Above the Horizon (Demo)

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Above the Horizon (Demo)

Post by Phil » 23 Apr 2019 13:40


Levels by Maax87

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's two-part video walk


After the opening movie, which sets the stage for what's to follow, run forward through the fallen debris and a NOTEPAD appears in your inventory. Read it (unless you've renamed the pix folder) for valuable information regarding Lara's special moves and the acquisition of weapons and other items. There's also a LETTERS section in your inventory, to which you will add from time to time. Naturally, Lara has no weapons at present.

Turn right at the wall and ignore the partially submerged S room. Enter the E cell to trigger more debris and pull into the crawl space in the N wall. Flip out the other side and go E past a locked door. Squeeze into the small E opening, continue around the corner to a room with a small table bearing a LETTER that describes the NOVA Organization. Continue W into the next room and take the LOCK PICK from the small table. Return to the closed door and use the Lock Pick to open it.

Enter, turn the corner and climb the ladder to a higher passage. Loop around left and take a running jump W to grab a horizontal pole. Jump off, grab the far ledge and pull up. Run forward, turn right at the wall and vault over the fence to the room below. Climb up NW and loop around to find a small medipack. Go back down, cross the room to the E wall and climb the vertical pole. When Lara's head reaches the top of the opening to her right, press the left arrow and jump keys to make her jump and grab the crawl space in the N wall. Enter and flip out the other side into a smoke-filled room.

Turn left and go up the W steps into another burning room where debris falls from the ceiling. Go to a pit in the NW corner and run off the edge to trigger a brief FMV. Save your game here for a timed run. Run N while the passage erupts in flames around you. Turn the corner, run down the ramp and jump over the fire pit. Turn left and take a precise running jump to grab the far ledge. Pull up, run forward while turning right and vault over the obstruction. Continue running forward until you trigger a movie indicating that you've beaten the timed run. If you die along the way, reload and try again.

You're standing in waist-deep water. Wade E and turn left to go up the stairs as more debris falls. Stand underneath the horizontal pole and press the action key to make Lara jump up and grab it. Go across (what's the word, shimmy, monkey swing or something else?) to the other side. Safety drop down to the ledge below and find a large medipack next to the W wall. Jump over the water (or wade across), climb the ladder and use the horizontal pole once more. Go up the steps to an upper ledge.

Drop down through a gap in the railing and splash N along the shallow channel. Turn the corner, and when you can see daylight ahead vault up into the duct and run toward what appears to be a dirigible floating in the air ahead. Go through or around the water and move the wooden crate out of your way. Crawl into the E duct, run forward and slide down to end the level. Select the next level from the load screen to continue.

Level 2: SHELTER

Slide down to a lower duct. Crawl underneath the opening and drop down into the water below. Swim into the S alcove for 5 Lumo Coins. Surface and pull out onto the SE crate. Face slightly SW and take a running jump past the corner and grab the crack in the column. Shimmy right around two corners, and as soon as the camera angle changes shimmy back to the left a bit to avoid the falling boulder. Continue shimmying to your right and pull up into a corner opening.

Turn around and take a running jump E to grab the horizontal pole. Swing forward and jump to the corner ledge. Jump up to grab the ladder to your left, climb up one rung and take a rolling back flip to grab the metal catwalk behind you. Pull up, loop around right and take a running jump N, holding down the action key to glide into the duct. Follow to the wall, turn right into the sewer and locate a small opening to your left you can squeeze through for SECRET #1. Climb over the crate and pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo. Return to the sewer.

Crawl underneath the crate and continue W and around the corner. Get up onto the ledge and try to ignore the playful rats on the ledge as you pull up S into the cage-like structure. Pick up Mauser C96 ammo, get back down and climb the nearby ladder into a dark opening. (You can press the flare shortcut key for unlimited lighting whenever you need it, such as now.) Pull up into the narrow opening and drop down the other side. Step forward into a bomb shelter area and walk around a bit to trigger a movie featuring a discussion about getting a weapon into Lara's hands.

You've got some money, a little bit anyway, so you can browse the store to check out what's available. Sadly, all you see are ammo, lockpicks and medipacks, but no weapon. Instead of wasting your money, go down the NW steps and pull the indicated switch. Go back upstairs, approach the storekeeper to trigger another brief movie, and all of a sudden the MAUSER C96 appears in Lara's inventory. Go a bit to your right and climb the short ladder beyond which you can see a small box labeled "gears." Search the upper rafters for Mauser C96 ammo and a new page to add to your LETTERS.

