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Level by DJ Full

Walkthrough by DJ Full


Pick up some flares from shatter boxes, exit to the staircase hall and go right in the dark room with spinning lamps. Here you can climb the ladder to the right of the entrance for secret #1 and shotgun. Then jump to the hanging shelf, go to the far end and monkey swing through the window into an alcove for secret #2 and uzis. Drop down, again go through the dark room, optionally left into a museum room filled with paintings, one of which is a shatter hint for a later secret. Cross the dark room and the opposite door leading to a room with a grid slot. In here, to the left you have a row of alcoves, the nearest one holds uzi bullets, the furthest one has a key card. Picking it up opens a door - follow back to the staircase hall and right through that door, up the ladder through a glass floor, through the crawlspace and up another ladder through a trapdoor which closes behind you.


Run through shooting spikes to the end of the attic, go through the far gate and left. Get flares from the alcove on your way, light one to notice a warning on the wall and don't fall through it. Quit the alcove and continue through the cardhouse corridor. At the very end pull a switch on the raptor picture for another key card in a cardhouse. Pick it up, combine both cards, go back, use the combined card at the central gate and go in. Loop around the left pillar of the room for more uzi bullets. At the far East end of the room there are two more pillars, each one covers a ladder to the upper room. From there get more Xmas flares, cake shells and a kitchen switch. Quit down the ladder, pick up the flexagon, watch out the falling boulders and fight the luxopede guards. Exit the room, go left and shoot more luxopedes going out of a wall. Cross that wall, that's where the earlier picture hint pointed to - pick up the uzis and prism of screwit for secret #3. Exit, place the switch in the slot and pull it to put the fires off. Pick up the switch again, also the cake medis. Now you need to run through the spikes healing yourself on the way - this medikit is inevitable so it won't count in stats. Back on the closed trapdoor, get another cake and place the switch on the wall to open the door. Get the little cup, fill it with patience, go down the delevator, safety drop and fill the big cup in the hall.


Enter a boss arena, go left for the jumpswitch, then right for the lowered raisingblock, and to the end for the jeep key. Back in the arena, follow to the right corner for more cake shells and notice the receptacle next to the middle window. Use the flexagon there to unlock the jeep, place the keys to drive it, and use the vehicle to run over the boss. A ramp rises, letting you out. Follow it out of the arena, smash all the card houses you can find on this floor, this will give you another secret hint. Optionally return to the room with the grid receptacle, use the shotgun to target the hanging star and shoot it to open the door on the nearby shelf. Get in for uzis, ammo and secret #4. Back in the jeep, even more optionally, you can smash the spinning lamps, this way you will have less trouble later. But necessarily, cross the gate at the East end of the lamp room and drive into the spike pit to get lifted to the first floor. You can smash the two remaining lamps, also for less trouble later.


Dismount the jeep, follow the ramp and pull up on the upper shelf. Press the snowflake to flood the room above the jeep, pull up there and swim upwards into a pitchfork corridor. Optionally you can check the South passage and slide a ramp for shells, medikits and flares - in such case you need to get out of there by jumping from the grate the flares stood on, onto a slope and jump-grab-pull up through the ceiling opening, for a ladder to lead you out and back into the tube junction. Another useless way is grab above the tube and pull up into the corridor above the flexagon room - if you do that you need to swim the tube upwards again. The fastest order is to go from the tube into the North corridor - there you get another pack of flares on the way, turn left, at a double gate loop right around the glass panel and get some uzi flakes from the shelf. Then you jump on the shelf NE below, drop to the bottom and hop over the slope for more shells. In the next room there's a pulley, pull that and a cage, unlocking the puzzle piece in the lower room you will pick up much later. But the raised cage also appears lifted into the room. You can ignore it now and go for more secrets, if you don't want them skip the next paragraph.


