Underground Water Drain Facility

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Underground Water Drain Facility

Post by Phil » 04 Jan 2019 00:10


Level by StudBuddha

Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walkthrough

Select "City of the Dead" and begin in a dark sewer area. Head to the NE corner past a nonfunctioning sentry gun in the SE corner and climb over the block. Open the small chest (facing N) for flares. Well, that's a start. Go back around to your starting point and head W toward a perfectly functioning sentry gun. There's nothing to do but take the hits as you sprint toward the SW corner and turn left into the short passage. Pull up left into a crawl space and immediately draw your pistols to deal with a poisonous baby spider. Search the small chest in the alcove on your right for flares, uzi ammo and a large medipack.

Continue along the crawl space until you can stand. Go E and be prepared to shoot two more baby spiders. Loop around right near the E wall and pull down a wall switch (screenshot of a gate). Go N and turn left at the wall torch. Open the double doors and shoot the giant spider inside. Go up the N ramp just past the wall torch, reverse roll when the boulder is triggered, run back down and jump to one side to get out of its way. Go back up the ramp and search the small chest in the alcove at the end for shotgun ammo. Turn around and see the wall switch that triggers a cut scene so dark that it conveyed no useful information to me. Go down the ramp and follow the passage W and around to a grate that you can shoot. Keep those pistols out and shoot the soldier who's firing at you from down below.

Drop down into the room and pick up a card of some kind (LOAD in your inventory). Get on the nearby step to trigger open a door. Continue to the NW corner of the sewer area where the level began. The nearby sentry gun looks dormant, but it isn't. If you get too close it will spew flames at you, then start pumping you with lead. Loop around left away from the sentry gun to find a small chest containing a small medipack. Continue toward the NE corner to find a receptacle for your Card. The door to your right opens, so enter the small room to attract a dog and a soldier. Go down the ramp and follow around to a wall switch (dark screen shot of a door opening).

Return to the sewer area and go left, then around right to drop down into the central pit. As you head W a sentry gun is alerted and opens fire, so quickly turn right and run beyond its range. Loop around right and vault up into the E opening. Go down the steps and vault up right into the S opening as a gate opens ahead. Run forward and pull down the wall switch to open a door somewhere. Turn around and go back the way you came. If you stay close to the wall on your left you can avoid the sentry gun's fire on your return trip.

Pull out of the pit in one of the corners and run straight forward through the opened E doorway. Shoot a dog and a soldier, then continue forward past a disabled sentry gun. However, there's another soldier lurking behind it, as well as a fully operative sentry gun against the far wall, so keep to your right and enter the S side room. Search the small chest on the slab (face N) for uzi ammo, revolver ammo, the CROWBAR and a small medipack. A door opens down to your right and a knight comes charging forth.

Exit this room but keep right to avoid the sentry gun's fire. Shoot a soldier at the E end of this room and search the small chest for a small medipack. Exit this area W and drop back down into the central pit. Hazard another run past the sentry gun down there, turn right and this time vault up into the W opening. Use your crowbar to open the gate and be prepared to shoot two baby spiders. Ahead and slightly to the right is a wall switch. Pull it down for a vestige of light via a couple of wall torches and go to the NW corner to find a small chest with uzi ammo, the UZIS, 2 x large medipack and a small medipack. The gate in the SW alcove has opened to release a giant spider. Search the small chest in the alcove for a small medipack and shotgun ammo.

Exit to the central pit, run past the sentry gun and pull out in one of the corners as before. Loop around right and run W in a suicidal dash toward the waiting sentry gun. There's nothing you can do but take its fire and pop medipacks as needed while you operate the crowbar switch on the floor to your left. Hop into the opened doorway ahead and to your right to escape the withering gunfire. Search the nearby small chest for uzi ammo, a large medipack and flares.

Exit, turn right as the sentry gun resumes fire and run E until you're out of its range. Go through the E opening once again, shoot the barriers in front of the inoperative sentry gun and make another suicidal run S toward the working sentry gun and left into the W passage. Shoot the dog and activate the nearby crowbar switch. Shoot the nearby wooden barriers, stoop and crawl backwards to grab the ladder and climb down to the area below. Pull the N pushblock against the S wall so you can access a higher pushblock there. Push the higher block once, then get down and move the lower block through the passage all the way into the N room. The water in this area is deadly. Push the block left into the NW corner and search the small chest in the SE corner for 2 x flares.

Get up on the pushblock, save your game and take a pixel-perfect running jump slightly NW to the left of the pushblock up ahead. Grab the ledge, pull up and push the block twice to reveal first a wall switch and then a crawl space. Pull down the wall switch (1 of 5) for a cut scene of those dormant sentry guns. Enter the crawl space, climb down the ladder and jump over the toxic water to grab the rope. Turn 90 degrees right, jump to grab a second rope, and jump N to the block with a small chest containing the SHOTGUN, a small medipack and shotgun ammo.

