The Vagrant's Villa Mortal 2 Revised

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The Vagrant's Villa Mortal 2 Revised

Post by Phil » 15 Aug 2019 16:31


Level by grinder1

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Slide down and fall into a pool guarded by a crocodile. Swim forward and pull out N onto the ledge. Pull the pushblock once, jump over it for a small medipack and jump back over. Take a long running jump SW with a right curve to land on the ledge just past the obstruction. Find the wall switch that opens the S underwater gate. Jump back into the water, swim past the croc into the opened gateway and follow to an immense room. Swim up for air, locate the pillar to your left, climb up onto it and wait with pistols drawn until the lazily following croc gets within range.

Kill the croc so you can explore this area without being distracted. Jump back into the water and swim down to the floor. Enter the W side room for 2 x shotgun ammo and return for air. Swim back down a short distance to find uzi ammo and a small medipack in the W trench. If you swim straight across to the E side you'll see a short passage near the NE corner with a closed gate at the end.

Pull out onto the pillar from which you shot the croc and walk up to the SW corner. Turn to face W, take one sidestep right and side flip left to land on the higher pillar. Jump two times in rapid succession to land on a flat ledge, then quickly run left into the upper W room so that three bats won't push you off into the water.

After dispatching the bats, head to the N section with the gray floor and shoot two huge rats that squeeze through the gate to your right as you enter. Jump into the water hole in the NW corner, swim down and loop around left at the bottom. Enter the trench for SECRET #1, pick up the SHOTGUN and shotgun ammo, then go back up the way you came.

There's nothing more to do in this area, so return E to the water room and jump NE to the ledge next to the bridge. Get up onto the bridge to attract two bats and jump NE through the opening in the fence. Three more bats attack in the next room which is otherwise empty. Exit via the SE opening and jump to the SE ledge to trigger a brief flyby. Then jump SW and go partway up the steps to find a wall switch on your right. Pull it to open the gate up in the SE corner.

Go there, walk down the ramp and hop down to awaken a gorilla (two others are perched immobile on the nearby ledge). Kill it and go around into the NE passage for uzi ammo. Go up the SE ramp, approach the pair of inert gorillas if you like, and at least one of them suddenly comes to life (you can shoot the other one as it stands there). Or, simply give them a wide berth and continue to the SE corner.

Hop SW onto the lower corner of the sloped block and jump off onto the higher corner block. Jump over to the W block, walk up to the left corner and stand jump slightly NW (careful, spikes below) to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, turn right and hop up to the higher block. Take a running jump followed by a standing jump to the two pillar tops, then take a running jump W to grab a ledge with shotgun ammo and a large medipack. Save your game and take a tricky running jump with grab NE down to the ledge in front of the opening.

Go up the steps into an outdoor courtyard, where two dry and thirsty crocodiles are waiting along with two bats. Note the spikes in the SE corner. Go up the nearby steps to the S wall, turn and stand jump slightly NE to the solid part of the ledge (if you jump straight E you'll fall through the phantom greenery onto the spikes). Shoot two bats and follow the roof line in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the W wall. Pick up the small medipack, the revolver ammo and the shotgun ammo, then safety drop to the floor.

Continue through the E opening and down the steps. Follow to an immense outdoor area where a brief flyby kicks in. Jump down into the water below and find uzi ammo on the SW ledge, shotgun ammo on the SE ledge and a large medipack on the lower S ledge. Ignore the W opening for now, pull out and prepare to do battle with four gorillas. When peace is restored, jump back into the water and swim into that W opening. Follow to a new room and pull out onto the nearest ledge. Shoot the crocodile and jump back into the water. Locate the hole near the NW corner and swim down for SECRET #2. Grab the UZIS, get some air if necessary and locate the shotgun ammo on the ledge at the SE corner.

Swim over to the NE corner and follow the long passage down to an indoor swimming pool with a closed underwater gate. Pull out NW and follow around clockwise until you encounter a lion. Continue to the SE corner and jump up to grab the higher ledge. I found it easiest to face S with my left shoulder against the wall. Pull up, turn around and jump N to grab the next ledge. Pull up and jump to the sloped N roof. Run W past both bridges and hop down at the corner for uzi ammo.