Climb the N shelves, cross a room with hanging stars diagonally and jump through the gift picture in the corner to climb behind a 4-tile window. Here you can do things in various orders but the fastest way is to follow W. Shoot the grates and a bat, note all those bats drop flares. Get snowflakes from the shelf, roll into a bright room for arrows, go back to the 4-block window room. This time go N, kill two bats for flares, take shells from the shelf, then go E down the big staircase, visit the crawlspace to your left for more flares and a hole to your right for a medikit, then continue downstairs, kill more bats and when you're next to a glass window enter a triangular opening N. Here you use the yellow sloped part to reach on the other part of the gap, climb the rocks for snowflakes in the left hole, and climb more for a hidden room.

Even more optional, here you can use a flare for a glitched apel cave with some goodies, a place you can also quit by glitching roll. But the real goal is the switch on the wall, press that and the block is hidden back below the hanging lamp room. On the way out take some arrows and use the yellow slope again to reach the low corridor with a big window with a switch on it. Press it, get flares from behind a hole N and follow downstairs through the open gate. Cross the bridge to a grey grate room, in there pick up secret #5 and return all the way back to the window button. Here turn left and climb the stairs one level up, this time use the open door to quit on the large blue surface where the block has hidden. Pick up secret #6 and a shotgun, that's a one-shot killer for a bunch of giant guards. Get read of those and go back to the pulley room.


Okay, so now push that cage under the ladder above, to climb it and reach the upper passage. Follow it and drop next to an arched window. You're behind the cup room. Now go all the way down the ramp and drop in a room with five switches. Hang on the crack below them, crawl in for uzi bullets and shatter a star hanging on the opposite bank. A 6th switch appears nearby, pull that and quit left. You can climb the stairs for the hint for the remaining switches, read it from top to bottom to find the pulling order - but if you skip that the switches work anyway. They raise lanterns to the upper floor, follow them from the calendar hint shelf and a nearby block the lantern stood on. On the upper shelf, push both lanterns to the trigger squares, the furnace opens but enter the N door first for the third pushblock. This opens a door into a sunlit room, from there don't fall into spikes but climb to the attic with a slanted roof, take the uzis plus a pack of bullets, and follow to the highest part to a large gap. This you cross with the longest jump, press the flake for a card behind you. Cross the gap again, pick up secret #7 and dive back into the river. Pulling out de-immortalizes you, so watch out. Now enter the furnace door and get the medikit for the floor collapse. Dive into the cake, swim under the grates for diod piece, reverse roll and enter and the flooded corridor below the one you swam in through. Get the shells and pull the UW lever for a trapdoor, swim back below the grates (now you can take a breath), continue into the fenced room and here's the trapdoor open but you need to swim against the sink to reach it. Inside get copper bones and quit into the purple river which doesn't burn anymore. Pull out and quit the room by climbing the entrance ramp to the first junction.


Go right, left and enter a room with a giant lamp. Combine flash diode with copper bones and fill the missing part in. A new part of the game unlocks. Go down the ramp, left for flares, right for a medikit, and down another bigger ramp, into a crossword. Cross the crossword to the N side and go through the unbelonging map door. Inside there are no more ideas so pull a switch or die. If you survived exit, go to the open corridor E in the crossword room and meet a tree. Follow it across the crossword again, this time W into the canyon. Escape the big tree further E, when the wall blocks you go left and left again to see a transparent barrier. Save here because the tree AI can be buggy, and wait until it shatters this wall for you. Get a wallpaper, exit the room, go N until the pillars where a block lowered on top of the shortest one. Climb this, and a higher one, and jump on the upper shelf. Follow E to a medikit pit, further E to a computer slot, fill that for a rotating gate. Follow the grated window, turn N at the end, get flares from the shelf and continue to hop over the deep pit SW. Here's the open rotating door, cross it.


