Nevada Adventure

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Nevada Adventure

Post by Phil » 11 Jul 2019 21:49


Level by Stormchaser

Walkthrough by José

First Secret

When sliding down the hill, the doors will open and two guards appear; better go inside the building and dispatch them, pick up the flares and the small medipack they drop. To get the first secret go back outside and turn right; look for a dark crawlspace in the corner behind the bushes and pick up the SECRET #1: a small medipack. Go back inside.

Room with the Trucks

Pick up more flares on the wooden crate near the corner and now go through the opening near the corner to the toilets where you'll find shotgun shells and the ACCESS SWIPE CARD. Back to the previous room, climb another wooden crate at the back of a truck to get uzi clips; from here you can spot a couple of shootable grates on the nearby wall, break them with your pistols and take a running jump there.

Second Secret

Climb up the ladder and continue until you eventually find another ladder to climb down and another couple of grates to shoot. For the next secret, light a flare to discover a movable block near the corner, pull it twice, climb it and go through the opening to get the SECRET #2: a small medipack. Anyway, shoot the grates and go into the offices.

The Shotgun

Shoot the guard coming from the next room and pick up the SHOTGUN and uzi clips he was carrying; pull the switch near the corner to open a door in the room with the trucks. Unfortunately the fake doors in this room won't open, so go back to that room the way you came and find the open door in the corner near this fake doors.

The Kitchen

Advance to the kitchen and shoot two guards, they will drop shotgun shells and uzi clips. Climb the kitchen furniture near the corners to get more shotgun shells and uzi clips. You can find here the receptacle to use your card too. Do it so and in the next room try to shoot the guards on the high ledges near the corners from the distance.

Large Room with the Big Wheel

Climb up the small ladder next to the entrance, turn left and jump onto the blocks, drop from the other side and pick up the shotgun shells one of the guards dropped; now jump onto the big slope, slide/grab the edge and shimmy left until you can hoist up, jump to the top of the next block, to the next one and finally to the corner where the second guard is lying. Pick up his shotgun shells, grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left to the grated ledge with the pipe, jump over it and climb the opening in the corner.

The Crowbar

In the next room deal with two guards and two dogs, climb up either ladder and pick up the UZIS next to the dead corpse; now run all around this high ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the dark corner with more uzi clips. From this position look up to see a lower edge on the yellow structure; take a standing jump to grab it, hoist up and take a running jump to the other side to get the CROWBAR. Now go back to the large room with the big wheel the way you came.

The Battery

Again, climb up the ladder next to the entrance and this time use the crowbar to open the door in the corridor. In the small storage room notice that you can move the lighter crates against the wall right from the entrance so you can pull once the high crate in the corner and get the ENGINE STARTER BATTERY. Go back to the previous room and this time jump into the water at the bottom of the pit, dive under the big wheel and surface at the other side; go inside the room with the "keep out" sign to use the battery.

Underwater Business

Go outside and jump into the water; locate the open doors and follow the UW passage, turn left at the first junction and left again at the second one, continue swimming and you'll eventually find a room with a big white block and an air hole in the ceiling.

Third Secret

Detour for a secret: there's an UW opening near the ceiling, in the side of the room opposite the entrance, swim through it and when you find a grate swim up to a dry room you can explore and find the SECRET #3: shotgun shells. Go back to the UW room with the white block the way you came.

Fourth Secret

Now look for an UW opening near the floor, next to the entrance, and continue swimming until you finally surface in a desert area; shoot the vulture and if you want the next secret look for a crawlspace behind the brown bushes next to the water hole and go inside to get the SECRET #4: shotgun shells and uzi clips. Go back outside and look for more brown bushes in a dark corner; as you approach a snake will wake up so shoot it, light a flare and shoot two more snakes in the dark passage; finally slide down a slope and find yourself in another outside area where you'll fight with two vultures and two more snakes. Explore this area to find flares and a small medipack hidden under the bushes.

The Hammer

Now safely drop into the central pit and swim to the next area; carefully walk through the barbed wire and safety drop into the pit alerting two vultures. Go to the dark corner with the bushes and walk (barbed wire) to pick up the HAMMER. Go back up to the top of the pit the way you came but beware of the barbed wire on the last ledge (approach to the wall and use "Ctrl + up arrow"). This time jump onto the top of the rocky ledges to cross the pit, shoot the snake at the other side and slide down the small slope to find a base-area.

