LB Advent Calendar 2017 - A Sailor Xmas

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LB Advent Calendar 2017 - A Sailor Xmas

Post by Phil » 23 Dec 2017 13:40


Level by Talos

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Begin in a dark alley near an old salt dressed in a red outfit. Open the doors at the other end, enter a brighter room, loop around left and open the drawer in the corner for some CAT FOOD. Turn around, exit SW, loop around left in the hallway and activate the jump switch to open the door at the top of the SW stairs. Go there, run past a closed door requiring a key and find yourself outdoors where snow is lightly falling (indeed an unusual floor plan).

Turn left and open the S door leading to a bedroom. Run toward the unattended pets and offer the Cat Food to the smaller feline seated next to the W window. It gratefully coughs up the SILVER KEY in return. Take one step back and pick it up. On the way out you can open the E door leading to the kitchen, but there's nothing to do there now.

Back outdoors, turn right and enter the E alcove beyond the small snowman. Open the door and enter a small austere room. There are two obscure wall switches beneath the paintings on the S wall. Pulling them down opens the NE door to a small closet. Take the MUSIC SCROLL from the small chest, exit this room, loop around right and use the Silver Key to open the E door.

Enter a combination kitchen-den where a lady is haughtily guarding the presents surrounding the nearby Christmas tree. Go to the small desk in the corner of the kitchen area and open the drawer for a TEA BOX. Run past the lady and push the book switch in the SE corner to open the NW door in the outside courtyard. Go there, enter a music room and place the Music Scroll on the stand. Lara turns to play a snazzy tune on the harp while a door opens nearby. But first, take the GIFTS from the small desk in the NE corner.

The door that opened is in the SW hall to the right. It leads to a small bedroom with a jump switch over the doorway inside. Activate it to open the door to The Bakaliaros in the outdoor courtyard, near the door to this bedroom. Go there and enjoy the festive music while you go behind the bar and pick up the MUG (with your back against the W wall).

Exit, turn right and re-enter the S bedroom. Turn left and open the door to the kitchen if you didn't do so earlier, enter and combine the Tea Box and the Mug. Place the MUG OF TEA next to the tea kettle on the stove. A door opens elsewhere, so return to the courtyard, exit E toward the door you opened with the Silver Key, turn left there and go back down the stairs. Run straight ahead to the kitchen area and turn right to find the open door.

Enter another bedroom and search the chest next to the bed for the IRON KEY. Go around the bed and through the red curtain in the N wall. Pick up the small medipack for SECRET #1 and exit this bedroom. Go back up the SW stairs to the outdoor courtyard. Place the Iron Key in the NE receptacle to open the nearby door.

Enter a blacksmith's shop and pick up the CLIMBING AXE near the small pile of wood in the NE corner. Exit to the courtyard, go down the stairs once more, turn right into the hallway and place the Gifts on the table behind the lady with the bare midriff. Pick up the TORCH that has materialized at your feet and light it in the fireplace back upstairs in the blacksmith's shop. Take the torch across the courtyard into the S bedroom and light the fireplace there. A door opens in the adjoining kitchen, so toss the torch temporarily, go there and pick up the flares for SECRET #2 in the dark closet to trigger a cut scene.

Retrieve the torch, exit the courtyard and enter the E room you opened with the Silver Key. Run past the haughty lady and light the fireplace at the far end of the room. A door opens behind you, so drop the torch again for a moment, enter the new room and shoot the larger packages to reveal a GIFT BOX. Pick up the torch and leave it somewhere in the courtyard where you can find it again. Run back downstairs to the NE kitchen and into the E bedroom, enter the SE area, combine the Gift Box and the Climbing Axe (?!) and place the LITTLE GIFT next to the pile of packages in the NE corner. A grate opens in front of a fireplace, so run back upstairs to the courtyard, retrieve the torch and return to The Bakaliaros (W doorway).

Light the fireplace (don't stand too close), watch the flyby and toss the torch for good. Stoop at the young lady's feet and pick up the SAILOR'S COMPASS. Exit to the courtyard, run downstairs one last time and exit N to the alley where you began this level. Stand in front of the man in the red outfit and offer him the Sailor's Compass to trigger the concluding flyby across the deck of the Jolly Roger.

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