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Cakeworld Rebake

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Chef: DJ Full

Recipe: Phil Lambeth

Drop down from a ceiling mural and examine your onscreen marching orders. Shoot the two containers and pick up flares (retextured here to resemble a star cluster) hidden by one of them. Exit N or S, the compass makes it impossible to tell which. From now on, directions will be provided in similarly ambiguous fashion (NE/SW), but I will endeavor to record additional information so that the correct direction will hopefully be plain to the reader. With that caveat, head N/S through the passage. Admire the artwork in the next room and climb the NE/SW ladder (ignoring the warning sign next to it). Shift right near the top and pass right through the nebulous window pane. Drop down and take a running jump E/W to grab the suspended ledge. Pull up, turn around, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing back W/E through the window pane. Turn right at the montage featuring a high-ranking German official and drop down at the end.

Turn right, step down into the alcove and pick up what are likely meant to be UZIS, followed by a card reminiscent of what we Yanks would liken to a baseball card for SECRET #1. Safety drop to the room below and exit E/W into a spooky room. Loop around right to the SW/NE corner and climb the W/E ladder into an alcove. Angle right and take the SHOTGUN from the wall, followed by another baseball card for SECRET #2. Climb back down, turn around and run E/W until you reach an opening to your right. Enter the brightly lit S/N room and pull up into the first alcove on your left. Turn around, draw your pistols and jump up and down while shooting to shatter the red flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Hop up higher onto the adjacent block and pick up uzi ammo. Get down to the floor and pull up into the last alcove on your left (SE/NW). Turn around and shoot the red flowers as you did earlier. Pull up onto the adjacent block and pick up the CARD (screen shot of a door opening in a previous room). Hop down to the floor, pull up into the alcove in the opposite corner (SW/NE) and run forward into a darker room. Pick up the uzi ammo and stand on the raised platform to grab the baseball card for SECRET #3. Lara is magically transported to the starting room. Go through the connecting passage to the next room and find the opened doorway next to the ladder you used earlier. Before going there, exit to your right into the spooky room, turn left into a side room with various art treasures hanging on the walls. Shoot the drawing labeled "hint" for a -- hint.

Return through the spooky room to the montage room. Turn right, go in through the opened doorway and find the ladder marked by the jutting-out squares. Climb up and shift right to drop down (or back flip) onto a translucent ledge. Turn around and find the crawl space. Go on through and climb up through the opened trap door (which closes as you pull up). Run out E/W along the translucent floor as spikes spring up behind you to prevent your return. Continue forward through the opening into the hallway and loop around right for flares in the alcove. Run to the far end of the hallway and step carefully past the phantom glass window into the alcove for more flares. This time the warning sign means business, for if you continue forward you'll fall to your death.

Hop back, turn left and go down the connecting hallway. At the wall, just below the beak of archaeopteryx, pull down the switch to make something nearby accessible. Turn around, go back a ways, hop up left and pick up a CARD to open a door elsewhere. If you check your inventory, you will see that these non-secret cards are to be combined and used at some point. Follow the hallway back to the other end and step through the phantom glass window opposite the one you "met" earlier. In the small room step inside the card structure and pick up an extra pair of UZIS as well as a crude prismatic drawing for SECRET #4.

Exit to the hallway and go past the connecting hallway to your left with those burning objects on the ledge. A bit more than halfway down, locate the receptacle to your right, combine the two Cards and insert the STRONG ITEM into the receptacle. Watch the door to your right slowly rise. Enter to trigger a flyby through a colorful room and loop around left for uzi ammo in the alcove. Follow the snapshot-laden flooring to the other end, where you will find two ladders in an alcove. However, the third wall in the alcove is also climbable, so use it to climb up twice into an upper room, then pull up left onto a ledge for flares. Hop down and run into a brightly lit room. In front of the wall drawing of Lara in a most unladylike posture, take the KITCHEN SWITCH from the short pole. Turn around, hop onto the block and pick up the shotgun ammo.

