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Return to Atlantis

Post by Phil » 11 Nov 2018 03:23


Levels by Franky

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walks for Part One and for Part Two


After the introduction, run up the ramp and loop right around the command structure to find the entrance on the E side. The lasers at the entrance vanish upon your approach. Enter and stoop at the N console to pick up the LASER SIGHT (which is never needed here), then a large medipack under the E console. By this time an alien has probably arrived, so dispose of it and head over to the other command structure on the W side of the room. Deal with a second alien, which drops the CARD PASS, and enter the command structure to pick up the large medipack in the SW corner.

Go back S toward the stargate entrance, veer left and look for the hole in the floor against the S wall. Hop down, enter the crawl space and follow to a room guarded by an alien. Search the corners for a large medipack, the CROSSBOW and 3 x explosive crossbow arrows, then take the KEY from the central plinth. Exit via the crawl space, veer left and go up the steps into the NW command structure. Use the Key to remove the lasers and enter the N passage into a zero gravity area. Face one of the walls and jump up. When Lara stops rising, grab the edge and pull up into an alcove. Pull the unmarked SE pushbock away from the corner, go around and hop to the revealed alcove to find a KEY. Turn left and push the next block N into the corner. Go back and pull the SW block once E. Hop around and push that same block once more E into the corner. Turn around and pull the NW block once. Jump N over the gap to find a wall switch in the NW alcove. Pull it down, turn right and jump up higher. Pull up N into the alcove and push the block ahead twice to reveal a passage.

Follow around to another pushblock at the end, push it to reveal another passage to your left but turn right and push the next block two times S to reveal yet another passage. Reverse roll, go back two blocks (short of the alcove), turn right and pull the block there two times W. Go around counterclockwise to find a passage to your right with a plinth bearing another KEY. To exit, go back all the way around clockwise and push the previous block two times E. Turn right and pull the corner block two times N.

You could leave now, but for a secret reverse roll and pull the next block one time S. Turn left, go to the corner, turn right and push the block two times N to reveal a passage. Enter, turn left and pull the corner block (the one on your left) two times E to reveal a passage beyond it. Go around clockwise to find a plinth with a GOLD SKULL for SECRET #1. Go around to the S exit shaft (no more blocks need to be moved) and safety drop two times to reach the main room below.

Go N and use one of the Keys to enable access to an office. Enter and pull the desk away (from the right side, neat touch) from a large medipack and CARD ONE. Exit the office to the previous command structure, turn left and exit down the steps. Run straight across and up the steps into the NE command structure. Use your other Key to remove the lasers to your left. Step toward the N passage to trigger a bay of moving lasers. Wait for them to approach, and as they start moving away from you, run forward and try to time jumps over the lower ones while running under the upper ones. You're likely to suffer at least minimal damage in the process. When you reach the far end, where you'll be safe from the lasers, stop and save your game. Stand left and slide down the slope. As you approach the opening to your left, jump with a left curve. You'll almost certainly hit the ceiling, so immediately jump again with a left curve and you should land safely while a boulder rolls by.

Draw your pistols and walk slowly down the W passage. You'll trigger an overhead boulder at the end, but firing at it will cause it to disappear. Facing the W wall, jump up in the zero gravity setting and grab the edge at the top. Pull up for a large medipack and explosive crossbow arrows. Hang from the N edge, release and press the action key on your way down to grab a crawl space. Pull inside and follow to another pushblock maze.

Run N to the corner, turn left and find an obvious pushblock to your right. Pull it once, go around and push the same block W into the alcove. Turn right and pull the next block three times S. Go around and enter the revealed N passage for SECRET #2 and a GOLDEN SKULL. Go back and exit S through the crawl space. Drop down to the floor, return to the slope, save your game and jump out. Slide down a bit and jump with a right curve into the next opening as another boulder rolls by. Follow the passage to a deep room.

The distance to the plinth ahead seems much too great to cross with a running jump, but remember the benefits of zero gravity. You should get across with room to spare. Take CARD TWO from the plinth and take a running jump with grab to glide into the S opening. Follow the long passage to a ramp and heed the burst of warning music. Draw your pistols and shoot three boulders as you run up the ramp. As you approach the lasers they disappear, so enter the command structure and exit W down the steps. Turn right and place Card One and Card Two in the receptacles flanking the N lasers to make them disappear.

Run forward and ride the elevator up to Level 04. Be prepared to exit NW into the passage before the elevator descends. The door ahead opens upon your approach, so run forward along the glass-enclosed alien passage to a room with more alien-occupied alcoves. Enter the N opening and come to the stargate room. Insert the Card Pass in the W receptacle to trigger some boring dialogue. Turn around and enter the activated stargate to end the level. Start the next level by selecting "New Game" and choosing Part Two.


Begin your quest facing a pyramid on frigid Dakara Planet. Turn right and mount the frisbee scooter. Drive it (action and arrow keys) E a bit and left up a slight cleft in the ice wall to a flat spot. Dismount (jump and right or left arrow keys) and find a narrow W passage. Enter and open the trap door at the end. Float down (zero gravity) and enter an underground maze area. Loop around left from the entrance for flares. Return to the entrance, take the second passage on the right (W) and follow around for more flares. Return to the entrance, run all the way forward to the S wall (veering slightly right about halfway there), turn right there and follow around to find revolver ammo.

