Search for the Lost Gold Hand (Demo)

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Search for the Lost Gold Hand (Demo)

Post by Phil » 07 Nov 2018 02:36


Level by PedroTheGamer

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walk


Lara appears magically in a barren cave and is immediately attacked by a crocodile. Exit to an outdoor area as the ground rumbles briefly and shoot a scorpion. Continue S past the opening into the next area, get up onto the triangular ledge to your left and hop up onto the higher ledge. Pull up onto the highest, sandy-colored ledge and run W to the corner. Hop SW, slide and grab, shimmy left a good distance, drop and grab the crack and pull into the crawl space (tricky, press the crouch key first, then the up arrow key and keep both depressed) for the KEY EXIT. Drop down the ground, go to the temple entrance and use the Key Exit to lift the gate.

Enter the hub room quickly as the dragon statues start spitting flames, then turn left into the E side room. The vase in the NW corner hides uzi ammo. Hop up into the N opening and enter the next room to encounter a shiva. Pick up the SWORD OF STATUE it was guarding and place it on the dormant statue. A RED GEM appears on the E tile. Exit to the hub room and pull up into the vine-covered crawl space in the dark SW corner. Follow to an alcove where you can stand up, turn around and push the button to open a door. Return to the hub room and find that the W gate has lifted.

Enter and pull down the wall switch to lift the gates on either side. Jump from the opening on the right and grab the ledge with the lion statue. Pull up in a corner where the flames won't reach you and jump to the next ledge. Finally, time a jump to the final ledge and pick up the next RED GEM. Unless your timing and position are perfect you'll likely be set ablaze, but the room is now flooded so jump quickly into the water. Swim back E and pull out in one of the corners. Return to the hub room and continue across into the E side room. Insert the Red Gems in the snake head receptacles. One would expect the flames spewing from the mouth of the lion statue to stop, but they don't. Climb up onto the top step next to the plinth, take the CROWBAR and quickly hop back before you catch fire.

Return to the hub room and turn left into the now-opened S gateway to trigger a long flyby. Run all the way across this open area to the SW corner, past a cartouche receptacle and loop around left to find a jumpswitch in the dark alcove. Light a flare if necessary to position yourself properly and activate it to lift a nearby gate in the S wall. Enter to engage an assassin who drops the JAR OF HORUS when he dies. There's nothing more to do in this room at the moment, so return to the outdoor area and enter the passage near the NE corner. There's a closed gate at the end, but it's climbable. Pull up into the N passage and follow until an earthquake triggers spike traps ahead. Some shoot from the floor, others from the walls, so make your way carefully past them into a room with a fountain. Continue N into the next room and find the PORTAL GUARDIAN on the plinth. Of course, picking it up awakens the two jackals, so kill them before making your way back through the fountain room and past the spikes to the outdoor area.

Return to the S room where the assassin came from and insert the Portal Guardian in the vacant W receptacle to lift the gate. Enter and pull the chain to drop the shiva statue behind you to the room below. Drop down through the hole and pull down the SW wall switch. A block rises behind you, allowing your exit, and a door also opens near the entrance to the room above. Climb back out, exit NE and turn left into the opened doorway. Take the BLUE TRIANGLE from the plinth and exit to your right. Turn left and follow the S wall to an alcove with a crowbar door (atrocious animation). Open it and go around to the large medipack for SECRET #1.

The receptacle for the Blue Triangle is in the outdoor area near the SE corner. Open the nearby gate and navigate the block steps to reach a balcony. Turn right and activate the jumpswitch in the second alcove. Enter the doorway and go up the steps. Stop when the camera angle changes, or you'll fall to your death. Take a running jump to the central block and grab the invisible uzi ammo hanging in midair. And that's it. Jump back and return to the balcony. Turn left, go around clockwise and enter the opening near the SW corner.

Insert the Jar of Horus in the receptacle on your right to open the gate behind you. You still need a key, however, so continue W into a deep room with a deadly floor. Go around clockwise and drop down the hole in the SW corner. Note the E opening but for now jump NW to the ledge beneath the shiva statue, hang from the edge and drop to grab the crawl space. Pull up inside and crawl to a small room. Go around the corner and pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door in this room. Drop down and follow the passage to a button. When you push it you're transported to the balcony you saw earlier. Pull out of the hole, run forward and turn left into what you thought was a familiar opening. However, things have changed.

Continue W into a passage with four wall switches. Pull only the last one (on the far right) to open the gate. When you enter the next area the S gate opens and out stalks a shiva. When it dies it simply disappears. Getting past the opened gate it came from is tricky. If you simply approach it head on, it closes in your face (re-open it by returning to the E entrance). Fool the trigger by approaching the S opening from the side, against the wall, and scoot inside around the corner before it has a chance to close. Continue forward into the dark for SECRET #2 and pick up the small medipack and flares. The gate lifted again once you got inside, so return to the previous room and drop down into a lower room with a fountain.

