Snow Adventure

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Snow Adventure

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Level by LionGirl 90

Walkthrough by José

Turn right and pick up the small medipack near the corner; continue through the snowy passage to a wider area. Turn left and near the S corner pick up the SHOTGUN. Now climb the broken pillar near the N wall and jump up to grab the upper ledge; shoot the bats, turn left and jump into the hole in the wall near the NW corner to get SECRET #1: Von Croy's glasses.

Go back outside and to the opposite side of the ledge, jump over the gray slope near the NE corner and continue through the crawlspace to find a small room. Climb the block in the corner and even higher, take a running jump to grab the edge of the opening near the corner and drop from the other side to find yourself on a high ledge overlooking the main room. Drop onto the ledge below and locate the jumpswitch near the SW corner to open the door in the E wall.

Go there and continue to find a small room where you'll shoot a mutant, advance through the next opening to find a room with a small igloo and a closed door with a keyhole. Notice that one of the pillars has a surface with a different texture: it's climbable. Climb to the top to get SECRET #2: the glasses and shotgun shells.

Safely drop to ground floor and jump into the small pool in the NW corner, in the room with the lion ignore the hole in the floor and continue swimming through the NW opening to find an UW maze. Swim always to your right when possible to find a small medipack; turn around and continue swimming always to your right until you eventually find a water canal with flares where you can take a breath.

Climb the opening near the flares to find another maze; take the left branch first to find SECRET #3: the glasses and flares. Go back to the entrance and take the other branch to find a crawlspace at the end of the path.

In the next room drop to ground floor and pick up the REVOLVER in the center of the room, alerting three big spiders. Quickly climb the ladder and go through the crawlspace to find a small room with another big spider you must shoot this time. Pick up the small medipack and look for an opening in the NW corner, continue, pick up revolver ammo in the corridor and the LASERSIGHT at the other side; continue crawling until you can stand up and from the opening overlooking the room with the spiders you can take a running jump to the block in front of the entrance. From here you can safely dispatch the spiders if you want.

Now go back the way you came through the dry maze and the UW maze to the UW room with the lion statue; look for a hole in the floor near the SE corner and swim through. In the room with the closed door shoot the vase to get a small medipack, then go to the very NE corner near the snowy mound, turn around and look up to the ceiling to spot a blue ball hidden behind the snow; shoot it with revolver+sight to open the nearby door.

In the next room shoot up to three mutants; there is a hole in the very NW corner behind the snowy slopes with the SECRET #4: the glasses. Climb the pillar in the NE corner, jump from ledge to ledge to the S side of the room to find a KEY. Now go back to the previous room, to the UW room with the lion statue and through the S opening to the room with the closed door and the keyhole. Open the door with the key and enter, pick up the small medipack, mount the QUAD and drive up the ramp to a new area with another closed door.

Dismount and jump into the small pool in the corner, follow the UW winding path and when you reach a reddish room with a plant, swim into the crawlspace near the corner to get the SECRET #5: the glasses. Continue swimming until you eventually can surface. Advance and climb the snowy blocks to shoot a vase and pick up a small medipack; continue and you'll find yourself back in the room where you parked the quad, pull the switch to open the door and drop to ground floor.

If you want the next secret don't mount the quad, but go inside the next area, right/left and look for a hole near the icy crystals to get the SECRET #6: the glasses. Go back to the room with the quad, mount it and drive up the wide ramp, take a boost at the end of the path to save the pit. Advance and once you go up the next ramp, in the room with brown walls and water canals, dismount and drop into the water area near the E wall to get the SECRET #7: the glasses. In the narrow corridor there is a ladder so you can go up.

Advance and dismount in the room with two closed doors and the receptacle, pick up the flares on the block near the entrance and continue through the S opening, up the stairs either way left or right and up the next stairs to find a room with another closed door and receptacle.

First go through the left opening in the E wall and jump into the pool with the plants, locate the UW crawlspace hidden behind the plants and continue swimming to find a room where you can surface. Forget the UW crawlspace and go out of the water in the N side, now use the sloped blocks to reach the platform with the statues and get the CARTOUCHE PIECE 1. Jump into the water and swim back to the initial room with the small pool flanked with green plants.

Pick up the revolver ammo near the pillar next to the opening in the SE corner and go inside. In this new room climb the high opening behind the lion statue and follow the only possible path shooting some bats on your way until you find a wide snowy area with a small igloo. On the gray ledges with the tree near the SW corner there are shotgun shells; continue climbing the N blocks, going through the crawlspace and shooting some crocs. Finally run up the wide steps and in that dark and last crawlspace you can pick up the BLUE KEY. Now go all the long way back to the corridor with the receptacle for the cartouche the way you came.

Now go through the opening in the W wall and in the dark room shoot a couple of mutants; there is a passage in the NW corner leading to a small room where you can pick up some flares. Back to the main room look for a crawlspace in the W wall, at the back of the room and continue through a series of crawlspaces until you find a lightened area with a deep pit. Jump from ledge to ledge and onto the sloped blocks until you stop on a flat ledge, take a running jump to grab the long ladder in the corner and climb down to shoot a bunch of mutants and pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 in the center of the room.

There is a hole in the SW corner of this place, drop down and go through the crawlspace; in the next room pick up the small medipack and continue until you find a long zigzag staircase. Next to the top notice the jumpswitch in the S wall and pull it to open the exit door at the top of the stairs. From the dinning room exit through the NW opening (the other opening leads to the dark room you visited before) and combine the cartouche pieces to form the BA CARTOUCHE to open the door.

Use the blue key to open the next door and shoot the big spider in the dark room; there is a crawlspace in the corner leading to another dark room with several chains you'll need to avoid the best you can. The next room has more swinging chains, a big spider to shoot and some deadly fire tiles on the floor to avoid. Finally you'll find a corridor with a spiked ball trap (easy to avoid) and a room with the HAND OF ORION.

There is a crawlspace in a corner of this room, go inside, jump into the water hole and swim around the brown building to find an UW opening in the N wall; at the end of the path pull the floor lever to open the exit door and find yourself back in the room where you parked the quad a long time ago. Use the Hand to open the door, mount the quad and drive up the ramp to finish the level.

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