above. Climb the corner blocks where the wolf came from to find a large medipack at the end.

Face the entrance and back flip onto the slope. Slide and grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge across the gap. Pull up, run forward and pull down the wall switch. If the machine in the cut scene doesn't pause with its arm in the up position, pull the switch up and down until it does. Monkey swing back over the gap, turn right and drop to grab the gray block. Pull up onto the block, step forward and hop around the corner onto the next block. Jump across the gap to a third block and pick up the uzi ammo. Jump back across the gap, get down and exit this room.

Run down the steps to the lower door that opens upon your approach. Go underneath the machine's dormant arm and pull down the exposed wall switch. The door in the far wall opens, so go there and hop down. Slide down to a ledge and hang from the other side. Shimmy left until you can pull up into a crawl space. Crawl left until you can stand up. Walk forward to engage a wolf. Continue forward and slide down to a watery area with a docked vessel.

Go around left and climb the block at the water's edge. Slide down the other side and continue clockwise around the water until you reach a ladder. Climb up near the top and back flip into an alcove. Pick up the uzi ammo, jump back to the ladder and climb back down. Retrace your steps around the water until you reach a corner passage where two wolves are lurking. Follow into a new underground area and shoot a thug. Go behind the central structure opposite the cavern with the green ceiling and pick up the small medipack in the dark.

Continue downhill into a lower corner area where you'll meet a flamethrower. Shoot him before he has a chance to activate his weapon. Climb into a triangular crawl space near the entrance to find a large medipack. Get back down and exit this area. Turn left toward the cavern with the green roof and draw out another thug. The cavern area is for later, so return to what I'll call the main room. Locate the upper opening opposite the side where you found the uzi ammo and take a running jump to grab the edge. Pull up and go up the ice ramp. Pull up right and walk forward to alert a wolf.

Enter the ice alcove and stand left to pull up to a higher ledge. Walk forward, hop up and pull up still higher for a panoramic view of the watery area below. Slide down backwards and drop onto a balcony next to a wall switch. Pull it to open a gate near the ship, turn to your left and run off the balcony through the gap in the fence to land on ledge. Run to the other end of the ledge and jump to the ice block jutting from the wall. Go down one block, stand right and runjump over the gap to grab the next block at a flat area next to the wall. Pull up and hop up a bit to your left. Runjump to the slope to the right of the artifact you can see in the distance, jump off without sliding, curve a bit right and land near the large medipack for SECRET #1. While you're here, grab the nearby goodies clustered in a pile (shotgun ammo and uzi ammo, and maybe something else as well).

Safety drop into the ice-cold water and pull up to your right, near the gate you opened with the wall switch. Go on through, and if you want another minor pickup, drop into the water just past the gate and swim to the bottom to find a small medipack in the recess. Return to where you pulled out previously, turn right and go back the way you came (you'll return here later), proceed clockwise around the water and slide down the slope once again. Run forward and turn left into the passage where you killed two wolves.

Continue to the open area and jump once more to that opening on your right, opposite from the dark area where you found the uzi ammo earlier. Go up the ramp but pull up left this time. Hop down into a dark area, turn right and climb up onto the block to pull down a wall switch to open a door just below. Just before going through, climb up right for a large medipack.

Slide down into the cavern with the green roof near the body of the thug you killed earlier. Pull up onto the raised platform and monkey swing perpendicular to the green ceiling to drop down into a dark alcove for SECRET #2 and a small medipack. Get back down, run along the right side of the green ceiling and turn left into the dark alcove at the wall for uzi ammo. Get back onto the raised platform and monkey swing along the green ceiling to the end. Drop down into the darkness and turn left. Pull up into the passage and pick up the UZIS at your feet (along with a generous supply of ammo).

Go up the ramp and slide down onto a ledge. Pull down the nearby wall switch to open a gate below, hop down and enter for the CROWBAR. Exit this area (where you shot the flamethrower earlier) to the cavern with the central structure, turn right and continue through the passage past the dead wolves to the outdoor area with the docked vessel. Turn right in front of the ship and swim across to the other side. Pull out, turn left and go through the opened gate. Continue alongside the ship until you reach an opening on your right. Enter to find a wooden hut protected by two wolves and a thug.

