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Levels by Gabriel Croft

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Begin in a futuristic room with a futuristic looping sound. You have no weapons, no flares, no medipacks, no nothing. You appear to be in a closed room with no way out, but if you go to the NW and face E with your left shoulder against the wall, just below the overhead catwalk, you can jump up and grab it. Pull up, turn left and pull the block from the N wall two times. Get on the other side of it and push it all the way across the catwalk against the S wall. This allows you to get up on it and push the higher block three times S to reveal a passage to your right.

Go there and slide down into a small green-tinted room. Ignore the switch for now and pull the block away from the corner to reveal an opening. Hop down into a blue-tinted room and pick up a small medipack. The NW opening is blocked by a glass door, so return to the green-tinted room and pull down the timed wall switch that opens the glass door. Hurry back there and get through before the door slams back down.

Pull up E and hop into the SE alcove that looks like a printed circuit board. Turn around and take a running jump up NW into a passage blocked by lasers. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the lasers. Drop down when you've passed them and hop down into a larger room. As you step forward N you're fired upon by a soldier to your right, so quickly pull up left, push the floor lever and jump forward to safety.

Refresh your health if necessary, or conserve that precious medipack for later. Sprint N past the soldier into a room with yellow walls. Jump over the first laser rows and pull down the switch in the S wall to raise a timed block against the E wall. Hop back over the lasers and onto the raised block, turn around and jump forward to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing over the lasers to drop down onto the golden block. Pick up the GREEN ARTIFACT, turn around and take a running jump over the near lasers. Turn right and activate the jumpswitch in the N wall to open the NE door.

However, before going there, return to the room being guarded by the soldier. Hop onto the left side of the ledge with the floor lever, turn right and jump W with grab into the opening opposite the soldier. Run past the alcove on your left into the printed circuit board passage, loop around left and pull down the ceiling trap door at the end. Pull up E and insert the Green Artifact in the receptacle to open a door at the top of the E stairs in this room. Note Dr. Stephen Hawking in his wheel chair as you run around the right side of the E stairs to find a large medipack near the wall.

Go up the stairs and approach the small medipack you can see against the E wall. As you do so the door closes behind you and a soldier darts out from the SE alcove. Don't pause to pick up the medipack, but turn left just in front of it and locate a crawl space in the NE corner behind the machine. Pull into the duct and crawl around for the RED KEY. Note the grate blocking the middle alcove in the room below. Get back down and run past the grated alcove to the NW alcove. Quickly get into the crawl space and drop down the opening on the either side. Your weight causes a trap door to open beneath your feet, depositing you in the alcove near the room being guarded by the soldier you encountered earlier.

Exit the alcove and loop around left to the trap door you opened earlier. Pull up into the room with Dr. Hawking and go up the W stairs. Use the Red Key to open the door while the second soldier enters the room and starts firing into your backside. In the new room you're met by a robot, so quickly run forward to the far wall, turn left and run to the NW corner. Hop onto the block there, turn around and stand at the SE corner. Jump up and grab the block above you. Pull up and take a running jump E to grab the next block. Now take a tricky running jump with grab SE to land on the next block. From there a curved running jump and grab S to the double block ledge. From the S end take a running jump W to grab the sloped block. Slide, jump and grab the next block W.

Pull up, stand jump forward onto the short sloped block, immediately back flip and you'll land on the higher block above. Turn to face N, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the room. Drop down onto the block in the N wall, turn right and stand jump E to grab the sloped block. Pull up, slide, jump onto the NE block, slide and jump again to grab a ledge guarded by lasers. Shimmy right until you're past the lasers, then pull up to find the much-needed REVOLVER.

Hang from the edge, shimmy back left until you've directly over the water hole below, release and drop down safely. Pull out and put that revolver to use by dealing with the robot. Pick up the PLUG it dropped (1 of 5) and exit this room SE to engage the soldier waiting for you in the next room. He also drops a PLUG (2 of 5). Go up the E stairs (the door again slams shut behind you) and find revolver ammo in the middle S alcove. Grab the small medipack you saw earlier and exit via the NW crawl space. Climb down the ladder and shoot the first soldier from across the room. Before hopping down, jump NE over the lasers and find revolver ammo in the alcove there. Now hop down N and go around to where the first soldier was posted. Pull up to find the PLUG (3 of 5) he dropped.

Return N to the room with the yellow walls, exit via the opened NE doorway and follow the passage past a strange spinning machine back to the catwalk where you began this level. Just before you get there you see a pushblock to your left in the passage, so push it E so that it drops down into the next room. Hop down left and go around the corner for revolver ammo. Go back to where you hopped down, climb over the pushblock and go up the stairs to a glass-enclosed walkway. Go down the NE stairs and pull up onto the yellow ledge for a PLUG (4 of 5). Hop down W and look to your right for a dozen flare sticks. Go around and pull up onto the two-tiered green ledge for more revolver ammo at the S end of the second tier. There's a ladder in the E wall, but the passage above is blocked by a grate. Not to worry, just shoot it and enter the duct system.

