Search for the Holy Grail - Caves of Greece

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Search for the Holy Grail - Caves of Greece

Post by Phil » 28 Nov 2018 01:37


Level by PedroTheGamer

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walk

Lara falls down into a pool, triggering a flyby, during which a shark approaches. When camera control is restored, swim up and surface. Pull out W or E (on the E ledge, note the gem receptacles at either end, one of which is empty) and kill the shark. Jump back into the water and find the alcove behind the column against the N wall, not far below the surface. Go in to find the HARPOON GUN. Surface and pull out onto the E ledge. In the NE alcove you'll find the CROWBAR. Jump back into the water and swim down a bit to find shotgun ammo on the W ledge. By the way, you don't have to worry about drowning in this level. On the E side in the SE corner is a triangular opening beneath the ledge. Swim inside for more shotgun ammo. In the NE corner is another triangular opening that leads to harpoons. At the very bottom, in the small sand-filled area surrounding the sunken well, is 2 x shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN.

After you've collected everything, swim down and open the SW gate. Avoid the spear trap in front of you by swimming over it near the ceiling or around it on either side. A shark comes to greet you from the room ahead. Don't try to swim past it, or you'll trigger a flyby and be nibbled on until it's over. Flip turn, return to the previous room and pull out to kill the shark with pistols or shotgun (so you won't waste harpoons). Return and watch the flyby. In the new room pull out S (spear traps abound on the N side) and hop up NE onto the higher E ledge. Run to the N edge and jump up to a still higher ledge. This triggers a native who runs toward you from behind, so reverse roll and deal with him.

When the native is dead, jump up onto the higher N ledge and follow to the ceiling monkey bars. Jump up to grab them and monkey swing W over the treacherous spikes until you can drop down onto the safe platform about halfway across. Turn around and see something on what appears to be a spear-trapped tile. It is, but it's on a time delay. You can hop safely down to it and pick up the uzi ammo, then have plenty of time to hop onto the adjacent safe tile SW (not time delayed) and jump from there back onto the platform. Face S, save, take one step back from the S edge, back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing W and drop down onto the tall block, hop down NE, back flip onto the slope and jump off to activate the jumpswitch.

Sidestep left to the edge and take another back flip onto the slope. Jump off with a left curve to land on the tall block. Look right and activate the crowbar lever to open an underwater gate. Walk out S, run SW onto the adjacent ledge and jump SW into the hole between the ramps to land in some water. You'll find harpoons in the NE alcove. Swim down the hole in the floor and find uzi ammo in the triangular NW alcove. Pull down the ceiling switch beyond the underwater gate you opened and swim back up through the hole. Open the E gate and swim into the next area.

Swim through the opened trap door in the floor. Enter the W triangular opening for shotgun ammo and revolver ammo. There were no telltale chimes, but SECRET #1 was registered here. Swim out and down, but beware of the spear trap as you approach the S passage. Time your way past the spears and pull the underwater lever. Swim back and up. Surface and pull out S. Go left and jump onto the higher E ledge. The gate in the middle of the E wall is open. Enter, hop down and take the BROWN SKULL from the plinth. A native is waiting for you when you get back up to the ledge.

Jump into the water to find that the S gate is open, leading to an underwater room. An underwater lever is cleverly hidden by seaweed in the W wall. Search the sunken area surrounding the well for harpoons. Look up at the SW part of the ceiling near the spear holes for a tile that flashes blue. Swim up there and pull out W into a hidden passage. I heard no chimes, but SECRET #2 registered when I pulled out of the water. Step forward and take 2 x uzi ammo and the UZIS from the plinth. Get back into the water and exit this room, pausing for harpoons in the window on your left.

Back in the main area, turn left and swim past the large W gate. Continue through the narrow SW opening and look down (without swimming down) to see the spear trap. Time your way down and past the spears and pull the underwater lever to lower a block. Make your way carefully back up to the ceiling and swim out to the main area. Turn right and pull out S again. The lowered block is in the SE corner, so get up there and push the button to open a nearby gate higher up in the S wall. Go there and take the JEWEL OF APOPHIS from the plinth. Wait for a native to arrive, then jump back into the water.

