Temple of Tinnos

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Temple of Tinnos

Post by Phil » 11 Jan 2019 11:57


Level by Osvaldo

Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walkthrough

This time we play as long-tailed Masurao rather than as Lara. Check the corners of this room for a small medipack and shotgun ammo, then activate the reach-in switch in the SE corner to open the S door. Enter the passage and loop around right in what I'll call the hub room (after shooting a flying crystal) to come into a larger room. Shoot the scorpion and the S vase for flares. Use the reach-in switch in the N wall to the right of the columns to open the E gate and release another flying crystal. Before leaving, note the lowered platforms on the two columns.

Go up the E steps, shoot a scorpion and note three alcoves with wall switches, two of them protected by flames. Go to the middle alcove and save your game in front of the wall switch for a timed exercise. Pull the switch to extinguish the flames temporarily in the alcoves to your left and right, go first to the one on your left and pull the switch there to raise one of the platforms in the previous room, return to the middle alcove and pull the switch again, then go to the other alcove and pull the switch there to raise the other platform. Return to the previous room, turn left and hop into the NE alcove, turn right and jump to grab the first raised platform, pull up and jump to the next, then jump forward to grab the ledge. Shimmy right past both statues and pull up in the SE corner.

Enter the crawl space and shoot the flying crystal when you can stand. Climb over the W blocks and pull down the wall switch to open the W door down below in the hub room. Safety drop from the lower ledge and enter the W passage. At the intersection a mummy comes lurching toward you from the left, so go right and loop around into the next area to face a row of five buttons. Counting from left to right, push #2, #4 and #5 to open the gate in the middle alcove behind you and awaken a second mummy. Enter the passage and follow around to a room with face tiles in the walls.

Shoot a flying crystal. The face tile in the E wall is a pushblock, so pull it into the room to reveal an alcove with a wall switch. Another flying crystal may appear. Pull down the switch to raise a platform in the SW corner. Use the pushblock to reach the raised platform and hop up onto the S ledge. Shoot the flying crystal and enter the S passage. Use the reach-in switch in the corner to your left for a large medipack and continue to a ledge overlooking the five-button area. Take the TEMPLE KEY from the plinth and watch the corner statues ahead shift position.

Safety drop to the room below and exit E to the hub room. Loop around left and use the Temple Key to open the S doors. Follow the passage to a large room where three ninjas attack. One of them drops uzi ammo. Go all the way to the back SE corner and a steel door opens upon your approach. Enter and deal with two more ninjas. Go around the small room and pick up a small medipack dropped by one of the ninjas, revolver ammo, shotgun ammo and the HAND OF SIRIUS. Another ninja materializes at the doorway.

Exit this room, run NW and turn left at the searchlight to find a closed door and a receptacle that accommodates the Hand of Sirius. Use it to open the gate to your right. Enter and climb the ladder to an upper area. Use the reach-in switch in the NE corner for the SHOTGUN. Reverse roll and enter the S hallway. Run to the far wall and use the reach-in switch in the corner for the LASER SIGHT. Loop around the approaching mummy past a closed gate and pull down the wall switch in the NE corner to open a gate elsewhere. It's timed, however, and at this point you have no idea where to go, so obviously you'll be back here later. Reverse roll, pick up the shotgun ammo and shoot a flying crystal.

Exit W and jump through one of the openings onto the roof of the central structure. Go to the SW column and see the crack in the S column. Jump to it, grab and shimmy left around two corners until you can pull up in front of a wall switch. Pull it down to open a grated door somewhere. Safety drop to the floor, go NE and right at the searchlight to re-enter the E gateway you opened with the Hand of Sirius. Climb the ladder once again, turn left and run past the mummy to the timed wall switch you pulled down earlier. You still don't know where to go, but I'll tell you. Save your game.

Pull down the wall switch, reverse roll and run W to jump once more onto the roof of the central structure. Run diagonally left toward the NW corner and jump over to the ledge. Turn left to see the timed gate and run N past it into the opening. Follow the passage to a slope. Save your game again and slide down to a room with a descending corkscrew ceiling. Push the buttons in the four corners to open the S gate and dash through before you're skewered. Follow to a small room with a closed gate and an apparent dead end.

