The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra

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The Ruins of Kaitelbu-Ra

Post by Phil » 26 Mar 2019 00:29


Level by Mystery-King

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of DoggettTV's video walk

Begin in a small enclosed area with no apparent way out. However, there's a crawl space in the E rock wall. Get inside and stand up. Slide down S and jump to grab the wall. Instead of getting off to your right, climb all the way down into the darkness, take one step back at the bottom and pick up the flares. Climb back up past the opening, shift right and drop down. Grab up W and pull up into a triangular crawl space. Drop down the other side to find an opening that overlooks the start area.

Walk out onto the triangular ledge and look across at the N wall of the ruins. You can see what needs to be done to get inside, but don't try to use the W slope to get over there. Instead, save your game and take a tricky running jump in cramped quarters onto the N triangular ledge across the way. Jump E to grab the crack and shimmy right around three corners until you can pull up into a crawl space. Drop down E into another apparent dead end. However, the W panel bearing the cobweb can be shattered with your pistols.

Drop down into a courtyard and find revolver ammo in the SW corner. Note the closed W gate. Go through the N opening into the next room and note for later the crowbar switch and closed door. Loop around at the NE corner and see the jump switch that's beyond reach. Activate it by facing the W wall, taking a back flip onto the slope behind you and jumping off with grab to open a gate in the water below. Climb down the ladder opposite the waterfall, turn around and shoot the two corner vases. One hides the LASER SIGHT. Jump into the water and swim down to find the opened W gateway. Follow the winding passage into an open area where you face a closed door. Turn right, swim to the E wall and pull the underwater ceiling switch to open the S door. Before proceeding, swim to the W wall and up to find an air hole.

With your lungs filled with air, swim inside and follow the passage past inactive spike traps and a closed gate to another open area guarded by a crocodile. Quickly swim past it and pull the underwater lever in the N wall to open a door in a previous area and awaken a skeleton. The spike traps are now active as well, so make your way past them to the first open area and get some air to your right (the croc won't follow). Exit N, follow the passage back to the waterfall. Surface, use the N or S slope to pull up, then back flip and jump once or twice while using the appropriate arrow key to land on one of the corner ledges. Hop to the ladder, climb up and face the awakened skeleton (unless it's stuck in a wall somewhere). It can be killed, amazingly enough, with your pistols, although it takes a while to do so.

Go S to the next room and find the opened W door. Head down the short ramp and pass through the cobwebs on your right. Climb down the ladder and step on the timed trigger tile at the bottom to open a door somewhere. Climb back up and drop down W into the trench. Enter the N crawl space and follow around to what looks like a closed door but is actually a pushblock. Push it once, return to the trench and pull the block once. Go around via the crawl space once more and push the block once W. Turn around, climb the E ladder, turn left and climb down the other ladder once more. Save your game for a timed run when you land on the trigger tile. Climb back up to the top of the trench, turn right and take a running jump W to grab the pushblock. Pull up and take another running jump W to grab the left side of the wall pillar. Pull up, angle to your right and jump through the timed doorway. Grab the REVOLVER and get back to the other side of the trench.

Go to the E room, then the N room with the crowbar switch, turn around and look up SE. Combine the Revolver and Laser Sight and shoot the brass ball to open the W door. Enter and drop down into an ornate room. The closed S gate is no problem, simply shoot it. Pull out the alabaster alcove piece and push it N over the edge into the shallow water below. You'll fall down after it, so move it onto the marked W tile. Grab the small medipack in the SW alcove, then climb the S ladder back up to the previous room. Step on the central jackal head tile to activate the twin hammers down below. The alabaster piece you moved has been crushed, so go back down to the marked tile and pick up the CROWBAR. Climb the S ladder once more, noting the closed gate requiring a stone artifact, and return to the E room. Use the crowbar switch (facing N) to open that underwater gate in the spike-trapped passage.

Dive down into the water, swim along the passage into the next room, swim straight across into the spike-trapped passage, turn right at the opened gate and past another spike trap into a cramped area with a grate barrier on either side. Swim down to the floor and pick up the STONE OF RA. Go back the way you came, pausing for air at the E wall air hole if necessary, and get back up to the crowbar switch room the same way you did earlier. Go across W to the ornate room and down N into the shallow water. Use the Stone of Ra to open the E gate. Enter, swim down the long shaft and look into the E room at the bottom to see something tempting on the floor. Don't enter, however, as this room is a trap. Instead, swim to the S wall past the ivy and make a note of the drawing which shows the safe route.

Swim back up the shaft for air, then come down and enter the E room. The key is to make your way along in snake-like curves, so turn right and follow the wall until you're halfway across the room. Turn left and swim to the METAL BLADE. Continue to the N wall, turn right and swim two blocks, turn right and swim to the S wall (ignoring the small medipack), then scoot left into the SE opening. Pull the underwater lever around the corner to open a nearby gate, then return through the trapped room via the same pattern you used to get here. Detour for air, swim back down the shaft and into the opened SW gateway.