Get down and leave the shelter shop E, turning right at the turning wheel to enter the S room. Follow the only possible path down to a room occupied by several people. Save your game before entering. Approach the young lady with the medallion suspended over her head to get onscreen information about quests involving rats and mushrooms. You must choose between these tasks, so use your savegame to return here later if you wish to do both (and you will certainly want to, as the rat quest is only a tidbit). Press the X key to select the rat quest, and the Y key to select the mushroom quest. The WAREHOUSE KEY appears in your inventory, together with a notepad entry for the rat quest, and only a notepad entry for the mushroom quest.


Go E past the young lady and left into the Arkadia Cocktail Bar. Go up the stairs and past two men seated at a table. Take a standing jump from the NW corner to grab the horizontal pole and jump forward to grab the far ledge. Pull up, run forward slightly to your right and use the Warehouse Key to open the door. Three rats approach, but now you can do something about them. Draw the C96 and dispatch them. Go where they came from, jump up to grab the NE opening and crawl through. Drop down the other side and shoot two more rats.

Go to the W wall, pull up left and hop down into an enclosed area. Locate the pushable crate and push it forward. Turn right, pull the next crate back, go around counterclockwise as you did before and find a low crawlspace in the W wall. Crawl through, drop down the other side and shoot two rats. Hop E over the trench past the hot wires, note the wall switch for later and loop around left to find a ladder. Climb up, crawl underneath the pipes and turn the valve wheel around the corner to flood the trench below. Get back down and pull down the wall switch you noted earlier. The hot wire lowers into the water and electrocutes all remaining rats.

Return through the crawlspace to the warehouse, exit S and go back to the occupied room. Approach the young lady once more to receive your reward for eliminating the rats (ammo and coins). Note that the suspended medallion over her head is now gone. To do the mushroom quest, reload your earlier savegame, approach the young lady and press the Y key.


Go N up the stairs to the shelter shop. Continue N past the turning water wheel and climb the vertical pole that's affixed to the wall. When Lara's head is just above the black line, jump left to grab the metal ledge. Pull up and run forward for SECRET #2 and pick up Lumo Coins.

Get back down, and for maximum kills crawl up into the E space and drop down the other side. Climb down the ladder and shoot the two rats you met earlier. Climb back up, go through the crawl space, turn left at the water wheel and make your way down to the occupied room. Return to the Arkadia Cocktail Bar, and this time loop around left past the bartender and find your first MUSHROOM in the short alley.

Go up the stairs, stand jump from the NW corner to grab the horizontal pole and swing over to the other side, run forward slightly to your right past the locked warehouse door and pick up the second MUSHROOM. Go back the way you came, continue S along the ledge and all the way to the wall to find the third MUSHROOM to your right. Enter the E room and turn left to find a valve. Turn it to extinguish one of three green lights somewhere. Sidestep to your right, shoot the wooden barrier and pick up the fourth MUSHROOM in the alcove.

Go back and drop down into the occupied room. Go S across the small bridge into the Quarters area. Go SE and jump into a small but deep pool surrounded by merchants' tables. Swim down into the E opening for SECRET #3 and shotgun ammo. Return to the pool and climb out SW. Go to the back (S) side of the Quarters area and find the empty reception station at the SE corner. Look out E and you can see the row of green lights where the middle one has been extinguished. Go back to the NE corner and climb down the ladder. Splash W along the trench and crawl underneath the grate. Follow the trench around the corner where the water gets deeper and find a crawl space in the E wall just before a dead end.

Crawl inside, and when you can stand up run forward for Lumo Coins. Turn left at the wall and find a valve that extinguishes the second of the green lights you saw earlier. Go back along the trench, crawl underneath the grate and climb the ladder back to the Quarters area. Navigate toward the SW side of the Quarters area to find the fifth MUSHROOM. We're halfway there. Go across to the vacant reception station near the SE corner and look W to see stairs in a dry sewer area. The stairs lead to a blocked passage, so go a bit left to find another opening in the W wall. To your right is a worker doing something in front of a table, to your left is a crate you can crawl underneath for Mauser C96 ammo and the sixth MUSHROOM.

