The First Classic Basic

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The First Classic Basic

Post by Phil » 24 Aug 2018 16:06


Level by Nika

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (see also the video walk by Doggett D. McDog

Spikes spring up all around you as you begin. There's only one vacant space, the one to your left leading down to a trench. Unfortunately, there's no way out, so grit your teeth, pull out W through the spikes and endure the pain. Go counterclockwise around the deep pit and find an open space at the E end. Hop back, grab the edge and see a jump switch below you. Line up, drop and grab the jump switch, and fall into the water. Swim S between the blades and find a small medipack and a KEY. Swim back and up, pull out onto the wooden platform and jump NE to grab the pole. Climb up and back flip E past the open space.

Go around to the SW corner and hop onto the broken bridge. Stand left near the wall facing W, back flip onto the slope and jump to land in the cleft of the rock. Walk to the corner and stand jump slightly NW to the opening in the N wall. Don't drop into the pit on either side, or you won't be able to get back out. Go around the green structure, being mindful of illegal slopes, and pick up the GOLDEN SKULL.

Get back to the E opening and take a running jump SE back to the cleft. Face N and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing N past the cleft, turn right and monkey swing E all the way to the end. Drop, grab and pull up into a new room. Run across the room, pull up E into the opening, turn left and jump to grab the slope. Pull up and back flip to a ledge in front of a closed door. Hop down the other side and use the Key to open the door into what appears to be an excavation area.

Make your way to the ground, being very careful of illegal slopes, and find another GOLDEN SKULL near the NE corner. One assumes these are intended to be secrets. If you try to make your way up the block steps leading E, spikes rise to block your way. Therefore, you need to access the perimeter ledge by using the block steps near the SW corner. Go along the ledge to the SE corner and take a running jump N to an area free of spikes.

Pull up E into the opening and hop down onto a submerged bridge. If you like you can jump into the water and swim down E to find a COMPASS in a fenced enclosure. On one side of the fenced enclosure is a small medipack. Swim up, surface and pull out E. Turn left and run clockwise around the central structure, triggering a harmless spike trap along the way. Enter the N alcove and climb the wall. Shift right at the top and drop down for a large medipack, avoiding the scorpion (you have no weapons). Run W off the ledge at the NW corner to find a floor lever. There's a spike trap right around the corner, so carefully push the floor lever, hop back twice and safety drop to the ground.

Return to the W bridge, get across to the other side. At the opening to the excavation area, take a long running jump N down to the perimeter ledge, hop forward (if you try to walk you'll likely slide back down to the floor) and go around to climb a block. Pick up the BINOCULARS and jump W onto the higher block. Run off NW onto a ledge at the N opening. Hop up NE, climb higher and pull up onto the brick structure for a GOLDEN SKULL. Jump into the N opening, run forward and slide to end the level.

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