Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Scaramucce

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Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Scaramucce

Post by Phil » 02 May 2017 13:51


Level by Talos

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, greatly assisted by this posted video walk, and with help from MrJavi94 for finding the balcony secret

Begin in a bustling business district in Venice, sometime in 1997. Reverse roll, run forward down the alley and across the corner of a breaktile at the intersection. Drop down and shoot a rat. Follow the passage to a crowbar door and pull out right. Step forward and pull down the wall switch (cut scene of gates opening). Enter the little square and check out all the stray cats. Return to the N alcove with the wall switch and note the ladder. Jump up to grab it and climb up the left side onto a balcony.

Negotiate the tightrope S through the tree branches and arrive at a much larger balcony on the other side. Run forward until you trigger a flyby through the canal section. Safety drop W from a gap in the railing to land on a block. Jump into the canal and swim E past a balcony and loop around left on the other side. Pull the underwater lever (cut scene of more gates opening). Surface here and pull up onto the balcony. Run past the overhang, turn around and jump up to grab the bridge. Pull up into a sitting area and take the CAT FOOD from the table.

Drop back down to the balcony and jump into the water. If you wish to detour for a secret, swim a bit E to another balcony on the other side of the canal. Pull up through the opening in the railing, turn around and take a running jump to grab the N wall where you see the vines. Climb all the way up, pull up and grab as you slide back down so you'll have a view of the water below. Shimmy right until you're over a large balcony with two closed doors. Drop down and pick up GIANNI BARTOLI'S CANVAS for SECRET #1. Jump into the water and swim all the way back W to the block you dropped down to earlier. Pull up onto the bridge overhead and return N toward the square where those hungry cats are waiting. Go through the first set of open gates, turn right past the second set of open gates and shoot the box in the dark corner to release a rat. It disgorges a large medipack. Go to the NE corner and activate the jumpswitch hidden in the vines (cut scene of a door opening to reveal the motorboat).

Reverse roll and exit, vault up right and safety drop into the square with the cats. Near the SW corner is a desperately famished cat that gratefully accepts your Cat Food on behalf of itself and its comrades. Step back and pick up the KEYS. Return to the ladder, climb up and do the tightrope walk once more. Run forward to the balcony, run off right through the opening and into the water below. Swim E once more, but this time go all the way to the end and turn right to find the motorboat. Pull out, jump to the ledge and into the motorboat. Drive out into the canal, turn left and go W all the way to the wall. Turn left and continue S past a lady standing on a pier.

Turn right, then right again and stop at a pier where a dude is waiting. Dismount (Page Down key), pull up onto the nearby block and jump W to grab the red awning. Pull up, turn left and take a running jump S to the next awning. Line up with the jumpswitch in the S wall and take a running jump to activate it (screen shot of gates opening). Turn around and swim back toward the boat (which has drifted N a bit), pull out next to the dude and jump back to the awning. This time jump N onto the bridge and turn right. Use your Keys in the lock to open the gate, then shoot a baddy and a dog. The baddy drops a GREEN DRAGON.

There's nothing to do right now in the square beyond the gate, so jump N from the bridge into the canal. Swim to the N wall, and just below the gondola in the weeds is the OLD AXE (cut scene of the crowbar door you saw earlier). Swim back S. Under a pier to your left is an underwater lever hidden by the weeds. Pull it to open a door somewhere. Surface and pull out onto this pier. Pull up onto the higher block, jump to the awning and from there to the bridge. Turn right into the square and find the opened door to your left. Enter, shoot the boxes ahead and pick up the large medipack for SECRET #2. The other box in the corner is empty.

Exit to the bridge and jump into the water. Return to the motorboat and get inside. Turn it around and drive it S, left at the corner and left at the next corner. Dismount at the "Farmacia Caravelli" sign on your right. Run down the alley and note for later the artifact stand being guarded by a Lara statue near an empty box. Return to the canal and jump into the water. Swim N and locate an opening to your right just before you reach the underwater fence. Use the passage to swim around the fence to a familiar block and get up on it. Pull up onto the bridge, turn left and return to the square with all the cats. Go N and drop down into the hole. Use the Old Axe to open the crowbar door and pull down the wall switch inside (cut scene of a door opening).

Reverse roll, run to the far end of the trench and pull out. Continue N down the alley and through the opened door into a square where some kind of social gathering is taking place. Climb the NE ladder and back flip onto an awning. Jump SE to the nearby balcony and use the Old Axe to open the large door. Save your game before entering, as the next room is riddled with unmarked spike traps. From the entrance turn right and walk to the ladder. Climb up and back flip onto a chandelier. Take a running jump to the next chandelier (the spike trap below is triggered harmlessly). Jump to the N ladder, climb down and pick up the MANSION KEY. Retrace your steps to leave this room.

Jump from the balcony to the awning to the ladder and climb down to the square below. Run S down the alley, drop into the trench and pull out at the crowbar door. Use the ladder to climb up to the balcony and tightrope across yet one more time. Run forward to the bridge, take a running jump SW through the opening to land in the water beyond the fence, and swim S to a short cut passage to your right that brings you to a pier with a gondola parked beside it. Pull up up E on the other side of the gondola and run past the Lara statue to find the opened gates to your left.

Jump into the canal and swim E. When you near the wall, look for a ramp to your right that you can use to pull out S. Use the Mansion Key to open the door. Shoot two baddies and pick up the small medipack dropped by one. Loop around left in the room to find a wall switch that opens a door somewhere. Leave this room, jump into the water and swim back to the open gates. Pull out into the shopping area, run to the other end and jump NW over the fence into the water. Swim N, use the shortcut and continue swimming E. Pull up onto the long balcony to your left and run to the bridge.

Pull up onto the bridge, turn left into the opened door and shoot two baddies inside. One drops the SILVER DRAGON. Exit, drop down to the balcony, jump into the water, swim W, left through the short cut, then S to the next short cut, go through and pull out E beyond the gondola. Go to the Lara statute, combine the Green Dragon and the Silver Dragon, and place the GOLDEN DRAGON on the stand. Pick up the TOMB RAIDER II PSX that appears on the pavement to the left of the Lara statue. Return to the nearby room that you opened by using the Mansion Key. Go to the player at the back of the room and insert the Tomb Raider II PSX to conclude the level.

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