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Mystic Realm

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Level by Danath

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Step from the alcove into the small room, then walk forward and slide down to a floating islands setting. Turn around, walk away from the green platforms toward the corner of the builder and hang from the edge there. Drop to grab a crack, then shimmy right to the corner and pull up. Hop diagonally to the ledge and go around the corner into the passage for a SILVER COIN and SECRET #1. Pull up two times through the opened trap door into the room where you began. Slide down again and make your way along the floating platforms until the path diverges. Take the downward path that leads to a small medipack and climb back up. Take the other downward path and continue past an open wooden drawbridge to your left.

Jump to the next structure and hop back immediately to hang from the edge as a boulder rolls down toward you (you may have to shimmy left a bit and pull up to trigger it). Run to the edge where the boulder was poised and continue counterclockwise along the platforms, sliding, jumping and grabbing as necessary until you reach an island with a closed gate. Go to the edge to the left of the closed gate, side flip onto the sloped side, slide and grab, and shimmy left as far as you can as the camera becomes fixed. Pull up, take a rolling back flip and grab the floating block. Pull up, turn around and locate the crack. Jump to grab it and shimmy left until you can pull up into an alcove. Go around the corner and push the button to open the gate you saw earlier. Go back to the edge, locate the block below, take one step back and jump down to the block. Turn left and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up onto the block you visited earlier, jump to grab the sloped edge of the island and shimmy right until you can pull up. Go through the opened gate.

Jump over two pits and come to a spike-trapped room. Take a running jump diagonally to your left over the spikes and into an opening. Follow to another room where a tiger comes charging out from your left. You have no weapons, so run forward through the opening where the tiger won't follow. At the edge of the deep pit, jump diagonally left onto a green ledge. Pull up left, turn left and take a running jump to grab the block. Pull up and make your way counterclockwise around the green ledges until you come to an opening that leads to a small cave with the PISTOLS.

Continue forward, pull up at the wall and back flip into an outdoor area. Turn around and pull down the wall switch (first of two to lower the drawbridge). Turn around, walk to the edge and take a running jump diagonally to your right to land on a ledge beyond the sloped enclosure. Drop down at the corner onto a lower ledge and jump to the two other ledges at this same level. Locate the ladder on the third ledge and climb to the bottom. Turn around and jump diagonally to the green ledge for a GOLD COIN and SECRET #2. Go back up the same way you came. Go through the cave where you found the pistols and continue clockwise around the pit area and return to the cavern where you can now kill the tiger. Enter its lair for a small medipack and flares. Locate the hole in the ceiling here and (facing the cavern) jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up into a dark passage. Light a flare, jump over three spike pits and pull down the wall switch at the end to lower the drawbridge. Go back, exit the cavern, jump diagonally over the spikes, over the two pits, and go outside to the floating islands area.

Take a running jump forward to grab the first green block. Pull up and jump right to the next three green blocks, and jump from the last one to a sloped block. Slide a bit, jump and grab the ladder. Climb to the top and run toward the boulder you triggered earlier. Jump diagonally to the right and go across the lowered drawbridge. Jump to the ledge jutting out from the new island and find a trap door that needs to be lowered. Go to the right of the trap door and jump to the nearest floating green ledge. Walk up to the left corner, jump to the sloped platform, slide and jump three times in succession and grab the opening. Pull up inside and shoot two tigers. Pick up the small medipack and 2 x uzi ammo, pull down the wall switch in the alcove to open a gate, and go through the opposite passage to push a button that opens the trap door you saw earlier. Continue right through the passage anSed pull up through the opened trap door.

Pull up onto a flat block next to the trap door, pull up higher onto the next block (standing right), turn and take a running jump to the higher floating green ledge. Turn around and jump to grab the crack separating the green and stone walls. Shimmy right, drop onto a corner slope, slide a bit and back flip onto a ledge. Turn around to find the opened gateway. Jump diagonally into the opening, go around and pull up at the end. Go toward the zip line you can see ahead and to your left. Ride the zip line down to a wooden roof with a closed trap door. Push the nearby button to open the trap door and drop down into an enclosure. First pick up the large medipack, then the UZIS and uzi ammo. Approach the green statues, whereupon they come to life as sword-wielding warriors. They turn back to green and explode nicely when they die.

