Karel's Manor

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Karel's Manor

Post by Phil » 29 Jul 2017 12:55


Level by Ruu11

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

You begin by dropping down from the ceiling into an untidy sitting room. Go to the nearby ledge for flares, then hop over the sofa into the crates at the NE corner for SECRET #1. Pick up the CROSS to mark the occasion and exit N. Run past a fixed camera and shoot the crates to your right. Enter the E room to another fixed camera and run past the sunken pool on your left. Pull the SE shelves back two times, jump over them and enter a small room with more crates to shoot. Step in the NE depression and pick up the CROSS for SECRET #2.

Exit this room and push the shelves three more times to the W. Get up and use the shelves to climb up N into the attic. Pick up the nearby flares and find some shotgun normal ammo near the stepladder. Go to the dark SE corner for shotgun wideshot ammo and jump over the small crates for a CROSS and SECRET #3. Go to the N end and shoot the wooden barrier to access the long corridor. Pick up the shotgun normal ammo along the way, shoot the barrier at the other end and turn around to deal with the pursuing alien. Pick up the SHOTGUN at the end of the corridor and go back to the previous room.

Drop down through the hole onto the shelves and push the shelves all the way W into the corner. Pull the shelves once N and then push them two times W into the opening. Get to the S side and pull the shelves once S, get up onto the shelves and jump up to activate the overhead jump switch to open a nearby door. Hop down N, pick up the flares near the stepladder and head W up the stairs, jumping over the crates blocking your way, to the opened door.

The crates to your right cannot be shot, so pull up left and jump over the railing. Shoot the crates there for shotgun wideshot ammo and jump back over. Draw pistols, face NW and jump up to shoot the left barrier to reveal a closed door that needs a key. Jump there, turn around and take a running jump to that portion of the E ledge that's over the opened door (otherwise you won't be able to grab). Pull up and take a rolling back flip to land in the upper W opening. Shoot the crates blocking your way and pick up the OLD KEY in front of the stepladder. Get down, into the W alcove and use the Old Key to open the door.

Go down the long corridor and meet an alien when you round the corner. Go up some steps and pull up into a crawl space at the end. Shoot the grate and drop down to a fixed camera overlooking a large room with chandeliers. Hop down, loop around right and move the small NW table away from the small medipack. Go to what looks like a stage on the S side of the room and hop over some small black bags to find a CROSS near the E wall for SECRET #4.

Pull up onto the SW block on the stage into another fixed camera. Pull up W into the crawl space and follow the main corridor to the N wall where you can stand up. Pull back the skeleton to reveal another CROSS for SECRET #5. Go back down to the large room and shoot the wooden barrier blocking the opening in the W wall. Hop up left onto the ledge, shoot a crate blocking your way and pull up S into the crawl space. Crawl forward and shoot the lone crate for a small medipack. Crawl a bit further for shotgun normal ammo near a seated skeleton.

Get back down, hop into the partially flooded trench and turn left at the W wall. Climb over the crate, jump into the water ahead and swim across (note Lara's unusual swimming animation) to an opening in the S wall. You may attract a sea hag along the way, so deal with it if possible (it may lurk close by below you where you can't target it) before proceeding. In the dark corridor, the middle barriers on the ledges to your right and left can be shot. On the E ledge you can pull up into a NE opening for a CROSS and SECRET #6. The W ledge has nothing of interest, so get down and follow the corridor S and around the corner. Light a flare so you can see.

Don't bother pulling up right; there's nothing at the bottom of the stairs except crates you can't shoot. Continue to an intersection and go straight (E) to the end. Pull up right and follow to a slight depression where you'll find the LASER SIGHT and the REVOLVER. Avoid the E slope. You can shoot the wooden barriers at the end of the short W passage, but you can do nothing else here now. Return to the flooded room with the sea hag (two rounds of revolver ammo will kill her if you haven't done so already) and jump into the water. Swim to the W wall and pull up onto the block on the right. Pull up higher for a large medipack on the balcony. Turn around, combine the laser sight and revolver and shoot the underwater grate in the E wall (one will do).

Swim down there and pick up the revolver ammo before you enter. Hit the look key to restore camera control and swim into the second opening on your left. Swim up and around to find an underwater lever, and pull it. Swim back down and straight across S into the opened gateway. Swim straight, turn right at the wall and swim up for air and a small medipack. Swim back down, take the left passage this time and swim up to pull out in front of some stairs. Run up the stairs until you reach a closed gate, jump into the water, flip turn and swim along the passage underneath the stairs toward a maze-like area.

Turn left at the bottom of the ramp, continue straight to the E wall, swim up and into the E alcove to find an underwater lever. Pull it, swim back and up the shaft for air. Swim back down and go W, taking a slight dogleg left at the intersection. Look up to find the opened trap door and pull out into a partially-flooded room. Shoot the E grates (you'll have to use the revolver to shoot the lower one) and wade into the passage. Turn around at the end and pull up W into a dark passage.

Light a flare and run down the long passage, crawling underneath a blade ball trap along the way. Turn around at the chain and jump up to activate a jump switch. Run back down the dark passage, crawl under the blade trap and hop down into the water. Wade back to find that the W gate is now open. Enter and monkey swing across the pit to the other side. Drop down and push the floor lever to open the gates you saw earlier. Turn around and take a running jump without grab to land on the other side of the pit (or you could simply swim across and pull up).

Jump into the water and swim down into the maze. Turn left at the intersection and follow the ramp up to the opened gates. Pull out N, step forward and get ready for battle with assorted critters. When they're all dead (the wraiths seem to lose interest, but if not, shoot at them with your pistols to make them go away), go to the NW corner and activate the jump switch there. Pull up N into the opened gateway and look right next to a small crate for revolver ammo. Climb up onto the nearby large crate for shotgun wideshot ammo. Go to the W pedestals for 2 x small medipack.

Go down the W stairs through the opened gateway to a water-filled room. Shoot the underwater wooden barriers W, grab the large medipack on the floor and swim down the brick-lined passage. Turn left at the wall and follow the passage to an underwater room. When you swim forward and take the MYSTERY KEY from the central structure, an earthquake starts (and never stops) and two sea hags attack. Swim back E along the brick-lined passage to the previous room, where you can pull out of the water and kill your enemies at leisure.

Run E up the stairs, turn right at the room with the crates and prepare to do battle with two ahmets in the swimming pool room. Continue S, jump over the water and run down the stairs. Jump into the water at the bottom, swim down and exit N. Swim to the opened gate, go through and turn left. Return to the flooded room and surface for air. Pull up N onto the corner of one of the flaming blocks. Take an angled jump N onto the crate, follow the water-filled passage to the opening, turn right and find shotgun wideshot ammo on the ledge to your left.

Continue E into the next room and go across to find a receptacle for the Mystery Key. Use it to open the gate and proceed to the E wall to find a waiting alien. Turn right at the E wall and slide down the brick ramp, jumping off left to land on a ledge. Activate the jump switch to open a gate below. Jump back to the brick ramp and slide down to end the level.

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