A Weird Place

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A Weird Place

Post by Phil » 05 Sep 2019 22:51


Level by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Slide down into a valley. Draw your pistols and wait for two scorpions to approach. Head SE through the passage into another section of the valley and shoot two more scorpions. Ignore for now the crawl space in the S wall ahead and go E past the tree toward another passage and shoot a crocodile. Follow the E passage around to a village and shoot three ninjas who step forth to challenge you. One of them drops uzi ammo, another drops a small medipack.

Enter the NW hut to find a button that lifts two platforms elsewhere. Another ninja is alerted outside. The next hut E has nothing inside but a dormant skeleton. The hut in the NE corner is completely empty. Note the ladder in the tree next to the NW hut (currently blocked by a trap door). The small hut E of the tree is empty. The next hut SW has a campfire and another dormant skeleton. The hut in the far SW corner has flares and shotgun ammo, the next hut E near the entrance has flares.

Go to the empty NE hut, turn left near the entrance and find a wall you can climb to the upper level. Do so and turn right into the hut to startle a crocodile. Turn the wheel inside to lower the trap door mentioned earlier. Go to the tree with the ladder and climb up into the tall hut. Shift right and drop down, pull up into the E window and step out onto the bamboo walkway.

Follow the walkway N into the passage and turn right at the wall. Continue to a room with a wheel to turn in the NW corner. A door opens back in the village. Return to the passage and continue E to find a row of burner tiles. Jump to grab the first of two platforms you raised earlier, pull up and hop to the second platform, then jump forward to clear the burner tiles.

Continue to a series of barricaded alcoves. Run past all the alcoves and push the button in the E wall. All four alcoves become accessible, allowing you to push another button inside, but all are fire traps except the second one (counting from left to right). The door in the NW corner opens, so go there and follow the winding path to an open area. Note the suspended bounders and save your game. Run N down near the right side of the ramp to trigger the boulders, and as you near the spike trench swerve further right and jump to safety.

Walk W slowly, and when the moving blades are triggered (one time only) simply jump over them. Push the wall button in the next room to lower an underwater trap door, then retrace your steps to the village, dealing with another ninja along the way. Get back to the tree with the ladder, jump to it and climb down to the jungle floor, then make your way SE toward the entrance and run along the right side of the hut there to find the door you opened earlier.

Shoot a scorpion and push the button in the E wall to open a door somewhere. Go N toward the waterfall, jump into the water and into the NW hole past the lowered trap door and swim along the passage until you reach a crossing. Swim straight forward N through the weeds and continue to a room with a central column. Pull the underwater lever on the back side of that column, grab the shotgun ammo in the nearby NE alcove if you have time and return S through the weeds. Take an immediate right and swim E until you reach a shaft leading up to a closed trap door. Swim E into the partially obscured opening just beneath the trap door and follow until you can pull out into an upper room that abuts a deep abyss.

Hop N onto the column and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing N to the first ledge (don't go too far, drop at the lowest point). Hop to the ledge with the closed door, turn left and hop into the alcove to find a button that opens some other nearby door. Jump back to the smaller first ledge, grab the ceiling and follow the tracks a bit S and then E around the column. Drop down onto the ledge near a lowered trap door.

Stand jump E to grab the crawl space, but don't pull in. Instead, shimmy left around two corners and pull up into the opening at the end. Turn around and jump SE onto the column, then jump with grab into the opened S doorway. Loop around left, save before pushing the timed button. The trap door you saw is raised for a short time, so quickly hop back onto the column, take a running jump N to grab the opening, pull up and turn right to slide down in front of the crawl space you bypassed earlier. Crawl forward onto the raised trap door, stand up and jump forward onto the corner ledge. You might want to save in a different slot here.

Don't dawdle, as the timer is still on. Jump up to grab the ceiling, monkey swing W and drop down onto the small ledge, hop N onto the larger ledge and run to your right into the timed doorway. Take the BLUE GEM from the plinth and exit this room. Hop to the S ledge and monkey swing all the way back to the S column. Drop down and hop to the small room with the water hole.

Jump in, swim down the shaft and follow the passage to the next shaft. Swim down and past the bamboo door, turn left and through the weeds, left again at the wall, right at the E wall and right at the N wall into the alcove where you may have found the shotgun ammo earlier. Swim up through the weeds and into the E alcove to find an underwater lever. Pull it and swim back the way you came as described above, past the bamboo door and up the shaft to surface just beyond the opened trap door.

Pull out, go to the N opening, face E and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing over the spike pit and drop down on the other side. Take the UZIS from the plinth for SECRET #1 and follow up with a small medipack and 2 x uzi ammo. Monkey swing back, jump into the water, swim down the shaft to the bottom, continue past the bamboo door and keep right this time until you can swim up a shaft past an opened trap door. Pull out into a familiar outdoor area where a ninja is waiting.

The door to the nearby temple requires two gems of a different nature than the one you're now carrying, so return to the village via the SW passage and continue by looping right around the hut into the SE passage that takes you back to the place where you began the level. Remember that crawl space I mentioned in the first paragraph? Go there now (near the SW corner of the beginning area) and crawl inside. When you can stand up, turn left into the dark area and follow the passage to another open area.

Loop around left to trigger open a door and release a crocodile. Enter the cave and push the wall button (not timed). Exit, turn right and hop into the SW opening, continue and hop down to where the door opened. Follow around to an open area. Place the Blue Gem in the receptacle near the NW corner, and the door to your right opens.