Hop down from the block to the NW/SE corner and locate the hole in the floor that provides a short cut back down to the colorful room. Step onto the raised central area, causing a minor explosion, and take the HEXAFLEXAGON. Stand perfectly still while four boulders drop down all around you. Draw those uzis to deal with a number of spider-like creatures (I counted six) that attack you. Run W/E down the dark hall and bear left toward those burning objects on the ledges. More spider-like creatures come to attack you. We later find out they're called luxopedes. Go to the nearby crowbar device and insert the Kitchen Switch to create a floor lever. Push it to extinguish the flames. Hop onto the ledge and pick up 3 x gabiza's cake. When you pick up the third one a cut scene shows a door opening somewhere. Pick up the Kitchen Switch, which had become separated from the receptacle, and exit through the NW/SE opening at the end of the ledge.

You're in a familiar room on a translucent floor. Walk E/W through the spikes in the central corridor, popping gabiza's cakes as necessary to keep from dying. At the far wall turn right and insert what's now called the Escape Switch in the naked receptacle. Lara will automatically go through a ritual to pull down the wall switch and open the door to her right. Enter another brightly lit room and go to the highest point where the empty CUP OF LITTLE MYSTERY rests on a pole. Try various positions to pick it up (I faced E/W). When you're successful, a flyby shows a TRForge cup in the montage room below.

Hop down into one of the shallow pools and fill your Mystery Cup (cut scene of chandelier in montage room). Go to said chandelier (to the right of the separation fence), drop down onto it and safety drop to the floor of the montage room. Pour the contents of the Mystery Cup into the larger cup to open a passage in the montage wall. Climb up inside and get a remote shot of an apparently sleeping figure in the center of the next room. Hop down, loop around left, pull up onto the ledge and activate the jump switch to lower a nearby block. Hop back down, run past the sleeping figure and pull up N (I know it's N because the compass needle turns transparent) onto the ledge. Hop down into the passage revealed by the lowered block and run to the far end for the MERRARI ADVENA IGNITION KEY. Step forward for a cut scene of the area beyond the closed grate.

Run back to the previous room and turn right to approach the raised W block. Get up and place the Hexaflexagon on the pole to create a small explosion that shatters the protective structure in front of you and also awakens the sleeping giant. Get into the now-accessible Jeep, use the Ignition Key to crank it up and drive it down into the arena. Ram the huffing and puffing giant to kill it (apparently kill it, that is, more later) and continue up the slope that has magically appeared in the E wall, through the lowered block and into the montage room. Continue forward through the opening into the spooky room, drive straight across and through the next opening into the spikes (which shatter upon contact). The Jeep will then drop to the bottom of a funnel-shaped area, but not to worry. The floor slowly rises to bring you and the Jeep back up.

When you reach the top, get out of the Jeep and go through the nearby opening up a short ramp, turn around and jump up to grab a ledge. Pull up and push the button to cause some changes in the previous room. Drop back down, run down the ramp into the previous room and turn around exactly one block from the opening. Jump up to grab the overhead ledge. As you pull up you find yourself in a water-filled room. Swim up the shaft and pull out N (again, the transparent compass needle helps here). Run forward for flares in the alcove, hop back, turn left and go W down the side passage. When you reach the far wall, loop around right past a closed door for some uzi ammo. Go back E along the side passage, turn left into the second opening onto a grated floor and drop down to your left to a lower passage. Safety drop from the W end, turn around and step forward onto a glass floor. Turn left, then right and pull the chain to lift a cage in the room with the artwork.

A pushblock has appeared behind you. But first, go to the opposite end of this room into a side room and find the shotgun ammo. Go back to the pushblock and pull it one time toward the window, underneath a ladder. Get up onto the block and jump up the grab the ladder by your fingernails. Climb up into a passage and push the large button to your right. A door opens behind you (one you saw earlier) as a gate lifts elsewhere. Get back down the ladder, drop to the glass floor and exit to the blue passage by which you entered. Go through the triangular opening into a room with snowflake tiles on the floor. Loop around left, light a flare and hop up left of the yellow-orange prism into the dark opening. Loop around right and pull up onto a flooring directly over the room with the snowflake tiles.

Go diagonally across (avoiding the large square holes) to the far corner where you can see a wrapped present, which is actually a phantom window. Jump through it and loop around left up the steps past the raised gate into an upper room where five animated flares attack at different times (the uzis deal with them nicely). When they die you can actually pick them up and use their light until they fizzle out. From this point on they will appear sporadically, so I won't mention them again. Just shoot them when you encounter them. In one corner of this room you will find 2 x shotgun ammo. There are two ways out of here, other than through the lifted gate by which you entered. First, go to the wide NE/SW stairs and locate the N (compass needle again) crawl space. Pull up inside and go around right for flares. Return to the stairs, locate the S opening a few steps down and enter to pick up banana cookies (with some interesting properties).

