A Time Foregot 2

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A Time Foregot 2

Post by Phil » 29 Dec 2018 15:31


Levels by Jeff Sadler

Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walk


Lara begins in a small desert valley facing a palm tree, a snake, the SHOTGUN along with shotgun ammo, and half of the EYE PIECE. Continue past the palm tree to find another snake and flares. Enter the dark passage and come to a hub room. Two of the three side passages are blocked, so turn right into the E opening. Shoot the two vases around the corner for 2 x small medipack. Drop down into the trench and climb up S into a large and dark maze-like area.

Pick up the nearby flares and remember that the exit hole is in the NW corner. Turn left into the empty E room and wait from an MP to approach from the N room to your left. Don't attempt to go where he came from, as there's an unmarked spike trap in the sunken floor strip in the hall that you can't jump over without dying. Instead, continue E into the next room and take the BA CARTOUCHE from the raised platform. Turn left into the N hallway. The spike trench here can be jumped over safely, so do that and enter the empty N room.

Turn left, go through the hallway into the W room and see a dart trap being activated to your left. An MP attacks from your right. Go where he came from into the N room and another dart trap is activated on your left. Crawl under the dart trap into the W room and pull the crate away from the corner. Pick up the flares it was covering and proceed into the blocked-off N hallway for shotgun ammo.

Go back E, under the dart trap, right into the S room, left through the hallway into the E room, right with a jump over the spike trench and into the S room, right through the hallway into the W room (watch out for the dart trap on the left side) and straight ahead into the next W room to find that a block has risen to prevent you from leaving the way you came. You need to find another way out of here, so retrace your steps to the room with the crate and push it all the way into the NE corner. A pole has magically appeared on the raised platform beside you, so climb it and back flip into an upper area.

Head N between the statues and down the steps into a sewer. The water looks nasty but it's quite safe. Follow the left ledge around to a phantom plinth bearing a large medipack. Follow the parallel ledge past a closed gate with flares behind it and continue to a dead end. Jump across to the other side and follow the ledge around to a crawl space. Enter and crawl a considerable distance to an area where you can stand to hear the chimes for SECRET #1 (although it didn't register in my stats). Collect the 2 x flares, shotgun ammo and a small medipack, then crawl back the way you came.

Jump across the water to the S wall, turn left and go to a room with a receptacle for the Ba Cartouche (avoid the spike tile in the middle of the floor). Nothing seems to happen when you insert it, so leave this room, continue left along the ledge and go the steps to the pole you used earlier.

Slide down to the maze-like area, exit E, crawl under the darts, go right, then left, then right again, jump over the spike trench, right once more and straight W to the NW room where that block has vanished. Climb down the ladder, run up the ramp and continue through the W passage to the hub room.

The W gate has opened, so continue to a room with two ramps. Push the floor lever to open the N gate in the hub room. However, reverse roll and continue W up the ramp to find another closed gate at the top along with 2 x flares on the side ledges. Return to the hub room and turn left into the N passage. Come to another room with two ramps. Go up either side and loop around to find flares at the end. Do the same on the other side. As there's nothing else up here, go down one of the ramps and loop around at the bottom into the N passage separating them.

Climb the blocks and drop down at the end into some water. Swim through the N passage and pull out at the end. Push the floor lever (again, with no clue as to what just happened), swim back and pull out S. Hop down the blocks, return to the hub room, turn right into the W side room, go up one of the ramps and find that the gate at the top is now open. Go on through and approach a closed door, which opens automatically.

In the next room you'll find the other EYE PIECE on one of the plinths. Go back and continue clockwise up the sloped passage. When you reach the top another door opens upon your approach (it wouldn't have had you not obtained the other Eye Piece first). Continue around to a wall. Combine the pieces and insert the EYE OF HORUS in the receptacle. Follow the passage around, climb the block at the end and step forward into an outdoor area. A door ahead opens and then closes as you approach. Shoot two snakes (one hidden around the corner to your right) and loop around right to find shotgun ammo.