Exit to the dry sewer, turn right and find yet another opening in the SW corner. Go past the listless woman and shoot three bats in the next room. Find a crawlspace in the crate, enter it and drop down the left side. Pick up Mauser C96 ammo and the seventh MUSHROOM. Exit to the dry sewer, go straight across into the Workshop and trigger a movie where Tori and Lara discuss their escape strategy. Pick up the Mauser C96 ammo, take the LETTER from the small table and turn the valve to extinguish the third and final green light.

Exit to the dry sewer, turn right and go to an opening to your right leading back to the Quarters area. Loop around right here and follow a parallel dry sewer to a fellow guarding a partially opened gate. Turn left in front of him and find the eighth MUSHROOM in the NW corner of the next room. Go back to where the guard is waiting, run past the first opening on your right and take the second opening. Go up the steps where you see the three extinguished lights, turn left and climb the ladder to a ledge overlooking the Quarters area.

Take a running jump W and grab the central pillar. Shimmy left or right around both corners to the other side and drop down. Turn around and jump W to grab the ladder. Climb up and take a rolling back flip to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and turn right. Take a running jump S to grab the raised platform in the corner. Pull up, turn right and take a running jump W to the next corner platform. Turn right and take a running jump N just to the left of the pillar to grab another platform.

Pull up, jump forward onto the metal ledge, run forward to the end, turn right and hop down NE onto the wooden ledge. Take a running jump E and grab the ledge. Pull up and search the ledge for shotgun ammo, Mauser C96 ammo and the ninth MUSHROOM, then go to the NW corner of the ledge and save your game. Face NE, run off onto the slope below and jump to grab the ladder in the E wall as debris falls all around you. Pull up into the opening, drop down the other side and continue E as more debris falls around you. When you reach the E wall you'll find the tenth and final MUSHROOM.

Go back W, loop around left in the next open area and pull up onto the crate. Turn around to face W, draw your Mauser C96 and jump up to shoot the grate in the wall. Jump over there and pull up for SECRET # 4, then pick up the Lumo Coins. Drop down, exit W to the wall and pull up into the crawl space. Drop down the other side in front of the entrance to the Arkadia Cocktail Bar, continue forward and approach the young lady with the suspended medallion over her head to collect your reward (more ammo and coins).

Return to the shelter shop (up the N stairs, right, left and left). Use your accumulated coins to buy a Lock Pick to the right of the storekeeper. Return to the occupied room, continue to the Quarters area and climb the ladder in the far NE corner. Pull up into the crawl space and flip down the other side. Continue all the way to the E wall, pull up onto the crate and jump up N to grab the platform. Pull up and take a running jump W onto the lower platform. Pick up the CITY GATE KEY, drop down to the floor and locate the nearby closed N gate. Use the Lock Pick to open it and enter for SECRET #5. Pick up the large medipack in the far corner and shoot the wooden barrier in the NE corner. Enter for Mauser C96 ammo and a LETTER.

Exit this area to the S wall, turn right and continue until another brief movie is triggered. Run forward and shoot three bats. Crawl into the S opening and continue to an open area where informative dialogue is triggered. You need to find and push three buttons, but there are more than three in the immediate vicinity so you need to be sure and push the right ones. The first one is near the S altar, to the left (the symbol above looks like a key). The second one is behind you, facing S (the symbol above resembles a chalice). The third one is all the way N, into the alcove on the right and facing W (the symbol above is an inverted diamond).

Go to the E coffin, push it forward and the angel statue behind you changes positions. Reverse roll, climb down the ladder in the central hole and pick up the nearby small medipack, the LIGHTER and the LETTER on the ledge. Climb back up the ladder, find the nearby NW crawl space and enter. Continue to an open area and enter the W side room. Climb the N ladder and face W in the upper room. Use the lighter to ignite the gunpowder and jump down the ladder hole before the ensuing explosion kills you. Climb back up, enter the W opening and crawl underneath the obstruction.

Loop around left, climb the ladder and run back W toward the occupied room. Run up the N steps toward the Shelter Shop, turn right and then left toward the pole you climbed earlier. Turn left there and use the City Gate Key to open the N door. Enter and run forward to end the level.

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