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Return to Ludsgate

Post by Phil » 15 Jun 2017 20:18


Level by Sonny83.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets.

1- Return to Ludsgate

The Elevator code.

Turn around and crawl in behind the plant E for Flares. The go to the cupboard near the window (S) and get the Compact Disc (one step back).
Use the Disc on the terminal at the fish tank and take note of the numbers on the display on the desk behind you (9495).

A Capsule.

Go to the door N and use the numbers from the display.
To use the keypad enter the correct numbers at the top of your keyboard then press enter.
Go into the elevator and get out again. Careful as a guard starts shooting from above, shoot him. Go behind the rubbish container and pick up a Capsule.

Turritopsis Dohrnii Jellyfish.

Turn around to the elevator and another guard will start shooting from above as well (you might have to run around a bit to trigger him). When both are dead, the doors at the back of the elevator open up so go through there.

Go to the back and kill the Thug then back to the entrance and jump up to the block (N). Turn around and use the jump lever, a trapdoor opens, jump in and swim through, up through a crawlspace into one of the fish tanks. Pick up the Turritopsis Dohrnii Jellyfish in the corner (NE) and swim back to the trapdoor. Climb out on the side and to the room in the back, there you can use the Jellyfish on the block right of the hidden button. Push the button next to it, then jump up and get the Immortality DNA from the spiral.

Combine the DNA with the Capsule to get a Capsule with Immortality DNA and use it in the NW corner. The glass wall to the right is now opwn, so go there and get transported up. Walk the tight rope to the other side after shooting out the grate. Follow through down a slope, the place starts shaking. Go left and look to the left and right, you see why.

Pit with the Thumpers.

Take a running jump to the left when the thumper is going down and left around the corner get Secret # 1, Shotgun plus ammo.

Now jump either back or to the alcove on the left and then into the opening at the other side (S).
Once in go to the right and climb up, push the block so it drops down. Go back to the thumper and run-jump into the opening left (W). Pull the block once, turn around and jump back to the thumper on the right. Go right over the corner and down, now push the block once more and climb on top of it.

The Laser Key.

Take a run-jump and grab the ledge of a sort of scaffolding a bit left or right of the middle, face E and jump up to open the trapdoor there. Climb up facing S and crawl in. Jump down at the end (Alt) and follow through, jump over (this is where you shot the guards) and pick up the Laser Key and use it on the door straight ahead. Turn around and look down; water has filled the ground floor.

I safety dropped down, lost a bit of health and jumped over the balustrade in the water (or stand back two hop, run jump with a left or right curve and hit Ctrl to land directly into the water without health loss).

Swim to the N end and into a crawlspace on the left and end up in a cloakroom.

First open the door to the corridor with the button, turn around and open the toilet, that guy isn’t too happy about you disturbing him, but inside is a Medipack, you may have to lure him out first. Then go into the corridor.

The Station.

Go straight and take a right (N) and around the corner open the door. Go over the breakable tile and get a small medipack around the corner to the right in the next room. Go back and safety drop down, shoot a grate at the W wall and crawl in. Slide down and shoot the grates on the left and watch the flyby.

The Push Puzzle.

Objective: In the 4 outer corners of the central structure are 4 blocks, they have to go all the way up to the top to form a picture of a Skull on both sides.

Get into the opening in the floor in the middle of the room.

Maybe there’s a clue on one of the walls telling me which buttons to press (it’s a white picture up E).

The buttons straight underneath the raising blocks are the ones to push.
There are 12 buttons on the E and W wall.
On both sides, from left to right push buttons 1 and 12, so the 4 outer blocks are up.

Climb back up and go to the 4 corners. Pull/push the 4 blocks onto the tiles with a face on it (you can shimmy along the edge to the other side of the block).

Get down and push W and E # 3 and # 10, be sure to hear the blocks going up. Get out and climb the ladders and pull/push the blocks on another tiles.

Get back down and now push on both sides button # 5 and # 8.

Get back up, up the ladder and now push the blocks on the tiles in the middle.

The gate W should open, so jump over and at the end of the passage, stop as you hear that danger sound. A little mobile Drill is coming and will kill you if you are not careful. Wait till it stopped and go around to open a door. Get onto the windowsill and get Laser-gun ammo, Laser-Gun and the Laser-sight.

Go out and open the door at the other end. Get the Flares on the floor and shoot out the grate behind the door (S).

