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Tut Revisited FX active - A Time Forgot

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Level by Jeff Sadler

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk

Step forward into the room, watch out for the spike pit and go across toward the SE corner. Climb the blocks against the S wall and ignore the instructional dialog (unless this happens to be the first time you've ever played Tomb Raider). Shoot the vase beyond the SW opening with the deadly flame tile. Walk down the N ledge and pick up shotgun ammo while being fired at by a ninja behind you to your right. Deal with him, then go back to the blocks you climbed and take a running jump to grab the ledge in front of the SE opening.

Pull up onto what looks like an identical deadly flame tile but isn't. Deadly, that is. Jump E into the next room and watch the guide walk by below. Continue E along the tall blocks, shoot the chest in the corner and pick up the SHOTGUN. Drop down to the floor, find shotgun ammo in the SE corner and go across the room to the pole in the dark NE corner. Face the corner, climb the pole nearly to the top and back flip onto a column. Turn around and jump to the ledge with the floor lever. Push it to open the door up in the NW and jump over there from column top to column top, pausing along the way for the CROWBAR and a small medipack.

Ignore the pole and jump W to the column in the outdoor room (low ceiling). Make your way counterclockwise around the column tops and pull up into the S crawl space. Drop down from the other side just beyond that flame tile you saw earlier. Drop down further to the floor, go across to the W wall and pick up the COMPASS to release a spike ball that poses no danger. Shoot the nearby vase to attract a ninja and find that the N door is now open.

Enter the next room and jump to the block in the NW corner. Face S and jump to grab the invisible crack. Shimmy left around two corners and pull up at the third corner. Push the floor lever, hop SE to the column and safety drop to the floor. The NE door is open, so enter and go down the stairs to a door that opens upon your approach. In the next room note the closed door and pull up onto the S block for flares. Ignore the NE passage and go SE down the blocks. Slide down while jumping over a spike pit, shoot a bat and pull up N into a dark area. Push the floor lever and shoot another bat.

Drop down two times into a lower corridor and climb the blocks N and W. You'll encounter another bat along the way, and when you finally reach the upper passage you'll come to the previous room from the other side and find that the NW door is now open. Go on in and around, and at the wall you find a crawl space on your right and a passage on your left. Enter the crawl space for the chimes of SECRET #1 (although it doesn't register as such) and vault up to the plinth to take the AMULET OF HORUS. Get back out and follow the W passage around the corner and over a block until you trigger a spike ball that rolls down from your left.

Shoot the waiting ninja and pick up the shotgun ammo he dropped. Run W up the spike ball ramp, note the cartouche receptacle ahead and climb down the ladder to a fixed camera, a pushpiece and a closed gate. Move the pushpiece into the opposite alcove on the other side of the closed gate and pick up the revealed BA CARTOUCHE. Climb back up the ladder, jump to the receptacle and insert the Ba Cartouche to open the gate below.

Go on through, turn right and take the darker NE passage leading downward (the other passage leads to a closed door). Continue around until you reach a crawl space. Crawl in to find the UZIS at the far end. Return and hop up onto the W ramp. Run up to the top and jump over to the SW block for uzi ammo. Side flip right onto the adjacent ledge for 2 x uzi ammo. Safety drop from the N side of the ledge into some shallow water. The lower passage leads to a closed door, so go E into a little oasis, climb the ladder and push the floor lever. Two ninjas start shooting at you from behind, and each one drops shotgun ammo.

Climb up onto the SE ledge for 2 x uzi ammo. That door at the end of the lower passage is open now, so go there, down the stairs and push the floor lever. Return to the SE ledge, pull up and hop down the other side. Exit S, follow the passage to the end and loop around left to continue E to a crawl space. Follow to the opened door and go on through. In the next room take the small medipack from the plinth and go E to jump into a pool. Swim NW, turn left at the wall and swim through the narrow W opening. Swim forward and pull out through the hole in the ceiling. Grab the shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and 2 x small medipack and jump back into the water.

