Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Runes of Dawn

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Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Runes of Dawn

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Level by Sponge

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, greatly assisted by Tartancroft's video walk

Begin in Lara's bathroom, where it sounds as if there's a major leak close by. It's persistent, and it's quite annoying, so you can turn down the music sound now if you wish. Open the shower door and pick up the LIBRARY KEY as Lara gets a bit wet. When she steps back out, she looks toward the window. Search the cabinet beside the tub for a health pack. Kick open the exit door (sorry, no compass in this game) and exit to the main house. Loop around left and use the Library Key to open the door to your right.

Inside the library, pick up the MAP OF THE AREA AROUND THE GROTTO that's lying on the floor. Open the sliding glass door and jump over the fence. Loop around right and approach the trees. Lara's attention is drawn to the tree on the left. Draw your pistols, jump up and down while shooting at the base of the tree, and jump out of the way as a pointed limb breaks away and rolls toward the house, breaking a window in the process. Step past it into the kitchen and pick up the LETTER FROM BILLY THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER next to the toaster. Examine it for some important information about a pesky ghost.

Turn away from the toaster and find a cutting table with an EGG TIMER. Unlock and open the glass doors next to the washer and drier, but don't enter the next room yet. Instead, turn left and jump over the short wall into the dining room. Unlock and open the glass doors leading to the same room as the other glass doors do. Turn around and take the MATCHSTICKS from the table (screen shot of an outdoor area).

Enter the room accessed by the open glass doors and enter the bathroom on the right. Loop around right and pick up the bandages in the corner next to the sink. Exit to the kitchen and return outdoors past the broken glass door. Turn right and run to the end of the house. Turn right again and just past the small fenced enclosure start veering left away from the house and locate the TULIP in the grass. Continue in the same general direction along the dirt path and look for two pointy limbs jutting out of the wall. There's an opening there, so run through into an area with a fixed camera. Look for a gold item ahead and stand next to the smaller octagonal (blue) window to pick up a GOLDEN EGG for SECRET #1. Reverse roll and return to the main house.

Look for a small fence next to an ivy-covered ladder. Climb up to the ledge, turn left and climb the ivy on the wall. Two rungs from the top, take a rolling back flip to grab the monkey bars. Turn left and monkey swing toward the jumpswitch you can see in the distance. Position yourself directly over it (Lara is actually partially within the wall) and release to activate it. A door opens inside the house. Hop back down to the ground, turn right and run past the small fenced enclosure. Keep going straight, past the house, and look to your left for an opening in the rocks. Crawl inside and use your Matchsticks to light the small plant. When the flame burns out, pick up the ENGRAVED SWORD, reverse roll and return to the house.

Enter the house through the broken kitchen window, run through the kitchen into the next room and go up the winding stairs. At the next floor up, look left to find the open door. Go through, turn left and take the GUEST ROOM KEY from the table. Turn around, return to the stairs and go up to the next floor. Use the Guest Room Key to open the door and enter to find DOG BISCUITS on the small table in the far right corner.

Exit this room, loop around left and use the Engraved Sword to open the far left panel of the Venetian blinds. Pick up the STAFF in the next room and loop around right to pull the plant stand from the corner alcove. Enter the alcove and push the button to retract a nearby ceiling trap door. Exit this room and loop around left to find the opened trap door. Pull up right into the attic and locate the ceiling trap door next to the chimney. Stand with your back to the chimney and jump up to open the trap door. Pull up onto the roof and go to the other chimney for a GOLDEN EGG and SECRET #2.

Return to the attic and find the closed door. Position yourself in front of the lock and shoot it to open the door. In the next room take the PLUNGER from the small table. Return to the hole next to the chimney and drop down. Go down the stairs one level and loop around left to enter the bathroom. Stand in front of the toilet and use the Plunger to pull out a decidedly unsanitary BUNDLE OF KEYS. Exit the bathroom, go downstairs to the ground floor and turn left to use the Bundle of Keys in the lock. Pick up the keys. Before exiting through the door to your right, go across the room and use the Bundle of Keys in the alcove keyhole. Pick up the keys and enter the new room. Pick up the SLEDGEHAMMER (cut scene of an outdoor area).

Go to the den with the hardwood flooring and stand in front of the dog. Offer it the Dog Biscuits you acquired earlier. When the dog trudges forward, step into its little doggie bed and pick up the ORANGE KEY. Exit this room, go up the stairs to the next floor, run straight ahead to the large vase and use the Orange Key there to open the door. The small room looks empty, but you can pull up into a loft. In the upper room push a button next to the open closet to open the door to your left. Enter the closet and stoop down to pick up the POT. Enter the hallway through the opened door, loop around left and go downstairs to the next floor, run straight past the vase and open the sliding glass door (stand a bit left of center).

Jump over the balcony, angled slightly right. Follow the dirt path around to the left, past the opening in the rocks you visited earlier, until you reach what appears to be a grave marker at the very end. Combine the Tulip and the Pot and place the TULIP POT in front of the grave marker to summon a spirit that explodes against the grave marker and leaves behind the LIGHTHOUSE BASEMENT KEY. Pick it up and return toward the house. When you reach that small fenced enclosure at the corner of the house, turn left a short distance past the enclosure and follow the dirt path to a square slab.

Stand on the slab and use the Sledgehammer to break through and drop down. Use the Engraved Sword to pry the ELHAZ RUNE off the wall. The yellow sparks emanating from the hole are not dangerous. Reverse roll, pull out of the pit, run forward and turn left at the tree. Follow the narrow path to an open area where the path widens. Look left for a branch-covered hole just off the path, near a tree, and drop down. Take the GOLDEN EGG from the odd contraption for SECRET #3, reverse roll and pull out of the hole.