Swim through the N opening past the spear trap back to the beginning room. Turn right, surface and pull out onto the E ledge. Go left and insert the Jewel of Apophis in the N receptacle. Swim across to the W ledge, pull out and find that the gate there is now open. Go on into the dark room and pull down the wall switch to open the E gate down below in the beginning room. Swim down there, enter and go all the way to the back end where you can pull out if necessary to kill a shark (in my game it didn't immediately attack). Back in the water you'll find harpoons down in the NE corner. Pull out onto a ledge and look for more harpoons next to the broken column to the right of the E opening.

Go on in, hop down to the wooden block and save your game. When you step on the basement floor below you trigger deadly lightning bolts, so run forward and loop around left to push a button that opens a gate in the previous room. On your way out don't attempt to investigate the plinth in the alcove, or you'll die. Pull out, jump into the water and locate the opened E gate. Pull the underwater lever inside to wreak havoc in the room behind you and trigger a flyby. The shark also chose this moment to attack. Pull out onto the ledge, go to the W end and take a running jump to grab the higher opening. Pull up, run forward for harpoons and activate the awkwardly placed jumpswitch.

Jump back into the water, exit W to the beginning room and past the opened NW gate. Follow around, swim down a bit and loop around right through the small E triangular opening for uzi ammo and harpoons. Again, I heard no chimes but SECRET #3 was registered here. Go back, continue swimming downward and find flares in a hole. Continue along the winding passage until you reach a fixed camera where you can surface.

Pull out onto the E steps, go up to the next-to-last step and turn right. Take a running jump and grab the W ledge. Pull up and engage a native. Go into the N opening and camera control is mercifully restored. Run forward over the ledge and fall into the water below. Pull the underwater lever in the S alcove to open a gate in the fixed camera area. Watch the flyby, then swim N and left through the triangular opening and down for flares. Swim back, pull up onto the step, light a flare and go up the winding steps for uzi ammo. Go back down, and from the lowest step jump S to grab the wall. Climb up, go through the opening back to the fixed camera ledge and walk carefully around the column to the SW opening. Here you'll find the gate that was opened with the underwater lever.

The water in the area ahead is deadly. From the entrance, take a running jump W onto the block. Turn left and take a running jump to grab the S raised platform. Pull up, back flip onto the higher platform behind you, and finally take a running jump to grab the top of the S pillar. Pull up and grab the MASK OF IDIAN. The water has become purified, so drop down E or W and pull out E. Return to the fixed camera ledge and take a running jump to the E steps. Turn right and enter the S room. The gate closes behind you. Place the Mask of Idian in the mouth of the edifice in front of you to open the W gate. Light a flare and save your game for a timed run. Jump over the blade trap at the entrance, continue past the spears and come to a sandy room. Veer right, activate the NW jumpswitch, reverse roll and exit this room before the timed door closes. There's a wall switch in this room, but I didn't have time to figure out its significance.

Turn left once outside, run through the opening and jump into the water. Exit NE and follow the winding passage back to the beginning room. Swim up near the surface and enter the opened underwater E gate. Surface in the next room and pull out onto the nearest platform. Turn around and shoot the cross in the W alcove (it spins when you hit it). Return to the beginning room and swim down to the floor and into the W doorway. When you enter the next room, the water is icy cold and saps your strength quickly. If you want all pickups and kills, you can turn right through the narrow opening and swim down for harpoons, then quickly retreat to warmer water in the beginning room. When you return you'll meet a shark. You can either deal with it or swim around it clockwise to pull out N into a new room.

You're met by a knight. After he's dead, stand on the dirt mound E of the tree and jump up to grab the ledge. Pull up and follow the balcony to the W side and find shotgun ammo. Drop back down to the ground, go to the NW corner and place the Brown Skull on the ribcage to open the gate. Run up the ramp to end the level.

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