Go back up the stairs, across the room and to the other NE/SW stairs. Hop down through a gap in the fence and grab the uzi ammo. Follow the path away from the fence (crawl if need be) into a new, brightly lit area. Run down to your right and vault up onto the platform for un-normal spikes and abnormal spikes (whatever the difference between them may be). Crawl back underneath the low spot, safety drop to the stairs below and continue down to an intersection. Turn left into a passage with snowflake designs on the floor and save your game in front of the translucent golden pyramid. You need to jump to its far side so you can jump off again to land on the snowflake ledge N/S.

Pull up ahead, hop down, turn right and pull up two times. Hop down and turn right into a green-tinted room. Pick up un-normal spikes in one alcove and push the button in another alcove (screen shot of gate lifting and block lowering in room with snowflake floor tiles). Turn around and go to the opposite alcove. Simply run out and slide down to a lower room. Push the nearby button to lift a gate, then turn to your right. Jump over the gap and pick up 5 x flares. Jump back across the gap, run past the button you pushed and bear slightly right to go up the stairs. At the top, turn right at the second opening (the first opening is blocked by a force field) into the room where the block was lowered. Pick up the baseball card for SECRET #5, whereupon you're set upon by a multitude of giant luxopedes. When they're all gone, use a Gabiza's cake to restore your health and go pick up the SHOTGUN (unless you were fortunate enough to grab it before the horde arrived).

Exit through the same NE/SW opening by which you entered, turn left and go back down the wide stairs, turn right at the button you pushed earlier and continue down the next flight of stairs, looping around right into an E/W room with blue and tan floor squares. Turn right there, vault up onto the ledge and hop down N/S in front of a bridge leading into a new area. Bear to your right at the bottom and follow past featureless tiles to a baseball card for SECRET #6 (cut scene of the flooded room in front of you). Return to the bridge and jump off to your right into purple water (to your left is blue water). Swim a short distance and pull out to your right.

Look around and see numbered blocks with wall switches, three on this side and two across the water. Stand facing the nearest block on your side and save your game. If you fall into the water here, strange and bad things will happen. You need to be positioned precisely, almost (but not quite) all the way toward the right corner of the crawl space below. It may take several tries before you succeed. Hop back to grab the edge, drop, grab and pull inside. When you can stand up, loop around left (ignore the uzi ammo, because you can't reach it and may get stuck trying) and see a large red flower across the water. Shoot it and go back to find a completed wall switch (the handle wasn't there until you shot the flower). Pull down the switch to open a door and return to the crawl space. Lower Lara into the water and pull out at the same spot you pulled out earlier.

Go past the three numbered blocks on this side, pull up onto the E/W ledge, turn right and pull up higher at the corner with the colorful lantern. Step forward and find a depression in the floor containing a CALENDAR HINT. Examine it for information concerning those numbered blocks. Get back down and pull down wall switch #1 and #2 (starting from your left), jump across the water and pull down the switch on the left, jump back across the water and pull down switch #3, and finally jump across the water and pull down the switch on the right. The colorful lantern you saw earlier adjusts its position, and a second lantern slides across the room. Go to where you picked up the Calendar Hint, climb onto the block where the lantern formerly rested, and follow the arrow to the nearer of the two lanterns. Move it onto the package tile and go E/W from there to find the second lantern. Move it as well onto the nearby package tile, past the door you opened, and watch another door opening down below to your left.

Enter the small room to your right and move a third lantern onto the package tile. The lantern explodes and the other door in this room opens. Exit to a hallway, loop around right or left and pull up onto a ledge. Locate the ramped opening and follow to uzi ammo and more UZIS. Follow this upper passage to some stairs leading N/S. Take a running jump over the gap at the end to grab a ledge. Pull up, step forward and push the button. Jump back to the stairs and pick up the baseball card that has magically appeared for SECRET #7.