Return to the spot where you veered right, turn right there (E) and follow around for a large medipack. Return to the intersection, turn right (N, you can see the entrance in the distance), take the first left and follow around for more flares. Return to the previous intersection, loop around right (past the passage where you veered right earlier) and take the next right to arrive at a plinth with a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #1. You're through here, so return to the entrance (left at the E wall and left at the next intersection) and jump up E. Pull out and get back on the scooter.

Drive up the face of the pyramid to the very top, navigating around the metal barriers as you go up. Dismount and jump into the deep shaft (no zero gravity). Drop into the water below and find the underwater lever high up on the SW column. Pull it to remove a laser barrier and swim to the opposite NE corner to find the opened N doorway. Enter and swim up the long shaft. Pull out into an empty room with stairs leading upward. Go up the winding staircase to a corridor with squishy blocks. Turn right into the first side passage and pull down the wall switch. Go back, proceed to the second squishy block and turn right into that passage as well for a large medipack. At the third squishy block, turn right again and pull down the wall switch to open the N door. Before going inside, go around the third squishy block into the opposite W side passage. Turn right at the wall and jump up (zero gravity area) to grab the high edge. Pull up for a GOLDEN SKULL and SECRET #2.

Get back down, enter the Androids Room and pull the desk away from the wall. Pick up the flares, stoop and shoot the wooden barrier in the corner. Light a flare, crawl inside and follow a long distance to another wooden barrier. Shoot it and enter a small office. Pull the desk N to get it out of the way, then move the E pushblock around the desk and into the NW corner. Get up on it and pull down the ceiling trap door. Turn around and pull up into a bare passage. Follow to a room where you're attacked by 'droids spewing blue rays at you. Don't bother trying to shoot back at them, as they're invulnerable.

Turn left at the entrance and follow the SW passage around to an office area. Shoot the door (star design) of the first one and enter. Stoop at the SW chair for explosive crossbow arrows and at the NW chair for the CARD PASS. Exit this office, shoot your way into the next one for a large medipack and into the third one for another large medipack. Return to the large room with the 'droids and run straight across into the opposite SE passage. The first office here is empty, and the second one sounds an alarm if you enter it, so shoot your way into the third one and find revolver ammo under the SE chair. Another CARD PASS is under the sofa.

Now you can shoot your way into that second office to sound the alarm. Hit the escape key to break Lara's frozen state, pick up the REVOLVER and use a Card Pass in the receptacle on your way out. Exit to the 'droid room, run to the N side and shoot a demigoddess. Pick up the CARD PASS she drops and jump into the water-filled central area. Light a flare if necessary and swim down to find a pink-tinted shaft at the NE side of the central column. Swim down the shaft until it levels out, then follow the long winding passage until you reach a side passage leading down to a shaft that leads up to much-needed air. Pull out and take CARD ONE from the plinth.

Swim back up the ramp, turn right at the top and find another shaft leading up to a small room with a laser barrier at the end of the W passage. Use a Card Pass to kill the lasers and enter the dark room. Take the ZPM from the plinth, face the S wall in the SW corner and jump up into another zero gravity zone. Grab the edge when you reach the zenith of your jump and pull up into a room with CARD TWO in one corner and a plinth with a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #3 in another. Safety drop back down and exit E. Jump into the water hole, swim down and follow the passage E, then S up the ramp and straight up the shaft to emerge back in the room with the 'droids.

Pull out N and run forward to find receptacles for Card One and Card Two. Use them to kill the lasers, enter and follow the long, nondescript passage to more lasers that vanish upon your approach. However, before entering the next area turn left and jump up into another zero gravity zone. Pull up and follow the passage to a side opening on your right. Light a flare, turn the corner and approach a red-tinged area S. Before getting there, turn right into a walk-through tile (illuminated by your flare) and emerge in a small room with a plinth bearing a GOLDEN SKULL for SECRET #4. Go back through the walk-through tile, turn left and go all the way to the N wall. Turn right there, take the next left and safety drop back down the zero gravity shaft.

Head W into a command structure area. Turn right into the N structure and find a wall switch on the far side of the central block. Pull it down, exit this structure and loop around right in the hallway to use your last remaining Card Pass in the receptacle. There's nothing in the S command structure, so go W into the large room with the stargate. Run forward and enter the activated stargate. Hit the escape key to find yourself at the Base of Atlantis. Run around to attract the attention of four aliens. Two of them drop the red KEY DELTA ONE and the green KEY DELTA TWO when they die. Receptacles for these artifacts are in the N wall. Insert them to kill the lasers. Go through the passage to another command structure area.

Enter the one on your right and find an almost invisible wall switch on the back side of the central block. Pulling it down kills the lasers blocking the adjacent command structure, so go there and insert the ZPM in the receptacle on the central block. Again Lara freezes, so hit the escape key, exit and head N into a room guarded by a half dozen shiva robots. A block rises behind you as you enter, blocking your escape, so there's nothing else to do but gun them down one at a time. If you stay put on the central path near the raised block, the robots won't approach closely for some reason. When all are dead, pull up onto the raised block (using the ramp) and walk to the N edge. Jump up into the darkness and grab a ladder.

Pull up into a dark maze. Light a flare and turn left. Hop into the W passage and follow around to a room with a central block. Go to the back side of the block and pull down the wall switch to freeze Lara once more. Hit the escape key and go back the way you came. Drop down onto the raised block and hop to the floor. Run toward the activated stargate and jump inside to end the level.

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