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Return to Greece

Post by Phil » 28 Jul 2018 22:47


Level by Opaque79

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walk

Begin in a room reminiscent of TR1. Shoot the gorilla (it first charges aggressively and then freezes in place until it dies under your pistol fire) and go to the SW corner. Pull down the wall switch on the side of the arch to open the W gate. Enter, go up the stairs and emerge on a ledge overlooking the former room. Target the lion prowling about below and jump W to the next ledge. Pull down the wall switch to open the door at the larger E ledge. If you get there quickly enough you can engage another similarly-behaving gorilla when you arrive. Otherwise, you'll find the room empty. In either case the door closes behind you.

Find the NE pushblock and push it two times to reveal a small passage to your left. If you didn't encounter the gorilla upon arrival, that's where it'll be now, frantically trying to climb the blocks. Shoot it, then show it how it's done as you make your way up W and around to a ledge overlooking the room you came from. Look down to see that a block has been raised. Grab the shotgun ammo at the far end of the ledge and return to pull down the wall switch in the W alcove (opens the NW door in the larger room outside). Drop down from the ledge and pull the pushblock back to its former position. Use the raised block to pull up onto the ledge, go down past the opening and find a revealed alcove to your left. Pull down the wall switch, go back up and drop down to find that the exit door is once again open.

Jump the ledges to the opened door in the NW corner. Jump into the water and swim into an underwater room with a closed door. Pick up the small medipack, pull out and climb the ledges to a wall switch that opens the underwater door. Hop back twice to drop into the water, swim to the opened doorway and pull out. Go up the steps and around the corner to trigger a flyby through an immense room. Shoot two lions and go to the NE corner of this section. Enter the side passage, jump into the water and swim W through an underwater room and into another passage. Pull out at the end, follow to a pushblock and push it twice. Pick up the small medipack in the revealed room, pull the block E and find the revealed wall switch that raises a block in the immense room.

Return there and loop around right to find the raised block near the NE corner. Use it to climb the E blocks, turn around and jump W to the small ledge, continue in like manner until you reach the uppermost ledge, then take a running jump slightly SW onto the ledge around the corner. If you wish to detour for a large medipack, read on. Otherwise, skip to the next paragraph. Run off SE onto a ledge fronting an opening. Run off SW onto an even lower ledge and jump the ledges around the corner for that large medipack. Drop to the floor, return to the raised block and repeat to get back up to that SW ledge around the corner.

Take a running jump SE up into the alcove and pick up the SHOTGUN. Hop out SW onto the gray block and jump up into the E opening. Emerge onto a bridge and turn left to jump to an alcove with a wall switch. Pull it down to retract the spikes you might have noticed earlier. Jump back to the bridge, go to the S end and jump the pillars W until you reach a ledge near the SW corner. Drop down from the E end onto a lower ledge and pull down the wall switch to douse the flames on a block. Safety drop to the floor and return to the raised block. Get back up to the SW ledge around the corner and stand jump SW to the lower pillar where the spikes used to be.

Hop up W and continue to a timed switch in the W wall. Grab the large medipack to your left, pull down the switch and reverse roll to follow the bridge E and N to a column. Jump E to grab the next column, then SE to the next one and follow the bridge to face a swinging blade. Time a running jump past it, grab and pull up to run past the timed door. Run up the E ramp until you trigger a boulder, then reverse roll and take refuge in the alcove to your left. Run back up the ramp into the next area and greet two gorillas.

Head S down the wide hallway and turn left to see a bridge. Follow it around the corner to a wall switch (screen shot of a closed gate at the end of a bridge on the other side of this room). Return to the hallway and run to the N end. Run E along the second bridge toward the closed gate and jump down (you can't grab and safety drop) to the ledge below. Follow the ledge SE to a wall switch (2 of 5 to open the gate at the end of the bridge). Reverse roll, run NW to the corner of this veranda and safety drop onto a slope below. Slide down to the floor or shallow water (depending on where you dropped from) and shoot three lions.

Run to the NE supporting column and locate the wall switch on the E side (3 of 5). Now go to the supporting column opposite the teleporter in the middle of the W wall and hop into the alcove on the E side to find another wall switch (4 of 5). Finally, go to the SW corner next to the closed gate and find the last wall switch (5 of 5). The upper gate at the end of the bridge opens, so for a short cut jump into that teleporter in the middle of the W wall and find yourself at the spot where you entered this area. Run N to the bridge and go across past the opened gate.

Run into the passage and turn left into the E opening. In the next room locate the floor hole and drop down. Crawl through and follow to a pushblock. Pull it back once to trigger a small earthquake, crawl back out and find that the previous room has changed. Climb the broken pillars and jump to the arch to find the KEY. Get back down and exit this room. Turn left in the passage and follow to a keyhole. Insert the Key to open the door to your right and hop down to the veranda below. Pull down the wall switch to open the SW gate you saw earlier.

Safety drop to the ledge below and drop further from the NW corner to slide down as you did before. Run to the SW corner and enter the opened gateway. Follow to a ledge overlooking a sunken room. Note the rising and falling platform SE. Wait for it to start rising, and when it reaches its zenith take a running jump to land on it. Ride the platform down and hop to the floor. Run to the W wall, hop into the alcove and pick up a TORCH. Run across the room and hop into the E alcove to light the torch. Get down and ride the platform back up. Jump off either SW or SE as you near the zenith, light the nearby sconce (1 of 4 to open a gate). Breaking the remote cameras here can be a real problem, try jumping straight up so you won't risk falling off the ledge. Use the alcove in the side wall to get across to the facing ledge. Light the second sconce (2 of 4) and jump back to the platform. Repeat on the other side of the room to light the third (3 of 4) and fourth (4 of 4) sconces. The gate opens and you're through with the torch, so get back to the NW opening by which you entered.

Exit to the immense room and run straight across N to the opened gate near the NW corner. Follow through to a pool area and jump into the water where you enter. Swim into the E opening and follow to an underwater lever. Pull out of the water to find another rising and falling platform near the W wall. Ride it up and run off onto the ledge. Turn around and time a running jump E past the swinging blades. Grab and pull up. See the dormant platform E and turn to face N. Take a running jump into the alcove and activate the jump switch. Pull out of the water and ride the W platform back up. The E platform is now active, so time a jump past the swinging blades again and ride the E platform up.

Jump out W at the top into an upper room. Move the pushblock onto the omega tile to open a gate down below. Exit via the platform and jump into the water. Pull out and exit this room SE. Back in the immense room, find the open gate near the middle of the E wall and enter the darkness to end the level.

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