Lost in the Caves

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Lost in the Caves

Post by Phil » 29 Aug 2017 19:50


Level by Opaque79

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

After the opening flyby through a TR1 Caves setting, shoot two bats and run up into the E alcove for flares. Follow the tracks N a short distance and hop up E again into a dark alcove for shotgun ammo. Go around the corner and meet a baying wolf. You can shoot it from down below by jumping up and down. Enter the dark E passage below the ridge where the wolf made its appearance, shoot a bat and run forward for SECRET #1. Pick up shotgun ammo and a small medipack at the end. Go back, vault up into the higher cave area and shoot two bats. Go up to the dark SW corner. Light a flare and look up to see a high opening in the W wall. Pull up inside for SECRET #2 and run forward for a small medipack. Get back down and locate the NW opening.

Drop down into a small area with two closed doors and a wall switch. Pull down the switch to open the adjacent door. Go on through and cross the bridge to the other side. Note the closed door requiring a key, loop around right and pick up the shotgun ammo. Go to the other side for a large medipack and drop down into the pit where two wolves are waiting. Drop down into the hole in the NE corner and pull down the wall switch to open the large SW doors. As you enter a lava room the doors close behind you.

Face SW, jump to the first slope and keep jumping until you can land on or grab the ledge in the SE corner. Pull up, jump N to grab the next ledge and hop down the other side for the SKULL KEY. Pull out E and run up and down the ramp to a door that opens upon your approach. You've returned to a familiar area, so cross the bridge W once again and use the Skull Key to open the door. More caves. Note the high openings to your left and proceed along the tunnel and around the corner to awaken a wolf. Continue until the tunnel forks. Turn right to flush out two more wolves. Don't approach the wall switch at the end of the passage yet. Instead, explore the E branch. As you approach the E wall, you can see the two openings to your left leading down to the cave entrance. Opposite those openings are closed doors at the S end of the branch. Return to the W branch and now approach the wall switch. A trap door opens underneath you before you can reach it, dumping you into the water below.

Swim along the passage to the N wall and turn right to see the SHOTGUN. Loop around, turn right at the E wall and pick up the flares in the alcove. Flip turn and pull out into a small room. Pull down the wall switch to open one of those double doors you saw earlier at the end of the E branch. Crawl E underneath the dart traps and continue E along the passage. Jump over three spike pits and come to a door that opens upon your approach. Drop down into a familiar pit and climb the SE blocks to the bridge. Cross over W into the caves and follow the E branch to the open door. Enter and watch the flyby through this deep room.

Loop around right and find a timed wall switch on the column near the doorway. It opens a door at the time of the room, but you may as well explore the route first and shoot the jugs along the way to find shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Then go back and save your game in front of the switch (although the provided time is quite generous, and you should make it through on the first try). When you pass the timed doorway, stop in front of the first of three swinging blades that are triggered as you get close to them. When you pass the third one, the door ahead opens and three wolves rush toward you. The shotgun comes in really handy here. You need a key to open the S door, so use the SW ramp to climb up to a higher ledge. You can see the key you need as you pull up, but it's protected by flames. Jump across to the N side and pull down the wall switch to open the NW door. Enter and jump or shimmy past three swinging blades. Pull down the switch in the W wall to turn off the flames and return past the blades. Take the TARNISHED KEY from the S plinth and get back down to the ground to use it. Enter to trigger another flyby through an even deeper room.

Jump forward onto the horseshoe-shaped ledge. Safety drop from the lower portion to the ledge below and locate a wall switch in one of the columns. Pull it down and take a running jump NE onto the ledge encircling this room. Safety drop to the ramped ledge below (note the opened doorway) and hop SW to the lower ledge of the central structure. Step forward and hop over to the alcove in the W wall to find another wall switch. Pull it down as well and make your way down to the floor of this room using the SE blocks. You'll see several wolves sleeping deeply as you locate and pull down a third wall switch in a column near the N wall. Climb back up the SE blocks, jump to the central structure and jump across to the open NE doorway you noted earlier. Jump the ledges (the pits in between are deadly) until you reach a dead end and pick up the GUARDIAN KEY.

This triggers some flame blowers, so make your way carefully back along the ledges, making sure that last jump is made with the action key depressed so you'll glide into the opening that leads to the deep room. Make your way to the middle ledge of the central structure, using the ledges in the E wall. Find the open S doorway and push the block once, revealing two more pushblocks, one on either side. Push the left one once E, revealing pushblock #4 to your right. Push pushblock #4 twice S, step around to your left and push pushblock #5 once W. Step to your left and push pushblock #6 once W, revealing another GUARDIAN KEY. Return to pushblock #4 and push it once N to reveal a passage to your left. Go there for SECRET #3 and pick up the large medipack. Pull pushblock #4 back once to clear your path back to the deep room.

Jump to the W ledge, go up the ramp and jump up at the end to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, side flip right to the upper ledge of the central structure and jump over to the opened E doorway. Don't step on any unmarked portion of the room ahead. Jump from bird tile to bird tile and take a running jump E through the opened doorway before the door closes on you. Pick up a third GUARDIAN KEY and exit this room. Make your way down to the floor of the deep room, where you'll find that the sleeping wolves, three of them, have awakened. Go to the closed door in the N wall, turn around, and you'll see the receptacles for your three Guardian Keys in the columns. Insert them to open the N door, run up the ramp toward the daylight and the level comes to an end.

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