However, you can step on the NE tile, where you may have seen a small flame as you entered, and the E gate opens. Enter the small room and take the HAND OF ORION from the plinth. Shoot the NW vase for the REVOLVER and affix the laser sight to it. Pull down the SE wall switch to open the exit gate. Return to a familiar area and shoot two ninjas. One of them drops revolver ammo. In preparation for a secret, go to the SW corner, turn to face N and look up to see the bottom part of a globe suspended within a ceiling hole. Shoot it to release two flying crystals.

Exit this room NW and return to the hub room. Follow the NE passage to the next room. Enter the opened SE gateway for SECRET #1. Side jump past the blade hoop and plunder the next room for a small medipack, flares, the UZIS and 2 x uzi ammo. Return to the hub room and continue S to the room where you encountered all those ninjas earlier. Enter the passage in the NE corner to find a receptacle for the Hand of Orion. Use it to open the door and follow to a new area with four closed gates.

Use the pole to slide down to the lower floor. The vase in the SW corner contains shotgun ammo. Go to the N side room and push the floor lever to trigger a flyby that indicates a fairly elaborate sequence to follow. But first, push the floor lever back the other way to lower a trap door that provides access to the next secret. Return to the pole, face the N wall, climb up and back flip onto the ledge. Turn left and run E past the opened gate as it slams shut behind you. Step out onto a ledge and safety drop into an underground area. Pull down the wall switch in the NW alcove, reverse roll and climb the blocks in the SW corner, jump up E, turn slightly right and take a running jump onto the raised platform in the SE corner. Enter the alcove to your left and pull down the wall switch there to open a door.

Safety drop to the ground, return to the NW alcove and pull the wall switch back up. Use the SW blocks again, but this time to get back up to the ledge at the entrance. Run straight across and jump N onto a corner block. Stand jump NE onto another raised platform and continue across a gap to the E ledge. Enter the N passage and follow to a maze-like area.

Turn right at the wall, take the first left and loop around to the next wall (N). Turn left, then right, then right again and drop down through the opened trap door for SECRET #2. Grab 2 x shotgun ammo, flares and a large medipack, then pull back out and retrace your steps to the entrance (pausing for uzi ammo in the nearby SE alcove). You can explore the maze for a small medipack and more uzi ammo if you like. From the entrance, make your way to the far NW corner of the maze-like area to find the exit passage. Save your game at the top of the S ramp and note the spike ball hanging above you.

Sprint down the ramp, slow to a run as spikes appear in front of you, and jump over the spike pit with grab at the last instant to land safely on the other side. Take the TINNOS MASK from the plinth and the SE door opens. Follow to a dark passage as the door closes behind you. Light a flare to find a wall switch in the W alcove. Continuing along the passage leads to a water hole for later. Pull down the wall switch to open the gate and return to the room with the pole. There's uzi ammo on the sunken part of the floor opposite the opening to the N side room in case you missed it earlier.

Climb the pole and back flip onto the ledge. This time turn right and enter the W passage as the gate slams shut behind you. Go down the ramp and shoot a flying crystal. Follow to the end (the N opening leads to the same place you'll go to next) for flares, enter the crawl space and when you can stand up, note the closed door to your left and pull up right. Continue to an underground room where you have a choice between two routes. Take the left (N) route, as the S route leads back to where you came from. Go over the breaktiles to an alcove with a button that opens the door you noted a moment ago.

Go back over the deadly pits revealed by the broken breaktiles. Loop around right, vault up E and hop down in front of the opened door in the NE corner. Enter and follow the passage past a closed gate to a mirror room where there's no mirror, although you can see your "reflected image" ahead. Make your way carefully, avoiding the spike tiles, to the E wall, pick up the uzi ammo you can see your counterpart standing near, turn left and walk a couple of steps S. Jump over the spike tile onto the SE block, which is a trigger tile that opens the gate in the previous passage. Exit this room carefully, follow the passage and go through the opened gateway to find a second TINNOS MASK on a plinth.

