Prison Break / Chemical Factory

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Prison Break / Chemical Factory

Post by Phil » 04 Jun 2019 15:52


Levels by leveldesigner1


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk, and amended by José

A playable house level is provided with the download, but it's largely tutorial in nature and you'll find nothing really new. Therefore, you'll probably want to skip it and I haven't bothered to document the moves here.

Begin in a prison cell. Amazingly, you have your pistols, so draw them, back flip into the window sill and shoot the guard who comes in to check up on you. Pick up the K1 CARD he dropped. Exit the cell, locate and press three buttons on this side to open the adjacent cells to free your buddies. Cross the catwalk to the other side and open four more cell doors.

Hop over the fence and go down to the lower floor. Go to the closed gates, use the K1 Card to open the gates and go on through. Turn right into the corridor, turn left into the opening and come to another corridor. Follow through the latrine, continue around and pull up into an opening in the corner when you reach a dead end.

Enter the alcove in the back left corner and pull down the wall switch to open a trap door. Go back the way you came, find the opened trap door in the corner and pull up into a crawl space. Crawl to an outdoor area, run forward past a hole in the floor and jump the gaps (barbed wire down below) to the far end. Use the ladder to climb down the deep shaft. Pull into an opening halfway down for SECRET #1 and grab the large medipack.

Climb back up the ladder to the outdoor area, jump the gaps back the other way. Drop down the opening to your left and shoot the guard (or wait for the released buddy, he will do the job for you). Find a small medipack on the nearby ledge and exit to a computer room. Turn left and push the button to open a door. Return to where you shot the guard, jump up to your right and get past the fans. Pull up right and crawl to a ramped area.

A door opens ahead when you stand up and a prisoner runs out. Go where he went and see how the prisoner kills the guard. Pick up the card named GONG HAMMER he dropped and go into the room on the other side of the opened cell. Use the Card at the entrance to open the adjacent door. Go up the steps, pull down the wall switch to open a gate somewhere and grab the small medipack and shotgun ammo on your way back down.

Return the way you came, take a hairpin turn to your left and when you find the open door don't enter, but continue further on to search a side room for a small medipack. Retrace your steps and locate the opened gate in the main corridor. Pull up inside, run forward and pull up higher into a crawl space. Crawl forward into a room with a friendly prisoner, drop down through the floor hole and locate the wall switch. Another gate opens, so pull back out to alert a guard. This time your prisoner buddy should deal with him before you can get back but in my game more guards appear at the top of the ramp and killed him.

Exit through the corner passage and loop around into a room with some goodies: the DESERT EAGLE, desert eagle ammo, a large medipack and a pair of extra PISTOLS (I think the builder's intent was to let Lara start off without any weapons, be helped by the prisoners and to get armed here). Return and exit up the ramp to find two guards. Dispose of them with your new weaponry and pick up a Fuse called TIBETAN MASK one of them dropped. Go back down the ramp and two more guards and a dog will appear in the control room just in front of you so dispatch them. In the main room insert the Fuse in the receptacle to open the gates.

Go on through and meet up with three guards in the outdoor area. Find a metal corridor in the right hand side and go to the end for SECRET #2: the GRENADE GUN and ammo for this weapon. Return to the outdoor area, go down to a room with crates and shoot three more guards. Find desert eagle ammo in a hole formed by the crates and go toward the blue wall to trigger a cut scene where Lara hides in the back of a truck and finds a little liquid refreshment as the level ends.


Walkthrough by José

Begin in a dark room. Climb the central crate and jump to grab the opening in the ceiling. Pull up into a higher room and find a wall switch that opens the door below; drop to the ground floor, shoot a guard and continue to an armory where you can pick up 3 x MP5 ammo and the MP5 itself.

Back to the previous corridor, press the button to raise the grate and go inside the crawlspace; pick up a large medipack at the other side and cross another crawlspace; in the next corridor continue crawling to avoid the laser and go through one more crawlspace. Quickly stand up as soon as you can and shoot the guard before he reaches the back of the room or he will activate the laser traps and you'll be doomed.

Pull the switch on the left wall to open the nearby door and enter to get a small medipack. In the room at the back of the corridor pick up desert eagle ammo, and back to the corridor, at middle way, go through the dark crawlspace opposite the switch, pick up the flares and continue to another corridor overlooking a large outside area where you'll find another guard; go to the room where he came from to get a small medipack, desert eagle ammo, grenades and harpoons. Go back outside and continue through the reddish opening.