Grab the flares from the N alcove, jump into the water and pull the S underwater lever. Pull out, enter the opened S alcove and pull the chain to lift the W gate above. Push the button in the W wall to raise the block to your left so you can get back out. Enter the W gateway and loop around right to awaken a jackal. Hop over the spike pit and continue around for the uzi ammo you saw upon entering. Go to the SW opening and enter a dark room with deadly water down below. Light a flare and take a running jump to the first pillar and a stand jump to the next. The next pillar W is a spike trap, so turn left and stand jump S to the translucent platform and SW to the opening. Enter a room with a central pool (filled with deadly water at the moment).

Run to the N wall and push a button that raises a timed block behind you. Turn around, jump onto it and jump up to grab the ceiling. Following the ceiling tracks, monkey swing over the pool and drop down onto the W ledge. Ignore the nearby button (which apparently serves no useful purpose now or later) and run N along the ledge. Turn left into the next room and deal with an assassin, who drops the GUARDIAN ROOM KEY. Pull the chain in the SW alcove not once, but twice to purify the water in the previous room. Go there, jump in and swim into the N opening. Follow the passage and take the left fork for flares, swim back, loop around left and continue along the winding passage until you finally reach an opening where you can surface for air. Pull out into a new room.

Push the nearby button to raise the block you're standing on. Ignore the higher button (which merely brings you back down), reverse roll and follow the ledge to a third button. Push this one to raise the platform to your left. Jump to it, hang from the other (E) side, pull up, reverse roll and take a running jump to grab the E ledge. Pull up and go to the wall switch. Pull it down and drop to the floor. The EYE OF HORUS (half of it, anyway) has appeared on the highest plinth against the S wall, so pick it up and return to the NW water hole. Jump in and swim back to the previously deadly pool. Pull out E, hop into the opening and follow the passage to a gate that opens upon your approach. Continue to the room where you encountered the shiva earlier. Go around the ledge and through the E passage. Continue to the outdoor balcony and turn right.

Drop down into the SW hole and push the button. You're transported back to a previous area. Follow the passage to the opened trap door and pull out left. Climb the nearby block and crawl E to the end. Don't drop down (deadly floor, remember) but allow Lara to grab the ladder, shift left and climb up onto the ledge above. Reverse roll and take a running jump E to grab the ladder. Climb up into the alcove, turn around and take a running jump SW into the alcove there. Pull out E and follow the ledge around to the NE opening. Turn right into the doorway you opened long ago with the Jar of Horus and use the Guardian Room Key to drop the grate covering the water hole.

Jump into the water and enter a mini-maze. Turn right (W), left and follow to an intersection, turn right at the S wall and follow your nose until you reach a crawl space to your left. Swim inside and pull out into a dark room. Light a flare if necessary and exit S into a room where you'll find a SWORD OF STATUE on the raised tile. Of course, picking it up arouses a shiva, so kill it and return N to the dark room. Pull down the wall switch to lift the N gate and follow to a block where no further progress appears possible. However, if you go back and light a flare, you'll see a second wall switch that transports you to another area.

Turn right and slide down E into the darkness. Hop down further and climb up the N blocks. Run past a phantom wall into a room filled with lion statues. Grab 2 x uzi ammo and revolver ammo, run back S through the phantom wall and climb up the E blocks. Run up the SE ramp and find a large medipack. Continue W along the dark passage and up the steps to a small medipack. Slide N down the slope, drop and continue N past the lion statues to a gate that opens upon your approach. You're back on a familiar balcony. Pull up onto the nearest block and take a running jump to grab the roof of the central structure. Safety drop to the ground and approach the W shiva statue. Place the Sword of Statue in its lap and hop back until you hear the SW gate opening.

Enter the new room and turn right. Pull down the wall switch in the N wall and loop around right, then left into the opened doorway. Pull the chain to raise a timed block, go back the way you came, jump onto the raised block and jump up W to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right around three corners and pull up into the opening at the end. Go W up the ramp and follow to a seemingly empty room with a large medipack on the central raised tile. Go back to the NE entry passage, turn left at the W wall and jump up through the phantom ceiling and grab the ladder. Climb up to an upper room for SECRET #3 and search the area for revolver ammo, shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and a rocket. Go back down to the room where you got the large medipack and exit W past the lion statutes to a room with a closed door in the W wall.

Turn right there and follow the N passage to a shallow trench. Note the S keyhole and run N into a room with a raised plinth. Take the KEY EXIT, then the GOLD HAND, which transports you to a dark area guarded by four shivas (where, oh where are the weapons signified by all those earlier ammo pickups?). When all are dead, step on the trigger tile in the NW corner to find yourself transported to a brighter area. Exit SE and jump across the shallow trench. Insert the Key Exit in the keyhole, enter and slide down a series of ramps to end the level.

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