Baboon Temple

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Baboon Temple

Post by Phil » 15 Nov 2018 00:46


Level by LionGirl_90

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walk

The monkeys (or baboons, if you will) are docile here, but you should shoot them anyway. Otherwise, if you exit the game and come back later, you may experience crashing problems when you try to resume from a savegame. Enter the S passage behind the Jeep and pick up the small medipack. Exit and go to the NE corner to find a lower passage leading to shotgun ammo. Back in the main room, jump into the water hole and swim down for grenade gun ammo. Pull out and go to the SE corner to find a jumpswitch in the S wall. Activate it to open the E doors.

Enter and pull up onto the block overlooking a new room. Shoot the scorpion approaching from your right and hop down. Enter the N alcove to your left to find the UZIS. Go back and run E toward the spot where you first saw the scorpion. Step into the shallow depression and pick up the uzi ammo before the ninja appears and has a chance to steal it. Turn right and pull up S onto the ledge for a large medipack. Hop down and climb the wooden ladder to the right of the nearby E opening. Pull into the opening at the top for uzi ammo and get back down.

Enter one of the E openings and come to a new area where you're challenged by an SAS. Shoot the large jar to reveal a large medipack, then go to the N wall and find some shotgun ammo near the NW corner. There's nothing else to do here, so return to the previous room and turn left to come to a new S area. As you enter a ninja sneaks in from behind you. The jar and plinths are empty, so jump into the water and search for flares and a small medipack hidden in the plants. Pull out and find a crawl space at the NE corner of this area. Enter and come to a sword-wielding guardian statue and a scorpion sneaking up from behind. Run down E into a new area.

Shoot the baboons and look for a floor hole opposite the lion statues against the N wall. Hop down for flares. Climb up into the S alcove, pull up left onto the higher column and take a running jump N to grab the sloped pillar. Pull up, slide and jump to the NE ledge, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing E past the waterfall and drop down onto the NW column. Pick up the HAND OF ORION and safety drop from the S edge (so you won't get stuck in the large plant) to the ground. Pick up the uzi ammo at your feet and enter the S side room. Note two closed doors requiring keys. Search the area for the SHOTGUN (hidden by a plant on the floor), a small medipack on the W ledge and flares in the hole next to the E ledge.

Exit to the previous room. The hole beyond the wooden barrier near the NE corner is a red herring, so leave this area via the SW opening and get past the sword-wielding statue. Crawl to the previous room and pull up onto the W ledge. Use the Hand of Orion to open the adjacent door and follow the passage to a new room, shooting two scorpions in the passage and two ninjas in the room. Grab the flares on the SE block and engage another pesky ninja. Crawl S underneath the waterfall and light a flare. Turn right when you can (continuing leads to a dead end) and stand up in a new room with four more baboons to shoot.

Looking around, you can see a keyhole and a cartouche receptacle. Grab the shotgun ammo on the S ledge, jump into the pool and search the floor for a small medipack and shotgun ammo. Locate the narrow opening near the floor of the SE corner, swim inside and pull up in front of a wooden barrier. Shoot it, pick up the small medipack, step forward and look down to see a SAS corpse. The tile he's lying on is deadly, so jump over him and crawl W into a small room with a scorpion. Pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 it drops and return (stand well back from the corpse when you jump to the higher ledge.

Swim back to the pool, pull out N and enter the NE opening as action music plays. Shot the demigod inside and search the ledges for a large medipack and uzi ammo. Pull up onto the SW green block (shimmy past the plants first) to awaken another demigod. Deal with it, then climb back up to claim CARTOUCHE PIECE 1. Jump to the adjacent block for shotgun ammo, jump E to the orange block for a small medipack and drop down to the floor. Enter the dark crawl space at the E wall (no need to waste a flare) and crawl a short distance for uzi ammo.

Get back out, exit this room W and turn left. Combine the two pieces and insert the BA CARTOUCHE in the receptacle to open the door. Shoot two SAS in the passage and follow to a new room with no apparent enemies. Pick up the nearby large medipack and go up the SW steps. Jump the blocks counterclockwise, using a sliding platform at one point, until you can access the NE opening and pick up the BLUE KEY. Safety drop to the floor and enter the SE opening. Pick up the uzi ammo and enter the next room.

