Dino Caves

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Dino Caves

Post by Phil » 13 Jun 2019 13:18


Level by Opaque79

Walkthrough by José

The Campfire

In the campfire, pick up the small medipack in the N niche and exit through the nearby opening, shoot the raptor and in the next room use the slope in the S wall to jump back and forth and grab the vines on the rock attached to the ceiling, shimmy right and around the corner and climb to the top to find a switch to open the door below. Go there.

Boulders Room

Enter, shoot a couple of raptors and go left (S) to get shotgun shells next to the dead end. Now look for a nearby opening in the W wall and go inside; in the room with the small lagoon shoot another raptor and exit through the opening in the W wall, shoot the small dinos and continue to find a temple. Enter and save your game at the top of the ramp; run down the slope to trigger a boulder, take a running jump at the end of the ramp and quickly turn right and take another running jump to the next ledge to avoid a second rolling ball; still no safe here so go to the corridor in the right hand side to avoid a third boulder; when it passes jump back to the passage it came from to avoid a fourth boulder.

The Old Key. First Cog

Go to the end of the corridor where that fourth boulder was and jump to pull a jumpswitch (no hints what it triggers); go back and jump into the water to get the OLD KEY on the obvious marked tile; go out of the pool from the E ledge, to the entrance corridor but not outside, turn left and see the open trapdoor in the niche to your left (I think the jumpswitch opened it) and climb to the top of the temple entrance, shoot a raptor and jump to the very top to get the first COG.

The Bridge

Now jump to the E rocky bridge and continue to a high ledge overlooking the room with the small lagoon you've visited time ago. Use the N or S rocky ledges to reach the E opening and find a wooden bridge. For an extra pickup, turn right (S) and jump to the nearby rocks to get shotgun shells; jump back to the first part of the bridge.

First Secret

Detour for a secret: from the first part of the bridge, near the clamping ropes, jump to a flatter part of the N rock with the greenery and continue jumping NW and W until you reach the S side of a second wooden bridge. You can ignore this second bridge, but if you want an extra pickup you can cross it and from the other side turn left and take a running jump to the W rock, shimmy right (slope) and hoist up, pick up the shotgun shells and take a running jump back to the rock with the bridge from the flatter part (grab the edge and shimmy right); cross the bridge to the S side. Anyway continue jumping onto the flatter ledges until you reach the very SW corner of the valley; from here, take a running jump to the N rocky roof of the temple entrance to get the SECRET #1: a large medipack, revolver ammo and the REVOLVER. Go back all the long way E to the first bridge the way you came.

Second Secret

Detour for another secret: from the E side of this first bridge turn left (N) and jump onto the nearby rocks, continue until you find a slope attached to the E wall, jump onto the slope, slide/grab the edge, shimmy left and hoist up when you can to get the SECRET #2: a large medipack. To go back you can take a long running jump to the triangular ledge near the first part of the slope or grab the edge and shimmy right to the very end, hoist up and don't touch any key: Lara will land onto that triangular ledge. Go back to the bridge.

Second Cog

It's time to explore the E opening so enter and shoot a raptor; light a flare and look for a keyhole near the NE corner where you can use the old key, roll and run taking a U turn to find the open door, pull the wall switch to hear the sound of a door opening, go to the SE corner to find it and pick up the SHOTGUN before you enter; inside you'll find the second COG. Go back outside and look for a way to safely drop to ground floor.

Third Cog

Advance N and climb the blocks near the small lagoon to get the shotgun shells you probably saw when trying to reach the second secret. Continue N and through a big arched opening (note the closed door to your right), shoot a couple of raptors and continue to the end where you'll find a small medipack in a sort of nest near the water. Jump into the water and emerge in a dark cave lit by a lonely torch; continue but beware of the falling boulders next to the pit. In the second part of the cave look for a hole near the NE corner and drop to pick up a TORCH. You know what to do now: go back to the first part of the cave to light it and back to the second part to light the three wall torches; the block in the corner lowers and you can get the third COG. Shoot a raptor and go all the way back to the first part of the valley.

The Skull Key

From the big arched opening turn right and advance a bit W to find another opening in the N wall, go through an advance to find the place where you can use the cogs: the block will go down revealing a wall switch; pull it to see a door opening somewhere. Perhaps you already remember where it is: go back outside, advance E and through the big arched opening, near the entrance. Enter and continue to find a cave with a big lake, try to not fall into the water because there's a strong current. At the back of the cave jump into the opening and in the next room pull the switch to open a door you can't see, take a running jump to the ledge over the deadly pool trying to land on the left side and take another running jump without stop to avoid the falling boulder and land onto the block in the corner, jump over the deadly pit and continue to finally get the SKULL KEY. Go all the way back to the main part of the valley the way you came (screenshot of the T-Rex waiting...).

Final Battle

Don't try to kill it by shooting the chest with the shotgun as usual, but try to reach a high place, like the block where the shotgun shells were, near the small lagoon, and shoot it until eventually Lara stops aiming it. In my game the T-Rex lost interest for Lara at that moment and I was directly to the W side of the valley, open the temple door and enter to finish the level.

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