Secret of Mount Parnassus

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Secret of Mount Parnassus

Post by Phil » 23 Feb 2019 01:22


Levels by Sabatu

Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walk


Lara slides down into a TR1-like underground area. Run forward, draw your pistols and shoot a lion. Continue W to the wall, look right to see a closed gate and pull up into the opening to the left of the W alcove. Loop around left, pull up higher E and look down over the cavern floor. Take a curved running jump E around the obstruction and grab the ledge. Pull up, shoot a bat and follow the trench around to an opening. Jump across N, hop up to grab the ridge and shimmy left past a sloped ledge and drop down onto a stable surface. Turn around and hop to the rock bridge, pull up S into the tunnel and follow around to an opening that overlooks a spike pit.

Take a running jump NE into the passage, but stop at the entrance. Step forward to trigger a boulder and immediately hop back. There are a lot of boulders in this area. Follow around and pull down the wall switch. Go back, jump back SW and return to the rock bridge. Safety drop from the rock bridge to the cavern floor and go back W and right to find that the gate is now open. Enter and jump into the water. Swim around and pull out into a temple area. Pull up S near the entrance two times and enter the tunnel. Turn the corner carefully, as another boulder is poised at the top of the ramp. Hop back until the boulder is triggered, then run back and turn left to safety.

Go up the ramp and come to an opening. Hop down with control onto the temple roof. The wall switch is timed, so before pulling it go to the NW corner of the roof and look up to see a triangular opening. Jump to grab it and pull up into the passage for SECRET #1. Pick up the shotgun ammo, the SHOTGUN and a small medipack, and hop back down to the roof. Pull down the wall switch and hop back three times to drop to the ground. Run forward through the timed gate before it closes. A swinging blade guards the opening ahead, but it's easily evaded.

In the next room, go left and slide down to an opening overlooking another area. Hop down and enter the SE passage. As you turn to face N you can see the boulder ahead. It's not elevated, but it's nevertheless poised to squash you. Step back into the passage, stand at an angle, step forward to trigger the boulder and hop back as it passes by. Take a few steps N and pull up right into the cleverly hidden opening for SECRET #2 and a small medipack. Get back down and run all the way into the small N room as yet another boulder rolls down the ramp to your left. Pull up where it came from and follow around and down until you come to a large underground temple.

Run E along the right side of the temple to draw out two lions, then go straight back W to find an opening in the wall (not the one you dropped down from). Pull up inside and hop down for SECRET #3. Pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo and return to the temple area. Turn left and go to the SW corner of the temple. Ignore the opening to your left for now and turn right into a new area. A boulder rolls down harmlessly in front of you, but don't be fooled. There's another one where that one came from. Go slowly up the S ramp, reverse roll to trigger the second boulder and run back down and aside. Continue to the top of the ramp for a large medipack. Go back down the ramp, loop around left at the N wall and find the shotgun ammo.

Go to the SW corner, hop onto the block there, save your game and take a long running jump NW over the spikes in the pit below. Walk slowly into the spikes and pick up the shotgun ammo. Back back N, pull out of the pit and walk toward the NE corner (but not too far, or you'll slide down to the floor). Jump NW over the ridge onto a flat area. Pull up N onto a temple ledge and find a wall switch in the alcove with the gate, beyond which you can see a pool area. Pull down the switch, grab the small medipack in the NE corner and safety drop to the floor.

Exit NW to the previous area and enter the W opening you ignored earlier if you want maximum kills. There's a dry and thirsty crocodile inside, but nothing else of interest. Exit, turn right and run N about halfway along the temple wall. Turn right and climb the shorter block in the W wall. Take a long running SE and grab the edge of the next higher block. Pull up, turn left and jump W up the slope. Pull up higher and walk forward cautiously. A boulder is poised to roll down from your right, but if you take running jumps N down the left side of the ramp you can scoot left to safety before the boulder reaches you.

