Hollywood Mini Adventures - Holyday Special

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Hollywood Mini Adventures - Holyday Special

Post by Phil » 01 Jan 2018 15:37


Level by MBog

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

At the start we note that Santa is in dire straits. Lara to the rescue. Run past the bed, turn right and push the wall button to open the door to the closet. There's a closed grate in the wall, so reverse roll, run across the bedroom into the unfinished bathroom and loop around right. Activate the jump switch in the wall next to the commode and return to the closet. Crawl through the opening and drop down into a basement.

Loop around left to find a DRAGON EMBLEM near a suit of armor. Exit to the closet and bedroom, turn right and go down the stairs to a lower room. Place the Dragon Emblem in the wall receptacle to your right to open the door at the bottom of the stairs. Go there, run around the landing and push the block (next to the portrait of the Victorian gentleman) two times onto the marked corner tile. Locate another pushblock in an alcove in the far wall and move it onto the companion marked corner tile. A door opens in the alcove, revealing a button. Push it to raise a platform in the room back upstairs (where you placed the Dragon Emblem).

Return there, locate the ladder in the wall opposite the Dragon Emblem receptacle and climb up. Back flip to an elevated den and look for the raised platform in a corner. Jump there and push the wall button to open a door down below. Safety drop to the lower room and go through the opened doorway into a music room. Pull the crate as far as you can, get up onto it and push the wall painting. Get down, go to the opposite wall and pull the short crate (that has been raised) underneath a wall button. Push it to open a door at the far end of the music room.

Go there, hop down and push the book switch to move a bookshelf somewhere. Exit the music room, go down the stairs to the landing, and continue down more stairs to an occultic room where the bookshelf has moved aside to reveal a passage. Follow to a door that opens upon your approach, leading to an outdoor area where you'll find a TORCH pile. Pick one up and take it all the way upstairs to the bedroom where you began the level. Light the torch in the fireplace and return to the outdoor area with the pile of remaining torches.

Jump up the blocks against the far wall and enter a short passage. Jump onto the slope and back flip onto a higher ledge. Hop through the opening onto an outdoor ledge where you can see Santa continuing with his struggles. Jump either clockwise or counterclockwise around the perimeter of this area until you reach poor Santa. One would like to think that you're doing him a kindness by igniting and melting the goo that has him caught fast. However, the title of the TR4 file - Santa Needs To Pay - seems to indicate otherwise.

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