Go back to where you pulled up and step on the trigger tile there to re-open the door. This time sprint forward through the doorway before the door closes and slide down the other side to trigger a flyby. Slide down further toward the Jeeps, shoot two MPs and a snake, then run into the N passage. The vases in the alcoves are empty, so run down the ramp and slide to end the level.


Pick up the shotgun ammo at your feet. Slide down and drop to the area below. Follow the winding passage to an open area guarded by two skeletons. Use the shotgun to blast them into one of the lava moats. Get onto the short wall surrounding the E lava moat and jump S to grab the higher ledge. Turn right and find shotgun ammo at the far end. Note the nearby trap at a flat spot where you could otherwise pull up from the ground (there are others in the area, so avoid them). Jump up higher S for flares and a small medipack at one end and shotgun ammo at the other. At the end with the shotgun ammo, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the W wall. Release and pick up the ORNATE HANDLE. Safety drop from the N side and go to the W lava moat.

There's a safe area at the NW corner, so hop down from the central platform and the face door opens automatically. Activate the jump switch at the end of the passage to open the door next to the E lava moat. Go there, enter and climb the SE ladder. Shift left past the opening and drop down into an upper passage. Follow around to a dark stairway. Go down to the bottom and ignore the first coffin you see. Vault up right to see a second coffin and open it for a large medipack. Note the nearby ladder. Go back to the first coffin and open it for shotgun ammo. A skeleton is awakened, so run past it quickly to the ladder you saw and climb it.

When you pull up the face door to your right opens slowly. Go up the ramp to a ledge overlooking the area and jump N onto a raised platform. Jump further N and climb the blocks up to the S ledge. Follow around to a dais with shotgun ammo and the HATHOR EFFIGY. Return to the ledge, drop down the blocks and run up the W steps. The skeleton will follow, so draw your shotgun and blast it down the ladder hole before climbing down after it.

Back in the room with the lava moats, note the crawl space down in the safe NE corner. However, at present it's blocked, so go to the N door on the left, combine the Ornate Handle and Hathor Effigy and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the pole to open the door. Follow the passage to an extremely dark room. Climb onto the block ahead, hop SW to the next one and NW onto the ledge, draw your shotgun and shoot the evil fairy floating ominously in the distance ahead. Hop to the N ledge and pick up the large medipack.

Safety drop from there and follow around to a new room partially filled with quicksand. Run to the central block, turn around and shoot the evil fairy who has materialized near the SE corner. Run to the SW corner near the entrance, climb the ladder and drop off left onto the upper ledge. Deal with the centaur and go around to the N end. Climb the block (control and up arrow keys only) from the E side, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing E and drop down onto a block. Jump to grab the opening and pull up into an upper room.

Take the HORSEMAN'S GEM from the corner slab and shoot the evil fairy who materializes. Jump E with grab to glide onto the block. Safety drop to the ledge below, losing a little health in the process, or monkey swing back to the W block and hop down. Climb down the SW ladder and meet two skeletons. Run past them into the exit passage and return to the lava moat room where you can deal with them. Find the alcove to the left of the W lava moat and insert the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle there to open the door up to your right.

Enter the dark W passage and follow to a water hole. Jump in and swim through the passage up to an underwater room for SECRET #2 (which again did not register in my stats). Pick up the small medipack, flares, 2 x shotgun ammo and return to the lava moat room.

Remember that crawl space in the NW corner? Well, it's no longer blocked, so go there and crawl through to a ledge with a large medipack. A block has risen to prevent any retreat, so run down the ramp and slide to a lower passage. Follow around to a ramp leading upward. Climb the block to an opened doorway overlooking the lava moat room. Hop down and re-enter the N door on the left. Keep to your left and you'll come to another opened doorway. Just past it is an opening on the left. Run down into the darkness and you'll slide back to the first level.

Level 1: THE YEAR 2000, SOMEWHERE IN EGYPT...(revisited)

Follow the passage to the desert at night. Shoot a couple of snakes as you follow the winding valley, hop onto a sand dune for shotgun ammo and come to a campsite where you're met by two MPs. As you venture further into the campsite four more MPs come from behind the tent. Go toward the iris door, which opens as you approach and triggers a flyby that ends the level.

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