Hop down SW to the ledge and shoot two bats. Jump SE to grab the first rope, turn left and jump to the E opening. Climb the ladder, step forward and take a running jump slightly SE to the first of several raised cages in the toxic water. Jump E onto the next cage, turn left and jump N down to a triangular ledge. Pull up onto the block, jump N to the next block, turn left and jump W down to a ledge in the water. Turn right, save your game and take a tricky running jump N from the highest corner of this ledge to grab the block ahead. Pull up and pull down the wall switch (2 of 5) for another cut scene of the dormant sentry guns.

Go back the way you came to the ledge in the water and the tall block with the triangular ledge. From there runjump E and grab the cage. Pull up and runjump S (no grab) down to the next cage. Runjump E to grab and pull up onto the next cage, then runjump NE down to the three-pronged ledge. Stand at the NW corner, save your game and take a running jump slightly NW to land on a slope on the far side of the rock formation. Slide and jump off onto a block and hop N across the gap to a wall switch (3 of 5 and another cut scene of the sentry guns).

Turn around and hop back to the previous block. Turn left and runjump E to the cage. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing E and S to drop down onto the next cage. Save your game (low ceiling) and runjump slightly SE (no grab) from corner to corner to land on the next cage. When you finally get there, save again. Turn left and take another difficult runjump E to grab the ledge beneath another wall switch (4 of 5). Stand away from the switch and runjump with grab back to the previous cage (much easier), pull up and runjump SW to the next cage and S down to a lower cage, then hop to the ledge with the wall switch (5 of 5). You can hear the sound of a trap door opening in the vicinity of the sentry guns.

Use the cages and ledges already visited to go around in a counterclockwise direction to the entrance by which you came and exit S. Climb the ladder SW, loop around right past the dormant sentry guns while the operative one fires at you, and shoot the barriers in the N wall if you didn't do so earlier. Drop down to the pushblock and pull down the N wall switch. A cage rises to provide access to another wall switch in the SW corner. But first, hop down to the floor and pull up into an opening in the SE corner. Go around to find a pushblock. Pull it back, then hop down and go around it so you can push it into the SE corner. Get up on it and pull down the W wall switch (cut scene looking down on a sentry gun).

Hop down and go around to the first pushblock. Get up on it and runjump W to grab the ladder. Shift left around two corners and back flip onto a block. Pull down the nearby wall switch (another overhead view) and push the block to your left two times to reveal an opening to a small, empty room. However, you can go around and pull the block to reveal an alcove containing a wall switch. The same cut scene this time shows a gate opening.

Return to the previous area and pull up next to the first pushblock. Turn around and jump S to grab the ladder. Climb up and loop around left just past the first dormant sentry gun. Go to the E wall where you'll be safe from enemy fire. Face S and pull up above the sentry gun to see the gate that was opened. Step forward into an area guarded by lasers on all sides. Hop over the E vertical laser and step back to avoid the one ahead moving laterally. Run forward, pull down the wall switch, hop back and then jump forward onto a higher ledge. Note the closed door ahead.

Turn left and runjump over the N vertical laser. Vault up twice and pull down the wall switch (cut scene of the closed door). Reverse roll and find a small chest in the corner that contains 2 x shotgun ammo. Reverse roll, hop down and go across to the S side of this area. Pull up into the opening to face two vertical lasers and two swinging spike bags. Time your way past them and pull down the wall switch at the end to open that door behind you.

Go down there and enter the E doorway. Draw your shotgun and deal with three soldiers. While you're so distracted a knight mounts his faithful steed and heads your way, so you need to deal with him by using your pistols to shoot him off his horse. Continue to shoot him in the chest until he dies. Go E up the hill and pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall with your crowbar (shows up incorrectly as the Nitrous Oxide Feeder in your inventory). There's nothing more to do in this vast area, so exit W past the lasers and return to the area with the sentry guns.

Hop down and run W toward the entrance to this area. Shoot the barriers in the SW corner and insert the Golden Star in the adjacent receptacle to open the trap door covering the water drain. The water is safe, so jump in and swim along the passage until you can surface. Get around the large pipe and pull out W into an area where you're met by two soldiers. Locate and search the small chest in the NW alcove for a small medipack and shotgun ammo. The nearby NE passage leads to a trigger tile that opens a door to the previous area. Go SE from the small chest, where the soldiers came from, and enter a new area where you're met by another soldier.

Note the mathematical formulae on the crates and the crowbar switches beneath them. Activate the first switch on the left (X<67, X>6), the third switch on the left (X>25, X<52), the second switch on the right (X>3, X<92) and finally the first switch on the right (X>3, X<550). A cage is raised N, so go back there and use the corner crate to access the raised cage. Pull down the wall switch, hop down and go S toward the crowbar switch area. Veer right instead and safety drop from the opening to land on a slope and slide down to a lower area laced with water trenches and numerous pushable crates.

The crates we're interested in are at the SE corner. Go there, push the higher crate once N, reverse roll and pull the corner crate once, hop down and push the lower crate once W, reverse roll and pull the crate away from the SE corner, climb over it and hop down to find the GOLDEN KEY (LOAD for the unsophisticated). Go all the way across to the NW corner, get on the stone blocks there and hop up NE to find another pushcrate. Push it E four times to reveal a keyhole. Insert the Golden Key here and slide N down the slope to end the level and crash to the desktop.

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