Swim back through the small opening and continue forward to find a hole in the floor. Swim down and left (S) and left again into the small E opening and up for air. Return down through the small opening, turn right and left through another small opening and around to a large underwater room with nothing but uzi ammo and 2 x shotgun ammo. Return through both small openings, up for air and pull out into a dark room. The vase and chest (the nearby trap door is a dummy) are empty, but the gate near the NE corner opens as you approach it to release a ninja.

Go where he came from, jump into the water, swim N and pull out through the ceiling hole. In the dark room, pull the pushpiece out of the E alcove and the NE door opens to a fixed camera. Two ninjas emerge. Go inside, pull up E into the high crawl space and drop down the other side. Go up the steps against the E and S walls and push floor lever at the top to open a gate in the water. Jump into the water below, swim E through the opening and over the seaweed, follow to a wall and turn right, then left and end up in a pool with vicious fish where you can surface and quickly pull out. Grab the 2 x small medipack, uzi ammo and shotgun ammo in the corners, then save your game for a swim past the school of fish.

Dive in, exit this room and take the first right, follow to the W wall and turn right again, and simply follow to the wall and swim up where you can pull out left near some stairs. Go up the stairs, stand jump forward to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side. A bat approaches before you're halfway across, but there's nothing you can do about that. Turn right at the end and drop down into the passage. Go E, run down the ramp and pick up the flares at the bottom. Another bat appears, or it may be the same one as before. Go back up the ramp, turn around, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the E wall. Release, grab the edge of the opening and pull inside to a fixed camera.

Turn around, jump up to grab the unmarked ladder and climb up into the opening. Safety drop down the other side and follow the long winding passage until you emerge in a room with blocks and columns. Go to the N wall, turn left and climb the block steps to face a large medipack in the corner. Monkey swing (or simply jump) over there and pick it up. Monkey swing back in the other direction and follow the ceiling tracks until you're fired upon by a ninja. Drop down, eliminate him and go through the monkey swing routine once more until you can drop down into the E passage.

Follow past an alcove with an empty chest, continue to a wall and turn left to trigger an earthquake and a level change. Step forward, climb over the block and come to the top of a long slope. Slide down and jump off to your right or left about halfway down (before the spikes below are triggered). Run S through the fog past the hanging column and look up to see a pole suspended from the ceiling. Position yourself beneath the pole so you can jump up and grab it. Climb up a long distance through the darkness and back flip into an upper room. The chest here contains shotgun ammo. Push the floor lever to open a door down below and climb back down the pole.

Run N and take the left (NW) passage past the opened door and onward to a room with a fixed camera. Climb the ladder (marked, this time) just ahead and pull up onto a ledge with another fixed camera angle. Run to the S end of the ledge, turn right and run to the W column, turn left and take a running jump S to grab the ledge. Pull up, grab the nearby shotgun ammo and take a running jump slightly NW to slide down to some action music. Loop around left to push the floor lever, then go up the steps and climb the block to a walkway with a fixed camera. Run to the E end, safety drop to the floor below, locate the hole and drop down further. Drop again S and shoot a ninja who drops shotgun ammo.

Follow into the large room with the fixed camera you entered earlier. Run around a bit to attract the attention of a ninja, who drops more shotgun ammo for you. Find the opened E doorway between the two stone lion statues and follow to a higher passage. Climb up and continue to some steps. Go up the winding staircase, and when you reach the top, turn left and jump up to grab and pull up higher to a fixed camera. Continue up, and when you reach an intersection turn left and slide down into an outdoor area with three jackals. Run to the W wall and climb the ladder between the stone lion statues.

Climb up at the top, shoot the ninja around the corner to your right and claim his shotgun ammo, drop down through the hole in the floor and shoot two bats. Follow the passage over a block, shoot another ninja and continue to a slope where another ninja with shotgun ammo appears. Jump up the slope and follow to a room with a floor lever in the NW corner. Push it and continue E through the opening where two more ninjas are waiting. Both of them drop shotgun ammo. Go down the steps and run forward into the darkness to trigger another level change.

Slide down the ramp and continue through a phantom wall to drop into the beginning room where five ninjas are now waiting. Climb the blocks near the SE corner to find that the gate high up in the S wall is now open. Run into the opening to end the level.

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