Push the button they were guarding to lift the exit gate. Grab the flares in the next room and jump the spike pits, timing the dart traps. Jump over the swinging blades in the next passage and come to a spike field. Take a running jump slightly to your left onto a slope, jump without sliding off two more slopes to land on a flat surface. Pick up the MYSTIC KEY to lift a gate elsewhere. Jump to the next ledge, exit through the passage and find yourself back in the warrior enclosure. Exit right to find the newly opened gate to your left and step up to the edge. Take a running jump to trigger the first boulder and hop back to grab the edge as it rolls by. Do the same with the second boulder.

Go to where the second boulder landed and jump to the ledge just beyond it. Slide, jump with a left curve and land on a green floating block. Jump forward to the trap door island and pull up onto the blocks to its left as you did before. Repeat the moves described two paragraphs above to get back to where you approached the zip line. But this time, go in the opposite direction, jump to two floating green blocks, then to a large floating island with a tall two-story Oriental structure. Run forward, enter the building and shoot two tigers. Search the alcoves in this first room for uzi ammo and a small medipack. Make your way past the dart traps and come to a room with deadly water.

Turn left and jump to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right until you can pull up into an alcove and step on a dark trigger tile (1 if 3). Jump down to the red block ahead, turn slightly to your right and take a running jump up into a higher opening in the corner. Step on another trigger tile (2 of 3) and jump back down to the previous red block. Turn right and take a running jump to the next red block jutting out from the wall, and from there a running jump slightly to your left to grab a higher opening in the wall. Pull up and follow the passage to a trigger tile (3 of 3) that opens the exit gate. Jump from the opening to the red block diagonally to your right and from there a running jump and grab to the opening beneath the opened gate. Pull up inside, turn left and pull up two times. Turn around and jump up to grab the higher passage. Pull up and follow the passage to a room where the green statue comes to life as a sword-wielding warrior. After disposing of it, pick up 2 x uzi ammo and enter the passage to your right for more uzi ammo. Exit this room via the opposite passage and jump over the blade traps to enter the next room.

Go around the large hole in the floor and find yourself outside once again. Follow the ledge around to your left for a small medipack at the end, then jump to the nearby floating green block. Turn left, and from the highest corner jump up to grab the higher green block. Pull up and turn left. Locate a flat spot in the roof and jump to it. Hop to another flat spot, turn right and jump up the roof into a passage. Follow to a spike trap and jump over it. Walk carefully through the middle of the spike field ahead and jump up at the wall to grab the roof. Pull up to see two of those green statues ahead. Shoot the sword-wielding warriors when they come to life and pick up the MYSTIC KEY they were guarding. Go back the way you came and find that a trap door has lifted in the corner, allowing you to get past the spike field. Pull up and walk along the wall to the far corner. Stand jump diagonally to your right to land on a safe flat spot. Look down right and run off onto a lower flat spot for a JADE COIN, SECRET #3, the M16 with 2 x M16 ammo.

A quick but possibly illegal way to get back down is to hop to the other flat spot in the corner, hang from the other edge and shimmy right until you're over the ledge below. Pull up, allow Lara to fall back down and hit the action key when she clears the roof line to glide safely onto the ledge. Enter the structure, drop down from the opening and exit toward the floating green blocks. Use the blocks to get back to the previous trap door island, and continue to your left along more green blocks to a new island where a platform has been raised to allow access. Approach the green statue and shoot the sword-wielding warrior that comes to life. Enter the structure and gather 2 x uzi ammo, M16 ammo and a large medipack. Push the button to raise another platform outside. Vault up into the alcove and insert the two Mystic Keys in the receptacles. A door opens to allow access to a wall switch. Pull it down to open the exit gates.

Leave this structure and use the raised platform to get back to the top of trap door island. Continue straight across over the stone bridge and through the open gates to find two more green statutes that turn into sword-wielding warriors. Find a large medipack in one alcove and a wall switch in two others. Exit through the opened gate and step up the ramp to end the level.

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