Turn right and climb the high ledge, pick up a rocket in the next corridor and run to the end to pull a switch; go back a bit and in the corridor to your right is the open trapdoor, run off the edge so you can slide backwards and safely drop to ground floor. Go to the other side of this area and if you want the next secret quickly shoot the guard before he reaches the small panel in the left side and close the access (and release two dogs too), pick up the shotgun shells on the green ledge, drop into the hole next to the central structure and if you were fast killing the guard a small grate should be raised; crawl to get the SECRET #3: a Green Crystal and flares; go out and through the nearby crawlspace.

Pull the switch to open a trapdoor and go around to find it, drop, shoot a guard, continue and after you climb a ledge you'll find another guard; if you let him go to the next room he will open double doors and release a guard and two dogs; if you kill him soon, the doors will remain closed, but you also will miss the MP5 ammo inside. It's your choice. Anyway, pull the switch in the corridor were the guard initially was to raise a grate in the next room, go there, crawl and pick up a small medipack, grenades and MP5 ammo on your way, walk over the trapdoor and it will open.

Shoot another guard and go in the direction opposite he came from, around the corner pull the switch to open the door of the cell and release a prisoner, he will take care of the next guard coming from your back and even one more guard who appears when you get the large medipack inside the cell. Now go to the other side of this wide corridor to see machine guns left and right, also note the green lasers which activate them. You can easily jump over the lasers in the left side, run down the ramp and go inside a crawlspace at middle way to pick up the SHOTGUN, shotgun shells and a large medipack or simply access to this crawlspace from the other side avoiding that way the jumping over the lasers.

Anyway continue down the ramp and press the button in the corner; turn around and spot a guard at the far end of this corridor, go there and press another button in that corner (I never knew what those buttons triggered; the next doors will open anyway); now go back to the central part of this corridor, approach the closed doors and they will open, releasing two guards. Dispatch them and pull the switch in one of the rooms to open a ceiling trapdoor in the opposite one; go there, climb and crawl...

There are green lasers in this ramp, but I couldn't find a way to avoid them so cross, shoot a guard and advance up the passage. If you want to get the next secret later, ignore the opening to your left at half way, continue to the top of the ramp and shoot a guard on the opposite ledge; he will drop a disk called P2, pick it up and go back to the opening you ignored earlier.

Drop onto the floor and notice the green lasers attached to the pillars near the computer in the right hand side, they will activate the machine guns so try to jump over them. Place the disk on the computer and go to the opposite side of the room, climb the ledges where the moving crane is to find the open door; pick up the shotgun shells next to the crane and enter to get the SECRET #4: a Green Crystal, shotgun shells, a small medipack and MP5 ammo.

Go back out and from the ledges next to the crane look up to see a hole in the ceiling, climb twice (no need to use the ladders) and shoot a guard; pick up the shotgun shells he drops and continue (the door will open as you approach) to the end of the corridor. Drop onto the ledge below, roll, run to the end, roll and drop/grab the ladder; climb to the bottom and shoot a couple of guards.

Run up the wide ramp and in the next large room climb the long ladder just in front of you; when you are on the high ledges, shoot a couple of guards, go through the opening in the corner and shoot another guard, go inside the dark room and shoot two more guards, one of them will drop a small medipack and the other one a blue fuse called the DRAGON SEAL. Climb down the ladder and use the fuse to open the next door.

If you want an extra pickup, run up the ramp to your right and climb up the ladder to get MP5 ammo; if not, go directly to the opening in front of you and start climbing crates and ledges to the very top of the room shooting some guards on your way up. Once at the very top pick up MP5 ammo and desert eagle ammo in the niches and continue to the next room.

Advance and shoot another guard; inside the crawlspace pick up the desert eagle ammo and the flares; continue up the ramps shooting a bunch of guards on your way up, one of them will drop a blue fuse called the DRAGON SEAL; at the top of the ramp pick up a large medipack and shoot a dog. Go back down the ramp some meters and climb the ledge with the ladder textures, climb even higher and use the fuse to open the next door, shoot the guard, pick up his small medipack and press the button to see a trapdoor opening somewhere. Go back outside, run down the ramp and jump onto the crates in the corner to find it.

Continue until you find a room with three guards; run up the wide ramp at the back of the room to discover the SECRET #5: a Green Crystal, flares, shotgun shells, a small medipack, MP5 ammo and harpoons. Go back to the previous room and this time take the passage in the corner near the entrance; in the next room shoot the dog and the guard and continue following the only possible path shooting two guards on your way until eventually you reach what it seems to be the heart of the alien spaceship with the ARTIFACT where you can shoot the last guards if you want. Pick it up to finish the adventure.

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