Turn around and run out (don't safety drop) into the water channel below and swim a short distance to where you can surface and pull out into the room with the numbered blocks. Go to the E/W opening created when you moved the second lantern and pull up inside. Go onto the bridge overlooking a burning floor and pick up the banana cookies (here is where those interesting properties may be put to good use) at the end. Part of the bridge has vanished, stranding you here.

Take a running jump E/W toward the opening. You won't make it there, but you will land in the water beyond the burning floor in front of a closed gate. Flip turn (don't surface or you'll burn) and swim away from the gate, bearing right near the far wall to find a FLASH DIODE BULB (screen shot of that closed gate opening). Turn around and swim back through the lower opening to find shotgun ammo near a grate. Pull the nearby underwater lever to lower a trap door and swim back underneath the room with the (formerly) burning floor. You can now safely surface for air. Go through the opened gate, and before the strong current grabs you turn immediately to your right and swim down to your right past the opened trap door and pick up the hard-to-see COPPER BONES. If you miss, simply pull out of the water channel, go back to the E/W opening and try again.

Return to the water channel and pull out on the side with two numbered blocks (screen shot of a nearby hallway). Pull up past the numbered blocks into the hallway you just saw in the cut scene. Go up the ramped hallway and turn right at the point where it narrows. Turn left into a small room with a central device. Go around to the other side of the device, combine the Flash Diode Bulb and the Copper Bones and insert the FLASH DIODE to set the device spinning and to open a nearby door. You have a choice of several directions to take at this point, but for now walk forward past the spinning device, turn left in the hallway, take an immediate right and go down the ramp for banana cookies. Hop down and continue forward into a room with a giant Scrabble board surrounded by a moat.

Hop over the moat and run across the Scrabble board to the N side of the room. Pull up onto the ledge and watch the wall painting separate and slide apart. Enter a smaller room with a smaller Scrabble board and pull up at the far N wall. The wall painting closes again. Don't approach either of the red flowers (deadly explosion), but quickly go to your left and pull down the wall switch. Hop back down and wait for the wall painting to separate once more to allow your escape. The red flowers are now dormant, but they won't shatter if you shoot them. Back in the large Scrabble board room, go to your left and pull up into the green-tinted E hallway. Follow around to your left and approach an artifact that flees in panic when you get too close.

Follow the artifact back to the Scrabble board room and wait for it to open the W panel leading outdoors. When you pull up onto the W ledge the artifact takes off screaming again. There are similar artifacts scattered about the outdoor area. They are apparently baby artifacts, as the one Lara spooked goes to Papa Bull Tree for protection. Run past Papa into the large palace and look for a large glass panel to your left. Stand close to it and entice Papa to charge you and shatter the wall. Enter the room and pick up ADVENT WALLPAPER. There's another glass panel you can get Papa to shatter if you're so inclined.

Otherwise, exit to the main hallway and enter the NW room with the pillars. Climb up onto the shortest one at the NW corner and jump E twice onto a bridge and run S into a new area. Turn left and go E with the wall to your left and pause along the way for banana cookies. When you reach the NE corner, insert the Advent Wallpaper in the computer terminal to open a large door elsewhere. Reverse roll and make your way around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, pausing for flares in an alcove. The opened door is near the SW corner. Hop over the gap onto a ledge and look NW to see two rotating red flowers in the next room. Hop down there for a remote camera angle.

Climb up onto a SW ledge for revolver ammo, hop down and climb up onto the NW ledge and wrest the cover off the box for the REVOLVER. Go to the SW ledge and take a running jump SE up to the higher E ledge. Go to the box and open it for the LASER SIGHT. Combine it with the revolver, turn around and shoot those two rotating flowers. Hop down to the floor. You can't pull up onto the central structure where the flowers were, so jump up there from one of the connecting ledges and avoid the still-rotating lights (which can and will knock you off) and pick up the ALPHA BINOCULARIS and the BETA BINOCULARIS, whereupon the lights will speed up and explode, lowering a trap door on the central structure. Locate the facing ladders in two interior sides of the hole, jump to grab one of them and climb down and drop to a familiar area below.

