Lost World (Mondo Perduto)

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Lost World (Mondo Perduto)

Post by Phil » 03 Aug 2018 02:12


Level by Franky

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (see also Doggett D. McDog's video walk)

Hit the escape key to get rid of the black screen. After the opening routine, you see Lara in an Arctic setting. Wait a few more seconds for the massive explosion and its effects to dissipate, and now you're ready to begin. Once again this builder has decided not to provide players with a compass, which as a walkthrough writer annoys me no end. You can see a closed gate in the distance. If you wish, you can go down the steps and push the blue help button for a flyby showing you what to do next. Squeeze past the stargate (to the right of it) and go around to get a bit higher. Facing the closed gate, take a running jump just to the left of the stargate and grab the ice block. The blue rays push you aside, so it helps to aim a bit left and curve right just before trying to make the grab. As you pull up you can see a ladder on your left. Jump to it and climb down the shaft. Pull down the wall switch to open the gate and climb back out.

Go down the steps and walk carefully past the opened gate. Don't step on the wooden slats. The ones on the left are phantom and will deposit you into the deadly water below, and the other two will set you on fire if you walk on them. Turn down the music volume if the looping track is starting to bother you. Turn right and follow the ice passage down and up some blocks until you reach a tightrope. Make your way across the deadly water and look before you drop down the other side. You need to hang and shimmy to the corner before you can pull up and push the awkwardly-positioned floor lever. You see the first part of a lowering bridge at the tail end of a cut scene.

Pull back up to the tightrope and hop down to the bridge. As you can see, parts of it are burning, so wait for the flames to subside before proceeding to the far end. Hop to your right and use the blue help button if you wish. Otherwise, pull up to the left of it and hop down the other side. A door opens as you land, so enter for a large medipack and pull down the wall switch to hear another door opening. Pull out and go across to the other side. Pull up as before, hop down to the opened doorway, pick up the large medipack and pull down the wall switch to make another section of the bridge appear. Proceed until you reach an ice ledge at the end.

The water is safe here but ice cold, so jump in and swim left into the near corner and down the shaft for SECRET #1. Grab the IDOL, swim up and back the way you came, loop around left and find another shaft with an underwater lever that opens a gate. The transplanted piranha have undoubtedly located you by this time. Swim to the other side of this area, away from the cascading deadly water, and turn left near the end to find the door you opened. Pull out and follow the passage to a door that opens upon your approach. Run forward into the teleporter helix and find yourself suddenly in a tropical setting.

Shoot the approaching tropical birds as part of a bridge unfolds in front of you. If you like, you can take the time to target the tiger, leopard and lion roaming about below, or simply drop down and engage them at close range. There's a blue help button on the entrance ledge as well. Jump into the water and locate the hole in the near right corner. Swim down for SECRET #2 and pick up the IDOL. Exit and swim to the wall opposite the entrance ledge. Locate the small opening at floor level, swim inside and up the shaft. Pull out and locate the wall switch. The door opens and two more segments of the bridge unfold. Follow the bridge around to the right, pick up the large medipack in the alcove and pull down the wall switch. The opposite door opens and the rest of the bridge unfolds. Go across and enter a sandy area as the door slams shut behind you.

Loop around left at the entrance and pull up into an alcove. Pull down the wall switch to hear the sound of a door opening. Hop down toward the central structure (the monkeys don't bother you), go left and locate an alcove in the middle of the gray wall. Pull down the wall switch to open a door in the next wall. On the way there you see a sleeping bull. If you don't get too close it won't awaken prematurely. Pull down the third wall switch and turn around to see a second bull and a snake. Shoot the latter, trying not to target the monkeys, which turn vicious if fired upon. Large doors have opened in the central structure near the second bull, so simply run past the bull before it has a chance to awaken from its slumbers and climb down the long ladder into a dark area below.

A snake meets you at the bottom. Take the CROSSBOW from the plinth and pick up the nearby 3 x crossbow arrows (including a dozen of the explosive variety). Go down the steps and run through the dark burial grounds to awaken as many as eight skeletons. Run back to the steps and allow them to congregate so you can take them out with a single explosive arrow. Go to the closed double doors at the end of the room and turn around to see a ladder surface on the large central pillar. Jump up to grab the ladder and climb up near the top. Back flip into an upper room and push the floor lever. Pick up flares in the corner, jump to the ladder and climb back down.