Return to the higher block the same way you reached it earlier and hop E onto the temple ledge. You can see the shotgun ammo beyond the gate, but you can't get at it from here. However, there's a spare SHOTGUN nearby on this side of the gate. Go back the other way, jump up the slope at the S wall and pull up two times N. Follow the passage, jump over the breaktiles and pull down the wall switch at the end. Get back down to the temple ledge and follow it around the corner. You'll be attacked by two bats as you near the SE corner. Look down, drop into the water and swim through the opened gate. Loop around right and find an underwater lever to pull. Go back, surface and pull out.

Go around to the W side of the temple, shooting a lion along the way (it may or may not show up), and use the blocks once more to reach the temple ledge. Follow around to where you met the bats earlier and find that the gate there is now open. Drop down into the pool area you saw earlier through a closed gate. Jump into the water, find the small medipack at the SE corner and swim down the central hole. Follow the side passage for a large medipack, return and pull out of the water. Move the block onto the omega tile to lift a platform high up in the N wall. Run N up the ramp, jump to the flat surface, pull up into the opening and take a running jump slightly SE onto the raised platform. Hop over the fence onto the balcony and follow around to find the UZIS near a divan and shotgun ammo on the other side of the same divan (the same shotgun ammo you saw earlier from the outside ledge).

Continue around the balcony, jump E over the gap and go to the wall. Turn right and jump N to grab the platform. Pull up and use the wall switch to open a door down below. Safety drop onto the pushblock and hop down to find the opened door in the E wall. Run forward, climb the block straight ahead and pull up higher right. Run forward onto a balcony encircling a neglected garden. Inside the garden is a very hard-to-see RUSTY KEY. Get back down to the pool area and use the ramp to access the N opening once again. Exit to the outer ledge and run to the NW corner. Take a running jump N to grab the rock ledge, then shimmy left to pull up onto a flat surface. Save your game, then take a running jump NW to land on the block and trigger a boulder. Jump straight up to avoid the boulder and go where it came from. Loop around and pull up twice to find an open gateway.

Jump forward onto the nearest block ledge and shoot two bats. Continue SE along the ledges and take a curved running jump around the corner with control to glide into the E alcove. Pull down the wall switch to hear a door opening somewhere and go back the way you came. Jump W and enter the opened gateway. Make your way down to the temple floor. You probably have discovered by now that you can't crouch or shimmy around corners in this game, just as in TR1. Run to the W wall, as you did at the start of the level, and turn right to find the opened doorway at the end of the passage. Enter and shoot two bats. A lion may sneak up on you from behind. Climb up onto the corner block and hop down NE for a small medipack. Get back on the block and pull up E onto a terrace for another hard-to-see RUSTY KEY. Get back down to the temple area and use the Rusty Keys to open one of the nearby double doors.

Shoot two lions and enter the next area. Run straight forward to find shotgun ammo and another spare SHOTGUN. Follow the rim along the W wall into the N opening. There's shotgun ammo in the left alcove and uzi ammo in the right alcove. Continue counterclockwise around the rim and pull up E onto a block just to the right of the structure. Pull up left onto the roof, hop forward and hop down for a small medipack. Hop back and grab the edge there and shimmy left past the slope. Pull up onto a flat surface, turn left and pull up into the dark opening. Pull up higher to find a wall switch. Pull it down to open a trap door at the bottom of the pit. Drop down, turn around and run out of the opening with grab (remember, no crouching in this game). Hang from the edge, shimmy right and drop down onto a block. Hop forward into a short passage with a small medipack at the end.

Get out and slide to the bottom of the pit. Find the opened trap door and hop down. Slide down a long ramp as a boulder follows behind you. Safely down in the next room, get up onto the block for shotgun ammo. Safety drop down the hole in the floor, draw your shotgun as you slide down and deal with the waiting lion. Walk to the water's edge and target the crocodile circling in anticipation of your entry. Jump into the water and swim forward a bit. Loop around right to find a place where you can surface. Pull out and climb the blocks until you reach a higher area overlooking the water. Turn right and use the wall switch. Jump back into the water and find the opened W gate.

