The Caves (Demo)

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The Caves (Demo)

Post by Phil » 10 Feb 2017 21:44


Level by Nico

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Begin in an underground setting. Ignore the annoying on-screen timer if you wish. Follow the path down to a pit. Drop down to the floor for a small medipack. Stand with your back to the slope, back flip onto it and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up and jump to the S side of the pit. Continue up the path to a temple area where a flyby is triggered. Go down the stairs to floor level and deal with two wolves.

Jump into the central pool for shotgun ammo and swim S along the hexagonal passage. Just before you surface at the end, look for a hard-to-see underwater lever in the N wall. Pull out and find a large medipack in the E alcove. Enter the opened NW gateway and go up the stairs. Pull up higher, stand at the SW corner of the ledge and hop back once. Stand jump to grab the first block. Shimmy around to the corner where the blade can't reach you and pull up. Jump to the next block and repeat. Finally, jump E to the next block for the SECRET. Pick up the shotgun ammo and large medipack. Hop back to drop into the water and return to the main temple area.

Enter the W archway and follow to a room with a waterfall. Shoot another wolf and locate the ladder on a column against the W wall. Climb up and shift right into an alcove. Pull down the wall switch to open a gate somewhere. Climb back down the ladder and exit N to the main area. Go upstairs and head over to the S side. Pull the cage from the wall, move it aside and enter the S room. Shoot a wolf and find a small medipack and shotgun ammo on the ledge. Pull down the NW wall switch to lift a gate.

Return to the main area and go across to the N side. The opened gate is NW, so enter, shoot a wolf and go down N into a subterranean area with a pond and a waterfall. Climb onto the ledge over the pond and jump to the ladder. Climb up and shoot two bats in the upper area. Go to the S side room and take the KEY from the plinth. Climb back down the ladder or jump into the water below and exit this room up the stairs. Return to the main area and go down the stairs. Open the E doors with the Key and enter a new area.

Go across to the E opening and turn the corner to face a series of spear traps. Time your way past them and shoot two wolves in the next room. Go up the S stairs and past the columns to find openings in the E and W walls. The W opening brings you to a large pool. Climb the NW block and pull up S onto the higher block. Jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction and grab the crack in the E wall. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up for shotgun ammo. Pull up E and hop down the other side to find M-16 ammo on the ledge. Go E and pull down the wall switch in an alcove to your right. If you want to end the level prematurely, you could now drop down to the lower area, find the open gate in the S wall and run on through. However, if you want some additional gameplay, read on.

Climb back out SW and take a running jump into the water below. Pull out N, exit this room and turn right. Run past the columns into the E opening and follow to a pool very much like the other one. Climb the E blocks and pull up S onto the ledge. Follow around, jump W and pull up onto the blocks for shotgun ammo. There's nothing to do in the adjacent passage, so drop into the water and pull out N. Exit to the hallway. I found the S exit gate to be closed, so went back into the W opening and made my way back to the wall switch. When I pushed it back up and pulled it down again, the exit gate described earlier was once again open, so I finished the level with the definite feeling that I'd missed something along the way.

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