Before proceeding further, exit and continue in the same direction along the ship, shimmy or jump past the obstruction and come to another wooden structure. Pick up the SHOTGUN resting on the adjacent ice block and return to the wooden hut. Open the door with the crowbar (be sure to pick it back up before entering) and shoot two thugs inside. One of them drops a small medipack. Push the button next to the corner cabinets to open a door to your left. Go there and find the HUT KEY on the dark ledge.

Back in the main room, go up the steps against the far wall and meet another thug. As you continue up the steps the camera angle changes. In the next room above two more thugs are waiting at the top of the ramp. Note the closed door but don't open it yet. Go up the ramp and loop around right to take a running jump to grab the rafter. Pull up to find two wall switches on opposite sides of the room. Pull both down, but ignore for the moment the ladder you can see against the other wall. Take a long running jump back to the gray floor and go down the ramp.

Loop around left down the steps and enter the opened gate (which closes behind you). Try to target the flamethrower before the thug so you can kill him first. Pick up the flares dropped by the thug and pull down the wall switch you'll find around the corner. The exit gate is open once again, so return to the main room, go back up the steps and up the ramp and jump to the rafters again. Go to the ladder you ignored earlier and climb up to an outdoor area. Step out onto the roof of the wooden structure and try to target the flamethrower walking around down below so you won't have to deal with him later.

Now it's time to visit that ship. From the ice block in front of the entrance take a long running jump down to the top of the ice steps. Pull up higher, walk forward and go around right to hop to the ice ledge jutting out toward the ship. Jump from there to the ship's deck near the bow and engage a thug. Hop down to where he came from and push a button. Go along either side of the ship toward the other end and engage two more thugs in the next area. Continue toward the stern to find a flamethrower and another button to push. A trap door lowers, so go back amidships where you met the two thugs to find it.

Descend into the ship and go down the steps. Ignore for now the valve ahead and loop around left into an area with two flamethrowers. One is behind a fence and leaves you alone for now. The other drops the PLATFORM CONTROL KEY when he dies. Pull down the wall switch to open a door somewhere. Enter the passage to your right and make your way carefully past the teeth doors. Pull down the wall switch to lower another trap door somewhere and return to the previous room. Run forward and insert the Platform Control Key in the receptacle (cut scene of an outdoor area).

Return to the valve you ignored earlier and turn it to open the door to your right. Enter and hop down to find the lowered trap door. Jump into the icy water and locate the nearby underwater lever to your right. Pull it and return. Exit and climb the ladder back to the ship's deck. Go to the bow where you first came aboard and find the open hatch in the floor. Go on down, shoot the thug and go around the corner to shoot that second flamethrower in the back. There's another thug lurking back there, so take care of him as well before pulling down two wall switches. One of them raises a large platform over the water, the other opens a trap door near the hatch. Go there and drop down into the water.

Quickly pull out into the passage and run forward to activate a series of teeth doors. Get past the first two and turn left to pull down a wall switch that opens a gate somewhere. Get past the remaining teeth doors and pick up the large medipack. Go around the flaming container and pull down the wall switch. Hop back three times, jump up to grab the ladder in the ceiling hole and climb up to a familiar lower deck. Loop around right past the opened gate and pull down the wall switch (cut scene of a gate lifting near an outdoor machine).

Reverse roll, loop around left and hop over the shaft into the passage. Climb the ladder and slide down to the outside deck amidships. Go to the stern and take a long running jump into the water. Swim to the far left corner and pull out near the opened gate. Turn left and run to the opening that leads to the wooden hut you've already visited. Enter once more and go up the steps in the wall to your left. Open the crowbar door you ignored earlier (don't forget to pick up the crowbar again) and slide down to a lower area.

Go up the ramp to your right, turn left into the opening and crawl underneath the drill bit. Pick up the second HUT KEY, go back down the ramp and safety drop onto a slope. Slide down to a lower area and prepare to do battle with four thugs. Two of them drop uzi ammo, a third drops a small medipack. Find a timed wall switch on a block in the central alley and pull it down to release a wolf and a flamethrower. After they're dead, pull the switch again and run through the timed gate before it closes.

Find the timed button on the metal support on your right and push it to raise a nearby platform. Hop back, turn slightly right, hop onto the platform and runjump toward the ice slope. Grab and shimmy left until you can pull up onto a flat surface. Turn around, stand right, back up as far as you can, turn slightly left, side flip left and immediately jump to grab the ladder. Climb up and shoot the thug and wolf that are waiting for you. The structures ahead are climbable. You could go up either side, but it's easier to climb up the right side to find a larger opening at the top. Try to target the thug and wolf you can see down below. The other side of the structure isn't climbable, so jump out right onto the slope and slide down.