Swim inside as the gate closes behind you. You need to perform the next tasks quickly, as there's no available air supply. Find and pull three underwater levers, two of them in opposite walls of the central structure and the third in the SW corner. The gate opens in the W face of the central structure. Swim inside and surface for air. Return to the previous room if you like and search the floor grates for 2 x shotgun ammo. Pull out of the water, and as you approach the W opening the swinging blade is activated. Get past it and stop before proceeding into the passage. Two boulders are there, one on either side, so roll twice in quick succession to avoid them.

Squeeze past the boulders and pull up W two times into a passage. Step onto the trigger tile to open the gate. Slide down the ramp as the door ahead opens and as you inevitably trigger another boulder. Jump off at the last instant and grab the ledge as the boulder drops down behind you. Pull up and follow into the next area. Shoot two lions and go where they came from. Loop around left to find a pushblock. Pull it out of the wall and move it laboriously all the way around in a horseshoe circuit until it comes to rest under the ceiling omega tile. The nearby door opens, so go on through after saving your game (so you won't have to go though that pushblock ordeal again in case you die) and take a few steps onto the bridge. The door closes behind you ominously, and sure enough, if you stoop to pick up the shotgun ammo a boulder rolls forward to crush you. Simply trigger the boulder and jump over it as it approaches, then grab the shotgun ammo at your leisure.

Continue W, hop down, slide and jump over the spikes, and prepare to deal with three lions and a crocodile. Before proceeding further, flush out two more lions to clear the area, one beyond the S opening and the other beyond the N opening. With peace restored, enter the S opening and follow around to a block. Pull up and enter a small caged area. Pull down the wall switch as Lara looks left beyond the gate. Get down and return to the area where you fought all those enemies. Enter the N opening, turn left and pull up into another caged area where two bats attack. If you're playing the revised version of this game, the door in the NE corner should be open. Go into the next room and take the RUSTY KEY from the raised platform.

Return to face another lion on the way back to the main area, then locate the high opening looking SW from the spikes. Run up the ramp past the opened door and follow the passage to the end. Pull up right two times and face not one but two boulders rolling down in tandem toward you. Hop back, hang and drop as the boulders pass by. Pull back up and run forward. Pull up E three times and enter a cavern. Shoot a lion, go into the S room and pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door behind you. Drop down into a familiar passage. The omega tile no longer acts as a trigger to open the gate, but that's not where you want to go anyway. Instead, go E and hop down over the boulder and past the swinging blade. Jump into the water and swim W into the underwater area. Turn left and swim into the N passage past the opened gate. Surface, pull out left and run toward the closed door. Use the Rusty Key to open it and run forward to start the next level.


Step out of the passage to break the fixed camera and the door closes behind you. Wait for two bats to arrive, deal with them and then target two crocodiles in the water. Find the S passage and follow around to climb into a room with a pushblock. First get the uzi ammo in the opening that overlooks the water, then move the block so that it blocks the opening, then one square beyond that. The block can be pushed over the edge, but don't do that. Go back down and look up to see that the block now fills in a shimmy crack. Get up on the nearby corner block, jump up to grab the crack and shimmy right past the pushblock until you can pull up in front of a wall switch that opens a nearby gate.

Turn around and take a running jump N to grab the edge of an opening. Pull up and hop down left for a small medipack. Get back and safety drop to the ground. Run around the lake and jump N to the ledge opposite the waterfall. Jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction, and from the last one you can see the opened gate ahead. However, first turn around and save your game (you're cramped for space here). Take a curved running jump S and grab the edge of an opening. Pull up inside, step forward and pull up right for SECRET #4. Pick up shotgun ammo and a large medipack. Get down, jump into the water and pull out N in front of the opened gate. Go on inside, note the hole in the ceiling and follow around to an opening on your left. Go inside and move the pushblock onto the omega tile to open the gate that was blocking your progress.

If you wish to digress for another secret, follow this paragraph. Otherwise, skip down to the next paragraph. Move the pushblock in this small room to the outer passage. Move it W along the passage until it's directly below the hole in the ceiling in the next room. Pull up onto the roof of the structure and shoot three bats. Investigate the immediate area for uzi ammo and a small medipack. Stand jump E with grab toward the waterfall and you'll land inside a passage. Step forward for SECRET #5 and pick up the shotgun ammo and a spare set of UZIS a little further on.