Light a flare and locate a flooded area opposite what appears to be a ladder surface on the wall (pick up the flares there). Swim forward into a lighted area and pull out onto a ledge to your right. Papa Bull is still stomping about in the cave above you. Grab the uzi ammo hanging from the ceiling and jump back into the water. Continue swimming E/W under a bridge and locate an underwater ceiling lever near the far wall. You have to be positioned just right, with Lara's back at the water's surface, before you can activate it. The gate in front of you opens and a cut scene shows something rising in the outdoor area. Swim forward and pick up the SHOTGUN. Swim back E/W and look to your left for an area where you can wade out of the water. Wade forward, vault up into an opening and loop around left to a ceiling trap door. Turn around with your back to the wall and jump up to grab the handle. Pull up higher two times and follow to an opening that overlooks the outdoor area.

Slide down and face the temple. If Papa Bull isn't here yet (as was the case in my game), you've got plenty of time to draw your revolver and look up (use the crouch key to zoom in) to find three crate-sized objects equally spaced on the roof of the temple. Shoot them all and then turn around and look up to find a red star near the top center of the other building. Shoot it as well. Whatever all this target practice might accomplish is unclear, but you have to admit it's fun. Anyway, you can now go fetch Papa Bull from the temple cave. You need to entice him to ram the package tile that has arisen at the entrance to the Scrabble board room. When this has been accomplished, enjoy the repartee between Lara and Papa Bull, then pick up the HORIZONTAL 19. After another exchange with Papa Bull, you find yourself in the Scrabble board room with the door to the outside now closed. Turn around and bump into the door to re-open it. Hop down to the outside area and find shotgun ammo, 2 x uzi ammo and un-normal spikes (which we will soon learn are crossbow arrows).

Return to the Scrabble board room, hop down and locate the red tile with the number 19 on the near edge of the board. Place the Horizontal 19 on it and watch gears start to turn, causing the Scrabble board to rise and to bring Lara along with it. There are ladder surfaces scattered along the walls of this room. From where Lara is standing, turn diagonally right and run to the NE/SW corner of the board. Take a running jump to grab the N/S ladder and start a long and laborious climb. When you reach the portrait panels a number of cut scenes will start kicking in. When they're over you're admonished to hurry up, and without any extra effort on your part you start climbing much faster. When you finally reach a triangular opening, shift right and around the corner to drop down in a cramped space.

Turn around and stand jump over the slope to another gap. Jump from this gap to the ledge below and run forward for flares, the CROSSBOW and banana cookies. Run to the far end of this ledge and jump out slightly to your right. You'll land on the slope below. Slide and grab, then shimmy right to a ladder. Continue past it, go past a second ladder and pull up onto a platform in the far corner. Jump up to grab the crack in the adjacent wall and shimmy right to a third ladder. Climb this one up to a ledge with those spinning gears you saw in a cut scene. Turn right and go along the ledge to a baseball card called Jenni's Book under the third gear. Pick it up for SECRET #8.

Return to the ladder and climb all the way down. Release when you're hanging from the bottom rung and roll upon hitting the floor to minimize your health loss. Turn around and see that underneath the Scrabble board is a shallow pool. Locate the hole just past the tree and jump in. Swim to the short end of the passage for shotgun ammo, then flip turn and swim the other way until you reach a larger pool where you can pick up a hard-to-see COG on the floor and surface for air. Swim back to the shallow pool and get out. When you start to leave the pool area you hear a crash and turn around to find that the Scrabble board has dropped back down. A cut scene shows enemy activity going on outside.

Climb up into the S snow-tile-lined opening opposite the N mural wall. Run up the ramp, turn right at the top to a fixed camera and safety drop from there to the ledge below (I had to hurry, as I was being pursued by a luxopede). Look toward the center of the room to see the giant you thought you'd killed earlier. Approach him to initiate an extended conversation. When it's over, pick up the CRUCIAL SLAB near your feet and turn around. Pull up onto the ledge and go past the lowered block into the montage room (cut scene of the artwork room). Continue forward through the opening into the spooky room and turn left into the artwork room. Pick up the colorful NOT ENOUGH SLABS (you must be one short), exit and run straight across the spooky room into another room you visited earlier. In the far wall is a grid where you can combine your slabs and place the RIDDLE OF 7 SLABS in the grid.