Crawl in and around the corner shoot out another grate and crawl out backwards and grab the edge. Let go and just slide off the slope onto a second slope, just slide and land on a third slope, grab the edge of that one. Pull up and backflip to get Secret #2, Uzi clips and the Uzis.

Hop back onto the slope and climb down, go to the SW corner into a crawlspace and drop down at the other end. Be sure to top of your health and climb the long ladder (best hang at the side and climb up like that to save health, after the second steam vent you can climb up like normal). Almost at the top backflip to a ledge. Take a running jump over to the right or left corner, turn around and jump to another ladder, climb to the top and backflip/roll and grab the edge. Pull up turn around, shoot the grate, jump up and duck to shoot all 3. Jump over, get through the crawlspace while shooting some rats. Jump to the left for a Medipack and safety drop down to the rail tracks.

Train Key.

Go to the E and standing on the right on the tracks shoot the that oil barrel in the SE corner after you shot the grate.

Lots of bats fly around (save/reload to get rid of them). Get into the opening, open the door around the corner. Shoot the middle window and get down the escalators. Shoot a Thug and his dog, then take a right into a corridor, shoot a grating on the left and get in. Turn around and use the jump lever. You’ll be transported up, climb up on the left and the trapdoor closes. Behind the cupboards is a guard, kill him and get his Train Key.

To the Abandoned Tunnels, the Platform Cupboard Key.

Use the Key on the block and you’ll drop back down to the tracks. Follow the train (W) and jump down, both walls have grates you need to shoot.

Shoot the S one and get in, some bats will bother you down here (save/reload to get rid of them). Go straight (S) and shoot another grate S and kill the guy. Watch the fly by. Get your Laser Gun and Sight out and shoot the crosses under the block that are in the air, but only those that fit into the trenches. You probably have to go and stand at different places to shoot the crosses (best shoot the lower cross if there happen to be two on a block). Behind the balustrade is more Laser-Gun ammo as well as the Platform Cupboard Key if you solved the puzzle correctly. Making a mistake will kill you.

The Torch Puzzle.

Leave (N), go left and right and back to the hole at the train tracks, jump up out of the hole and go E and up left onto the platform and use the Platform Cupboard Key there. Get in and jump up on the right, get the Bag with no Oil and the Torch. Go out and drop the Torch, shoot the rat, get the Torch and bring it down into the hole in the tracks. Go through S, down at the cemetery and left (E) to the end and jump up. Put the Torch down in the nearest corner and shoot the guy. Go to the E wall, jump up and turn around, shoot out the grate and use the monkey swing to get through the opening there (W).

Looks like I need some fuel to brighten up those flames.

Shoot out the next grate (if it didn’t break yet) and get down at the other end. Shoot the rats and now go to that grey looking pool (yes you’ve guessed it, OIL), fill the Bag with oil and climb up at the other side. Put the oil in one of those bowls and it ignites. You have to do this one more time, so both bowls are burning bright.

Go back one more time to fill the bag once more (saves a backtrack later) and climb back up and drop down at the other side. Find the Torch and ignite it on one of the emitters and carefully either throw it on the wooden floor or walk closer and drop it. Stand aside while the floor burns and when it is gone shoot out the grate in the water at the S wall (better use the High Power ammo for it, or aim near the bottom).

Swim in and go straight at the end swim up and go left (E) into a huge tunnel, avoiding the little submarine. Swim left and then take a right, and another right in the end (here you’ll get the hint you need more oil). Then go straight and at the end go right into a small opening and up into a Pump room.

The Water Puzzle, the Cistern Keys.

Turn around and go to the W and into a passage on the right. Follow through and take the first one on the left. Halfway down is a trapdoor in the floor (it is one of the routes to get oil if you forgot to take it with you, but a shorter route will be available in a bit).

Go (W) to the end of the passage up the slope and take a left. Shoot out a grate and get in and down at the other end. Get into a crawlspace and start crawling. At the crossing and left is a Medipack, crawl back and continue W, then loop around to the right and then go straight all the way to the end. Around a corner to the right and to the end is Secret #3, Grenades and Grenade Gun.

Crawl back and then take a left (S) and follow through to an intersection. Take a right and shoot out a grate, lower yourself into a small room and get the Cistern Key #2 from the shelves. Some bats will pester you. Get back and keep going left towards a green light, still going left and at the end climb up and get back down.

Back for Oil?

Go straight and open that trapdoor there. Drop into the room with the bowls, go down W and fill the bag, climb back up (N side) through the open trapdoor.

Go down the slope (E), over the obsolete trapdoor and take a left at the crossing.