Turn around, jump into the water and swim quickly to evade two crocodiles. Find the NE passage, swim inside and pull out. Follow around to some steps and pick up the IRON KEY. The gate ahead opens, so step forward and deal with the crocs below. Take a running jump NW to the block, a running jump SW to the next block, and a running jump and grab W past the waterfall to the last block. Pull up and jump E to grab the roof of the structure. Pull up, hop down the hole and return to the gate you opened earlier with the pushblock. Enter a new area and shoot the lion. Note what appear to be (but aren't) two pushblocks, one at floor level and the other resting on a static block. Use the lower one to access the higher one and jump E to grab the ledge. Pull up, run around and jump to grab the crack in the N wall. Shimmy right until you can pull up into an alcove.

Reverse roll and take a running jump S to grab the ledge. Pull up, continue around and jump E to grab the next ledge. Pull up in cramped quarters and hop into the small fenced enclosure. Use the Iron Key to open a gate down at floor level. Take a couple of safety drops to get back down and enter the opened NE gateway. Follow the passage to a large medipack, then go back a bit and slide down the long slope, jumping over a spike pit as you turn the corner. The inevitable boulder is chasing you, so jump off with a left curve out of its way when you reach what appears to be a lions' den. Shoot three lions and explore this vast area. There are a number of side passages, but you can start by grabbing the small medipack in the middle W archway near the back gate.

Go to the edge of the wide N ramp. To your left, in the E wall, is an opening you can hop into. Hop down NE from there into an area where two bats attack. Locate the E opening that overlooks a spike pit. Jump SE to the wall switch and pull it down to lift a gate somewhere. Jump back and return to the lions' den. Enter the left W archway and turn left into the side passage. Follow around, passing a closed gate on your left, to another open area. A boulder is triggered just before you enter, but it's easily avoided. Two lions are waiting in the new area (the boulder conveniently killed one of them for me).

Climb the N block to the right of the temple door and jump E to grab the roof. Pull up to find a small medipack. Go to the E end and take a running jump to the flat block in the corner. Turn left and take a curved jump around the corner to land on the next block. Another stand jump brings you to the E entrance. Step into a seemingly empty room. There's a pushblock hidden in the column just inside the entrance to this room, and another pushblock in the opposite NE column. If you stand in the NW corner you get an aerial view of the lions' den. You need to move the pushblocks onto the tiles that correspond to the locations of the blocks down below. Starting at the entrance, move that block three times N and one time E. Move the other (NE) block three times S and two times W. The temple door should now be open, so get down there and find a wall switch to pull.

Reverse roll and exit S toward the lions' den. Just before you get there you find that the gate on your right is now open. Enter and turn right, pull up N two times (note the spikes on your right) and W one time. Face S and take a tricky running jump through a triangular opening onto a block (grab the edge if necessary and pull up). Hop SW to the opening and slide down into the next area. Run S and find a small medipack between the last two columns. The gate you lifted earlier is ahead W, so enter and look left to see three boulders. They don't roll down arm in arm, however, so you can easily escape harm after you trigger them. Go where they came from and climb the block. For some reason you can't grab the next block E, so stand jump onto the lower corner and pull up higher E. Another boulder is triggered, so hop back, grab and hold until the boulder passes by. Pull back up to find an elevated canal.

Don't jump into the water, or you won't be able to pull back out. Run along the ledge until you attract the attention of three bats. Jump across the water to the parallel ledge and go S to find shotgun ammo. Reverse roll and follow this ledge around to the other end for another spare set of UZIS. Hop across N to the first ledge and take a long running jump E across the gap to grab the facing ledge. Pull up and face a tailor-made boulder trap. Sure enough, when you walk up the ramp and jump up the slope from the left side, a boulder comes tumbling down. There's a closed door at the end of the passage where the boulder came from.