Shoot three ninjas waiting inside and grab the shotgun ammo in the alcove opposite the entrance. Go to the W alcove, shoot the jar inside and pick up the shotgun ammo. Shoot the barrier blocking the NE passage and enter a room with disguised death tiles. The clues are on the ceiling, so hop forward to the marked safe tiles. Take a running jump slightly NW to the next safe tile, then take a running jump to the N wall. Turn right and take a curved running jump E to the next safe tile. Step forward, turn right and walk along four safe tiles. Take a running jump slightly SE to the next one, then step forward and jump SE to the entrance to the next room.

Enter and engage another demigod. Pick up the shotgun ammo and look on the other side of the block for the YELLOW KEY. Go back, retracing your steps along the safe tiles (or, you can use the shortcut afforded by the W block and sloped ledge), and exit this area. Turn right in the next right and go through the N opening. Run diagonally left through the next room and exit via the NW opening. Follow the long passage back to the room with the central pool and run around to the W wall. Use the Yellow Key to open the door and enter a long, narrow room where you'll find the GRENADE GUN. Continue through the waterfall and come to a larger, sunken room.

Use your newly-acquired Grenade Gun to blow away three mummies. Jump into the water hole near the NW corner and find a small medipack hidden in the plants. Your Blue Key fits the keyhole in the N wall, so use it to open the door. Hop down into the lower room and engage a demigod. Start at the SE corner and make your way around the room, using the blocks and an occasional slope, pausing for shotgun ammo along the way. Shoot the monkey at the NW opening and go on in. Jump into the water hole and swim along the narrow passage. Pull up at the end to an opening that leads to a room guarded by three SAS. The jars are empty, and you need a key for the NE door, so enter the NW opening and turn left when you reach the ramp. Run up until you trigger the spike ball, then reverse roll and run back down and turn right into the opening as it rumbles by.

Go back up the ramp and through a few waterfalls as you follow the passage, until you meet a dead end and a crocodile (bad combination). Pick up the GREEN KEY and return to the previous room. Use the Green Key to open the NE door and enter a new room guarded by a ninja. Pick up the flares and drop down the central hole. Light one of those flares and follow the dark tunnel around the corner to a pair of waiting crocodiles. Continue to a crawl space, and follow to a water hole. Jump in and swim along the only available path until you come across the RED KEY. Go back the way you came until you come to the spot past the plants where you dropped down the central hole. Turn around at the wall and stand jump to grab the W ladder. Climb up to the previous room and exit S. Cross the next room and exit SW.

Jump into the water and swim back to the room with many blocks. Drop down and exit this room via the S opening. In the next room go up the E ramp and follow the passage to the room with the central pool. Turn left and light a flare before entering the N crawl space. Turn left at the intersection (going right leads to a dead end, remember) and follow to a small room with a fountain. Run across and enter the NW passage. Follow to a previous room and find the NE crawl space you used earlier. Use it again and go past the sword-wielding guardian statue to the next room. Enter the S side room and use the Red Key in the SE keyhole.

Go on in and pick up the uzi ammo and the SHOTGUN. Slide down into the next room and engage three chicken monsters all at once. They're big but flabby, and easily vanquished. Search the room for shotgun ammo and a large medipack, and hop into the NE hole to find the HAND OF ORION. Place it in the SE receptacle to open the door. Enter and pick up the ORNATE KEY. Exit this room by using the blocks in the SW corner. At the top jump NW with action to glide into the exit passage. Go across the next room and use the Ornate Key to open the W door. Enter the next room as Lara's theme music plays.

Mount the steps and pick up the RIGHT GREVE (or is it the left). Hop down and activate the W jumpswitch behind the tree to open the door. Don't run straight toward the motorbike, or the level will end. Instead, follow the green path to the right, mount the motorbike from the right side for some really funny animation, then wheel it around to the right onto the brown flooring to end the level.

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