Turn left and look up the ramp. Ever seen an underwater spike ball trap? Well, save your game and get ready to encounter your first one. Stay close to the ceiling and swim forward slowly until the spike ball is triggered, then quickly turn and swim back to safety to your right. Go back and swim up the ramp to the beginning of a maze-like area. Your primary need at the moment is air, so turn right and go straight ahead into the W opening, turn left and swim past a closed door into a new area with a closed gate, swim up and pull out into a room with two flame blowers.

Hop up to the NW corner, jump up to grab the ceiling and time the flame blowers while you monkey swing across the room to the SE opening. Drop and slide down into a room with a central pyramid. Shoot the skeleton in close quarters until it explodes and leaves behind the GUARDIAN KEY. Go to the dark NE corner and find a ladder. Climb up, jump to grab the ceiling and follow the monkey bar path over the spikes in the central pyramid to the crawl space in the NW corner. Drop, grab and pull inside. Hang from the other side, release, slide a bit and jump off the slope over a lava pit into the E alcove. Insert the Guardian Key in the receptacle to retract the spikes in the pyramid, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing back to the S crawl space. Return to the pyramid room, use the NE ladder to get back up to the monkey bars, and this time drop down onto the pyramid.

Face E and use the crowbar switch with no indication of what just happened. Hop down to the floor and exit SW by jumping over the slope into the previous room. Jump into the water and swim down the shaft. Swim past the E opening into the E alcove and pick up the AQUA-LUNG (affording infinite air). Go ahead and use it now to see that it works. Pull the nearby timed underwater lever in the S wall, turn right and swim through the two W openings. Turn right at the wall and loop around past the closed door into the next room. Note without pausing the closed door high up on your left and the artifact beyond the gate on your right. Continue through the E opening and into the opening beneath the timed E gate.

Time the spikes while swimming down the shaft (there are two sets of them). Pick up the WOODEN HANDLE around the corner and time your way back up the shaft. Turn right in the next room and swim into the high N opening. Follow around and down the spike ball ramp, turn right, then left and swim up the shaft and pull out. Climb the S ladder, jump up into the E opening and find yourself back in the waterfall room. Turn left and approach the dirt mound in the NW alcove. Combine the Metal Blade and the Wooden Handle and start digging the dirt away with the SHOVEL. An hour later the CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 appears in your inventory and the way is clear for you to pull the wall switch in the NW alcove.

An underwater door opens, so backtrack the same way you got here as described in the previous paragraph. When you reach the maze-like area, turn right and swim through both W openings, follow around to the opened E door and take the KAITEL CARTOUCHE from the plinth. Continue forward and down to find the SHOTGUN. Exit W, loop around right and find that the high door in the N wall is now open. Enter a large underwater room with four alcoves, each containing a lever, and a NE air hole. Before doing anything else, pull up S through the air hole and grab the ANCIENT SCROLL. Examine it to learn what needs to be done in this room. Note the three closed doors around you.

Back in the underwater room, pull the lever in the lower SE alcove (with the number 7 according to the scroll). Flip turn, swim across the room and pull the lever in the upper NW alcove (5). Loop around and pull the lever in the upper NE alcove (2). Swim up to the air hole, pull out W and grab the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2. Note that the W doorway reflects a code of 14, which is the total of the three levers you pulled. Jump up and shoot the unmarked W panel. Pull up into the crawl space and grab the GRENADE GUN for the only SECRET in this level. We still have two doors to open, so our work here isn't done.

Back in the water, pull the NE lever (2) again to subtract that number from the mix, then the one in the lower SW alcove (8), to give us the needed total (20) to open the N door up in the air hole. Go there and insert the Kaitel Cartouche in the receptacle. You hear a burst of electrical static, but nothing else seems to happen. Swim back down and pull the lever in the lower SE alcove to remove 7 from our total, then the lever in the upper NE corner to add 2 more. Doing the math, that gives us 15, precisely the number needed to open the E gate up in the air hole. Go there, combine the two Cartouche Pieces and insert the BU-RA CARTOUCHE in the receptacle. Another burst of electrical static, but this time the door in the lower N wall in the underwater room is open.

Swim inside and pull down the switch in the ceiling alcove to open a gate in the SW corner. Go there and find the ORNATE HANDLE. Swim up the shaft in the NW corner and pull out into a dark room guarded by a skeleton. Put that grenade gun to good use and blow it to pieces. Pick up the GUARDIAN EFFIGY it left behind, combine it with the Ornate Handle and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the nearby pole (facing S). You hear another burst of electrical static and the sound of a door opening high overhead, but how to get there?

There's a ladder in the NW column, so climb to the top and monkey swing to the NE corner. Release, grab and pull up into a crawl space. Crawl around the corner to your right (but not too far), hang from the edge and shimmy to your right and around the corner until you can pull up. Stand at the SW corner facing W, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to face the S opening. Release, grab and pull up into the opening. Run forward and around the corner into a teleporter. Shoot the demigod in the next room and pick up whatever it leaves behind to finish the level.

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