Go down and stand at the SW corner of the ledge. Hop down to a small ledge jutting out from the wall. From here you can target and kill two crocodiles swimming about in the water below, but you'll need to exercise some patience. Safety drop from the ledge and slide down into the water. Swim E and loop around right at the gate to find an underwater lever. When you pull it, the door in the boulder passage opens. Swim back and turn right just past the first column. Loop around right and follow in a clockwise pattern until you can surface and pull out S for a large medipack. Pull up left and slide back down into the water. Swim all the way W, turn right at the waterfall and go to near the end for a small medipack.

Go back the way you came, turn left and find a narrow passage to your left a bit before you reach the first column. Enter, swim up, surface and pull out. Follow around and jump over the water onto a rock bridge. Turn left and make your way N along the rock bridge. Hop down right onto the terrace at the end and prepare to do battle with two lions. Follow the terrace past two closed doors and find the same opened gate to your left at the end that you entered earlier. Turn left and climb the same block as before, only this time it's occupied by the boulder you evaded earlier. Jump to the lower corner of the next block and pull up higher. You're back at the elevated canal.

Go around right and jump E across the gap as you did before. Go up the boulder ramp to find the opened door at the end of the passage. Enter and jump left over the spike pit into a small, seemingly barren room. You'll find the RUSTY KEY on the raised corner platform. Stand jump over the spike pit to grab the higher edge. Pull up and run back down the boulder ramp. Loop around left to the NE end of the ledge. Save your game and take a banana jump N and left around the corner of the sloped obstruction to land beyond it on a flat surface. You have to clear the jutting wall as well, which is not at all easy. When you're successful you can stand jump NE down into a hole for SECRET #6. Pick up 2 x shotgun ammo and uzi ammo for your trouble, jump out W and land in the water.

Swim W toward the waterfall, turn right past the second column into the passage you encountered earlier. Pull out and go around to jump to the rock bridge. Turn left and follow the rock bridge to the terrace, past those closed doors and into the opened gateway at the end. Climb the blocks to get back to the elevated canal. This time go left and stop about two blocks from the end. Turn right and take a running jump E to grab a flat ledge. Pull up and hop NE to the next ledge. Follow the path around to a clearing where four bats attack. Continue hopping ledges in a NE direction. When you reach the last one, face the E wall without stepping into the opening to your left. Reverse roll twice in quick succession to trigger the lurking boulder. Go where it came from and save your game before pulling the timed wall switch. You might first want to make a test run of the route described below.

Action music starts playing, which causes your adrenalin to start pumping. Reverse roll and run to the NW corner of the outside ledge. Without stopping, take a running jump N with a left curve to land on the slope ahead. Immediately back flip to land on the rock bridge. Turn left a step or two, safety drop (not into the water), take a rolling back flip off the slope and upon landing take running jumps forward and to your right SW past the arched openings into a dark passage with the timed door at the end. With a little practice you should be able to make it with time to spare.

In this new room, which you saw through the gates on the other side, climb up onto the central platform and take the second RUSTY KEY from the raised platform. Go to the SE corner and step on the omega tile to open a door in the NE corner. Go there and exit to the previous open area. Go down the N ramp and shoot the lion lurking down below. There's a small medipack on one of the slabs. Use the two Rusty Keys to open one of the N double doors and enter. In the next room you'll encounter Pierre and two lions. Pierre appears willing to help fight the lions, but he keeps firing aimlessly and is of no assistance at all. After you kill the lions Pierre starts firing at you, so kill him as well. He drops the GOLD KEY, which you can use to lift the E gate. Follow the passage and turn right past the swinging blade into a small room. When you approach whatever is on the plinth, the level ends.

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Re: Secret of Mount Parnassus

Post by TombTitan » 23 Feb 2019 05:24

An alternate way to do the timed run at the end with somewhat less health loss (if done right) and also easier than Doggett's video method (and the written walkthrough) is as follows:

After pulling the timed switch, roll and run back the way you came from the bridge making the appropriate turns to the right and ledge jumps to avoid hitting rock walls. On the last flat sloped ledge opposite the bridge, jump and grab the bridge but immediately shimmy slightly to the right to drop down over the rock below and go forward and jump into the opening corridor to the open door (from the timed switch) before it closes. You will probably need to hop back and turn left on that last flat ledge to make the jump to the bridge.

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