Open the door and shoot the two guards inside, one leaves a Cistern Key #1.

Start Up the Pump.

Go back out; go straight S and around the corners to the Pump room. Go left around that machine and drop the oil you have into the bag and the engine starts to turn. Now we need to operate those Flood controls along the S wall.

The Cistern, Flood Control.

Head all the way to the other end (E). Open the door there, shoot another guard and climb down two ladders. Use one Cistern Key and a block goes down revealing an underwater lever. Drop down one floor and use the last Cistern Key and the same thing happens.

Drop in the water and use the underwater lever (W), then get out and go all the way up to the Pump room and use the first button.

Back to the cistern and the water has been risen. Use the underwater lever there, go back up to the corridor and use the next button and so on till all three buttons are pushed. Return to the cistern and swim to the other side, climb out and shoot the grates to get in. Shoot out another grate and get down, follow through and flip a button. Oops, shoot the wicked Lady and pick up her Crowbar.

Back to the Abandoned Tunnels.

Now we have to find our way back again, so back through the corridor, up a crawlspace, swim to the other side, pass the engine and go straight to the other side. Take a left and open the trapdoor in the passage. Into the water, swim down and swim to the N and out at the emitters. Climb up at the W side and jump into the hole and follow through to the cemetery. Go up to the opening N. Get straight into the triangle opening and use the Crowbar on the wall. Step forward to the next part of the level.

Return to Ludsgate part 2.

Go up the slope and open the trapdoor (face N). Climb up and go to that mean looking guy, no need to shoot him.

Lara: I’m looking for an entrance to a long lost Tomb and the legend says that it lies somewhere within these walls,
Bob: And who’s tomb would that be then?
Lara: King Lud’s Tomb.
Bob: I can’t say I’ve heard of the fella. If you let me have that artefact you’re carrying it might jog my memory.
Lara: Fine here you are.
Bob: Nice one, The entrance is behind you
Lara: Right.

The Drawbridge, 2 Little Wheels.

Go to the opening (N) and slide down, safety drop and slide down. Then jump to the ladder on the right and climb down.

Slide backwards down one of the slopes, safety drop down on the ground floor. Get into the trench there and jump up the slope (W), the gate opens. After the flyby go straight into the large room, left and open the chest there for a Little Wheel. A wraith escapes as well, run to a water column and the wraith explodes. Go back to the gate and take a right up a slope. Around the corner jump into the water. When you are in you hear something lowering, get out quick as the water is freezing cold. Head back down the slope into the room and another chest appeared in the far left corner (SW), inside is Little Wheel #2 and yet another wraith.

Back to the slope on the right and now get in the water in the other hole. Back out and down to the room and another chest for you to open in the far right corner (NW). Get a Little Wheel #3 and get rid of the wraith. Back up on the slope but now to the left. Back down for the last chest on the right for a Little Wheel #4 and again a wraith. Back up the slope to the left and get into the last hole and this one opens the gate, so back out and through the gate.

From the trench grab back up to the higher ground, go S and in the corner (SW) is a pushblock; pull it out. Climb on top and into the opening in the wall, follow through and place two of the Little Wheels on the wall. Watch out for the stalactites though. Leave and jump to the other side, pull out the block, climb on top and into the opening in the wall. Place the next two Little Wheels.

King Lud’s Crown and the Crypt Keys.

Get out again and now the bridge is up and there is water in the trench. Go to the other side and to the back, loop around left and jump over the slope to get Flares and a Medipack.

Get back and I just jumped down over the balustrade. Get King Lud’s Crown and shoot two knights, they leave both a Crypt Key.

Use the Crypt Keys on the E wall and get in the canoe.

Canoe ride.

Start paddling (arrow controls) and take a left, go up the waterfall and to the right, take a right again and up the next fall. Get out of the canoe (shift and arrow) and go into the passage right or left.

Kill the Dragon, Word Puzzle.

Get to a mudroom, jump the islands and pick up a Medipack and Flares at the left wall and jump to the stairs.

In the lower part of the floor are letters. Step on the tiles that spell out KING LUD and a dragon shows its face (the hint is in the back of the room, behind the wall). Go up the stairs and the gate also opened.

Now shoot the net so 4 boulders drop and push the boulders down into the hole where the dragon is. After the last one the dragon will be dead and the gate opens again so go back and down the stairs, and hop the islands to the exit. Get into the canoe and go through the now open gate. Next part can be a bit tricky, keep to the left to get behind the next dragon and the game ends.

G&D May/June 2017.

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