Egyptian Paradise

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Egyptian Paradise

Post by Phil » 01 Jun 2019 04:49


Level by LionGirl_90

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk

Begin in a dark cave. Turn left and go through the S passage. In the next room grab the flares and return. Pull up into the W crawl space and drop down the other side. Pull up over a block, shoot two scorpions and go through the N room to a small adjacent room with a shallow pool and a small medipack near the NE corner (hard to see). Return to the previous room. Get on the sloped block and jump to grab the crack in the E wall. Shimmy left and pull up into the opening. Hop down the other side and follow around to an outdoor area.

Shoot the crocodile swimming in the water below if you like. There's nothing to find in the water, so take a running jump slightly SE to grab the crack in the E wall. Shimmy right over the water and around the corner. Drop down into a larger area with several openings. First, go through the S opening into a throne room, and continue through the S passage near the SW corner. Go to the back wall and find the UZIS near the skeleton.

Go back through the throne room and take the second right to face a ladder. Climb up to a ledge, turn right and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing E until you can drop down onto another ledge. Walk to the far corner and jump down NE onto a lower ledge. Follow through the N opening to trigger a flyby. Drop down into the new area and deal with the demigod (who may have retreated into the N room). When he's dead, continue up the N steps and into a wood-paneled area. Shoot the vase in the NE corner for a small medipack and drop into the NW hole to find a crawl space.

Crawl to the next room, loop around left past a closed door (you need a key) to another crawl space and enter for the SHOTGUN in the alcove around to the right. Return to the previous room and jump to grab the N crawl space partially obscured by the flowing water (left side, the right section is empty). Pull inside and follow around for a broken pair of eyeglasses and SECRET #1. Return to the water and drop down into it. Swim S and follow around to be met by a crocodile. Flip turn, swim back, pull out and kill it. Return and swim into a room which appears to be a dead end.

However, there's a well-disguised floor hole near the NE corner. Swim down and follow the passage to a pool. Pull out quickly and shoot the crocodile. Get back into the water, enter the E opening and swim around the corner to find the LASER SIGHT. Return, pull out N onto the ledge again and locate the crawl space in the W wall. Jump to grab it, pull inside and follow around to find another pair of broken eyeglasses for SECRET #2. Return, pull up onto the N ledge one more time and locate the lighter green ceiling strip near the E wall. Jump up to grab it and monkey swing over the water.

Release when you reach the S wall, grab the crawl space and pull inside. Drop down into a lower room and shoot the SAS. Back flip onto the sloped block against the middle of the E wall and jump off to grab the SE ledge. Jump the columns clockwise around the room (or for a perhaps unintended short cut, jump directly to the higher ledge with the ram statue). Jump to grab the NE crawl space and pull inside. Crawl to a small room with a closed door. Shoot the vase in the NW corner for the REVOLVER. Go to the NE corner and pull up S through the ceiling hole.

Shoot two scorpions in the upper room, grab the small medipack at the statue's feet and save your game at the edge of the NW slope. If you miss you won't land on spikes but you'll be set aflame. Same difference. To give myself more jumping room, I slid down the left side of the first slope, jumped to the second slope and jumped off with a left curve so I could slide backwards down the third slope and grab the edge. From there it's a simple matter to pull up and back flip onto the safe ledge.

Jump twice E toward the closed door, turn right and find the hanging blue ball in the upper corner. Shoot it with the combined revolver and laser sight to open the door next to you. Go inside and chains start swinging. Make your way past them, hop to the N ledge, pick up an ORNATE KEY of some kind and get ready to engage the harpy that appears. Get past the swinging chains once more and through the opened doorway.

Turn left and jump S onto the slope, slide a bit and jump to the ledge in front of the opening that leads to the next room. Slide down and shoot the alien. Hop into the nearby hole for SECRET #3 and a pair of broken eyeglasses. Go between the blocks at the E wall, pull up right and hop to the next block. Pull down the wall switch to open the door at the top of the W ladder. Jump to grab the ladder, climb up to a previous room and exit via the crawl space.

Drop down into the lower room and use the SW crawl space to get back to the pool room. Swim through the S opening and follow up the shaft to a previous room. Continue through the S opening and surface in the next pool room. Pull out and use the Ornate Key to open the S door. In the next room, grab the shotgun ammo and use the W crawl space to access a dark room. Drop down through the hole next to the N wall, pick up the flares in front of the W crawl space and crawl to an underground cavern guarded by two giant spiders.

When peace is restored, go through the N opening, turn left at the coffin and climb the W ladder. Pull up at hop down right at the beginning of the bridge. Shoot the small jar for a small medipack and target the three scorpions scampering about below. There's a fire hole but nothing else on the N side of the bridge. Go across the bridge to the closed door, turn right and jump into the N opening. Follow to the next room and engage a demigod lurking around the corner to your left. Grab the nearby shotgun ammo and flares, then go to the NE corner for SECRET #4 and a broken pair of eyeglasses to add to your collection (I think this is the last time I'll bother to mention them).