Enter and proceed to a lake guarded by a crocodile. Jump into the water, swim near to the NW corner for uzi ammo and continue through the E opening. Take the second left and swim into the S opening to a room with a timed underwater lever (so save before pulling it). Pull it to open a bamboo gate somewhere. Exit, loop around right, go through the opening between two columns and pull out at the SW corner. Now for a quick jumping exercise. Stand jump to the NE block, runjump NW onto the slope, slide and jump to the block. Runjump N and grab the next block, pull up and hop NE to the opening. Turn left and stand jump SE around the corner to the next block, runjump SE to the block against the far wall, turn and runjump to the block in front of the timed gate. Run inside before the gate closes.

Push the button to the left of the lion statue to open a grated door, then go N up the ramp. Follow the passage up to a slope and slide down into the previous lake. Pull out SW as before, exit S and turn right when you pass the opened door. Run straight E to the door you opened by pushing the last button. Enter and find the RED STONE on a plinth in the small room. Exit, go SW to the exit passage and follow a familiar path back to a previous cave. Take the E opening and hop down to a passage with reddish dirt. Follow to the crawl space and follow it back to the jungle area where you began this level.

Kill the waiting ninja and pick up the large medipack he drops. Go through the NW passage once again and continue straight N past the tree into the opened doorway. Follow to a cavern and watch the blade snap open and shut at the skeleton opposite the entrance. Shoot the approaching scorpion and note the closed NE bamboo gate that requires a key. Avoid the blade-trapped square fern patches in this area (like the one the skeleton is lying on). Continue NW through the passage and come to a deep chasm.

Runjump NW to the ledge across the gap, hop back and grab the edge and shimmy right along the crack and around the corner until you can pull up into an opening. Hop up NE and walk up the ramp until you can see the lower edge of the suspended boulder up ahead. Reverse roll to trigger it, then run back down and at the bottom run off right onto the safe ledge. Go back up the ramp into an area with flares, a hole covered by a bamboo trap door, and a scorpion. There are more of those blade-trapped fern squares in this area, so avoid them.

Go through the S opening and follow to a lava room. Look to your right and note the closed door. Ignore the sloped structures and jump clockwise from square ledge to square ledge until you can jump N to a higher passage. Follow around to a scorpion, vault up higher and push the block three times to reveal another pushblock to your right. Push this one against the wall in the next room. Turn right, stand in front of the N opening and jump up and down while firing your pistols to kill the scorpion inside. Pull up into the opening for a small medipack.

Hop down, push the second block into the NE corner, turn and pull the third block E into the room. Go around it into the S passage and loop around left to find a wall button. Push it to lower that trap door you saw earlier. Exit this area and return to the lava room. Jump the square ledges counterclockwise until you reach the W exit. Follow to the lowered trap door, drop down and pick up the SKULL KEY as the trap door lifts back up.

Follow the N passage to the end, ignoring the side passage and running over two breaktiles near the end, and push the button. Hop back over the fire pits and now you can take that S side passage. Vault up two times into the passage with shotgun ammo and the opened door leading to the lava room. Jump the two ledges S and exit the lava room.

Continue to the area with the now-closed trap door, exit W down the ramp to the deep chasm, use the wall crack to shimmy left back to the opening, runjump SE over the chasm and follow the passage to the open area where a ninja is waiting. Use the Skull Key to open the bamboo gate and go up the ornate steps to a room with several alcoves. The jars inside are empty. Go through the N opening and find more alcoves to your left. The third alcove has a wall button to push. Continue E and around the corner at the lion statues.

Shoot the crocodile, then reverse roll and go back the way you came. There's an open door at the SW corner, leading to a room with SECRET #2 and the SHOTGUN, 3 x shotgun ammo and a large medipack. Kill the assassin and return to the lion statues where you shot the crocodile. The jar to the left of the steps (note the closed doors at the top) contains uzi ammo. Take the nearby W passage and follow to a spike pit. Save your game.

Stand at the right edge, run off onto the slope and jump to grab the breaktile. Pull up and runjump around the corner onto a second breaktile, stand jump around the corner onto the third breaktile and runjump while curving left to safety. Walk forward to trigger a hanging spikeball and alert a scorpion. Crawl underneath the spike ball and turn left into the alcove as a second spikeball is triggered. Pull down the wall switch (cut scene of the closed doors at the top of the steps) and crawl underneath the second spikeball. Find the alcove with a second wall switch. Pull it down to open the nearby door.

Return to the room with the steps and go across into the E opening. Note the unusual tile in the NE corner of the next room (a trap door) and enter the SE passage. Turn the corner and crawl until the blade trap passes overhead. Continue to the entrance to the next room and stop. There are six unmarked blade tile traps scattered throughout this room. You can trigger them safely by walking carefully over the corners, but I was able to reach the E wall by triggering only one. Pick up the flares and pull down the E wall switch to lower the trap door in the previous room. Go there, drop down into the lower passage and follow to the next room.

Stop at the entrance and note that the wall switch ahead is spike-protected. I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to this, but walk forward one block from the entrance, turn right and walk along the line separating the blocks until you're one block from the W wall, turn left and walk NE onto the next dark block, turn 45 degrees right and walk alongside the right edge of the L-shaped dark blocks, turn left and walk diagonally across two blocks, turn 45 degrees to the right and walk toward the E wall. The door to your left should open as you approach.

Enter and follow around to a wall switch. Pull it down to deactivate the spikes in the previous room. Go there and pull down the wall switch to open the doors at the top of the steps. Go back there, enter and take the second RED STONE from the plinth. Lights start flashing and a ninja appears in the room with the steps. Go back N past the lion statues and encounter another ninja near the W exit.

Return to the cavern and loop around right into the E passage. Follow to the waterfall area where two more ninjas are waiting. Continue straight forward into the S passage, turn right past the tree and enter the E passage. Follow to the village, loop left around the first hut and go through the E gateway. Approach the temple doors and insert the Red Stones in the snake head receptacles. The doors open, so enter and go around either right or left to end the level.

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