The Lost Trident

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The Lost Trident

Post by Phil » 14 Jul 2018 14:28


Level by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. See also the video walk by Doggett D. McDog. The compass in this level is backwards, so directions will be noted accordingly.

Slide down to the mouth of a cave. Run forward and shoot the crocodile in the shallow pond. Note the closed trap door and locate the E crawlspace. Enter and crawl forward until you can stand up. Step out onto the S ledge and pick up the SHOTGUN. Jump the two ledges N and turn right to jump with control into the W opening. Run past the closed gate, turn left and jump the pit, then push the button around the corner to raise and lower wooden platforms in the previous area. Go back the way you came, jump to the S ledge and then take a running jump SE to the raised platform. Stand jump SE into the opening and blast the awakened skeleton into oblivion.

Enter the small cave and push the SW button to reverse the platform configuration. Walk back to the opening and take a running jump N to the small triangular ledge. Turn left and note the suspended boulder ahead. Stand jump E onto the lower ledge and immediately reverse roll upon landing to evade the triggered boulder. Face N and enter the crawl space. A flame blower will be triggered as you approach it, so time your way past it on the left and continue around left until you can stand up and push a button to open the gate you saw earlier.

Crawl back to the ledge, stand up and jump E to grab the raised platform. Pull up and take a running jump to the E ledge for shotgun ammo. Turn around and jump back to the platform, then W to the ledge and W again to the triangular ledge. Turn right and take a curved running jump into the S opening. Push the SW button again to reverse the platform configuration once more, then return to the opening and stand jump NW onto the raised platform. Take a running jump NW onto the stone ledge and a running jump with grab into the W opening. Run forward to the opened gate and enter. Vault up to push the button, opening one of the gates in the previous area.

Go back to the opening, jump E and SE to ledge and raised platform, then stand jump SE into the opening. Push the button inside, the run jump N to the triangular ledge (avoid the obstruction). Hop down E and jump to the raised platform, then to the ledge. You're blocked by a gate, so save your game and take a banana jump around it. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the E wall. Drop down onto the ledge and jump S to the opened gate.

Run forward into an outdoor lake area. Shoot the nearby shark, then look around for two wild boars, one near and one far. Dive into the lake, swim W and locate the underwater lever in the alcove to your left. Pull it to raise a wooden platform elsewhere. Swim back NE and pull out of the water. Follow the ledge around in a counterclockwise direction past a closed gate, hop over the gap near the waterfall and climb the block at the NW corner. Hop SE onto the extended ledge, continue with a running jump SE onto the column, hop to the ledge against the S wall and turn left to take a running jump with grab so you can glide past the obstruction and grab the W ledge. Pull up and jump to grab the raised platform. Pull up and hop to the rock bridge.

Follow around past a dart trap, jump E twice (the second time with grab) and push the button to open an underwater gate. Reverse roll, jump into the lake and swim into the E opening, partially obscured by vegetation, near the NE corner. Follow to the opened gate and swim straight forward and down into a hole past more vegetation and pick up the DOOR KEY. Go back the way you came, swim E past another floor hole (closed trap door down inside) to a closed gate where you'll find a small medipack. Flip turn and loop around right to find an underwater lever that opens the trap door. Return for air if necessary, then return and swim down past the opened trap door into an underwater room for shotgun ammo and the CROWBAR.

Return to the pool and pull out somewhere NE. Run along the ledge to the closed gate and open it with the crowbar. Follow to a room where two skeletons are awakened. First grab the shotgun ammo in the SW corner if you need it, then blast the skeletons into the S pit. When all is quiet, note two timed buttons on the blocks. The one on the left opens the nearby gate, the one on the right opens another gate you can't see from here. Push the left button first and run into the E gateway. Turn right at the wall and see a wild boar. You don't have to shoot it, however, as the rolling boulders will accomplish that task for you. Look into the room at the NE corner and see the other timed gate. Go back to find a button that turns off the flames in the passage. Return to the room with the blocks, push the button on the left and then the one on the right and navigate past the boulders into the timed NE gateway. Mind the spike trap just past the opening and take the BLUE STONE from the raised tile.

There's another button in the SW corner. Push it to open a gate, jump into the water hole and swim to a closed gate. Pull the underwater lever on your left to open it, loop around right and find your way back to the familiar outdoor pool. Pull out N, enter the passage ahead and kill a wild boar if it shows up. Otherwise, run to the edge of the pit and open the crowbar gate on your left. Go inside and claim the second BLUE STONE. Get off the raised tile quickly before the spikes are triggered and deal with the awakened skeleton after luring it outside. Jump N to the ledge and use the monkey bars to swing W to the ledge with the gate.

