Day on the Train

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Day on the Train

Post by Phil » 04 Mar 2019 01:28


Level by Osvaldo

Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walkthrough

After the excessively lengthy opening flyby that for the most part showcases the featureless craggy sidewalls, a crowbar door opens to release Lara so that she can begin her adventure. Loop around left into the dark room and shoot the small crate for flares. Shoot the larger crates that are in your way and pick up the SHOTGUN. Pull up into a higher area to find a scorpion. Shoot the small crate for a small medipack and push the button to open a door down below.

Get down and shoot a ninja. Hop past the opened door to the next car to find another ninja. Shoot the small crate for shotgun ammo. Pull up through the ceiling hole and hop down W onto the flatbed car. An assassin comes riding on top of a Jeep and jumps off to greet you. Deal with him and jump W to grab the ladder on the next car. Pull up to the top and drop down through the hole. Note for later the keyhole and pull back up to the top of the train. The next hole is blocked, so continue W to the next car. Wait for the ninja to come join you, then jump down W onto the car covered with a green tarp. Turn around and find the opening into the previous car. Jump E into the opening and push the button.

Return to the green tarp, turn around and jump E to grab the ladder and climb up to the top of the train. Go about halfway down the car, look from the N side and locate the opening below you. Hang, drop, grab and pull up inside. Hop down and do battle with a ninja. Push the button for a brief cut scene and get back into the opening. Hang from the edge and shimmy right until your feet find the ladder. Pull up onto the top of the train, turn left and run to the edge. Hop down to the green tarp and jump to the far side. Jump to grab the ladder on the next car and climb to pull up. Two hatch doors open in front of you.

Drop down the second hatch first and engage two ninjas, one of whom drops a small medipack. The shootable crate is empty. Through the grate you can see more enemies waiting, so pull out of the ceiling hole, drop down the other open hatch and deal with two ninjas and an assassin. One of the ninjas drops shotgun ammo, and one of the small crates hides a large medipack. Push the button and get back up through the ceiling hole. Drop down through the first hatch you visited and find that a door has opened there. Enter to find a button around the corner. Push it for the same cut scene you saw earlier.

Pull out to the top of the train and jump W to the next car with a black roof. There's another closed hatch here, but you can open this one manually. Drop down and shoot a ninja. Crawl up onto a crate for flares. The jug and small crates are all empty. Push the button in the NE corner to open a door in that cut scene area. Since you already have the CROWBAR in your inventory, use it on the nearby crowbar switch to move the lever beside it and open the W exit door. On your way out an assassin tries to block your way.

Jump W onto the flatbed car and two Jeeps bearing assassins come up alongside to release their passengers. Continue W, jump to the next car and open the door. Inside is another assassin who drops shotgun ammo. The first passenger room harbors a ninja who drops the SILVER KEY (you know where that goes). The next room has a crate with shotgun ammo, and so does the third room. The way W to the next car is blocked, so go back the way you came. An assassin offers resistance, and he drops a small medipack.

Jump to the flatbed car to bring another assassin perched on a Jeep. This one fails to make the jump to the train successfully, however. As you make your way E along the top of the train (use the ladder to get on top of the car with the black roof), a ninja comes forth to greet you, followed by another ninja when you jump to the car with the open hatches. As you continue E over the green tarp you can see three figures in the distance. They turn out to be two ninjas and an assassin, and the latter leaves shotgun ammo behind. Drop down through the hole in the roof and use the Silver Key in the keyhole you noted earlier. You hear the sound of a trap door opening, so pull up through the hole in the ceiling and find that the other trap door on the roof of this car is open. Drop down and shoot a ninja, who drops a large medipack.

Find the crowbar door (the one with the imperfection) and use the crowbar to open it. Go inside for the only SECRET and 3 x shotgun ammo. Of course, once your back is turned an assassin sneaks up on you. Pick up the small medipack he drops. Now it's time to make your way back W toward the front of the train. Along the way you meet a lone assassin, and when you reach the flatbed car you encounter two ninjas and an assassin. After all three were dead, something kept on shooting at me for a while. Anyway, pick up 2 x shotgun ammo dropped by them and jump W to the passenger car to find two more ninjas (maybe they were the ones shooting at me earlier). Continue W to roust another assassin.

In the next car W you can see the opened door from the cut scene. Jump inside and use the crowbar switch to separate this car from the others. Turn around and walk forward to trigger a closing flyby.

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