When you pick it up an earthquake ensues, so it would be best to get out of here quickly. Exit this room, follow the passage to where you can pull up W as you did before, and look down to see the entire floor in the next room has become deadly, make your way S through the opening and hop down as debris falls around you. Turn right and locate the hole in the floor. Climb down the ladder and drop down into a lower passage. Follow it around as the earthquake eases in intensity and eventually stops. Pull down the wall switch to open a trap door and climb the ladder to a familiar passage.

Either hop into the W alcove or wait for the trap door to close again so you can simply walk there. Pull the wall switch back up to open the gate and return to the room with the pole. Climb the pole as before and back flip onto the ledge. The E and W gates are now closed, so enter the open S gateway and follow to a huge room with pillars and many traps.

Jump the pillars toward the E wall switch and wait for the flames to subside. Jump to the switch, pull it down to open the exit gate, sidestep away from the switch, reverse roll and jump back to the previous pillar. Continue to the lower pillar S, extinguishing the flames on the adjacent pillar to your left, and continue to the pillar against the W wall. Hop to the corner, climb the E blocks and look across the room. Your destination is the open gate at the NE corner, but there are continuous flame blowers along your route that need to be shut down first.

Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing N past the first intermittent flame blower. Turn left just past it, then turn right and continue all the way to the N end of the ceiling track. Turn around and go back the other way, turn left near the S wall and continue all the way to the W wall. Turn around, go back E, turn right, then left and go all the way past an intermittent flame blower to the E wall. Turn around, and now your way is clear to make your circuit around the rest of the room in a counterclockwise manner and navigate one final intermittent flame blower before dropping down at the NE corner.

Enter the N passage, loop around and climb the ladder to ledges higher up in the flameblower room. Jump over for the shotgun ammo and turn left to pull down the switch in the W wall. Reverse roll and run across the ledges to the E wall switch (timing the flames). Finally, time another flame blower to pull down the SW wall switch, and the S gate opens. Enter and take the third TINNOS MASK from the plinth when the steam issuing from the wall subsides. A trap door has lowered in the SE corner, so drop down and follow the passage over a flame pit. Note the suspended spike ball as you turn the corner.

Run past the spike ball and jump over the flame pit. Time your way past two flame blowers and drop down into a water hole. Swim down, then up and pull out into a dark passage. Follow around to a familiar alcove and pull down the wall switch to open the gate. Return to the room with the pole, climb it and back flip onto the upper ledge. Enter the N gateway (all the others are closed now) and jump into the water hole at the end.

Swim along the passage into a wider area and past a closed gate on your right. Turn the corner and enter the upper opening on the left. Get air if you need it and pull the underwater lever. Flip turn, swim back and loop around left into the other upper opening. Swim up past the opened trap door, surface for air and swim into the W passage. Follow around and keep right to avoid the deadly current drawing you toward the alcove on your left. Pull out at the end and take the fourth TINNOS MASK from the plinth. Use the reach-in switch on your right (no indication of what it does), get back into the water and swim along the passage (staying left this time, it's a bit more difficult on the return trip) past a hole in the floor. Continue to the SE corner and swim down. Follow to an underwater lever that opens the gate you saw earlier.

Exit, turn right two times and swim into the lower W opening. The gate at the end is now open, so follow the passage to a steep shaft. Swim up and pull out into a dark passage. Follow to a wall switch and pull it down to open a trap door, dropping you down into a lower passage. N leads to a dead end, so go the other way and find that familiar alcove once more, this time on your left. Pull the switch back up to open the gate, climb the pole in the next room one last time, back flip to the ledge and exit SW to the room you explored much earlier.

Run W along the wall and loop around left into the E gateway. Climb the ladder to where a mummy is likely lurching about nearby, run past it to the S wall, turn right and loop around to the opened E gate. Time a run past the spikes and shoot two flying crystals in the next room. You can see receptacles for your Tinnos Masks in the N and S walls, so place all four to lower a ceiling trap door. The face tile in the SE corner is a pushblock, so move it under the ceiling hole and climb up into a small cavern area.

Exit SE and the door ahead opens as you approach. Shoot the ninja in the next room and approach the SW door to open it. Step forward to end the level.

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