Save your game again and take a running banana jump around the right side of the gate to the W ledge. Continue with a series of W jumps until you reach the triangular ledge. Turn right and take a curved running jump into the S opening. Push the button inside, go to the opening and hop NW to the raised wooden platform, then take a running jump NW to the rock ledge and a running jump S to the next rock ledge and a running jump SW to a crawl space. Enter and follow to a new lake area where you're greeted by two crocodiles. Go to the SW corner, ignoring the columns with stone receptacles (you need more than you now have) and climb the block. Enter the passage to your right, pass a closed gate and follow the passage until you trigger a cut scene showing a wild boar being skewered on spikes.

Being so forewarned, hop down into the outdoor area and avoid the green patches while making your way across to the NW corner (where this particular green patch is safe). Enter the crawl space for SECRET #1 and pick up the large medipack, small medipack and shotgun ammo. Exit and push the nearby button in the N wall. Reverse roll and run SW to find another button to push in the W wall. Turn right and run to the S wall to find a third button between two green patches. Run NE toward the E wall and turn left to find a fourth button. The fifth button is due N, and to your left, from where you are now. When you push it you hear the sound of a door opening. The gate in question is the one in the N wall, allowing access to yet another button. This one opens a timed gate in the SW corner, so you need to get over there quickly.

Once inside, follow to grab the third BLUE STONE, opening the gate at the end of the E passage. You're finished here, so exit this area via the E passage and return to the lake area where three wild boars are running around loose. Go to the SE corner, climb onto the block and jump N to grab the rock ledge. Pull up and take the small medipack before following the ledge N to the other end. Jump the gap, hang from the edge and shimmy right along the crack until you can pull up. Hop up right and push the button to lower an underwater trap door in the lake floor. Drop down, locate the hole with the opened trap door and swim down into a confined area with an underwater lever in the SW corner. Flip turn, grab the flares in the NE corner and swim down the S passage to an opened gate on your right. Enter and follow around to another underwater lever to pull. You're probably running short on air by this time, so go back and look for an overhead shaft. Swim up past an opened trap door and search the floor area for shotgun ammo. Continue around the SW corner and pull the underwater lever.

Go back to where you entered this area and pull out. Jump the ledges around the perimeter of the room. Hang from the ledge with the underwater lever and shimmy right around the corner to pull up into a crawl space. Follow to a closed gate, which means that the underwater lever was timed. Go back, drop into the water and pull the lever a second time, and this time make your circuit around the room as quickly as possible. Once past the timed gate, jump the spike pit and continue around past three flame blowers into the next room. There's a button in the W alcove. Wait for the flames to subside, dash in to push the button and back flip as a skeleton awakens. Blast it into the water hole and go through the opened NE gateway. The fourth BLUE STONE is just beyond. When you take it a skeleton is awakened, so lure it back to the water hole where it can join its companion.

Return to the previous room and open the gate with the Door Key. Enter for SECRET #2 and follow around for a large medipack and 3 x shotgun ammo. Return to the water hole, jump in and swim to where you can pull out. Shoot the crocodile before swimming down the SW shaft past the opened trap door, or simply elude it as you make your way back to the outdoor lake. You now have the requisite number of Blue Stones, so pull out and place a stone in each of the four S receptacles. The S gate opens, so enter and go up the stairs, awakening a skeleton along the way. If you like, you can lure it back to the lake and blast it into the water. It won't die, but it will stop chasing you for the moment.

Back up the stairs and down into a new room infested with wart hogs (five of them). You can shoot them like fish in a barrel at no risk to yourself. Note the spike-protected trident on the raised platform. Push the button in the SW column to open the E gate. Go there and follow to a large indoor pool. Shoot two crocodiles, jump into the water and swim to the NE corner. Save your game before pulling the hard-to-see underwater lever in the E wall (opens a timed gate high up in the SE corner). Turn left and swim across the pool into the SW opening. Follow up the ramped passage and pull out. Run around to the ledge overlooking the pool and look across to see the gate you opened. Light a flare while running to the N end of the ledge, look left for the first of several translucent platforms spanning the pool. Jump from one to the next until you get across the pool and into the opening before the timed gate closes. It may take you several tries before you get the jump sequence down, so save again in a different slot when you get up to the ledge.

Once you're in the SE passage, follow around to a small room with a GOLDEN STAR. Pry it off the wall and continue into the N opening. Step onto the trigger tile to open the gate and dive into the pool. Swim into the SW opening once more, proceed to the ledge as you did before and turn right into the W gateway. In the wart hog room go across and open the W gate with the crowbar. Enter a room with burning floor strips and push the button in the N wall to open the S gate. Yes, it's timed, but you should have no problem getting across in time with standing jumps. Just ahead is another GOLDEN STAR. When you pry it off the wall a crocodile is alerted. Follow the passage to a trigger tile that opens the gate ahead.

Turn left at the wall and return to the wart hog room. Locate the star receptacles on the NE and NW columns and insert the two Golden Stars to trigger to spikes on the platform. Go there and take the TRIDENT to the sound of Lara's theme music. Exit N, climb the blocks and run toward the lake to end the level.

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