The double doors have opened, so go inside carefully. Two boulders and five demigods materialize on the steps ahead, so beat a hasty retreat to the former room until the boulders roll by. You can shatter the boulders with your pistols, but don't do so from the burial grounds room or the double doors will close again, forcing another climb back up the ladder (but don't push the floor lever again, as simply back flipping into the upper room causes the double doors to re-open). Deal with the demigods one by one (they're all firing at you at once, but they're much easier to kill than you would think, exploding after ten pistol rounds apiece). When all is quiet again, note the rows of cogs on either side of the entrance doors (which are now closed again). Go the pillar against the wall (to the right of the entrance doors as you face them), stand with your back to the entrance doors and jump up into a low-gravity field and grab the top of the pillar. Pull up for a LITTLE WHEEL (1 of 6) and drop back down in slow motion to the floor.

Run forward to the corner on this same side of the room. From the right side of the pillar, jump up to encounter another low-gravity field (but not as dramatic). Pick up the LITTLE WHEEL (2 of 6), turn around and take a running jump through another low-gravity and land on a ledge with another LITTLE WHEEL (3 of 6). Drop down, run forward past the seated pharaoh statue to the other corner and repeat for the next LITTLE WHEEL (4 of 6). Reverse roll and take a running jump back toward the statue and grab the ledge. Pull up for the next LITTLE WHEEL (5 of 6). Drop down, return to the previous corner ledge, pull up and turn right, then take a really long low-gravity-assisted running jump to the next ledge for the last LITTLE WHEEL (6 of 6). Drop down and place three of the cogs on the empty spindles on this side of the room (note the ladder to your right) and repeat with your three remaining cogs on the row on the other side of the room, with a corresponding ladder to your left. You may have to deal with another demigod, although one did not appear here in my game.

Return to the corner pillar where you picked up Little Wheel #3, reverse roll and jump to the ledge with Little Wheel #4 and see that a way ahead has been opened up. Pull down the two wall switches and the door between them opens. Run down the steps into an outdoor lava area. Halfway down the ledge, turn left and take a running jump and grab to the block. Pull up and jump to the next, slightly higher block. Turn slightly left and take a running jump and grab to the next flat block. Pull up, turn slightly left and take a running jump to the sloped back. Slide and jump to a safe block, continue forward to the cave wall and look left to see a closed door. Go to the right and take the BLUE CRYSTAL from the plinth. Reverse roll and run to the closed door, which opens upon your approach and leads to a maze.

Turn right and take the second opening right (green tinted). Follow and turn left at the second opening (also green tinted). Follow to the wall and turn right. Turn left at the wall and make another quick left. Turn right past the opening ahead and go to the wall. Turn right and follow to the exit.

In the next room climb the central block and take the YELLOW CRYSTAL from the plinth and hear the sound of a door opening on the other side of the plinth. Enter the opening and go up the steps as you hear a burst of warning music. Remember that boulders here can be shattered, so draw your pistols and remove the approaching threat. Continue up and around the corner, and as you descend you hear another burst of warning music. Turn around and hop back while drawing your pistols. Shoot the boulder, then turn back around and sprint down the ramp to trigger a third boulder. Turn around quickly and shoot it, then deal with two angry demigods who emerge from the open gate.

Enter another frozen area, and the gate closes behind you. The lights in the four corners can be shattered, but it's uncertain what if any effect this has. There's an opening at the far end of the frozen pond you can jump into. Swim around to the front of the pool and find a small opening in the central structure. Swim inside and down into the four corner holes to find explosive crossbow arrows, the PURPLE CRYSTAL, a large medipack and flares. You'll probably have to return for air before getting everything. Pull out through the hole in the ice (nice mirror effect) and find another large medipack next to the fountain. Search behind the corner boulders on the side of the pool opposite the entrance gate for SECRET #3. When you pick up the IDOL, large nearby doors open.