Pull down the ceiling trap door at the far end and pull up into a room with plug receptacles, two of which are blocked by pushblocks. Before attempting to insert your plugs (you still need one more, anyway), go N down the hallway (past a fixed camera) into a room guarded by a robot that drops a small medipack. Go into the shallow trench along the E wall for revolver ammo. Go to the W end of the room to find a gauntlet of spike traps. Your immediate objective is the block in the SW corner, and a couple of standing jumps will get you there. From the block, take a running jump to grab the N pillar, pull up and grab the ceiling to monkey swing to the near tall block in the center of the room. Jump E to the next block and pick up the PLUG (5 of 5).

Now you can return through the S hallway to the previous room. Four of the plug receptacles are in the E wall. Insert your first Plug in the NE receptacle, then pull back the cage on the left. Push the next cage S into the alcove and insert three more Plugs in the E receptacles. The fifth and last Plug goes in the receptacle on the S face of the column behind you. The NE door opens, so safety drop into a room guarded by two robots. Find 2 x revolver ammo in the NW and SW corners, then pull up onto the central structure from the rear to find a pushblock. Pull it S once, get up on it and face S. Jump to pull down the ceiling trap door and shoot the E grate.

Pull up into the crawl space, shoot the next grate ahead and drop down into some shallow water. Follow the passage until it becomes deep enough to swim at an intersection. Going to the right leads to a closed door, so go around left to find a jumpswitch. Activate it to open the door just beyond the fence. Loop around left, go through the opened doorway and run forward to be taken to the next level.


Run down two flights of stairs and engage the robot in the room below. Pick up the revolver ammo it drops, together with more revolver ammo near the SE corner. The timed switch in the N wall raises a tall block behind you, which you must access from the shorter W block to your left. Take a running jump to the near edge of the raised block and jump up to grab the trap door handle. Once the trap door is down, repeat the timed run and jump to grab the opening. Pull up into an upper room and shoot the wooden barrier. Enter the next room and dispose of a soldier.

There's an opening in the N fence. Jump into the water, swim down and grab the small medipack. Locate the NW opening and follow to a shaft leading upward. Surface and pull out. In the SE passage are two of those collapsing trap doors. Hop over the first one and activate the second one. Follow the dark passage around for flare sticks. Go back, pull out and step onto the other trap door. Crawl E until you can stand up, then follow the passage to an area populated by those strange spinning machines. Weave past them, crawling near the end, and drop down the hole into a room with a soldier who drops the UZIS.

Explore the room for 9 x uzi ammo (four of them on the red crate) before pulling the block in the S wall two times into the room. Jump over it and enter the next room. Go into the short passage to your left for the GREEN KEY. Grab the small medipack near the SE corner (note the receptacle in the alcove there) and go W down the stairs to trigger a flyby through the subway station. Run past the lone waiting passenger and pause for 2 x uzi ammo near the N wall.

I was mistaken, there are two more passengers waiting at this end, and the YELLOW KEY is lying on the floor between them. Go up the W ramp where two soldiers are hiding at the top to your left. They drop 2 x uzi ammo. Go to the N end of the hallway and pull the pushblock two times out of the wall. Jump over it, enter the N room and search it for the BLUE KEY, 3 x uzi ammo, flare sticks and an extra pair of UZIS. Exit this room, and near the S end of the hallway shoot the barriers surrounding the sunken printed circuit board tile.

There's a pushpiece in the SE corner. Pull it four times onto an unmarked trigger tile, and a block rises in the sunken tile to your right. Get up on it and jump up to shoot the grate in the E wall. Take a running jump to grab the opening and pull up inside. Crawl through the duct and drop down into a passage filled with those spinning machines. Jump straight up (still facing W) and grab the ceiling. Turn around and start monkey swinging over the machines. After the second machine you can drop down for a large medipack. After the third machine it's necessary that you drop down for the RED KEY. Drop after you pass the last machine to slide down onto a ledge.

Face S, hop back and start sliding. Grab the edge and safety drop to the subway station, on the other side of the tracks. Shoot the nearby fuse box and pull down the wall switch to drop a rope over the tracks. Before attempting to use it, run to the E end and engage a robot. Locate the receptacles in the S wall and insert your four Keys to open the door in the corner. Enter, hop down, jump over the laser pit, reverse roll and jump back over the pit as a boulder comes rolling down the ramp. Run up the ramp, turn right and pull up into the opening. Follow the passage, crawl underneath the bars, jump over the laser pit and come to a large room guarded by a robot.

Continue to an opening, hang from the edge and shimmy left over the lasers until you can drop down safely. Continue to a shallow pit where you'll find a CHIP PLAQUE. Go back the way you came, all the way to the subway station. If you like you can run to the W end and use the rope you lowered earlier to get across the tracks, but in my case it wasn't needed because the tracks aren't at all deadly. However, some players have reported that a train runs you down if you try to cross the tracks on foot, although this didn't happen in my case, so you might want to play as the builder intended. Once you get across, go E up the stairs and into that SE alcove you noted earlier. Insert the Chip Plaque to open the door and jump to grab the pole ahead. Turn around and slide down until Lara's head is just below the lower edge of the opening you jumped from, then back flip to an opening in the S wall.