Go through the SW passage and awaken a skeleton in the next room. Blast it into the nearby pool and find shotgun ammo on the raised slab against the W wall. Enter the SW for the RED KEY and jump into the pool. Swim into the opening and pull out next to a skeleton. Go up the steps to the next room, avoid the fire tiles and use the Red Key to open the N door. Lower Lara down the crawl space for a rather obvious SECRET #5. Pull back out, pull up higher to your right and pull down the wall switch on your left. Drop down to the room with the bridge, hop onto the bridge and go through the opened W doorway.

In the next room, drop down the central hole and crawl W to a fire pit. Hang from the edge and shimmy left around the corner. Enter the N side passage for SECRET #6, return and shimmy left around another corner. Pull up W and crawl forward to some steps. Grab the small medipack next to the fallen soldier, go up the steps and shoot the wooden barrier. Step out onto a ledge overlooking a deep room.

Hop NW to the nearest platform, pick up the flares and continue in a counterclockwise direction from platform to platform until you reach the one nearest the SW corner. Pick up the shotgun ammo, jump slightly SE to grab the highest platform, shimmy right around the corner and safety drop to onto a lower platform. Hope back immediately, as three SAS are shooting at you from below. Pick up the large medipack at your feet, run off the NW corner onto the lower block and from there to the ground. Exit via the NE crawl space.

Shoot two scorpions in the next room, note the closed door in the NW pool and continue NE into the next room. Note the closed door requiring a key and proceed into a room riddled with fire tiles. Turn left at the corner and face the W slope. Save your game here, just in case (grabbing the slope is tricky, so don't even try it). Take a running jump to onto the slope, slide a bit and jump forward to safety. Turn right, stand jump N onto the next slope and continue with five successive jumps. When you reach the last slope, flip in mid air and use the arrow keys while jumping back and forth to reach the safe tile.

Crawl N until you can stand up, run carefully past the skeleton and make your way past two sets of teeth doors. Note the spike ball trap in the next corridor and dash NE as the spike ball rolls by. There are more flame tiles in the next room, so hop the ledges E and enter a wider green corridor where you'll find uzi ammo. Run past the plants and grab the YELLOW KEY from the raised slab.

Jump into the water and swim S, W, S again and left through two narrow niches to find an underwater door you can open (this is the other side of the closed door you saw in the pool earlier). Pull out into a familiar room, loop around left and find the keyhole for the Yellow Key. Use it to open the NW door and go on through to find yourself in a dark and forbidding room. Go around the spikes and hop up into the W opening. Continue to a throne room and turn right at the jade statue. Pull up onto the block with the face design and hop down into the hole on the other side for a large medipack.

Get back and pull up several times until you've reached the upper ledge that surrounds this open-air room. Go around to the E side and pull up into the passage. Climb the wall ladder, back flip near the top and do battle with two harpies. You now have a choice of climbing up or climbing down. Ignore the SE ladder for now, go between the lion statues and use the long ladder there to climb down to the room below. Shoot the SW wooden barriers and drop down into the hole. Follow the W passage to a room guarded by a crocodile. Grab the small medipack in the SE corner, search the area close to the edge for broken eyeglasses and SECRET #7, then go to the S wall and face the columns in the deep room ahead.

Take a running jump W to grab the first column. Pull up and continue in a clockwise direction around the room, being careful of the chain that will knock you off to your doom, and when you near the NW corner you'll be attacked by another harpy. When you've progressed as far as possible, jump up to grab the monkey bars and monkey swing E until you're over the slope. Drop onto the slope and jump off onto the suspended block near the NE corner. Take a running jump with action to glide into the N opening.

Slide down the long slope, jump off near the bottom onto a smaller slope and jump to a safe block as a spike ball rumbles by. Pull up E and jump into the water hole. Swim E and come face to face with a crocodile. Swim past it all the way to the end (passing a left opening), turn right, pull out left and dispatch your pursuer. Go to the end of the short S passage and pick up the BLUE KEY. Get back into the water, swim W to the opening you bypassed and turn right. Swim E to the end and pull out. Run forward into a pool room and watch two skeletons awaken. Blast them into the nearby pool (or shoot off their heads) and go to the SE alcove for shotgun ammo.

Go through the E opening and jump to the NW corner platform. Jump E to the next platform, pick up the large medipack and jump SE to the next platform while avoiding the swinging chain. Stand jump S to grab the next platform, pull up and take the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo. Climb down the ladder on the S face, hop up NW for more shotgun ammo, turn around and hop down to enter the SE corridor.

In the next room, jump to the slope and jump across the fire tiles, using the appropriate arrow key to make your way to the other side of the room. A demigod is waiting for you there, so deal with him. Enter the SE passage where he came from and engage a second demigod. Hop onto the decorative mound in the next room and pick up an ORNATE KEY. There's a large medipack near the NE palm tree. Exit N, use the slopes to jump back and forth to the other side until you land on the safe NW block, then exit through the nearby opening.

Climb the ladder, use the platforms to get back to the W opening and exit to the pool room. Use the Ornate Key to open the S door and climb the tall ladder. Shift left near the top and pull up onto a ledge. Pull down the nearby wall switch to open the door behind you. Enter an area you explored earlier, loop around left and climb the E ladder. Pull up at the top and run to the SE corner. Climb the ladder there, back flip when you've gone past the opening and run to the N wall. Use the Blue Key to open the door and run down the corridor into the next room. Pick up the LEFT GAUNTLET, turn right and run into the E corridor to end the level.

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