Go there and step carefully inside to trigger several boulders. Keep shooting until you no longer target then. Proceed down the passage and step on the green star tiles to trigger two more boulders. Hop back and shoot them into oblivion. Pull up on one side of the green star tiles (the other side is too high to reach), pull up and take a rolling back flip into the passage. Follow to a seeming dead end and shoot the panel. The gate opens, allowing access to a maze that's much more complicated than the one you navigated earlier. Refer to the map in the video walk if you have trouble.

Walk forward and take the second right after shooting the window. Turn right and go all the way to the red-tinted wall. Shoot the window to your left. Follow and turn left at the corner to reach an immediate intersection. Shoot the window ahead, go forward and turn left. Follow clockwise around, always keeping to your right, past an indestructible window, and finally to an enclosure with one shootable window. Drop into the hole for SECRET #4, pick up the IDOL and find that getting back out is a bit of a challenge. The way I did it was to stand with my back to the wall facing the opening, and then I took a standing jump forward while hitting the roll key, and immediately upon landing I hit the down arrow key so I wouldn't fall back down again. To exit, go back around to the other side of the indestructible window and turn right. Follow to the wall and veer right to where you see the red-tinted area. Shoot the window to your left and follow to another window to shoot (you hear the sound of a door opening), and shoot the window to your right to exit.

Run down the short passage to encounter your next challenge. The rotating poles won't kill you upon contact, but they will push you into the deadly lava if you're not careful. When you reach the other side the gate opens automatically. Run forward onto the elevator and ride down to Level 03. Exit through the opening and run forward to trigger a flyby through a sunny area featuring an Inca-like pyramid.

Turn left and run around the pyramid into an open area. Find a large medipack just past the fallen palm tree and continue clockwise around the pyramid until you find a flat surface at a corner that you can pull up onto. Make your way counterclockwise around and up the pyramid, using standing and running jumps to reach the various flat surfaces along the way, until you reach the helix at the top. Run into it to find yourself inside the pyramid. Follow around to a circular passage and be prepared to shoot a number of boulders. Inside are receptacles for the Blue Crystal, the Yellow Crystal and the Purple Crystal. When all three have been placed, the huge door at the end of the passage rolls back. Go up the steps into what appears to be an alien spaceship. The opening ahead is for later, so turn left and follow to more steps leading upward.

In the upper passage, ignore all opening and run straight ahead to the far corner. Drop down the hole and run down the steps to the alien living quarters. Run up and down the hall, shooting a total of six aroused aliens, the last one of which drops CARD ONE. Go to the far end of the hall, turn left and engage three demigods in the next room to your left. The one farthest away drops CARD FOUR. Go back to the wall that says "Stargate Operating Room" and turn left only to find that a force field bars your further progress. Reverse roll and go back the way you came, through the alien quarters and up the steps. Pull up into the passage and find that you can turn left into three occupied console rooms. The fourth room is a storage room with a sneakily hidden CARD TWO and a large medipack.

Exit, turn left and run down the long steps. Turn left at the bottom and run past the opening to the corner. Turn left and go up more long steps to a passage similar to the previous one. The first three closed doors won't open, so go to the last one and enter the console room to open the door to the next. Go back and visit each room to find 2 x large medipack. When you're done, run to the end of the passage, drop down the hole and run down the steps to set off a series of explosions.

In the room below are a plethora of those electric carts from TR3. Weave your way past them, exit through the opening in the far right corner and find yourself back in a familiar area. Four more demigods have come to replace the ones you shot earlier, so indulge in another shootfest. One of the demigods obligingly leaves behind CARD THREE. Now that you have all the cards, exit to the right of the "Stargate Operating Room" wall, through the alien quarters and up the steps to pull up into the higher passage. Run forward, down the long steps and around to the entrance. Turn left there and go up the ramped steps to a small passage with four slots. Insert the cards to open the door.

Enter, run straight ahead and take something from the #2 console without even pushing the action key. Reverse roll and run down the ramped steps. Turn right in front of the entrance and go back up the long steps to the upper passage. Run to the far end, drop down through the hole and go down the steps to the alien quarters. Go on through and loop around left to the area formerly guarded by the demigods. The stargate is now active, so run into it to end the level.

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