Turn around and follow the passage to an intersection. Turn right at the checkered flooring and go down the stairs. Push the block into the next room, then go back up the stairs and hop down E into the trench below. Pull and push the block to the W wall, get up on it and pull down the S wall switch to raise a block to your right. Hop down and go back up the checkered steps. Go NE into the passage and drop down to the room below. Run E up the stairs to jump to the next level.


Look in the immediate area for 4 x uzi ammo, then follow the W alley to 2 x uzi ammo in the SW alcove and the BLUE ARTIFACT on the other side of the green block. Go N from there, turn right into the alley after shooting the wall ornament and pull down the wall switch for a cut scene of the unreachable Red Artifact to your left. Go back NW for 2 x uzi ammo. Note the closed glass door and the nearby receptacle for the Red Key. Return to the SW corner where you found the uzi ammo and shoot the grate. Crawl inside and follow to another shootable grate. Drop down the other side and get down to a disco floor where you'll meet up with two soldiers.

Explore the immediate dark area you dropped down into, in and around the crates, for 3 x uzi ammo and the MACHINE PIECE. Run across to the SE corner of the disco floor to flush out two robots. One of them drops uzi ammo. Continue further into the dark SE corner to find 6 x uzi ammo. Run across the disco floor toward the SW corner to flush out another robot. Now run toward the NW corner to flush out yet another robot. Pick up shotgun ammo near the pillar and continue into the dark NW corner for the SHOTGUN.

Return to the NE corner, where you entered this area, get up onto a crate and jump to grab the S balcony. Pull up and run forward. Pick up the 2 x uzi ammo in the near corner, push both floor levers and grab 2 x uzi ammo in the SW corner. Hop down S and run W across the disco floor toward the short block near the middle of the room. Get up on it, turn left and jump to grab the higher block. Pull up, walk forward and jump forward to grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing S and drop down onto the next block. Jump SE to the next block and pull down the wall switch to raise a block against the N wall.

Drop to the floor and run across to the N end. Hop onto the short raised block, turn right and jump to the higher ledge. Step forward, pick up the RED KEY and shotgun ammo, drop down and climb the blocks in the dark NE corner. Pull up E into the crawl space through which you arrived earlier, and crawl back to the outdoor area. Go to the NW corner and look up to see a jumpswitch on the brick column. Back flip onto the slope and jump off to activate it.

The glass door you noted earlier is now open, so loop around left and enter the new room. Note the pushblock high in the N wall and shoot the W glass panels. Stand at the edge of the first breaktile, stand jump forward and take running jumps in succession until you can veer right onto a safe tile. Shoot the glass panels here and enter the next room to flush out a soldier. He drops uzi ammo. Search the room for more uzi ammo and a large medipack. Back flip onto the slope against the W wall, jump off to grab the top of the higher pillar and pull up. Take a running jump S and grab the hard-to-see opening in the green wall. Shimmy left and around the corner, and pull up onto the pillar. Turn left and jump N to grab the opening between two spinning machines. Pull up, locate the uzi ammo and pull up higher N.

Shoot the glass panels, follow the passage and shoot the soldier. Turn right into the green passage and find a large medipack at the end. Return and follow the main passage to a blue ledge. Climb over it, slide down to a lower room and shoot the soldier. Pick up his UZIS, search the floor for 3 x uzi ammo and pull up onto the red ledge for the YELLOW ARTIFACT. Pull the cage out onto the red ledge so you can jump over it into the room you accessed earlier. Exit to the outdoor area and use the Red Key in the receptacle just ahead.

A block lowers, so enter the next area and find more UZIS and uzi ammo in the shallow trench. Loop around right to find the RED ARTIFACT. On the way out, grab 2 x uzi ammo from the NE corner, get up on the sloped surface and jump W to grab the roof ahead. Pull up to a fixed camera, hop down right and pick up the large medipack in the fenced-off area. Place the Machine Piece in the receptacle to lower a block behind you.

Drop down, go around and shoot the wooden barrier, and jump over the lasers with grab to land in the next room. Push the floor lever to lower blocks to your right and your left. It doesn't matter which one you go through, so follow the passage until you meet up with a soldier. He leaves behind the GREEN ARTIFACT. Exit SW, jump over the lasers, pull out into the fenced-off area and use the blue block to pull onto the roof with the fixed camera.

Get back down, exit to the outdoor area and go down the S alley marked with a red arrow that says "Inn." Wait for the robot to emerge, shoot it and pick up the large medipack it drops. Continue S into the next area and engage a second robot. This one doesn't drop anything, but you'll find 9 x uzi ammo together with a small medipack in this room. You'll also find receptacles for your Artifacts, so insert all four to open the E door.

Enter and kill two soldiers inside. Locate the CHIP PLAQUE in the SE corner, then hop over the short ledge to find 4 x uzi ammo on the other side. Insert the Chip Plaque in the NW receptacle to open the door. Run through the passage into the hangar where the USS Enterprise is docked to end the game.

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