Crystal of Life Remake (Demo)

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Crystal of Life Remake (Demo)

Post by Phil » 30 Nov 2017 13:34


Level by Sabatu

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Begin by sliding down a series of slopes with a fixed camera. "The Year 2007 Egyptian Acropolis" appears on your screen. As you near the bottom of the long second slope, jump off to grab the S ledge and pull up. The compass is backwards, where E is W and vice versa, so if you have a yen to use the guns cheat, now is the time to do so. Jump up E for SECRET #1 and pick up the flares and small medipack. Note that you already have a formidable arsenal in your inventory, albeit with limited ammo.

Slide down and allow Lara to fall into the water below. Pull out and run around a bit to draw out a knight from a N alcove. Pick up the flares he drops and jump up W to a flat spot behind the front pillar. Stand jump up to the N wall and pull up right onto the block. Jump slightly NE to the top of the first pillar, then jump from there to the E ledge and turn around to shoot two bats. Pull down the N wall switch, turn around and light a flare. Walk forward, hop SE over the gap to the opening and follow the S tunnel past the opened gate.

Drop into the water hole and swim into the N alcove for the EGYPTIAN KEY. Return and pull out at the water hole. Exit N through the tunnel and drop down from the ledge into the water below. Swim S along the passage and surface to pull out into a dark room. Engage two scorpions and exit N to a small cavern where you can use the Egyptian Key to lift the gate to your left. Slide down to an underground area where you can run forward and pick up an extra SHOTGUN. Hop into the deeper water NE and swim around the corner to pull an underwater lever.

Swim back, pull out and go to the S opening. Hop inside and follow to a lower room guarded by two knights. One drops a DIAMOND, which fits the receptacle up on the N ledge. The gate in the previous room N opens, so climb out NW and return there. Enter the N opening, light a flare if necessary and jump down into the water below. Pull out N, note the unlighted wall torches and splash through the shallow water around the corner. Note the S opening with a ladder to the left of it. Turn your back to the opening, step back to trigger a boulder and run out to one side as the boulder drops into a floor hole. Enter the now safe S opening and turn left into the alcove to find a TORCH.

Carefully light the torch on the nearby flame (unusual animation) and go back to light three wall torches in the area with the shallow water. Drop the torch and climb the S ladder into a dark passage. Hop forward onto the sloped surface and jump off with a roll to land in a higher N passage. Follow to a pool, jump in to attract a crocodile and pull out quickly onto a flat spot SE to dispose of it. Jump back into the water and swim through the SW opening for SECRET #2 and a large medipack.

Swim back, pull out SE, hop up to the ledge and enter the W opening. Shoot the jackal in the dark room and go to the N wall. Turn left, go E to a slope and slide down to trigger a flyby through an underground area. Pull out of the water onto a SW ledge and deal with two crocodiles. Jump back into the water and locate a hole in the floor at the N wall. Swim down for the GOLDEN VRAEUS and surface. Pull out at the same SW ledge from which you shot the crocodiles, pull up W and crawl forward until you can stand up. Hop to the NW ledge and take a running jump over the water to grab the crack in the N wall. Shimmy left around several corners until you can pull up.

Go to the NW corner and pull up W. Make your way SW along the narrow ledge, jump S over the gap, then SE over the next gap and pull down the wall switch to lift a gate elsewhere. Jump into the water and pull up onto the E ledge. Turn left and find a receptacle for the Golden Vraeus before the awakened mummy can reach you. Hop into the opened S gateway and head into the next area. Note the Ankh artifact across the way, then dive down into the water below. Swim through the W tunnel and surface. Pull up into a room where two knights attack. Each one drops a DIAMOND.

The receptacles are up on the E wall. Go there and place the two Diamonds to open the gate between them. Step forward and slide down into a dark area. Jump NE from the corner of the ledge to a flat area and pull up E. Hop SE to the adjacent ledge and take a running jump S over the water to grab the facing ledge. Pull up, run forward and jump to grab the ladder. Climb the long ladder to near the top. Shift left and drop down onto a ledge. Pull up left for the LASER SIGHT and the ANKH you saw earlier. A door has opened nearby, so stand at the N edge and jump up to grab an opening. Pull up and run down the dark tunnel until you reach the opening at the end.

Drop down into a familiar underground area and exit N through the tunnel past the waiting mummies. When you reach the water to your right, combine the laser sight with the magnum you've been carrying all this time and look up NW for a brass ball. Shoot it, then continue running N along the passage. Hop onto the NE block next to the opened gate, turn right and jump up W onto the higher block, pull up W into the dark passage and turn right for SECRET #3, a large medipack, 2 x shotgun ammo, 2 x uzi ammo and 2 x small medipack.

Return, drop down at the opened gate and proceed N into a subterranean area. Shoot the crocodile in the water. Jump in and swim SW and into the S tunnel. Follow to an area where you can surface and pull out onto the nearest pillar. Jump W to the ledge, onto the central block and to the ledge jutting from the W wall. Pull up and use the timed wall switch to open a door, turn left and jump with grab into the N opening. Pause for the small medipack on the grated floor and loop around left to an opening overlooking the water. Take a running jump S and grab the ledge. Pull up and return to the W wall switch. Pull it down again, and this time repeat the moves described earlier to get through the timed door around the corner from the upper ledge.

In the new area, jump N to the roof of the structure, shoot a bunch of bats and pull down the W wall switch. Jump down into the water, locate the N opening into the central structure and swim inside. Pull out W and hop the ledges to the E plinth bearing the second ANKH. Jump back into the water, exit the structure, pull out E and enter the dark SE opening. Run S past the mummies and turn right where you see two receptacles. Insert the two Ankhs to open the exit door. Run forward to end the level.

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