Pushing the button next to the fence lowers a raised platform, so leave it alone. You can see gate you opened high up in the ice wall, but you can't reach it from here. Go toward the water and find the large raised platform. Use it to loop around left and climb the ice blocks to the top. Facing the opened gate, jump to grab the slope. Shimmy right as far as you can, pull up, slide and jump to the ice slope. Jump off with a roll and swerve left to land on the flat surface. Now you can take a running jump to grab the opening. Pull up and slide down the other side in front of a wall switch. Pull it down to lift a gate somewhere.

Walk down the passage, slide down into the water and swim forward underneath the ship. Pull up into the opening and go past all four sets of teeth doors. Shoot the thug in the room with the burning container and climb the ladder once more. Turn around, hop into the passage, climb the next ladder, slide down and go toward the stern where it's now snowing. Shoot the thug down below from the starboard side, jump into the water and pull out at the far left corner as before.

Turn left, run past the dead thug and return to the wooden hut. Go up the steps against the far wall yet again and slide down past the opened crowbar door. Deal with the waiting thug (small medipack), safety drop and slide to the floor below. In the next room, use the timed switch again to get out the back gate, use the timed button again to get up to where you can jump to the ladder, continue as before to the outdoor area, but this time go away from the docked vessel to find a new watery area.

Get down to the ice ledges and jump to grab the raised platform (which would have been lowered had you pushed the button I suggested earlier you should leave alone). Pull up and run all the way to the far wall. Turn left and continue to a gate that you lifted earlier. Slide down backwards, grab the edge, shimmy left, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the edge on the other side. Pull up and find a wall switch (cut scene of the previous ledge area). Go through the passage ahead to the far wall, pull up right in the corner and shoot the wolf and flamethrower down in the room below.

Hop down, avoid the flaming barrels and pick up the third HUT KEY dropped by the flamethrower. Push the button in the corner to open the trap door behind you and drop down to slide to the water below. Swim right and pull out next to the wooden hut. Run forward into the passage and follow around to a room. Go around the central structure to find uzi ammo. Climb up the central structure, jump into the hole and swim along the passage, go up the shaft at the end and pull out. Shoot the two waiting wolves and a thug. If they push you down the slope you'll have to swim back and then deal with a flamethrower in the left back room.

Pull down the wall switch there, go around to the right back room and climb up onto the entrance ledge for shotgun ammo. Hop onto the mine cart tracks, run down them a bit to alert a thug, then jump over to where he was to find a wall button. Push it to open a nearby gate. Jump to the mine cart tracks and shoot the flamethrower inside. Before going there, jump across to the other side and go left around the corner for flares. Follow the mine cart tracks past the dead flamethrower and back to the familiar cavern with the green ceiling.

Continue as before straight across to the outdoor area, turn right, jump into the water and swim across to pull out in the corner. Turn left, go past the opened gate and return to the wooden hut. You know the drill. Up the stairs in the far wall, through the crowbar door to the room below, safety drop and slide, use the timed switch and timed button, up the ladder and climbing surface to get back outside, and finally loop around to jump back to the watery ledge area.

This time take the first left past the closed gate and come to a gate that lifts upon your approach. Shot the wolf and flamethrower on the other side, then monkey swing across. Loop around left and save your game before attempting the runjump across the gap to grab the ledge (if you miss you're dead, no, frozen meat). Pull up and run down the passage until you get to a wall switch (screen shot of the ledge area). Continue down the passage and drop down in front of the fourth HUT KEY and another wall switch. Pull it down to open the gate behind you.

Exit, turn left and go to the wall. Turn left again and hop the ledges to the opened gate. Slide down backwards, grab, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the opposite edge. Pull up and go through the passage ahead, pull up in the left corner, hop down into the next room and through the open trap door, swim right and pull out. Run through the passage, hop down into the water hole in the central structure and swim until you can pull out. Pull up higher left and pull up onto the mine cart tracks, turn left and run toward the closed door.

Pull up through a ceiling hole and find four keyholes. Insert a Hut Key in each one to open the door below. Drop down into the tracks, go back to the other end and mount the mine cart. Sit back and enjoy the long trip to the open door as the level ends.

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