A multitude of luxopedes come running. They seem resistant to gunfire, but not to Un-Normal Spikes, so equip your crossbow accordingly and blow them away. Return to the spooky room and enjoy the light show for as long as you like. Turn left to face the E/W opening to the montage. Climb the long ladder either to the right or the left of that opening, shift right or left as appropriate when you've passed the slope, and pull up into the alcove. Reverse roll and take a running jump and grab to the hanging platform. Pull up and shoot the waiting luxopede. Pick up the LUXOPEDE'S LIGHTFEET FOOT it dropped and see a cut scene of a device lacking just such an item.

Get back down to the floor of the spooky room and deal with more luxopedes. Check out all the side rooms to make sure you get them all. When the coast is clear, enter the side room where you placed the Riddle of 7 Slabs. In the first alcove to your right is the device you saw in the cut scene. Hop up there, and with your back against the wall insert the Luxopede's Lightfeet Foot in the spot where one is missing. A trap door opens over your head and a giant luxopede drops down. After dealing with it, climb onto the higher block in that alcove, turn around and hop up through an opening onto a ledge overlooking the spooky room.

Go E/W toward the grate and turn right. Locate a wafer-thin platform against the E/W wall and pull up onto it. Place the Cog next to the one already in the wall. Other cogs appear, forming the word "forge," and larger cogs start turning behind you, creating a new opening. Get down from the platform and hop down N/S into a trench bordered by cogs. Light a flare and run to the E/W end (the same side where you placed the Cog), turn around and locate the ladder. Jump to grab it and pull up into an alcove. Climb the N ladder, shift right at the top and drop down into a confined area with miniature portraits. Turn to face W, jump forward to grab the ladder and climb to an upper passage. Turn around and jump the gap for jumpswitch ammo for your Crossbow. A cut scene shows the cog floor re-forming and more luxopedes escaping.

Jump back across the gap and crawl past the opening to find a button. Push it to open the door next to you (cut scene showing an incomplete jumpswitch). Drop down to the passage below and find the incomplete jumpswitch at the end of a short E/W passage. Fit your Crossbow with jumpswitch ammo and shoot the receptacle to complete it. It's not a jumpswitch but an ordinary wall switch. Pull it down anyway to open the door to your left. Enter, hop and slide down to a lower passage. Go right (grate on the left) and follow to a room with another incomplete switch. This one is up high, however, and legitimately qualifies as a jumpswitch. Shoot it with jumpswitch ammo (no need to affix the laser sight, just look up and shoot) and deal with two luxopedes before activating the newly-completed jumpswitch.

A trap door opens beneath you, dropping you into a waterhole (which immediately closes, preventing you from climbing out). Swim E/W along the channel to an underwater lever. Pull it and simply wait for Lara to complete an involuntary journey and emerge safe and sound in a passage above the water. Turn around, climb two blocks and run E/W to a small room with a raised structure. Step forward and allow the flyby to take over. When camera control is restored, you find yourself transported to a hellish area guarded by a giant dragon. Turn left and stand jump to two blocks, then stand jump and grab a taller third block. Pull up and go through a gap in the wall. Hop down to the rock ledge and follow it around to your right to an E/W gap. Jump across the gap to the far ledge, turn to your right and look up.

Take an angled running jump and grab the higher crawl space. Pull inside as heart-shaped locusts attack. Stand up and slide down twice toward the dragon. Turn around and push the button. Turn to your left, jump into the water and swim N/S between two short blocks and continue toward a tall light-colored column. Swim past the column and locate an opening ahead. Once inside, turn left and locate a smaller opening. Follow to a garishly lighted room where you can surface for air. Explore a corner of this area next to an underwater red block and enter the alcove for a baseball card and SECRET #9.

Find an E/W ledge in this room where you can pull out of the water. Step forward, pull up higher and find yourself overlooking the dragon's lair. Look up to your right to see another crawl space. Jump to it, pull up inside and slide down to find another button to push. The dragon expires rather noisily and the place starts falling apart. Just stand there and wait, the chaos eventually ceases. You can see an object at the center of a rock island down below, from which flames are issuing. If you have trouble pulling out of the water onto it, climb onto the nearby block and jump over. Pick up the PUCHAR WINA TUSKA and the E/W door blows open. If you have sunglasses, put them on and enter the E/W passage where you're blinded by the sunlight.

Turn left into the second opening as a boulder rolls down toward you. Turn right toward a red-tinged wall, then turn left and run into an open area where a flyby takes over. Sit back and enjoy the concluding action.

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That's a tasty recipe, thanks Phil.

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