Jump more shelves for a medikit, and hop into the nearby gate to the binary star room. In the fastest order go clockwise around the room, picking up revolver bullets and revolver+laser combos from the gift boxes. Now shatter the stars and crawl below them for binocular combos. The thing opens, letting you down the ladder into a cave. Get flares nearby, swim into the river, on the right bank you have some uzi bullets if you want but really continue E to the very end with an underwater switch. Pull that, a door rises so you can get a shotgun from the little room. Reverse roll, swim back and exit through the flooded cave on the first junction left. Pull a ceiling trapdoor, and, after a little climb back to the canyon, lure the big tree to smash the raised button for you. A cutscene explains some things. Before you pick up the Brooklyn piece you can laser snipe the far boxes, then shatter a newly appeared star on the high wall above the canyon entrance. This gives you some more pickups to pick up.


Grab the puzzle word and get returned into the crossword room. Place the word at horizontal 19, the crossword platform rises to give access to a ladder in the NE corner. Climb up, right into the opening, over the slope, and jump on the shelf with crossbow and flares. For secret #8, you have three options: combine the star pieces into binoculars, use them to highlight and read either the ceiling word SNOW or the wall word OMG, and type those to spawn floating platforms. Now either climb them for flakes and grab the opposite ladder to pull up, or just drop to the sloped part and shimmy to the right to land on a trapdoor where you shimmy further from and reach another ladder to pull up. All ways finish on the shelf below the cogs, get the book from there and - if you don't care about medikits - use the small one to make a fast dive to the very bottom below the crossword platform. If you care about using no medis just go down the corner ladder and grab another one which leads to the bottom from the sloped part. Enter the hole below the raised crossword, swim to the end for a cog, and back for shells. Exit. The work here is done, go back all the way up the entrance ramp, killing a transformed lamp on your way to the arena hall.


Drop here and talk to Melkor who gives you a slab when defeated. Return to the room with many spinning lamps and into the museum. Eventually get the remaining slab from below the raised cage. Combine both pieces and save before you place them in the opposite room.


Now to keep the disco organizer in sync, you shouldn't save or enter inventory until it ends, so prior to that arm the explosive arrows. Kill the little lamps which came to life, now use the ladder in the W part of the main room to get on the hanging shelf with a sole luxopede walking around. Kill that one for little bulb, more giant luxopedes come out. If you didn't get the explosives a shotgun can kill those creatures with one shot as well. Drop down, deal with them, and place the diode back in the slab slot room, to the right of the entrance. Another lux drops on you, kill it and climb through the hole it fell from.


Up here behind another big window, insert a cog on the shelf slot for the forge keyword. Before you fall through the cog trapdoor you can visit nearby shelf for flares and medikit. Now drop through the cogs and climb few stories of ladder until you get the jumpswitch ammo. You're trapped so hop over the gap, roll below the low ceiling and press the switch to get out. Now you can, however don't have to, drop into the cog room to take revenge on the remaining two luxopedes. If you did that climb the grate where the flares were, and from here grab the ceiling opening to get out. Use the jumpswitch ammo on the empty switch slot at the end of this room. The door opens and you get out, back into the room you have left the jeep in a long time ago. Shoot the hanging slot with a jumpswitch, optionally kill the two chasing luxopedes which only appear if you didn't smash them before, and pull the jumpswitch to land in a pool. At the end, there's the final UW switch, pull it and the current throws you out.


Climb the final staircase for a trophy which slips away. Follow it to the final boss cave, the fastest way is to go right (S) from the initial rock and platform until a blue room for the underwater secret #9, then climb out and quit through the little opening. Up there you roll and slide to press switch 1. If you need there's a medikit a couple of squares away, which will make you resistant to mutant fire as you jump the rocks back to the initial rock. Now do the N part platforming, taking another medikit on the way, and do the same as for the previous half, however this time without any secret: through the little opening and roll-sliding for a switch 2. Pressing both switches kills the mutant and why exactly, what a pathetic gameplay design. Hop on the mutant place, grab the cup and escape through the E gate but don't get kaboomed. Evade a rollingball in the next room, run left, right, left and straight into the final cut room.

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