Run straight forward between the main house on your right and an outbuilding higher up to your left. When you reach what appears to be a dead end overlooking the beach, stop at the grassy ledge, stand at its edge so that you can barely see that higher outbuilding in the upper left corner of your screen, and take a running jump forward. If your trajectory is altered and you don't clear the gap, simply jump again to your left and slide down to the beach near another GOLDEN EGG for SECRET #4. To get back out, take a running jump around the corner into the water. The camera becomes fixed, so swim around to your right until you can wade out onto the beach. Go through the arched opening into an area with an overhead bridge.

Run underneath the bridge into another arched opening. When you reach the hanging vines, turn around to encounter another fixed camera. Jump up onto the ledge and approach the grate. Kick it open and crawl into the opening. There's a bear trap that activates briefly at the skeleton, so crawl past it through the spider webs and follow around to another fixed camera. Get up on your knees, draw your pistols and shoot the grate. Enter the basement, stand up and start shooting boxes. The one on the ledge hides bandages, one on the floor hides the SHOVEL BLADE.

Don't use your key yet. Instead, crawl back out, follow that ledge to the bridge you saw earlier from underneath, go across and follow the dirt path around to the right. When you reach the corner of the main house to your left, turn right and approach a large triangular boulder. Just past it is a smaller boulder. Stand to the right of this smaller boulder, about two blocks away from it, and face the cliffs in the distance. Combine the Shovel Blade and the Staff to form the SHOVEL. Dig away the grass cover to reveal what appears to be a wood-covered grave. Lara then looks up at that outbuilding to her right.

Go back the way you came, over the bridge and into the cave. Crawl back to the basement and now you can use the Lighthouse Basement Key to open the door. Enter, shoot the boxes for some bandages and activate the jump switch opposite the ladder to open a ceiling trap door. Climb the ladder, shift left at the top and release to drop into an upper room. There's another ladder nearby, but it's easier simply to jump up through the hole, grab the edge and pull up into a small kitchen. Take the glow sticks from the table, pull up higher into a small bedroom, and pull up still higher yet to the top floor of the outbuilding where the camera again becomes fixed.

Go around to the other side of the central structure and push the button to activate a laser that ignites the wooden barrier lining the grave you exposed earlier. Go down the various openings until you reach the small sitting room with a single sofa. Push the button in the wooden railing, jump to grab the ladder, climb down about halfway and take a rolling back flip into the alcove. Shoot the boxes and pick up the tube of SUPERGLUE. Drop to the floor, exit the basement and crawl back to the cave. Follow the ledge, over the bridge and to the exposed grave. When you stand on the weakened timbers they crumble, allowing you to drop down into an underground trench.

Follow around to a corpse, push it aside and pick up the STRING OF RUNE BEADS. Go back, pull out of the trench and angle left. Run toward the main house, and at the left corner (you can see a balcony jutting out to your right) locate a bare triangular spot at the ledge overlooking the ocean. Drop down there and slide to the beach. Locate the nearby opening in the rock wall and jump into the water. Swim through the opening and pull out into a small underground cavern. Go to the circular device in the corner, combine the Elhaze Rune and the String of Rune Beads, and insert the AMBER RUNES to lift the nearby gate.

Pull up inside and follow the tunnel until you get a fixed camera. Stop there, place the Egg Timer on the circle design on the floor and wait until two spear traps are activated. Step forward, pick up the Egg Timer and pull up right next to the harmless wall torch. Use the Egg Timer again, crawl past the deactivated spear trap and pick up the Egg Timer. Turn left and use the Egg Timer a third time to trigger three spear traps. This time the poor thing breaks up, so all you have to pick up are BROKEN EGG TIMER pieces. Combine them with the Superglue to restore a working EGG TIMER.

Run forward and climb the ladder. Pull up to a crawl space, but beware of the spear trap below. Lower Lara down but don't release or flip out. Shimmy right around two corners and pull up on the other side. Climb down the ladder into an underground room and locate the pushpiece in an alcove with a flaming wall torch. Pull it out and move it left against the wall. Go around to the left side and push it onto a circular floor design in the alcove next to its original position (cut scene). Hop back, turn right and run to the opposite corner. Note a similar circular floor design in this alcove. Shoot the chain attached to it and another pushpiece falls at your feet (cut scene).

Go to the center of this room and take the exposed EGG OF OSTARA from the central structure. Return to the second pushpiece, the one that fell down, turn around and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up and follow the passage to the area you saw in the cut scenes. Go around right and use your Egg Timer once more. It disappears through a crack in the wall after deactivating a couple of spear traps. Follow the passage to a corpse, a key you can't pick up and a contraption bearing a GOLDEN EGG for SECRET #5.

Return to the previous room, drop through the hole in the floor and climb up the same ladder you arrived by. Shimmy past the spear trap as before...oops, Lara won't shimmy around the second corner this time, so take a running jump across the gap and grab the crawl space. Pull up and return past the deactivated spear traps to the water-filled trench. Swim back to the beach (pull out at the middle of the opening) and loop around left through the arched opening. Turn left underneath the bridge and locate the crowbar device. Insert the Engraved Sword to move aside a section of wall below you. Find the new opening and enter the small room. Insert the Egg of Ostara in the receptacle to lift and open the treasure chest behind you. Turn around and raid the treasure chest to end the level. Enjoy the concluding flyby.

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