Hop back onto the sloped roof and jump SE onto the nearer bridge. Run to the other end and ignore the inaccessible medipack. Hop S onto the sloped block, turn left and stand jump E to grab the higher block. Pull up and take a running jump NE (no grab) onto the jutting ledge. Jump NW from there down to the ledge and follow the passage around and up the ramp until you reach a wall switch. Pull it down to open a gate elsewhere. Go back the way you came (note the closed gate NE and the spike pit) and jump back to the jutting ledge.

Run down to the SE corner and pull up into the opening. Go up the winding ramp with standing jumps as necessary to clear the slopes, and at the top find an opening that leads out onto a roof overlooking a familiar courtyard. Begin a clockwise circuit by going to the N end of the roof and jumping NE to the ledge. Face E, stand jump onto the breaktile and continue with a running jump to the far roof. Hop down SE for revolver ammo and continue S along the roof line. Grab the small medipack at the SW corner and take a running jump W to land safely in the water.

Pull out and go to the E opening. Look out over a spike gauntlet and save your game. Standing at the edge, jump forward onto the first slope and jump off three times to land safely on a flat block. Hop down into the NE corner for shotgun ammo, then jump S over the slope to the large medipack. Continue around the corner to find a wall switch that opens a gate and releases two gorillas. Return to the juncture of the two slopes and see the safe area between the spikes. Take a running jump NE to land there and stand jump to grab the W ledge.

Pull up and deal with the gorillas. The gate you opened is in the N wall, but there's another closed gate just beyond it for which you need a key. Enter the W portal, go down the steps and around the corner for uzi ammo. Return and jump into the S pool. Swim through the W passage to find that the water level has been lowered in the next room. Pull out onto the ramp, reverse roll and take a running jump onto the higher S block, jump forward onto the next block and continue to the block in the SW corner, turn left and jump forward to grab the ledge at the opened gate. Pull up and make a counterclockwise circuit until you reach the SW opening.

Continue along the passage until you meet two gorillas. Continue to an outdoor pool guarded by two more gorillas. Go through the vine-shrouded W opening and follow to another opening that overlooks a courtyard. Hop down to the lower ledge and shoot two lions from there if they come within range. Look out for the spike trap directly below, jump to the sloped roof and safety drop to the ground.

Go up the winding ramp near the E wall and climb the blocks at the end. Jump in clockwise fashion from column to column until you reach the W wall switch that opens a gate somewhere. Turn around to see that a light has appeared on the giant statue. Hop SE onto the highest column and take a running jump NE toward the light. You should land on an invisible platform. Walk forward into the light and you'll be transported to a slope. Allow Lara to slide down into SECRET #3 and find the REVOLVER on the slab in the dark SW corner. Go to the SE slab for 2 x revolver ammo. Step forward into the light and you'll be transported to the previous column.

Run forward and you'll drop down onto a lower block. Make your way counterclockwise along the column tops and jump E with grab from the last one to glide into the opening below. Follow through the hanging ivy to the outdoor swimming pool, go up the steps and exit SW. Back in the room with the lowered water level, jump into the water and pull out E in front of the opened gate.

Enter and follow the passage to a new area with spikes. Wait for the lion to approach and kill it with a single revolver round. Walk past the spikes and loop around right into the alley for revolver ammo. Reverse roll and find a small medipack on the low ledge. Exit N and kill a gorilla in the next area. Locate the pushblock in the SW corner and pull it back and aside. Enter the revealed alcove for a small medipack. Push the block once more E and use it to get on top of the adjacent taller block.

Take a running jump W to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right until you can drop down onto a ledge. Pull up W into the higher opening and follow around the corner and down some steps to a winding path leading to a temple area guarded by four crocodiles. Pull down the wall switch on the block to the right of the temple steps to open the SE gate to your right. But first, turn to your left and go to the NE corner beside the temple for a large medipack. Then go up the temple steps and find the GATE KEY on the block against the N wall.

Go past the opened SE gate and hop over the spike pit to a hallway you explored earlier. Run W down the ramp and turn left onto the ledge overlooking the vast outdoor area. Take a running jump SE onto the jutting ledge and continue to the SE corner. Pull up onto the ramp and make your way up to the top as you did earlier. Walk out onto the roof, hop down to the lower section and take a running jump into the water below. Pull out and enter the N opening. Use the Gate Key to open the second gate and step forward to trigger a brief flyby. Continue N to end the level.

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