The Access Swipe Card

Kill up to three guards and pick up the goodies they drop: uzi clips and a small medipack. Now open one of the doors with the hammer and go inside the toilets to find one more guard who will drop the ACCESS SWIPE CARD when die. Open the other door with this card and enter; pick up the flares near the corner and shoot the grate on the opposite wall, go inside the crawlspace but don't advance too much (deadly fan*; remember it for later), light a flare, turn around and climb up the ladder to the top; advance through the ducts and climb down a second ladder at the end to find a storage room.

The Storage Room

Go to the back of this room, climb the highest crate and shoot the grate on the wall; continue through the next set of ducts to finally drop at the other side of the fence in the same storage room; pick up uzi clips near the outside area. Climb the crate next to the closed door and jump to shoot the next grate, jump there and drop into a small office where you'll shoot another guard, get uzi clips and pull a switch to open the exit door but also stop the fan* next to the first ladder. So go back to the first part of the storage room where you can move the lower lighter crates between the other crates, creating bridges so you can move the high crate under the opening in the ceiling and reach the ducts with the ladders, returning to the start near the crawlspace where the stopped fan is.

Fifth Secret

Now you can continue through the crawlspace and stop at the end before the lower corridor with the moving lasers. If you are interested in the next secret, wait for the lower laser to go to the left and drop, turn left and try to jump over it when it's moving; look for a hole in the ceiling and explore both crawlspaces to get the SECRET #5: shotgun shells. Now make your way to cross the lasers corridor to the other side (not hard, because they are not lethal and you'll only lose some health).

The Quad Room

At the end of the corridor go through the crawlspace to your left and shoot the grate; now you can shoot the next grate or go down the stairs in the dark corner. Better go down the stairs, shoot the dogs and the guards in the next room and go inside the toilets to pick up shotgun shells, uzi clips and a small medipack. Now go back up the stairs and shoot that second grate; from the edge take an angled standing jump to the gap between the dark pillars, pull the switch, slide to the floor and go to the bottom of the stairs to find the open door.

Dangerous Riding with the Quad

Ride the quad and drive it directly to the tall opening in the opposite side of the room and up the ramp; (you can leave the quad here if you want and do the next tasks on foot, but you'll need it later). Carefully drive over the narrow ledges in the next room taking care of not taking shortcuts or you'll be doomed.

[NOTE]: There's a nasty slope in this area; to go up, try to depress the “Ctrl” key BEFORE the quad reaches the top of the slope (it will take you several tries) or it will take a boost leading to your death. [End note]

After the second fire emitter, dismount and look for a small ledge on the pool in the corner to get the SECRET #6: uzi clips. Mount and continue to the exit timing the last fire emitter and in the next large room dismount so you can fight with three guards. Once the calm is restored, explore the whole area to pick up 3 X uzi clips, 2 X small medipack and shotgun shells.

Laser Traps

From the ledge left from the entrance you can take a running jump over the dark pit with the small medipack to grab the edge of a block at the other side, hoist up and grab the monkeyswing to cross to the high ledge where the last guard was, pick up the shotgun shells near the corner, shoot the grate and go inside the ducts. Ignore the crawlspace to your left but take either of the corridors to your right and crawl to avoid the trip wires. In the corridor with the lasers better go to the right when the higher laser goes to the left and jump over the lower laser. Climb the ledge in the right hand side to pick up the flares and jump to the opposite opening. Now time the next lasers so you can jump to the central opening suffering the least damage, pick up the large medipack in the niche and use the monkeyswing to cross to the other side of the pit; shoot the grate and drop down.

Final Fight

Explore this area shooting a bunch of guards and dogs on your way; in a small room there are flares, and a small medipack in the toilets too; in another small room there's a button to press to open a door in the room with the long monkeyswing so make your way to go back there, again avoiding the lasers and traps.

Opening the Exit Doors. The Notebook

Don't ride the quad yet, but enter inside this new room and go always left to eventually find a corner where you can use a slope to jump back and forth grabbing the edge of an opening above in the pink building. Light a flare and turn around, jump back, drop/grab the edge and shimmy left to a flat ledge in the corner; hoist up, turn around and time the fire emitter to take a running jump to the next ledge; time the next fire emitter and take a couple of standing jumps to a higher ledge where you can pick up the NOTEBOOK (camera shot showing double doors opening in the room with the pink building).

Exiting the Level

So make you way to go back to the room with the monkeyswing, ride the quad into the next room and drive up the ramp with the open doors; continue driving straight ahead to finish the level.

July - 11 - 2019

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